San Gabriel ’10 sked: Coach O’s first go-around

Arthur Brown will be counted on to shoulder much of SG’s load.

Week 0: at Muir
Week 1: South Pasadena
Week 2: Burbank
Week 3: Miguel Contreras
Week 4: at Rosemead
Week 5: BYE
Week 6: at Montebello
Week 7: Keppel
Week 8: Bell Gardens
Week 9: at Alhambra
Week 10: at Schurr

Aram’s take: It’s going to be tough for new Mats coach Jude Oliva to keep the Keith Jones mojo going. SG has to replace all-everything QB Isaac Valdez along with all-purpose threat Fabian Amaro. But running back Arthur Brown and receiver Mark Covarrubias are back so the new QB has something to work with. This schedule, though, won’t allow Oliva or the new QB much time to learn on the job. Muir in Week 0. Yikes. Rosemead to conclude nonleague. Ouch. Then roadies against Alhambra and Schurr to finish the year … those games will surely have Almont League and playoff implications. Oliva’s has made a quite name for himself as one of the top area assistants in recent years. That, and the recent trend that you can plug in anybody at QB at SG and he’ll put up numbers mean SG will be its usually solid self playing a testing slate.

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  • SG


  • New York

    Nice choice of Muir. Who is the Week 3 opponent?

  • Goldenarm

    Week 3 opponent is “Miguel Contreras”…sounds like a reporter from Telemundo.

    San Gabriel’s Amaro was another in a long line of very small, lightweight ballcarriers. Maybe Oliva can put the Matadors onto a two back set with a bigger body RB in the mix…a different look of a little more power would suit SG fine.
    I would expect SG to do well next season.

  • hijole

    contreras is a D2 L.A. city section school. not the best choice but kids come out to play. resemble mark keppel. great facilities! lol

  • hijole

    contreras is a D2 L.A. city section school. not the best choice but kids come out to play. resemble mark keppel. great facilities! lol

  • Aaron

    SG beat Contreras last year, Contreras went 3-7, 2-8, and 2-7 the last three years. Now if SG scheduled West Adams Prep in Contreras’ League that would be a tough opponent. They’ve only been open four years, this being their third year of varsity football. With the size of the Junior and Senior classes there won’t be much to expect from them for the next few years.

  • Judge Joe Brown

    Mr. Tolegian,

    Let me preface by saying a bland, boring word of nice to have you back.

    Now, how about accessing your “comeback” to the infamous world of blogging so far and you representing the San Gabriel Valley. If I could be honest with you, I have been less than impressed so far and seriously really disappointed in the little to almost no interest in the fanfare. I expected more hype and instead have been disappointed with yours and your followers participation. I’m calling you out and saying it’s time you step up your game as well!

    You have far too much game left in you to be producing the product you have so far and yet I never once have felt compelled to write anything now like we always used to banter back and forth on your past blog..!

  • Judge Joe Brown,

    Fair enough. Keep in mind that it’s still only March. But some of what you want is forthcoming. And it will be here in full abundance once the season begins.

  • Matt Koffler

    Hey Aram, don’t let the judge bring you down. You’re doing a great job. Sincerely, Matt Koffler.

  • Posted on the L.A. Times

    Football: Chaparral gets QB transfer
    March 23, 2010 | 5:09 pm

    Temecula Chaparral, one quarterback away from challenging the top teams in Southern California this fall, apparently got its quarterback in Matt Morin, a transfer from Murrieta Valley.

    Now all the Pumas have to do is beat Anaheim Servite in their nonleague game. And Corona Centennial.

    Seriously, how is South Hills, Damien, and Charter Oak really suppose to compete with a team like this with such high expectations. Literally is unrealistic to say anyone from the Sierra league can beat a team like Temecula Chaparral. This is going to be a long season or actually a short one for that matter..!