Robledo vs. Wigod … I don’t believe what I just heard …

Please, nobody ever say Freddie Robledo isn’t passionate about this area. I’m not indulging this or even being dramatic, but Fred and CIF-Southern Section Asst. Commissioner Rob Wigod just had a verbal throw down on the phone about the new realignment proposals. I’ve never heard Freddie like this. I could even hear Wigod through the phone at several points. I don’t know what happened to set it off, but these two just went ballistic. Hopefully Fred blogs about it, but I’m dead serious, I’ve never heard Robledo like this. Probably the best argument I’ve ever heard in this office. Only thing I can quote so far is Freddie saying “Have you been covering this area for the past 10 years?” … and on it went. UNREAL.

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  • FredJ

    Ummm, We agreed to disagree …

  • CO Bro

    What the hell is your beef with CO?

  • FredJ

    Norco, nothing wrong with moving up, they deserved to be moved up, the question is how far you move them up, based on competitive equity, geography and enrollment, the three criteria that are supposed to be weighed equally according to CIF. If you use those three criteria’s fairly, the Sierra should have stayed in the Central, not the Inland, that was the basis of our discussion.

  • AMAT 73

    Come on now with all the fire power CO fields and winning 2 Southeast titles in a row something had to give. It is evident they get talent that very few schools do . I can see the moaning and groaning by SH , Gano er Damien , but there is no reason for CO to be lumped in with them . They have proven they were the class of the division by far. You have to crawl before you can walk and I for one would not be surprised to see CO have great success in this new challenge.What has impressed me is the CO faithful taking this in stride and no bitching or moaning at all. CO Bro I really liked that comment on Fred’s blog about bringing it on.

  • New York

    Does Norco still have a bunch of linemen like Trev Roberts in the trenches? If so, that suggests some very physical football…

  • Baseball NUT!

    Hey Norco,

    Why are you even here?

    Shall we explain how your football team is a good one, BUT the DIRTIEST in all of the BIG VIII. I was at the Norco/Rooselvelt game. You won I mean the Corgar team won, on a last second FG, to a team that is only THREE years old. Your players were ALL over the Press Ent. and even got suspended, for kicking, and shoving a opponents head into the ground. YEA GREAT TEAM you have. I actually went after someone told me that Norco is a tough team and can play with anyone. I went, BUT WAS VERY disapointed on your teams sportsmanship.
    What will they do IF they lose to a DIV 7 team who just moved up.

  • New York


    Watching that highlight clip you posted on the other board, I was surprised that you guys do so much finesse running given the capability of the cowboys on the frontline. I think Trev told me that he played in a 4-point stance in high school…I anticipated more Neanderthal-type football, but I suppose the offense has evolved since then.

  • Living Legend

    It is cause Fred is in bed with both Lou and Steve. He has to protect his boy toys, come on AT you know this. LMAO

  • Tom Kiss

    well said Norco,
    still think Jordan Campbell is one of the better players i have seen in person come out of NHS

  • I adore regular people who actually blog, its really tough to acquire that kind of knowledge any other way. Great job.