D-Ranch ’10 sked: The Week O game is … is … is ….

… is Santa Margarita. Mission Viejo didn’t materialize. Here’s the schedule in its entirety. Post it on your fridge.

Week 0: at Santa Margarita (Saddleback Coll.)
Week 1: Damien (oh man, I can’t wait)
Week 2: Elsinore
Week 3: at Chaffey
Week 4: Diamond Bar (should be interesting)
Week 5: at Walnut
Week 6: at Rowland
Week 7: BYE
Week 8: at Los Altos
Week 9: West Covina
Week 10: at Bonita

Aram’s take: I’m down for a less-daunting nonleague schedule for the Panthers. Santa Margarita and Damien are great games and certainly doable from a winning perspective. Don’t know much about Elsinore and Chaffey. The Hacienda League schedule is great. At Rowland should be epic. West Covina with some marbles on the line in Week 9 followed by a roadie to face Dangerous Eric Podley and the Cats is interesting. Yes, that Week 10 trip to Bonita is a landmine. And for those of you who want fodder — check this, D-Ranch schedules 14 pregame meals with 14 different restaurants. Presumptuous? Yes. But have they ever had to cancel? What an awesome program.