Sierra League DOES NOT appeal; Bogan wins quote of the year …

At some point, it’s a compliment. Maybe it’s a bigger compliment than we deserved, but this is proof the whole Valley feels this way about us. They set it up. They didn’t want any part of this league, so they put us in there. Maybe we’re wrong and they (CIF) just have a deep respect for us and how much we can do with a thousand-less kids. — South Hills coach Steve Bogan on being placed in the Sierra League and the new playoff groupings

The deadline to appeal CIF’s proposed playoff groupings came and went on Thursday. The Sierra League did not appeal the Southern Section proposal to be placed in the Inland Division.

That means, barring a change of heart of asst. commissioner Rob Wigod, the Sierra League will be heading to what most football sharps call Division II where powers like Redlands East Valley, Upland, Norco and Rancho Cucamonga will be waiting for them. Good luck with that.

South Hills is dealing with a double whammy: The Sierra League and Inland Division.

League’s that appealed (that I know of): Valle Vista, Mission Valley, Montview, which are all in the Mid-Valley Division.

League’s that did not appeal (that I know of): Sierra (Inland), Rio Hondo (Mid-Valley).

What’s their beef? As far as the Mid-Valley Division is concerned, several schools are not happy with being in a six-league division that has only TWO guaranteed playoff berths per league and FOUR at-large berths to round out the field. Also, some coaches don’t like the Almont, with its large enrollments, joining the fray.

In the Inland Division, the beef is playing against teams with considerably larger enrollments and in far-off places.

In the Southeast Division … nothing that I know of.

Talk to me Coach Zavala (Wilson): The league pretty much came to a consensus that we’d like another opportunity to re-evaluate this. The whole idea with schools like us who got relief was to reap the benefits. Now, we’re going for two playoff spots and I don’t know what the criteria will be for choosing the at-large teams.

Talk to me Coach Thomas (Covina):
We got bigger, but we lose a playoff spot? I understand they have a job to do, I just think a lot of coaches in our league disagree.

Talk to me Coach Farrar (Charter Oak): We could appeal, but the lost first appeal for our re-leaguing. I don’t know what would make us think can win an appeal for the division. I guaranteed that’s (Inland) where we’re going to be playing.

Full story coming in tomorrow’s Trib …

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  • Aaron

    What kind of reality are these coaches in living in. When my father was at Bonita in the early 1970s there were ten to twelve eight team league’s in a division and the only guaranteed spot was for League Champions. This is possibly one of the toughest roads to a championship which makes the Mid-Valley a stronger division while increasing the competition. If this same thing was going on in the Southeast: six leagues that have between 6-7 teams you wouldn’t have a Diamond Ranch, which is a good thing. Finishing with a losing season is a bad thing.

    What I don’t like is the Southeast, now with only four leagues getting to the playoffs will be easy.

  • Big Deal

    Aram, why is that a big deal? A double whammy?
    Hasn’t Glendora been going through that the last few years. Again Tartans get no respect!

  • The Stang Fan

    The crazy thing about the Inland division is that it will be home to THREE current CIF champions! Last year’s Inland, Central, and Southeast champs will all be in the same division…not sure if that’s ever happened before.

  • So What


    Last I checked we aren’t in the 70’s we are in 2010 so compare the division alignment with other divisions today. For as smart as you think you are you sure come up with some real stupid comments?

  • Living Legend

    Your guy that gave you the quote of the year about how much everyone respects him and how we will see how they can do with 1000 less kids, well this same guy with all this bravado now was talking about resigning when he first heard the news of the new league.

    Why did he think of resigning because he new that he would no longer have the chance to play San Gabriel in the CIF finals.

    Now the Cheaters of Cameron might not make the playoffs for the next four years.

    Judy North can no longer get the kids in behind CIF’s back and look what has happened they are headed towards being very mediocre.

