Oh man, the stuff I have to eat to get your attention …

This is the green chile burrito from Victor’s Villa (Irwindale). I know, I shouldn’t have.

Whittier Christian’s Jeff Worthy is on unofficial visits to TCU and SMU this week. Those who I’ve spoken to about Worthy say things like “beast” or “animal” to describe him. Best d-lineman in the area? Could be.

Hey, no truth to the rumor that South Hills principal Dr. Judi North is changing the school’s phone numbers to include 909 area codes. I mean, now that South Hills is considered part of the Inland Empire it kinda would make sense.

Word is that Bishop Amat’s tally of transfers includes two from South Hills and one from Los Altos. And that’s what we know of. It could be and probably is more. Kind of amazing, isn’t it? I mean, just a few years ago everyone was LEAVING Amat and now they’re ponying up to get on for the ride. And the Lancers had a frosh team that Robledo can’t stop raving about.

Hey, no truth to the rumor that Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar is looking for good restaurants in Fontana to eat Thanksgiving dinner at. I mean, now that Charter Oak is part of the Inland Empire it only makes sense.

In case I wasn’t clear enough in my article about the CIF playoff grouping proposals, South Hills coach Steve Bogan was referring to the Sierra League, not just his own team, when he said it was a compliment that CIF thinks they can hang with the Inland Division despite having a thousand-less kids. I guess in South Hills’ case, it will be more like 1,500-less kids. Smallest team in the division, folks.

Hey, no truth to the rumor that the Damien coaching staff is going around the 909 and buying up distressed properties to use them as an outpost for their first-round playoff game next season. I mean, it would make sense and all now that Damien is considered part of the Inland Empire.

Keep in mind that West Covina’s B.J. Lee and Covina’s Remontay McClain, who are locked in a serious tit-for-tat on the track right now, are both football players and should be two of the better burners around next fall. Of course, it’s well known that track stars are rarely the best ball handlers.

Some of you are spending spring break on cruises or hiking or mini-vacations or getting caught up on sleep. But Mike Mooney is spending it wondering whether to take the San Marino job … and break Temple City’s heart.

Spring ball is almost here and there’s still no head coach at Bassett or Workman. In fact, when you take into account how long those jobs have been open and that both schools (reportedly) have already been through the interviewing process, it’s kind of amazing we’re still waiting. I guess we can pencil Azusa in for another Montview title.

Lastly, me and Robledo were talking about Muir’s chances in the Southeast Division now that Charter Oak is located in the Inland Empire. It’s all hypothetical of course because yours truly is of the belief that even had the ‘Stangs beaten CO last year, they’d have lost in the next round. Just a vibe. I’ve been around too long to think different. But nonetheless, Freddie and I salivate over the idea of Muir being a power again. Hey, Freddie turned Amat around, so anything is possible.

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  • Aaron


    Check out El Merendero on Fairplex Drive just North of the Drag Strip in La Verne.

  • Logged and recorded, Aaron. Any recommendations once I’m there?


    If you happen to go to the Amat vs Garfield game or happen to be in ELA take a ride to El Tepeyac if you want the mother of all burritos . Just order the Manuel Special and sit back have at it . The place is between Cesar Chavez and Wabash on Evergreen at the top of the hill . Man that thing makes the burrito in the picture look like a mini burrito.

  • Aaron

    Either the special burrito enchilada style or any one of their breakfast burritos.

  • SGVsBest

    I know you’re trying, Aram!
    The slight insults, the back-handed compliments, blah, blah, blah…! You’re reaching too much. Frankly, you’re reminding me of Tiger Woods without the endorsements. There’s no Wow anymore!

    I think this vine is dead!

    Back to Freddie it is!!!

  • Real Deal,

    I feel like such an idiot. I lived in Monterey Park for nearly 10 years and never went. East L.A. was so close. Anyway, I have friends who keep trying to get me to go and it never happens. I need to just make it happen. Everything I hear is that it’s phenomenal.

  • The Stang Fan


    You guys aren’t the only ones salivating!

