Spring passing games — what’s your take?

First off, if ANY OF YOU know about any spring passing games, please tell all of us when and where. I’d really like to get out and see some of these, but almost everyone I’ve talked to isn’t playing in a spring passing game.

Next, please tell me what you think of the idea. I like the thought. I know passing games are mostly worthless (see comments about how bad Amat looks every summer for your reason why). But it’s interesting to see what’s what as early as possible.

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  • Lets go

    CV tournament alot or RHL teams are in and should be great

  • Thank you, sir.

    To everyone else, was that so hard?

  • Cal

    You want early spring. April 17 and May 1 10:00 Cal hi. It’s early so teams are just starting to get the bugs out, but to go out there and compete with other teams is great. Any team wanting in call Jim Arnold at Cal hi. I don’t know how many teams are in.

  • !stang!

    Cal, I know john Muir is always willing to compete gave them a call!

  • I just got word that Baldwin Park and Walnut will do a little somethin’ somethin’ in May.

  • Arroyo Knight

    This is in a couple of months but the SGV Shootout will be held at Arroyo. One of the better passing league tournaments in the San Gabriel Valley. Charter Oak took home the throphy buy Arroyo took them to 4 or 5 overtimes, it was nuts! coaches, fans were jar jarring for a good 30 minutes until the game was over. Good to see most of the SGV teams at one spot.

  • New York

    Is there any chance that after a few years of successful spring passing league, we will see an emergence of full-pad spring practices? Think about it. Spring passing league is a bit of a break through, isn’t it?

  • Goldenarm

    Arroyo Knight

    I hope arroyo continues with the Lineman Challenge – and seeks to improve the event every year.

    either that or someone takes ownership and sees this event move around the SGV every year

    the agility events are fun to watch and what better than to see some honkin line dudes run the 400 meter relay, baton in hand!! Only problem here was some teams had “ringers” thrown in. Skinny suckers that looked like DB;s and not linemen. TC ran four big wide body lineman – and came in 1 second behind the first place time – many teams were super competitive.

    Workman looked good so did Muir. TC’s Matt O’Malley excelled in every event. Is it on again this year???

  • Arroyo Knight


    From what I hear it’s going to be on and poppin this year again. They should make this year a little better than last year and maybe more events.