Another opening: D.R. Moreland resigns as San Marino coach …

You can add another head coach vacancy to the list of Bassett, Temple City and Workman because …..

San Marino High School football coach D.R. Moreland resigned Thursday afternoon, ending a successful run that saw him return the Titans program to respectability.

Moreland says the reason for his departure is to further his education. He was 30-32-1 in six seasons. Moreland goes out with a bang, having led San Marino to a 9-3 record last season and an 8-3 finish in 2008.

“This wasn’t easy,” Moreland said of his decision. “I’ve been coaching football for 15 seasons and have been playing since the fifth grade. So it wasn’t easy to give that up, but in an effort to better myself and do what’s right for my family, I had to make that sacrifice.”

Moreland put together a powerhouse coaching staff that includes former Temple City head coach Mike Mooney, who is now an administrator at the school.

San Marino ended a long playoff drought by beating Rosemead in the first round of the Mid-Valley Division playoffs last season. The Titans were sent packing the next week by Azusa.

“Whenever I look back on my coaching days here I’m going to be proud,” Moreland said. “I think for me the highlight was just being part of the San Marino program and tradition here. In six years, there were so many great games and great games, it’s hard for me to pick out one thing as the highlight.”

Aram’s take: I’m sure most readers will automatically jump to the conclusion that Mooney is taking over. It’s hard to say, and I kinda doubt it. But wouldn’t it be odd if that happened while Temple City is lost in paradise trying to find its third coach in three seasons? I’m not sure how desirable the San Marino job is to the outside world. And I’m also not sure how interested San Marino is in giving a real shot to an “outsider”. Most area coaches won’t covet the job. I mean a job, yes. But the San Marino job, no. And that’s because, as we all know, it’s not 1988 anymore. Nor is it 1989, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95 (SM’s last league champ) …. get it?

  • New York

    How desirable is it? Pleasant environment. Opponents typically underestimate your team because “lack of talent.” That can be advantageous. Is football becoming a more popular sport within the Asian-American community? If so, then SM could be on the rise. I’m not sure their enrollment was much different in the mid-1990’s but Maloney and Mooney sure the heck found a way to dominate the RHL. Also, does SM accept transfer students?

    High school football is awesome. A less-talented team can frustrate the heck out of a more talented team by continually being in the right place at the right time and never giving up any freebies. A coach who wants to be challenged every snap and every day may find this assignment appealing. Of course, that exact coaching profile has been on San Marino’s campus for the past few years already….

  • why so surprised?

    Isn’t this why Mooney went to SM in the first place? To take on the Admin job and then eventually the HC position because TC would not allow him to become VP and still be the HC. It’s no secret to real SM football people who witnessed how the team (or should I say, who really ran the team) functioned. Next weeks breaking news: Mooney takes over at SM, bet on it!!!!

  • curiositykilledthecat

    aram…any news on the coaches at

    come on give us the inside scoop!!

  • Aram


    Maybe it is a pleasant environment, but I think D.R. got SM to its max potential. I can’t see it getting any better than this. You have to remember that most of the best athletes who live in SM go to Loyola or La Salle or some other private. This year looks like rebuilding. I think SM is now typecast for foreseeable future. Fair or not.

  • Titan Sports Fan

    The future at SM is brighter than people think. The players work ethics themselves have been changed from the beginning of Morelands tenure. The culture has changed among the players and the community. They no longer want to just compete or be part of the team. They want to win and expect too. Have seen it first hand myself at the beginning and now the end and the program itself has made tremendous strides. Whoever inherits this team will have a wealth of talent coming from the lower levels especially a very deep freshmen class. The team next year will be quite young at the skill positions and undoubtedly will have growing pains but should still remain competitive for a playoff spot. By no means is this team disappearing

    On transfers SM is generally starting to accept more transfers than in the past due to budget and being a form of income to the school to my understanding

  • New York


    If your statement that the best SM athletes go to private schools is accurate, then there truly is potential upside for SMHS football if the school is able to capture at least some of those athletes. That situation sounds far more promissing than if the community truly lacked athletes. Granted, the choice to attend Loyola may not be shaken, but I think a Mooney program could pursuade SOME, not all, out of the decision to attend La Salle especially since Gallagher and DiFiori left.