    It’s interesting that you continue to bring up the Sierra League’s population in relation to the Inland division, and that SH is the smallest school in that division now. Muir has been one of, if not THE, smallest school in its different divisions for YEARS now….and still is! Is there another school with 1100 students or fewer in the Southeast currently? I mention this to also segue into my argument that Muir can not become the power it used to be, unless the school district closes down one of its 4 high schools (in this case Blair HS.) This isn’t likely to happen, but if it did, Muir’s population would damn near double, and THEN you’re talking about Muir being dominant again. Can they win the Southeast with their current demographic? Sure! However, getting back to the “old days” is going to require the population to reach around, at least 2000 or so.

    Now as far as your comment that Muir would’ve in the next round HAD they beaten CO…I can understand your sentiment. However, your “vibe” and being around “too long to think different” stems from the days of Muir’s placement in Divisions II and III. Yes, they lost in the 1st rounds in the Southeast the last 2 years, but they did lose to Finalists both years. In fact, the teams they lost to had 10 scholarship players combined. Trust me when I tell you this, they will make serious runs in the upcoming years and be a major force in the Southeast.

    Here’s to the district making a ballsy decision to shut Blair down! Lol!

  • Bad Robot

    Nice to see Jeff Worthy getting some ink. Jeff is a great football player. Has a great family too. He’s the best in the Mid-Valley hands down. Kid made tons of noise last season and should rip up the opposition as a senior.

    The Heralds QB, Stephen Anderson should be a top gunslinger in the Olympic – and Mid-Valley – this year too. Nice left-handed motion with good zip.

  • Stang Fan,

    Good points. Hey, wasn’t Blair around when Muir was a powerhouse in the ’90s? I don’t think people in the SGV understand just what a powerhouse Muir or PHS would be if they got ALL the Pasadena talent. Do you have any idea how much Fred and I would love a Pasadena powerhouse? We don’t care what school, but just something that pools the football talent. And doesn’t Muir also lose guys to Charter Oak and St. Francis and a few other places?

  • Manuels has feed many an Armenian stomach !

    Aram go before the Bishop Amat vs Garfield Game at ELAC. Don’t be surprise to see LAPD, Lawyers, and Businessmen standing in line with ELA’s most feared gang members. No kidding. Manuels has a way of bringing people of all walks of life together in peace and harmony…and a hungry stomach.

    Grew up in the area and never hear of ANY problems..EVER!

    Manuel’s Special is a monster…smart money is Aram doesn’t finish it all.

    Aram if you do finish the whole thing I’ll spring for a Ruth Chris Cowboy Rib Eye…Deal? If you’re ever in the general area another great place for quick eats is Al & Bea”s between Hollenbeck’s Youth Center and Hollenbeck’s Polic Station. Same thing there, where all “walks of ELA life” meet to eat.

    One time I ran into a former classmate who’s a Detective next to a former classmate who ran “things” in the Evergreen “neighborhood” there. Both were football team mates of mine on opposite sides of the Law but we enjoyed “Weiner Burritos” together and talked about old times, then went our separate ways. Simply a chance meeting…and that’s the way it is at Manuels where you never know who’ll show up.

    Still go to Al & Bea’s every chance I get and enjoy seeing kids box next door at teh Youth Center or see basketball games while I chow down. Amazing how many things never change or how crazy things were and we didn’t even realize it ay the time.

    Arnold, before he became the Governor, hand picked Hollenbeck’s Youth Center to make his mark. People in the area worship him for his generosity and common man approach to dealing with people of all walks of life. Pretty cool guy that Arnold.

  • Yea, Al & Bea’s, i used to work there when i was going to high school, nice call Armenian stomach!!

  • Pasadena Schools used to be feared!!!

    Stang Fan

    Seen Muir against DR and yes they had talent and speed to burn. The issue with making Muir double in size might lead t lower test scores than they already have and more issues that one doesn’t want to think about. In all seriousness Muir’s problems are on the field but in the class room and in the homes of so many of it’s student body.

    Maybe smaller classroom and smaller on campus populations are what Pasadena schools need. I’ve always been of the mindset that strong, disciplined and focused leadership cure all ills as long as they are married with a family oriented uniting force that all students and their parents can by into.

