Here’s your coaching vacancy update …

Bassett — Word is they were down to five guys, didn’t like any of them for whatever reason and now they’re back to Square 1. Again, this is just the word on the street.

Northview — Looks like we’re waiting for defensive coordinator Marcel Perez to say yes or no. If he turns it down, I guess another in-district employee would be the target. Maybe someone from Covina?

Workman — Last I heard they were down to three, all local names many of you would know. Of course this was about two weeks ago that I heard this and then nothing’s happened since. I think something happened with the school due to some state test results earlier this month. Does anybody know about this? I’ve even heard that they might shut the school down it was so bad and send the kids elsewhere. Like I said, I’m merely spitting fiber here from what somebody said. But if anyone can clarify, please do.

Temple City — Last I heard was the school is trying to do whatever it can to create a teaching position to get somebody in there.

San Marino — The more I think about D.R. Moreland’s resignation, the less sense it makes. The timing of it just raises red flags. This is pure conjecture at this point, but it’s odd to see a coach resign to further his education a month before spring ball. Usually those circumstances would happen in November or December. I’m positive there’s something to this. What it is, I don’t know. Anyway, this is still fresh so it’s hard to say what the school is doing to fill the opening. No truth to the rumor that school officials were showing Mike Mooney property on Lombardy Road over the weekend.

  • New York

    If Mooney does not take it, then I’m sure the boosters will do the right thing and send the G-V into Montanna to get Bill Maloney. Break glass in case of emergency.

  • New York

    Good for Bassett in terms of not wanting to settle. Although, why even narrow down to five guys. If you don’t like any of these guys, why consider them as the final five?

    It looks as if you did not complete your thought with Workman.

    The TC situation is very interesting. Did Coach White have a teaching position or not? If so, then wouldn’t his departure have created an available teaching position? No doubt that creating a teaching position will be helpful in finding a quality HC.

  • Aram

    Good call, NY. Things got busy here. Had to sneak in a convo with Roddy Layton.

  • Covina Insider

    The word around Covina High is that John Stickland, (Now coaching at SD) is thinking about throwing his name in for the NV job. JS coached many years at Covina before being lured away by Z. He’s already in the district, and has the experience. He would be a great fit for Northview!!!

  • Joker

    Shut up JT!

  • Who is…

    I’ve seen John Strickland’s name come up for multiple positions this year. He must be one hell of a coach. I also heard he played under the great Lou Farrar. If NV has any brains, they’ll give this guy what he wants!



    Can you find out more about John Strickland please? I don’t know the man, but it sounds like he’s got the experience to take us to the next level. Please tell us what you know about him. Thanks

  • LA Update

    The Montebello DC has accepted the DC job at LA. They are currently working on another Montebello coach; he made multi visits last week to LA.

    In my communication with parents there will be more top players leaving the program. I have two players confirmed leaving in June at this time. Now it is up to Arellanes and staff to see if they can change their minds.

  • Double L


    Whoa…..slow down on the Workman stuff. It is true that they are listed on a state report but there is no talk about closing it down or anything like that. Actually, there is more talk about them not deserving to be on the list (read LA Times article and SGV Trib 2nd article)because of all the improvement they have shown lately. Word is, they have their guy and hope to name him soon. Please get the right info and keep us updated!

  • Matt

    Mooney runs the show at SM. Why not cut out all the BS and just make him the coach.

  • Goldenarm


    Yes, White was teaching and yes, their may be more than one vacancy for a credentialed teacher. However, getting a job anywhere on the planet nowadays requires an act of God – or at least large scale bribery – to happen quickly. That includes the janitor to the bus driver to the head football coach.
    At TC if their is urgency – NO ONE I KNOW HAS SEEN IT.

    Who is lifting, who is running?
    Who is breaking a sweat? Fundamentals?
    A handful maybe. If that.
    Work ethic – gone. Leadership – gone.

    Somebody tell me different please. How long does a bad dream last???

  • Aram


    Interesting stuff. So who’s running the program now? If most of White’s key guys were walk-on coaches, then who’s handling getting the team ready for spring?

  • New York

    It seem like GA preempted that question by suggesting that no one is doing it. Maybe it’s time for you to pressure your alma mater a bit.

    If the new coach is hired this spring, then the graduating seniors will be able to meet the fourth head coach during their time at TCHS.

  • VVL

    Strickland is a No Brainer for NHS. Either as head coach or OC. Perez is a good face, but Strickland and Perez would be a good team. I think they should be a package deal.

  • John Strickland

    I will be announced as the NV Head Coach next week. Thanks for all of the support, and I look forward to bringing Northview back to prominence!!!

  • JS