    This is a school that has not won a CIF title since being moved out of division with the likes of Orange and San Gabriel. Better the yet the last two season they would have finished 3rd in the Miramonte league. So please if you are going to talk about South Hills at least be honest when you talk about the level of teams they have played and beat in CIF.

  • La Habra Dad

    The Stang Fan, to answer your question, Yes, it has happened before. In ’08, La Habra was placed in the Southwest Div. after winning the Southeast in ’07 along with:
    Cypress Southern Div. CIF Champs in ’07 &
    El Dorado Southwest Div. CIF Champs in ’07.

  • Aaron

    So you’re saying you’d rather have a watered down approach to a championship. That’s cool and all but that’s not how I feel and that’s certainly not how a lot of old-timers feel either.

    My opinion is that I really like how CIF set up the Mid-Valley division and rather than complain these coaches should be champing at the bit to prove themselves and coach up their players to win.

  • Easter Bunny

    As I have been sitting back geting ready to fill all these baskets for the kids, I am getting fat eating all these carrots. However I see alot of this bashing of South Hills, and their so called recruting.
    Show me ONE school that has never taken the better kids from outside their own area, and I will show you a team with a 2-8, or 1-9, record. While the Huskies will NOW have to work harder, I assume you guys that complain will STILL complain when your school doesn’t win CIF in the now powderpuff Mid Valley!

  • K

    Regarding the appeals, those Mid Valley leagues are just angry becase the Almont league came from the Southeast Div and now the Mid Valley has 38 teams and the Southeast has 26. I understand the goal is to make the Mid Valley more competitive but now they are making the Southeast less competitive because it is way easier to get into the playoffs. From a numbers standpoint, if the Almont stays in the Southeast, you will have 32 teams in each division…that makes the most sense.

    Aram, do you think these appeals carry any weight? Or do you think those “experts” at CIF are going to do their own thing regardless?

  • Respect

    The only reason Zavala too the Wilson job was because he thought he would get an at large bid. Now he actually has to work for it….as does Nogales and Covina. I like it. Every talks about how the Mid Valley is a SOft division, now it makes it tough.

    You have to really earn a playoff spot and you actually have a league with some big enrollments. It’s not like the Almont has 3000 finely tunned athletes. It is fine. Coaches just want to make playoffs regardless of if they should actually be there or not. Another positive is that only 2 Montview teams will make it. That should limit the 50 pt games that always happen in the 1st round.

  • orange county in the house

    WOW!!!!! I hear alot of crying in the SGV. People to be the best you have to play the best just go out there and give it your all that goes for you COACHES to. Trying to tell CIF they are wronge bad move. MY boy plays for Edison going on his 3rd year did not start but he is working hard to get first string reason why im saying this is because im not thinkin of changing schools so he can start. I work in SGV and my co worker has a kid playing football in SGV and he tells me about this blog and all this crying will not happen in the OC. schools are the oppisite they want to play the TUFF schools. Stop crying and just play hard. Its funny to see a school in the SGV get so much hipe from the TRIBUNE for playing one of us in the OC are we special people? Ill tell you this for us every week is looked at the same no matter who we play give 100% all 4 quarters. see ya ps tony i didnt say what school you support

  • The Stang Fan

    La Habra Dad,

    Thanks for the correction.

  • MOORS!!!

    Orange county in the house:

    amen brother! my stand point with these new realignments is just what you talked about. football is football, when Oaks Christian came down and played Muir im sure they just didnt sit back and practice in shorts and shirts all week. they prepared as if they were going to match up with Serra. The mid-valley Div. may not have tough teams, so hey thats even a better chance to win a ring. its for the kids people.

    NOTE: Alhambra may have a 3k+ enrollment but theyre lucky if they get enough kids to have a solid JV team. this past year most of the JV starters for the moors were second string varsity guys. So like OC said play hard and shut up.

  • billyb

    Hey bunny

    Cheating is still cheating any way you want to spin it. Recruiting is illegal in highschool athletics.

