D-Ranch ’10 sked: The Week O game is … is … is ….

… is Santa Margarita. Mission Viejo didn’t materialize. Here’s the schedule in its entirety. Post it on your fridge.

Week 0: at Santa Margarita (Saddleback Coll.)
Week 1: Damien (oh man, I can’t wait)
Week 2: Elsinore
Week 3: at Chaffey
Week 4: Diamond Bar (should be interesting)
Week 5: at Walnut
Week 6: at Rowland
Week 7: BYE
Week 8: at Los Altos
Week 9: West Covina
Week 10: at Bonita

Aram’s take: I’m down for a less-daunting nonleague schedule for the Panthers. Santa Margarita and Damien are great games and certainly doable from a winning perspective. Don’t know much about Elsinore and Chaffey. The Hacienda League schedule is great. At Rowland should be epic. West Covina with some marbles on the line in Week 9 followed by a roadie to face Dangerous Eric Podley and the Cats is interesting. Yes, that Week 10 trip to Bonita is a landmine. And for those of you who want fodder — check this, D-Ranch schedules 14 pregame meals with 14 different restaurants. Presumptuous? Yes. But have they ever had to cancel? What an awesome program.

  • New York

    Depends how many years they have been scheduling them…

    Great schedule for them, though. I like their style.

  • dranch is still blowing smoke up the blogs

    on the other thread he said that dr was playing Mission Viejo, I was like damn no way. Then the truth comes out. Typical dranch style to speak before he gets his facts straight.

    Bonita to be league champs this year with CO gone.

  • BigDog

    Really looking forward to Diamond Ranch vs Diamond Bar week #4 can you make that game of the week.Hopefully it will start a great rivalry in DB for years to come.We are DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR………

  • sgvfootballfan

    Diamond Ranch has three pretty good running backs this year and will be fun to watch. Aaron Almond was a beast last year and i cant imagine what he will look like next year.Chase Price will be ready for his senior year at fullback and Jacoby Carter will also run in backfield as well. All three will be two way players as well.DR only lost one lineman in Mike wells so there OL and DL should do pretty well with a couple additions. Jose Pelayo 6’2 270 and Jeremy Stucker 6’1 240 who played center last year when Wells was hurt did a good job will be back at center next year.
    Jacob Ardron will open a lot of eyes next year at LB 6’1 210 and has been compared to Kyle Lyngel now at Air Force.A very Smart player and is always around the ball.Heard threw the grapevine recruiters already have him on their board.I think DR has the best FG kicker in the valley in Jeff Stamp he kicked a couple of 50’s last year a will be returning as well.Jeff has been playing with the junior Galaxy soccer team and has been offered scholarships from Cal State Dominguez Hills and Loyola Marymount.Should be a good year for DR in the new Hacienda.Gooooooooo Panthers

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    OK, you D-Ranchers. I get that Almond and Carter are studs, but you all need a QB. What’s the word at QB? The best start to a good season at the HS level is a good QB.

  • Big Dog

    Our QB will be Jose Carrillo.Was our JV QB last year and did a pretty good job.He’s a beefy kid that enjoys contact.Looks like a LB but can run with the ball and likes to get physical.Has a pretty good arm as well.His brother was our QB two years ago Joe Carrillo.Pretty athletic kid and should fit into the offensive unit that we have.Also he will only be a junior next year.

  • Dan

    Was that 1 lineman total, on both offense and defense? If so then they have more coming back than I thought.
    If thats the case Arams ranking of them makes a little more sense, The Hacienda league is looking pretty interesting right now, I see 4 teams in there
    that all have legitamate shots at the title.

  • DRanchhhh

    O Aaron,

    We all make mistakes dude. I will tell you this and it comes from the mouth of Layton himself, MV, SM and LL were the top runners. No worries though, this is not about me, its about DR baby!!!

  • DRanchhhh

    Big Dog–

    Cesar Carrillo is the front runner thus far. We have a potential, and I repeat POTENTIAL track guy coming in at QB–Insight: 6’1 180 and that is conservative. I am seriously questioning his arm and accuracy.


    Yes we on lost 1 starter on the Offensive line last year and that was Mike Wells (Btw-Pwo at ASU this year, congrats!!) We lost one defensive line in Frank Cornejo. We will be stacked in the skilled area. Looking forward to a great season!!

  • Not so much

    I keep reading that D-ranch is the hands down fav. to win the southeast! La Mirada will win mark it down. THey are loaded, 4 kids already have D 1 offers Luatua #71 just picked up his 5th from UCLA. This team is unreal, but with all that said, this is why they play the games, no one wins CIF on paper! Should be a great year in the Southeast!

  • Aaron


    I didn’t say anything…I haven’t been around a computer since Friday morning.

