Baldwin Park studs are trippin’ out next week …

Baldwin Park recruits Wardell Crutchfield III (who I will now nickname WC3) and Demitrius Jackson will be on unofficial recruiting trips next week to Cal, Stanford, San Jose St. and Fresno St. during their spring breaks.

WC3 is a returning linebacker for the Braves and Jackson is, well, everything you can imagine for BP. Jackson will likely be a corner in college, but coaches won’t commit to how they’ll use him this upcoming season, especially on on offense. QB? Maybe. RB? Maybe. WR? Maybe. You get the point.

WC3 could be converted to safety in college.

Aram’s take:
You could bump some Oaktown’s 357 or Souls of Mischief (which is big for me and Hegs (’93 til infinity)) on your way up there, but why screw around? If you’re ever making a Bay Area run, it’s gotta be Too Short. Too bad these kids are probably too young to feel me. Anyway, congrats to them. Should be a cool way to spend spring break and it’s just more proof that something’s really cooking at BP this season.

  • Big Deal

    An “Unofficial Trip??” Why are you congratulating them for visiting a college campus. Anyone can do that! I guess we congratulate people for anything these days. Have fun guys!

  • K


    Do you think either of these kids can play at that level? I haven’t seen Jackson play (because of CIF making him sit out last year) but his numbers from Duarte in 08 don’t seem that impressive, I know he was just a sophomore at the time but still. And WC3 is a good high school player, but a D1 safety??? I just don’t see it.

  • Weak

    Absolutely ridiculous if and when any of you think this is anything other than their Coach/Dad taking his son and best friend on trips they will be paying for from their own pockets just to visit the various schools.

    Yes Coach/Dad has contacts at each of those schools so I am sure he’s arranged for them to meet some of the personnel at each of the school’s property but literally anyone can do this by just contacting the schools of their choices.

    Do you seriously believe come next year at this time either one of them will have signed a letter of intent to attend any of those schools?

  • Aram

    The haters are out in full force. Instead of sitting around during spring break and trying to hit on girls or play video games, these guys are going up to have an experience they won’t forget.

    I have no personal take on either player’s skills, because I haven’t seen either play. But I do trust what some coaches tell me. And I know for a fact WC3 has a few offers already.

    Why not just wish them luck instead of saying they have no shot?

  • GPA

    Aram, Stanford? Wow these kids must be brillant in the class room. Must have awesome SAT scores right ????

  • New York

    I hope many parents and players read about this and decide to take trips and visit colleges as well. Get out and see what is out there! Good for them.

  • K

    Personally I didn’t want to hate on the kids…I am just trying to figure out what level they are at. It seems like they can both play at the next level, but Pac 10 is another story.

  • Come on

    Come on Aram,

    WC3 runs maybe a 4.9 and thats strecthing it. He has no offers! You can bet by signing day this is the final verdict! Not a D 1 guy! He will be a Financial aid guy at 1AA or lower. Maybe New Mexico Highlands!

  • False Hopes

    Dad needs to relax a little, so his kid doesn’t feel like a big disappointment when it’s all said and done. Just be honest with yourself and you kid. Be positive, but realistic. Going to Pac-10 schools will be a cool experience, but don’t act like the kids have a chance to play there.

  • The Stang Fan


    Oaktown 357 and Souls of Mischief???? Bro, that’s like putting Skeelo and Ras Kass in the same sentence. “93 Till Infinity” is EASILY one of the greatest West Coast rap songs of all time…and YES, the kids have NOOOOO clue of what you speak. Though Short-dog is certainly the godfather of Bay Area Rap, the ruler, by far, is E-40. Honestly, outside of the Hieroglyphics (which includes S.O.M) I am not a big fan of Yay Area hip-hop.

    As far as the players’ visits…good for them! I think folks just take umbrage with the fact that it’s posted on the blog as if it’s an accomplishment, when it may very well be a glorified college tour. Any way it’s sliced, it’s good for any and ALL kids to visit as many schools as possible, whether for athletics or academics.

  • New York

    It’s great for the kids to visit. Hopefully they will see the players. They will mistake the safeties for linebackers and realize what level that is. How else can they set goals unless they know what is there?

  • Crazy Crazy Crazy

    Aram you might remember this from a few years back. Norys and Hile were spotted at UC Davis on unofficial vists during Easter Breaks or was it Christmas, can’t recall but doesn’t matter. Norys was your top ranked LB was it in the Troy Palomalu mode and Hile was a “throw back” LB. Both highly regarded by you and the “blog”, do you remember? I said neither was better than average, slow and undersized at their positions. Remember those comments. Took tons of grief. Anyway spoke to Hile’s dad after the visit and he said he wasn’t impressed with the talent at UC Davis and thought his son’s transition would be smooth. Hile made SL Defensive POY over USC’s Haper, USC”s Mc Mahon and University of Nevada’s Rabe who had an awesome freakin junior year that was parlayed into an Oregon offer that was later pulled. Was Hile the most dominant Defensive player that year? Not close, but he won.

    I haven’t seen any of these BP kids play but here’s an interesting point that’s hugely bothersome these days given the Ayala mess in basketball. How many parents get jobs at schools to beat the system and to fudge the scale in their son’s favor. Just look at Montana at Oaks Christain!

    We all know what’s going on and it sucks. I spoke to a friend who’s a local area HC and in one of our first conversations I said it sucks when coaches have kids on the team and never platoon. He metioned to me that He” had a kid on the team. I asked him, “Does he start?” He nodded yes. Case closed. Maybe that’s why respect my opinion.

    Here’s my point. I went from 4/5 string Guard to starter by mid-season my senior year.. Would that have happened if a “son” was in the way? Better yet, name a team that has a coach’s son who rides the pine.

    At some schools it’s just blatant while at other schools everyone just looks the other way. Damien might be the all time worst I’ve seen in 35 years of watching things like this happen or maybe it’s just the San Gabriel Valley. Anyway just food for thought.

  • Aram

    Stang Fan,

    You’re right, Oaktown’s 357 was weak. I was struggling to come up with something and I didn’t want to say Young MC. Bay Area isn’t for me either. A couple good tracks, but overall not a vibe I’m feeling.

    It’s sad that kids today have absolutely no clue what good rap is. And that’s coming from me, a white guy. How bad is that!? But if you put in some Black Moon for them, their brains might short circuit. Sad.

  • Aram’s “down like a clown”

    Yeah too bad rap isn’t appreciated for what it’s done for society, made low life’s and their lifestyle cool. where all the white women at!!!! gotta love all the neck tattoos on so many young kids today, all those women with style conscious tattoos…man I miss wearing three piece suits, willy wear suits and dancing with women and having fun. boy those were the days when fights were one on one and a knife was pulled only by cowards or as a last resort to fend off more than two. rap made hating 50’s popular, increased the vocabulary of so many. my personal favorite…ghetto birds!!!!lmao finally rap made stupid white guys identify with a culture he’d want nothing to do with…unless it was among his other white friends. don’t get me wrong, love the beats, clever as all get out but rap did nothing but minstrel the brothas and set back martin luther king’s dream a whole generation. While Chuck D was blasting FIGHT THE POWER…ole Flavor Flav was fast becoming the next Rochester!!! YA BOSS !!!! BOOOOOYIE

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