  • The Stang Fan

    I understand the sentiment of the coaches and fans who want to be in a division where the population numbers are equitable. However, as a fan of a school that has been competing with other schools with MUCH larger populations, I don’t have much sympathy. In the last 20 years Muir has competed in Divisions 2, 3, 5, and 7 and they’ve never had more than 2000 students in that time. In fact, they haven’t had more than 1200 for the past 6-7 years.

    Again, I understand the disadvantages SH, CO, and the other Sierra schools will have…my advice is to just nut up and compete. At least now there will be much fewer “what-ifs.”

  • Karma

    At some point, it’s a compliment. Maybe it’s a bigger compliment than we deserved, but this is proof the whole Valley feels this way about us. They set it up. They didn’t want any part of this league, so they put us in there. Maybe we’re wrong and they (CIF) just have a deep respect for us and how much we can do with a thousand-less kids

    These sound like the same excuses he made in the early/ mid nineties when he didn’tet all the transfers and South Hills was going 5-5 and squeaking by Mountain View, yes Mountain View week 1.

    Now Bogan you will know how the rest of the vallley “feels” to use your words – not wanting any part. You want no part of your situation do you?

    Sack up buddy your a guru remember? At least according to the Tribune.

    But we will find out now won’t we?

  • Quote of the Month

    “It’s a prestigious thing to be part of the best, and Amat’s tradition and history dictates that’s where we should be.” Steve Hagerty

    Capo Valley 2800+
    Compton 2500+
    Dana Hills 3000+
    Fountain VAlley 3000+
    LB Jordan 4100+
    Lakewood 4200+
    Los Alamitos 3000+
    Mater Dei 2300+
    Millikan 4100+
    Mission Viejo 2900+
    Newport Harbor 2400+
    LB Poly 4700+
    LB Wilson 4400+
    Bishop Amt 1300+

  • Stat’s on Safety at Bishop Amat

    Do you have any stats on safety, that LA football player that transferred over to Bishop Amat I heard got jumped at Bishop Amat weeks after he arrived. I guess that’s what goes on in the Ghetto.

  • BigDog

    Or maybe they have it in for him.Maybe there tired of him doing his illegal recruiting and figure if you want to recruit kids then you can play the big boys.I think CIF is tired of his SH.. Also what might have done in South Hills is that meathead Guru calling CIF every second complaining about every little thing.

  • bruinfan53

    Back in the day, there really was not too much whining about what league you were in. You just played. Playing @ Charter Oak when we were in the Sierra League with Diamond Bar, Rowland, Los Altos, Nogales, Wilson, Baldwin Park and West Covina was pure Hell. We were the smallest school and still had to play in that league. We also played Glendora, South Hills and San Dimas in non league. These were all good teams. Lou would just say to go out and play what is on the schedule. Looks like he is a little afraid that his new empire might be challenged.

  • reality czech

    I heard he was stalked by some Los Altos guys ticked because he transferred and it was them that jumped him. That’s what happens when you leave a bunch of losers

  • La Habra Dad

    reality czeck,
    i remember that league. i played at Nogales and the Sierra League was no joke. I remember tying you guys at your house 13-13 or did we lose?

  • Goerge Lopez

    Easter Bunny you are kidding about what you said. “Show me ONE school that has never taken the better kids from outside their own area, and I will show you a team with a 2-8, or 1-9, record.” Chocolate Bunny, ill show you CIF rings. Not every program goes out and begs promise and BS kids to come and play for their programs. Their are a lot of coaches out their that actually put in the time and are trying everyday to make themselves better. They mold and make whatever they have on campus better. Bogan is not a great coach or guru he is good at coaching other teams talent. Chocolate Bunny coaches still teach hard work,dedication, and loyalty.
    last thing Chocolate Bunny if you are a coach i hope you do not think that recruiting other teams talent is coaching.