    Salesian has this as their legacy and we’ve accomplished miracles there. In fact Salesian used to play the Pasadena schools back when they were rockin and rollin, look it up. Salesian is nothing if they aren’t united in their common goals.

    Stang Fan always liked your school spirit but I do have a question for your regarding Muir, with all that raw talent why haven’t they fought off coaches with sticks trying to tap into that hot bed of speed, size and power. Not saying the Pasadena coaches there are lacking as much as saying there’s too much talent there to not have “ONE” Pasadean school at the level of Carson, Dorsey or LB Poly.

    When I heard you guys went for two to beat CO I couldn’t help but think…well that proves they’ve got talent to burn…and “burn” they do. Stang do any Pasadena schools play Volleyball?

  • The Stang Fan


    Yes, Blair was around during Muir’s better days, however HUGE chunks of Pasadena’s NW population moved to the High Desert and Inland Empire in the last decade or so. The district has lost something like 3500 kids or more in the last 10 years. Couple that with the budget cuts and it makes a lot of sense to shut Blair down (though Frank C. brings up an excellent point…get to that in a sec.)

    And you are correct about all the talent in Pasadena/Altadena. If all of it was pooled at one, even two, schools…dominant is all I can say. Currently, there are about 12 kids from our area playing at the next level or heading there next year. That’s a good average. And yes, some Pasadena-bred kids attend CO, SF, SH, Loyola, ND and many other schools. The current poaching nemesis is probably Alemany. Last year their entire backfield was from Pasadena, including their Oregon State-bound RB/DB, Malcolm Marable. I believe there are about 8-10 kids from our area in their program with more on the way next year. Let’s not forget SF’s Riley! Although SF is an easier pill to swallow because it’s closer, can you imaging a backfield with Riley and Marable!!! In the 90’s that would’ve happened, and that’s when Muir was sending 5-8 kids a year to college. Man I miss those days…

    Frank C.,

    In all honesty, you make a GREAT point about the dangers of combining schools. Traditionally, Blair and Muir have the lower test scores in the district and if the district combined them it could be problematic. I don’t want to rehash all of the problems with the district and how they have created a disadvantage for Muir, but trust me, they have. Couple that with the fact that Pasadena has one of the highest percentages of its population that attends private schools and you begin to realize why the school isn’t rated as well as others. However, your point about the problems occurring “in the homes of so many” is VERY important…and sad. That’s the key to a successful school. Bottom line.

    As far as the coaching, and why great, well-established coaches aren’t beating down the doors to tap into the talent? Money. The district has TONS of walk-on coaches, and they are generally alums. The stipends are TERRIBLE and they don’t come with jobs. I believe the ONLY coach at Muir that teaches there is the boys soccer coach. That’s it. The rest are walk-ons with a lot of school pride. Once again…sad. I’ve always said, if some great coach were to walk on to the campus, he could create a DANGEROUS team…just like Brownfield did.

    As far as the 2-point conversion goes, well I really think you had to be there. Believe me, Muir’s best shot at scoring vs. the tough CO defense was from 3-yards out, as opposed to 25. CO had much more depth and our boys had just spent the last 8-minutes scratching and clawing to make it a game. They were SPENT. Had the coaches brought out the kicker (who’d already missed one PAT) to go into OT, CO would’ve pounded the ball, which is what they excelled at, and we would’ve struggled to score. I still think it was the best decision…though one could argue that the play could’ve been called differently. Not sure about the v-ball thing. Maybe PHS, but I don’t know.

  • K

    Yeah Worthy has got to be the best DT in the SGVN area, but it guess we won’t really know until fall. It will interesting to see if WC makes another run!

  • The Truth

    Hey Aram,

    Please cut the numbers stuff. You are misleading everyone. It is not how many students the school has it is the quality of athletes there are. South Hills and Charter Oak have been winning titles for along time now. Now we are going to see how good Farrar and Bogan are at coaching. Schools like Norco, Upland , Rancho, Corona Centennial just to name a few will be waiting.

