Conflicting info on Los Altos/Arellanes situation …

Northview football coach Jim Arellanes shot down reports Tuesday that he’s the front-runner for the vacant Los Altos position and that the job is his if he wants it.

Sources told the Tribune Tuesday that Arellanes is in fact the front-runner for the job and the two sides have been in contact since former St. John Bosco coach Kiki Mendoza turned down the Los Altos job last week.

Arellanes shot down rumors that he was interested in the Los Altos job on his Facebook page in late January, saying “Not going to be the next coach at Los Altos! Stop the rumors people”. He says his position has not changed.

Arellanes has been the head coach at Northview since 2006. He had assistant coaching stints at Rosemead and El Rancho prior to that. Northview has gone 21-22 in Arellanes’ four seasons.

Arroyo to take on Hart … read that again if you need to …

We’ve seen San Dimas add Rancho Cucamonga and now we’ve got Arroyo adding Hart. Gotta love it!!! The SGV really isn’t scared of anybody and you gotta love it.

Knights coach Jim Singiser had this to say of the matchup: As much as we throw and as much as they throw, the game ought to end at 3 a.m.

More from Singiser on Hart and an Aram take below …

Arroyo’s Steven Rivera certainly ranks among the SGV’s top QBs.

Arroyo ’10 schedule:
Week 0 Ontario
Week 1 @Temple City
Week 2 Montebello
Week 3 @Hart
Week 4 BYE
Week 5 La Canada
Wee6 6 @South El Monte
week 7 Rosemead
week 8 @Gabrielino
week 9 @El Monte
week 10 Mountain View

Knights coach Jim Singiser on scheduling Hart:
They were the ones who initiated the contact. We had seen them at the Bonita Air Assault and Coach Herrington said he’d been following us … and obviously anybody who follows TV follows them. We’ll go out there and swing with them. It’s probably the biggest opponent we’ve played since I’ve been at Arroyo.

Aram’s take: When was the last time a Mission Valley League team took on a Southland powerhouse in the nonleague? Not saying MVL teams should have been doing this all along. Not saying that at all. In fact, I can remember when the league was the laughing stock of the Valley. But since 2000, that’s changed in a big way and I think you can thank coaches like Jim Singiser, Rosemead’s Matt Koffler and South El Monte’s Erick Escamilla who as a whole have done some of the Valley’s best coaching for the past 10 years. This league is no joke and many teams have found that out the hard way in recent years.

Amat vs. Muir coming this season …

Muir has agreed to Bishop Amat in Week 3, Mustangs coach Ken Howard confirmed on Friday. The game is likely to be at Amat.

The game pits two of the San Gabriel Valley’s most storied football programs in what should be a treat for area fans.

“We’re not doing this to puff out our chests and think we can call all these other teams out,” Howard said. “We want to take on tough teams and get ourselves ready for the playoffs. When you take on Bishop Amat, you can’t do anything but get better at what you do.”

Howard’s program has taken on powers like Oaks Christian in recent seasons, so stepping up is nothing new. Muir should possess some of the better line play in the area next season, but the Mustangs are very young at the skill positions.

“I don’t have any film on Bishop Amat, so I can only speak for my guys,” Howard said. “Our line has been in these types of games, but as far as our skill guys, we’re young. I think we’ll be geared up for it.”

These guys are old enough to know what Amat-Muir is all about.

Aram’s take: Unreal. Two schools that have produced some of the best talent in Valley history are getting back on the same field. A win by Muir at Amat would set the party off in Pasadena. Any of you with some historical perspective on previous meetings between these schools, please chime in. Freddie always talks about a game he saw late 80s/early 90s when Muir won on the last play of the game with a trick play. Granted, both teams are still trying to get back to what they were in the 80s and 90s, but this is just a beautiful matchup. This should pretty much firm up Amat’s 2010 schedule. I should have the complete list from Lancers coach Steve Hagerty next week. But most of you Amat honks should be able to pretty much fill in the blanks yourselves. I should have Muir’s full schedule from Howard tomorrow. It’s funny, but even though it was a loss, it seems like the near-upset of Charter Oak last year has rejuvenated Muir more than anything. If the Mustangs can take the next step, man oh man, what a show they would put on.

Schurr sked: Replace Carlos and win, que no? …

What will happen to Schurr without Carlos Arredondo?

