Amat ’10 sked: The Lancers will shine in September

I hear angels singing. I see blinking lights. I see seas parting. I see images of Scott Fields running down the sideline in my head. Oh yes, it’s that time. Here’s your 2010 Lancer schedule. Print it and stick it on your fridge.

Sept. 3 vs. Garfield @ELAC
Sept. 10 at Dominguez
Sept. 17 Muir
Sept. 24 Damien
Oct. 1 at Cathedral
Oct. 8 Venice
Oct. 15 Crespi
Oct. 22 vs. Loyola at LA Valley College
Oct. 29 Notre Dame
Nov. 5 BYE
Nov. 12 at Alemany

Aram’s take:
This is the most anticipated season in Amat history since last season. So many of you are probably wondering where’s the beef in the first six games. It’s not the most jarring nonleague schedule you’ll see for a big-time program, but at least the Lancers should be 6-0 heading into league. And if they are, wow, the excitement will be incredible when Crespi rolls into Kiefer. Word is Robledo’s doing what he can to land season tickets. Word also is that Amat had trouble finding games and getting certain dates to jive. If that’s the case, then I have to wonder why not start looking to the I.E. for some nonleague games? There are many people who feel the Inland Division (yes, the one Charter Oak will likely end up in) is just as good as Division 1 (Pac-5). So why not try for one or two showdowns against, say, Redlands East Valley or Norco? Or maybe even Upland or Chino Hills. Amat’s scrimmage is against Upland, so that will have to do. Just a thought. Maybe Coach Hagerty is doing all you Amat honks a favor and sparing you a trip an hour into the 909. But just remember there’s an entire Empire that thinks it can hang with D-1.

Robledo vs. Wigod … I don’t believe what I just heard …

Please, nobody ever say Freddie Robledo isn’t passionate about this area. I’m not indulging this or even being dramatic, but Fred and CIF-Southern Section Asst. Commissioner Rob Wigod just had a verbal throw down on the phone about the new realignment proposals. I’ve never heard Freddie like this. I could even hear Wigod through the phone at several points. I don’t know what happened to set it off, but these two just went ballistic. Hopefully Fred blogs about it, but I’m dead serious, I’ve never heard Robledo like this. Probably the best argument I’ve ever heard in this office. Only thing I can quote so far is Freddie saying “Have you been covering this area for the past 10 years?” … and on it went. UNREAL.

Bad news: New CIF re-divisioning proposals are out …

OK, let me qualify that. It’s bad news for Charter Oak, Damien and South Hills … and the rest of our friends in the new-look Sierra League. If the proposals pass, then it’s hello Inland Division and goodbye Thanksgiving practice.

That’s right, Dom. You can kiss daddy’s chance for a sixth ring goodbye … at least until 2012.

So who exactly would CO, Damien and South Hills be up against come November? The Big Eight (think Norco and Corona Centennial), the Baseline (think Rancho Cucamonga, Upland and Glendora, which would be the least of anyone’s problems), the Citrus Belt (think Redlands East Valley and Redlands) and the Southwestern (think Chaparral and Vista Murrieta). Poor Robledo is gonna be driving to all these places to cover the games … and it won’t be cool for weekly papers to cover those teams anymore. Terrible.

Good news, though, for Bishop Amat. So long as the Lancers stay in the Serra League they’ll be part of Pac-5 under the proposals.

And what about the Mid-Valley Division? That will be fun with the Almont joining Mission Valley, Montview, Olympic, Rio Hondo and Valle Vista.

The new Hacienda League will be part of the four-league Southeast Division along with the Pacific, Del Rio and Suburban. I’m making D-Ranch even money to win that thing.

While we’re talking Rosemead, here’s the ’10 sked …

Panthers ’10 schedule:

Game 1: Montebello
Game 2: @Rowland
Game 3: @San Marino
Game 4: San Gabriel
Game 5: @Temple City
Game 6: Gabrielino
Game 7: @Arroyo
Game 8: @Mountain View
Game 9: South El Monte
Game 10: El Monte

Aram’s take: There really isn’t one breather in that nonleague schedule. I mean, maybe Montebello, but that is a season opener so it’s not like Rosemead will be overlooking it. After that, the Panthers head to Rowland where they’ll see just what type of defense they’re working with against Mikey Ball and Da Raidizz. The league schedule is obvious. Sucks that the Arroyo game is the second game of league. I’d like to see the two MVL powerhouses square off in Week 10 every year. I’ll be honest, the worst-case scenario that I see is Rosemead being 8-2 going into playoffs. That’s with losses to Rowland and Arroyo. But the Panthers could certainly win those games, however. See where I’m going with this? You’re looking at one of the area’s better sleeper teams for ’10.

