Sources: Mooney weighing whether to take San Marino job …

Some of you will say thanks for telling us what we already know. To them I say nobody likes a smart*ss. Anyway, this is more for my east-of-the-605 and New York readership. Mike Mooney is considering taking the vacant San Marino job and has sent out feelers about a potential coaching staff should he decide to do it, according to sources.

Mooney’s strong run at Temple City is well documented and he also had a big influence at San Marino in recent seasons as an assistant to D.R. Moreland, who resigned last week to further his education.

Mooney, who played at USC after graduating from Temple City, is currently an assistant principal at San Marino.

Aram’s take: Thanks a lot, Temple City. Here’s the guy who should still be your coach weighing whether to take the San Marino job because that school somehow found the wisdom to let him do both. Meanwhile, Temple City is coachless and exhausting every method to open some type of teaching position to get a coach in there before kickoff against Arroyo in September. As a sportswriter, I’m hoping Mooney decides to take the gig because he’d be great to have in the area again as a head man. And one last thing, I brokered the Mooney-Gano peace accord at CIF offices in 2006. It’s still one of my biggest accomplishments in life.

  • Matt

    Mooney has been the “Head Coach” the last few years. Why not just end the charade and take the job. On staff, they have enough coaches to fill out a group of assitants.

    Mooney either needs to s__t or get off the pot.

  • FB Eintsein

    Re: Matt

    Shi$&* or get off the pot? The San Marino job opened up last Friday? Get off the pot Matt!

    Mooney will take the SM job and bring in his own guys…Loya, Valdez, Lopez, etc… Get ready rich kids cause your ass has just been put on notice!!!!

    Backus should be the TC coach next year. I know it isn’t possible but stranger things have happened. Both Backus an VanDeVeere need to grow up and bury the hatchet and realize they need each other now more than ever.

  • Broken Horns

    Mooney doesn’t need those guys from TC. Doesn’t he already have 10 TC coaches at SM already? We’re gonna need them next year.

  • New York

    C’mon Scoop (Aram),
    How about fleshing out the bio a bit more…Mooney was a San Marino OC under legendary coach Bill Maloney prior to becoming the Head Coach at SM. Remember, Mooney has already been Head Coach at San Marino prior to becoming head coach at TC.

    Do the ‘rich get richer’ for finding a way to make this happen (Assistant Principal and Head Football Coach)? Who says public schools are dysfunctional and can’t make things happen??? Hats off to San Marino.

    Regarding the TC situation: In this tight budget climate, with Backus already a TENURED teacher on campus, the fiscally responsible thing to do would be naming Backus or another on campus teacher as football coach. That way the district does not need to create an additional spot on the payroll…

  • Goldenarm

    Word is Lopez is under Oliva at San Gabriel. Matt is an excellent young coach and a hard worker. Gonna miss that dude.

    If we don’t get someone to organize strength work and agilities soon – it won’t matter because we will be light years behind opponents and flat out suck next season. It is the fundamentals that kill you or take you to the promised land – we all know that.

    FB einstein – I don’t think the AD and Backus will be burying the hatchet soon – no one can remove it from Backus’ back.,,,it has fused to his spine. Too bad because he is one person who could produce a respectable team from the ashes of North Field as it now stands. I would support his return, if only for a year or two.

    Mooney has a decade of service waiting inside him – and needs a place to be all he can be. Please MM – at least consider your former place of employment. Slim chance. My guess is Mooney is looking to go up a notch, another level maybe and if that does not fly – he might fall back to SM, where he has made friends and feels comfortable. He takes care of, and mentors young coaches – who would not want a piece of that environment.
    As far as Loya – who knows. His return would be a benefit to any kid in whatever program. He makes conflict less psycho, and formalizes mayhem into simple steps where kids can just play, and not stress on some assignment beaten into their heads by an overbearing, less talented coach.

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