  • DRanchhhh

    Ok….La Mirada went 13-1 and last years, they are returning ALOT of their OL/DL. Here is my question, Of the 14 schools they played, which of them outside of La Habra (which LM lost too) can compete with the SGV schools?? Dont take it personal, its just a question. I do not see a note worthy team on their schedule.

  • The Stang Fan

    Not so much,

    The last part of your post rings loudest. It should be a great year. Oh…and please don’t forget about the Stangs. There is A LOT coming back from last year’s team. Can’t wait.

  • bonita


    what about bonita? they have always been competiteon for Dranch and i heard that theyre doing more things to help improve thier game….i think bonita is gunna be thier toughest game

  • Stop watch

    D Ranch QB Carrillo? Kid has a decent arm but he is LB to a converted QB with a running back mentality. When he leaves the pocket(which is often because of his height) he “is” going to run. it will be hard to contain him once he gets outside the tackles. He wasn’t that accurate on the run but be ready for a collision because he does bring the hat. If his on the run passing accuracy improves he is definately a dual threat. We lose a good defensive player though if he is strictly offense.

  • Not so much

    Not taken personal at all, St. Paul,Laguna Hills and Cal high which was in the Semi’s in the southeast last year. La Mirada Beat a team that was in the Semi’s by two TD’s, the simple fact is that La Mirada is stacked this year! They should go undefeated but it’s just my opinion, from what I hear a lot of the D-ranch team was on the QB last year, a good defense with a QB that managed the ball. A new QB is all ways an obstacle. Like I said It should be a great year in the southeast, Just don’t understand why D-ranch is the hands down favorite to win it all this year 0-2 in the finals in the last two years, I don’t think they have a chance, Bonita should shock a lot of people this year…. No need to get all crazy about my post you asked a question (DRanchhhh) it’s just my opinion!

  • DRanchhhh

    Not so much,

    Crazy?? Where do you people dream up these thoughts of me being combative?? SMH @ you…

    All I am questioning is your strength of schedule. Yes 0-2 in the finals, playing One if not THE top team in the SGV. Do you think LM could spank CO or BA? If so then you add a bit of validity to your point. I can name a few SGV teams that would have gone 13-1 with that schedule. AGAIN, NO HARM intended. Leave the idea of crazy talk at the door! CO and BA were and are 2 awesome programs.

    And as far as size is concerned, have you seen South Hills in action within the last 2 years?? That whole team was over 6’0 tall. By far they were the biggest HS football I had seen since “Bloomington 95”, “Mira Costa 95,96” and most recently Corona Centennial. Two years in a row we get past them. So size is irrelevant in Football. Im sure DR will look forward to the challenge when we meet. However we have a tuff schedule ahead of us not. We are not taking None of the schools on that schedule lightly, especially the likes of Bonita, WC, SM, Chaffey and Rowland.

  • Panthers

    Just a heads up on the Chaffey team, they show up for the big games and should not be taken lightly. They usually give everyone a run for their money until the latter part of the game. If they figure out how to sustain an effort they will be even tougher.



    Good to see that there is dialect going on in the blog now. The team to watch in the playoffs will be Muir; they will be a stronger team this year with the confidence that they took from the CO game last year. Diamond Ranch has all the ablilty to be the # 1 seed in the southeast unless if Muir or Schurr do some damage early in the season.

  • New York


    Size in football may not be *everything* BUT it is definitely not irrelevant.

    Interesting Bloomington reference given the context of bantering with La Mirada. Are you sure you weren’t referring to the 1994 Bloomington team who beat LA MIRADA in the D-8 finals…As recently as 2006, La Mirada was a third place team who lost to Charter Oak 24-21 in the first round as Charter Oak ended up going to the finals against El Dorado.

    Is this the year DR get’s it done or what? Stripping CO from the division definitely hurt, but replacing the Almont league with La Mirada and the Suburban at least partially offset the loss of CO.

  • DRanchhhh

    I dont think Roddy comes into any game with the mindset of taking them lightly.@Panthers, I am well aware of what Chaffey brings to the table. I am not impressed with their wins from last year but im sure that a Chaffey fan could equally say the same about DR, loosing in the last seconds to both CH and Glendora, loosing to Elsinore in the last Qtr. of the game. However whether you want to believe it or not, those are very healthy programs. You cant compare them to the likes of Montclair, Alta Loma, Garey, Nogales etc.


    Im not counting us out from reaching the finals again by a long shot, but as any humble person would say, we have to take it game at a time. I think I posted last year sometime that Schurr was the most disiplined and well coached team we had face all year besides the likes of BA and CO. All of their offensive skilled guys were 6’1 or better. They had and have a great QB and the RB #20 was just raw talent and incredibly strong according to some of our boys. Im “Schurr” that they are coming for blood this year. Cantu, in my opinion is the best QB I have seen in the past few years outside of Jeffries from Glend, Clausen from OC and Paradez from Bonita. Muir is not to be played with or taken lightly. That is a team that nearly pulled off what DR hasnt been able to EVER and they are returning a ton of their guys.