The Matt Koffler Coaching Academy …

The SGV’s version of Coach K is spawning head coaches like it’s going out of style.

They not only build players at Rosemead, they build coaches. Has any other area coach produced this many head coaches in such a short time? And the crazy thing is Koffler’s still a young guy (I have to say that since we’re around the same age). You want amazing? THREE of these coaches have already held TWO head coaching jobs! I hope all these guys are giving Koffler a cut of each paycheck.

The Koffler Tree:

Jim Arellanes, formerly of Northview, now at Los Altos
Anthony White, formerly of Temple City now at Buena Park
Ray Hernandez, formerly of La Puente now at South El Monte
Brian Zavala, Wilson

CONFIRMED: Arellanes leaves Northview for Los Altos job

Los Altos has found its man. Jim Arellanes, who was Northview’s coach the past four seasons, accepted an offer Friday afternoon to be the next coach at Los Altos.

Arellanes denied Tribune reports earlier this week that he was the front-runner for the job and had interviewed on Monday. Arellanes stated he had no new interest in the job since posting the following message on his Facebook account back in late January: “Not going to be the next coach at Los Altos! Stop the rumors people”.

Aram’s take: If you’re a Los Altos fan you have to be pleased. The process appeared to be taking you straight toward some guy who was an assistant somewhere with no head coaching experience. Interestingly, Arellanes and Wilson coach Brian Zavala are good friends as Zavala coached alongside Arellanes at Rosemead and El Rancho (I think) and was Arellanes’ defensive coordinator at Northview before taking the Wilson job. Now they’ll be arch enemies at least one night a year when The Wheel is on the line. This may also stop Los Altos from losing kids to either Amat, Workman, Wilson or LP. Then again, winning and not any coach, is probably a good cure for that.

The latest on Los Altos …

OK, we know San Dimas defensive coordinator Brian Mustain turned down the job. Sources say he interviewed last Friday. Multiple sources say Northview coach Jim Arellanes interviewed on Monday and has sent out feelers to potential assistant coaches. Now comes word that former Los Altos player Bobby Godinez, who coached at La Verne Lutheran and PCC, interviewed on Tuesday, according to a source. Please keep in mind that this is a very fluid situation.

In terms of Arellanes, I will go ahead and piece together what I’ve heard from sources by deducing that he’s made demands of LA in terms of pay and teaching jobs for his potential assistants. If LA delivers, and this is just my opinion, Arellanes will be the next coach. If not, then Godinez stands a good chance to land the gig. I think both guys would do a good job. Not saying CIF titles, but certainly a very competitive program.

It should be noted that Arellanes said earlier this week that nothing’s changed on his end in terms of interest in the job.

Mustain turns down Los Altos, Arellanes still mulling?

UPDATE: In case this is getting confusing for any of you, which I completely understand is possible, here is where we’re at with this situation. Both the Mustain and Arellanes things have occurred this week, according to multiple sources. Is the overlap confusing? Yes and no. According to multiple sources, Mustain turned it down and Arellanes is building a potential staff in case he takes it. Again, that’s according to sources. I’ve heard enough specifics from these sources to believe that they’re telling me accurate information. If Arellanes does indeed turn down the job, that won’t change my belief that what the sources say is happening right now and the past few days is happening.

San Dimas High School football team defensive coordinator Brian Mustain has turned down the open Los Altos job, according to multiple sources.

Mustain helped San Dimas win the Mid-Valley Division this past season by calling shots for a defense that allowed just eight points per game this season. He joins Kiki Mendoza, who turned the job down two weeks ago.

Earlier this week several sources said Northview coach Jim Arellanes interviewed on Monday. The sources are adamant that Arellanes is still considering taking the position, even going so far as to say he’s putting out feelers about potential assistant coaches. But Arellanes denied reports that he was considering the position on Tuesday, saying nothing had changed since he turned down the original overture earlier in the process.