Week 1: Cantwell-Scared Heart
Week 2: Downey
Week 3: @ El Toro
Week 4: @ Cal High
Week 5: @ St Paul
Week 6: @ Bell Gardens
Week 7: @ Alhambra
Week 8: Mark Keppel
Week 9: Montebello
Week 10: San Gabriel

Aram’s take: I’ve heard many doubts about Schurr, most of them privately, since posting the top QBs thread. There’s skepticism that Aaron Cantu can do the same type of damage in ’09 with his top WR graduating in June. We all know Cantu is one of the top QBs around. But if Sparty can’t replace Almont League co-MVP Carlos Arredondo (WR/DB), then Cantu’s numbers will suffer. As great as Cantu is, he needs somebody to get the rock to and Arredondo won’t be around next fall. OK, to the schedule. El Toro, Downey and St. Paul (St. Paul?) look like real toughies in the non-league. After that, there’s simply no reason the Spartans can’t run the table in league. They’ll be overwhelming favorites in the Almont. So let’s say they win one of the three toughies (I’m Schurr that Schurr fans are hoping it’s St. Paul), then you’re looking at an 8-2/7-3 team heading into the playoffs. I think that’s the best-case scenario. Also, I Schurr would love to see Schurr take on an East-SGV school in the non-league. I’m not saying it has to be Charter Oak or South Hills, but maybe West Covina or Rowland or San Dimas? Just the fan in me. Schurr’s schedule is certainly strong enough as is.

Mendoza turns down Los Altos job; Back to Square 1?

Former St. John Bosco coach Kiki Mendoza has turned down an offer to be Los Altos’ next head coach.

Mendoza phoned the school Monday to inform them of his decision. But I’m starting to wonder if he called some our blog regulars first since it was widely reported here days ago by certain bloggers/insiders. Love you guys. Keep doing what you do.

Anywho, now I’m getting the feeling that Los Altos, for all intents and purposes, is back to Square 1. Mendoza was reportedly one of three finalists, but don’t expect the other two to get a call now. The school is going to open the position back up and go through all of its applications again.

By the way, one player from the ’09 frosh team has transferred to Bishop Amat.

Anyway, I spoke to Coach Mendoza to get the answers behind his decision. Here’s what he said …

Why?: My decision had nothing to do with anything negative on the Los Altos side. The people at the school made it so difficult to say now. But everything didn’t line up like I thought it would. I live in Seal Beach and my wife teaches in Downey. With all of my family being out this way and me having to be out there (Los Altos) late at night, it just didn’t line up. My family sacrificed for 20 years with me at St. John Bosco and this situation was going to be put me too far away from home.

Were you scared off by the current state of the program?: Winning games is a matter of what the talent level is at the current time and nobody can control that. They’re going to be successful there because the administration wants to have a good program. I was very impressed by the way they handled the process. I could tell they take great pride in the football program. Whoever the next coach is, they’re going to get plenty of support from the principal and the AD, that’s for sure.

Now … onto AD Steve Garcia … talk about a guy with a lot on his plate. Garcia knows what’s at stake here. He’s feeling the pressure and I’m certain he’s trying to do the right thing. Here’s his answer to certain questions and concerns …

Is it true the school is mandating that former coach Felipe Aguilar has to be part of the staff?: That’s not true. We want the person who’s in this position to take ownership. Any coach needs to build his own staff.

Are you back to Square 1?: We’re not back to Square 1 totally. We’re still in the process of finding the right person for the job. There’s still a lot of candidates who put their hat into the ring and we’ll go back and cultivate some of those names. We’re trying to do what’s right for the kids. Our kids are still working hard and there’s still 50-60 kids doing what it takes to get ready.

Former San Gabriel coach Keith Jones to coach West in Hall Game …

Former San Gabriel High coach Keith Jones, who resigned following the 2009 season has been named coach of the West team in the upcoming Hall of Fame All-Star Game on June 25. He will be opposed by West Covina’s Mike Maggiore, who will coach the East.

Aram’s take: Yeah, I know. I’m stunned, too, that we broke a little bit of San Gabriel news. It just goes to show that if you stay out of the night clubs, don’t look at this as a “job” and keep trying no matter how long the odds are, good things will happen. Anyway, if Jones is truly retired, then this is a great way to send him out. His body of work at SG certainly speaks for itself and his assistant coaches are one intense network, which should also add intrigue should they help him out with the game.