    Weren’t you Maloney’s ball boy back in the heyday? They can always get creative with enrollment eligiblity with something along the lines of “If a student’s parent ‘works’ in SM, then the student can attend SMHS”…Well what do you know, so-and-so’s dad just received a contracting assignment over on Virginia Road…lol!

  • Inside Scoop…..

    Just got word that B. Rohr from La Puente, Pasqarella’s Protege, has been offered job at Northview. Exciting for Vikes fans!


    Good Luck to you Coach!

    That AZUSA vs San Marino playoff game will go down as one of the greatest games i’ve watched!


  • just sayin’

    Inside Scoop – not to rain on your parade or steal your thunder – but check out this post from March 15, 2010 10:39 AM

    Joe Amat said:
    While candidates from within the Covina-Valley School District from the Northview, Covina, and South Hills staffs might get an early look, I’m going to throw out an out-of-district candidate that has to be considered a leading candidate if he wants the job. Brandon Rohrer, from La Puente HS.

    First, knowing that the teaching jobs in Covina are tenuous at best, it will be a chore for Principle Sims at Northview to pull in some favors. After negotiating with the Distrct Office to obtain some latitude, a call that I’m sure was the next one already made was to Brandon Rohrer at La Puente. I think Sims was a teacher/coach at Glendora when Rohrer was a student-athlete there and probably developed a pretty good relationship.

    When Los Altos first opened up I figured that BR wouldn’t want to leave after doing such a good job at LP in only one year – although being an “in-district” candidate would have made sense. He may also not have wanted to step into the hornets nest that is Los Altos and just decided to finish the job at LP. However, in light of the recent Academic issues at La Puente (as reported in the Trib it puts him in an entirely different situation. As one of the school that may have to shut down or drastically restructure after being listed among the state’s bottom 5 percent of schools he could be facing the same type of job-insecurity at LP that Arrellanes faced at NV.

    I’d look for Sims to lobby the District for a teaching position (and Districts have a little wiggle-room for special situations) then influence Rohrer to consider the transition. Sims had a short stint as an Administrator at Baldwin Park before taking the better position at Northview – a transition not too different than Rohrer would make, so he can use himself as an example of moving up.

    March 15, 2010 10:39 AM

  • Goldenarm

    Mooney had that “I need a new challenge” look in his eye awhile back when interviewed by MVN. I got the feeling this might mean that MM would be looking to jump a level and coach Saturday ball somewhere. He has the resume, he has the ability and he has the connects – if that is what he wants to do. I really believed this would be his last season at SM and in the SGV.

    That is until last year’s TC/SM game. The Titans honored seniors at halftime and MM had the same look he had when coaching at TC – as his players paraded by and shook his hand. The look of “we are going somewhere together” and “stick by me and we will succeed” gleam in his eye. Mooney can motivate and kids simply become better players when he runs the show. He connects with people and had most of TC shoveling coal on his train back in the day…until the rug flung out and he caught a ride down Huntington Drive.

    Like Aram, I am not sure Mooney grabs the HC job. If he does…SM gets better, finds missing pieces and schedules better opponents preleague…and very quickly becomes a consistent contender in the RHL. Mooney is that good. They should have anchored his ass at TC and the Rams would be riding a different boat as we speak.

  • Someone who knows

    If I were San Marino High’s AD and Principal, and Mooney is not going to be the coach, I would at least ask former San Gabriel Coach Keith Jones if he would be interested.

    He got a lot out of a San Gabriel program that was woeful in the past and brought them to respectability. I think he is among the best coaches in the area and he wants back in San Marino (or TC for that matter) may be a good fit.

    He just may jump at a chance with a more willing administration and supporting district.

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