Felipe Aguilar takes over Los Altos softball program …

Es verdad! Yep, the former Los Altos football coach and 2000 Tribune Player of the Year has taken over the Conquerors softball program on an interim basis following Lydell McCullough’s resignation on Monday. Fred “Deadline” Robledo has the scoop on McCullough.

  • BOB

    ANOTHER Los Altos resigning???

  • Hot Off The Press

    I just found out the real reason why Lydell stepped down, pressure from CIF. Lydell has a good friend in CIF and was asked by him to step down because of all the complaints CIF was receiving from LA parents. The complaints centered around the three sophomores that Lydell recruited from South El Monte. All three sophomores were guaranteed starting spots on the team if they transferred over according to the parents. Lydell coached all three of these players on his travel ball team three years ago. The CIF undo influence rule is 24 months. To complicate the issue the program has lost quality players due to these transfers. Interesting now that Lydell is gone these South El Monte girls cant transfer back they used their freshmen one free move option, while staying at their current addresses in South El Monte. Looks like another Gano situation in the softball program. I didnt even notice until just know look who is replacing Lydell, Felipe.

  • DramaQueens

    Hot Off The Press

    The girls can transfer back if they want to, and stay in the same residence, but failing a hardship transfer, they will lose one year of varsity eligibility (their junior years).
    It’s too bad the “LA” girls, and their parents can’t deal with the competition from transfers. Just because you reside in the area, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to a starting job. Heaven help these girls when they reach the real world workplace, and learn what real ($$) competition is all about.

  • ur a joke

    hot of the press,

    ur a joke and u need to get a life. that’s funny u mentioned the 3 south el monte girls. I know for a fact that only 2 of them played for him like 5 years a go. and they only played for him for 4 months. the 2 that did play for him are actually supposed to go to Mountain View and Arroyo. so actually, south recruited that girl to their school. The 1 player that didn’t play for him is supposed to go to south. but like I said, she never played for him. now what? know ur facts! it’s sad that u have to come on here and make up stuff. Lydell has been coaching for a long time and has never been accused of such things.