    @New York, thanks for the correction, may have been the 94 team because my alma mater traveled from Los Angeles to play those boys and as a middle backer, those boys were absolutely HUGE. And whats even more stunning than that, is they had only 15-20 players on the whole team. I will never forget that night. Either way South Hills is a huge team and I just dont see why they are not dominant. I personally think they had more size than CO and BA-in the trenches. For DR to do it this year, we have to stay focused NOW, which they are. As far CO moving on, well they dominated the SE and when you do that the right thing to do is to move up. I think they will be faced with teams that they cant necessarily just roll over like they have US in the past few years. However I really believe that they will shock a lot of unbelievers in that new division. Just watch!!

  • New York


    Those are interesting comments about South Hills. Do you think they try to out-finesse and overthink the situation when in fact they have the hogs to simply push teams around? Do you think they should adopt more of Coach Farrar’s “Pittsburgh” mentality?

  • DRanchhhh

    New York…

    Here is were I get confused, they went up 14-0 in the first qtr by just playing off tackle/ dive football. They over powered us and I thought that it would be a long night. Well, turns out that they decided to get fancy and it cost them. Im sure if Layton had hogs that big and strong, lights out, RUN game all day. There was no reason to try an go to the air. If they return the that caliber of talent again this year, I would personally condition those boys all year for a strong Run attack. There QB was hurt and limping and should not have been running outside of the pocket all night. He in fact had a huge run in the latter part of the game from what I remember. But I remember them saying that the kid was hurt that he was propable the whole week. Either way I think SH should have dominated everyone they played. They have exceptional talent over there.

  • Layton Supporter

    Coach, I know it was a difficult week for you and yesterday was hard to face the parents, but we all understand your decision to follow your dream. Thank you for all that you have done for our children and we wish you the best. The 49ers are lucky to have you.

    The Medina Family


    Layton supporter,
    What is that post about . Who’s going where.

  • DRanchhhh

    Layton Supporter:

    O WOW O WOW O WOW O WOW O WOW…..Im at a loss. Damn…This should not have come out like this Ms. Medina.


    Another April fool joke .

  • DRanchhhhh

    I wish this was an APRIL Fool’s Joke…

    ARAM, confirm when the district announces it!!


    DRaaaamcch is this a joke? Coach Fox last night said Layton was unable to make the NCAA meeting because he had to take care of some business, but I saw Roddy on campus? My son did confirm with me that Layton is not at school today and Roddy has not returned my phone calls/texts. Is this an April Fools or another story on the BLOG about Layton leaving? What are your sources? Aram what have you heard? What is going on?????!!!


    You know if it was true you would be shiattin in your pants and crying in your beer.


    You know if it was true you would be shiattin in your pants and crying in your beer.


    You know if it was true you would be shiattin in your pants and crying in your beer.

  • The Stang Fan

    Sorry guys, not falling for the Layton thing…yet.


    What would have been great is if CIF left CO and SH in the Hacienda (w/DB out) AND brought in the Suburban. Even better would have been if they’d left the Miramonte, San Antonio, and Almont, brought in the Suburban, and had the top two teams from each league qualify for the playoffs with four at-large’s, just like the Mid-Valley did.


    I agree! Lol! I’m just a wee-bit biased of course. Remember though, Schurr is now in the Mid-Valley, and will be a great match-up for Monrovia and SD.

  • Here is the news

    Here is what I got from the district. At Tuesday’s Board Meeting PUSD approved the resignation of Roddy Layton and were not going to pursue legal action for breaking his contract. He is to remain active until April 15 and then he will be out on “vacation leave” for the remainder of the year. Garey grad and UCLA Alumn Ossar Rashan will fill the vacant spot as a long term sub for the remainder of the year. I also confirmed with two coaches that Layton did tell them he was taking the job and would tell the team once everything was finalized. No one was talking about who was going to take over the program. I also found out that Roddy and his wife are leaving the district at the end of this year. I did text Roddy and asked about the leaving DR. He told me he will talk to the team when he comes back down and he has already had some conversations will current and alumni players. My son said that he told Bryan Bonilla last week and Bryan told him on Saturday. We all knew it was a matter of time, but I am glad I was part of an awesome run. My son will forever remember his days as a DR Panther.

  • From the Bleachers

    Well when the Re-Leaguing took place I mention the Suburban League and how it has been a very competitive League for many years. Different teams have taken their turn at the top but Mayfair and La Miranda, and once upon a time Neff were the class of the League and took their shots at a CIF Crown. Recently other schools have stepped up and it is going to be a great Year in this Conference. I can hardly wait until the Playoff begin, but the season has to come first and unfold as we will see just who makes progress throughout the season and get hot at the end for the Playoffs. Darn it isnt September yet.

    From the Bleachers

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