  • al martin


    You mentioned Bassett and Workman stil haven’t filled the head coaching positions. What’s the word with Temple City, and is it true that the assistants that were with Coach White wanted out after one year? Is there any interest from Jerry Chou’s part? Also, I was on the sidelines at the Temple City/Los Altos game at TC many years ago when Greg Gano almost ripped thru his own skin after the game wanting to get after Mike Mooney. If you were the one who brokered the peace between them, how in the world did you convince Gano to sooth the savage beast????

  • Al Martin,

    We were at CIF offices for the playoff draw in ’06 and I was talking to Coach Mooney when Coach Gano came up to us. I don’t think he realized it was Mooney I was talking to. So I just told them both that they were two of my favorite coaches and they had to get along. So they talked briefly and agreed to put the past in the past and make the Fat Man happy. I think Coach Gano told Coach Mooney if he had one play to take back in his entire career that it would be the one where either Los Altos scored to run up the score or at least tried to. And he said if Mooney ever needed anything to let him know. They’re both two great guys and two great coaches who are very intense and good at what they do. Sometimes things happen in the heat of battle that people regret. But it’s dead and buried now.


    ~AzusA~!!! Aram, do you think the AZTECS can threepeat???

    Would be sweeeeeeeet…


  • Burrito king

    I do not like rice in my burritos. Give me a Boca del rio burrito any day!

  • bugslife

    who cares!

  • Henry Duong LPHS Warrior Pride..

    You Guys Should Pencil Up LA PUENTE, NOT AZUSA.

  • Goldenarm

    when you mention Manuel’s – you are talking about El Tepayac yes? On Evergreen…
    great food and has been for a zillion years.

    Sombody asked about Chou taking the TC job…word is he ain’t interested. No way Mooney would return,,,,but nonetheless I pray for his second coming.
    Mouths are silent – so Aram you need to extract some info from somebody…the clock is tickin and no iron is getting lifted or footballeze being spoken. Every day the Rams fall further behind. Without fundamentals – The cellar is starting to look a potential habitat.
    It really sucks and we are gonna pay heavily come September…it will take a savior and more to right the ship. Arroyo is smelling blood already for the opener.



    I have a question, is your head excoach from (GLENDORA) leaving or staying this coming season?. I heard he may want to coach at North View, or is that a rumor.

    Also don’t forget Henry DUONG, LP will be playing at Citrus College and it’s going to be tough!


  • Lancer Land

    Hey Aram,
    Next time you go for a blood test, let us know what your cholesterol level reads.

  • !stang!

    Aram, here’s just a few noteable kids from pasadena lost to CO : patrick Fuller, will harris, Snowden brothers, dennis rufus.

  • just askin’

    !stang! – didn’t it start with the Michael Graham fiasco in the ’90s? That didn’t end well and if I remember that rumor has it cost a well-known SGV basketball coach his job after a conflict with Big Lou. Truth?

  • askin’ again

    Just curious. Speaking of that pipeline to CO. out of all these major contributors for CO last year-what city are they from or where did they go to jr high?
    Josiah Thropay
    Travis Santiago
    Adam Muema
    Keith Smith
    Brandon Golden
    A.J Powell
    Dennis Rufus
    Christioane Boyd
    Leon Youngblood

    are there more?


    You guys can dwell on the players on our team. Too many if, ands or buts… Famalies move either before high school and during high school get over it. Better yet you guys continue to argue the point about the players at CO and where they should be going and we’ll be celebrating the ring ceremony coming next week.

    Back to Back CIF Champs…

  • Tarty boy

    SGV Football,
    You just enjoy your ring ceremony because those days are over. You dont have Adam, AJ or Keith to back them up. Week Zero you will be dominated by the Tartans.
    Now Aram,
    Less burritos and more Sked’s!

  • Flyby Dad

    !stang!, just askin’, askin’ again

    No one should ever fault a family for doing what they feel is right and best for their families. I am merely a “flyby” observer of this website but had to comment because my son went to middle school with a few of the names you mentioned and some moved into the Charter Oak area during their preadolescence years and others moved in the the area after having been to several others high schools besides or including Muir.

    My point is no one should fault or blame anyone especially those families for making a conscious decision to go someplace to succeed because for whatever particular reason they were genuinely concerned about the opportunities for their children and their futures. I think someone posted earlier Alemany is now supposedly the “current poaching nemesis.” I am sure there are probably two points of view on this story but I doubt anyone from Alemany would say there are trespassing and then stealing kids illegally recruiting them. One or two families probably liked the environment at Alemany when those families chose to go to school there and probably other families are following the opportunity to go there also.

    I do respect though by default just because a family was born in your community or one of those young men was born in your community your pride says once from Pasadena always from Pasadena. Families including mine like those families have moved several times and families move everyday and not just because of athletics because I think every one of us would agree we want to provide our children with the very best we can possibly give them and if that means moving several times until we find the right environment for them school, peers, etc. you do whatever you can for your children.

    I do wish Muir the best of luck again this year and have often said given the right leadership, guidance, and direction someone could lead that school back to prominence and put Muir back on the map.

  • Henry Duong Warrior Pride!

    Aztec Pride,

    Our Coach From Glendora isn’t going anywhere.
    It’s those rumors you know.

    Citrus College? I did not know that,
    I am looking forward too that..

  • Lp baby

    Ay slap aztec pride have you seen next years schedule aztecs come to lp again. the schedule didnt change check the schedule at highschoolsports.net then talk. so yeah you should really pencil in LP for that league championship =]


    LP BABY,

    No problem it just makes much more sweeter when we win at your HOUSE! Just like last season and I won’t mention the score, because HERE COMES ALL THE EXCUSES FROM LP FANS!!!



  • Henry Duong LPHS Warrior Pride..

    Aztec Pride,

    We’ll see about that..

    ; )

  • Henry Duong LPHS Warrior Pride..

    Aztec Pride,

    Haha we are’nt LP FANS, We are the LP Football Players.

  • LP Baby

    HA HA HA HA please dont make me laugh aztec pride. We’ll be ready for you guys. Our o-line will run up and down over your defense. no excuses yeah we got handed by you guys. But let see who wants it more. You guys are going to think you guys are going to come into our house and do the same but we will suprise you guys and suprise everyone else. Just like the 07 lp team did to chris harris and duarte in 2007. LA PUENTE WARRIORS 2010 UNDEFEATED LEAGUE CHAMPS!!!!!!!! PENCIL THAT IN!!!!! O WHEN WE BEAT AZUSA CAN YOU PUT A BIG PICTURE OF LP CELEBRATING OUR LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP AND A PART SAYING BETTER LUCK NEXT YEAR AZUSA


    LP BABY,

    You got it all WRONG! PLEASE YOUR MAKING ME LAUGH… hahahahahaha…. 2007???? COME ON, don’t you think your going a (LITTLE) far back now. BABY, when AZUSA played you back in that Magical year of 2007 for LP, who by the way lost the next game against TC in the first round of the playoffs,(ONE AND DONE). AZUSA should have won that game and ruined your undefeated season! AZUSA’s coach was penalized for being on the field, giving LP another down when your coach was going to punt the ball. AZUSA’s defense stop your offense, and that’s when your halfback ran the ball for a touchdown from the fifty yardline and the rest is history. (BELIEVE ME! I WAS AT THAT GAME)! You need to stop living in the past and face reality, but i know that hurts right now knowing were the CHAMPS.

    You know baby, i can’t knock you down for (HOPING YOU’LL WIN)! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH…



  • LP baby

    Believe me i was there too. Why are you making up EXCUSES it was a lost and just take it there is nothing you can do about it. Are you even a football player or are you just one of those fans that lets a school do the talking when all you did was sit in the stands.





    Okay BABY, obiviously were the only ones replying on this article and believe only the players and fans can only understand the Montview League! So here goes another one at you. Baby, what’s the difference if i’m only fan?, and what, I don’t see a disclaimer here stating only FOOTBALL players can blog! Okay let me ask you a question and were you on that 2007 team, because by now you too should be a fan and watching the game on the stands! By the way there is nothing wrong with being in the stands and watching FOOTBALL!

    If you would have read my reply more in depth, I stated the REST WAS HISTORY. AZUSA had a chance to win the game, BUT they blew it at the end.

    Also, can you guarantee your statement? “THAT IS LP’S CHAMPIONSHIP”. or you must have a crystal ball.