Mystery at Pomona …

Two all-league players transfer to a school that is reported to be hiring their current/former coach from their old school. The coach isn’t the coach at one school any longer, but is rumored to be the next coach at the school the two players transferred to. But the players are no longer on their old school’s roster … but are on the all-league list. Sound interesting? You may want to take a look at Fred Robledo’s blog.

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  • Coaching

    Doesn’t make any sense, Rice can’t be that stupid. Just for the record the follow your coach rule is 24 months. That would be suicide for those players; you would have to assume that they would be ineligible for those 24 months per the CIF rule.

  • Don

    Whats really scandalous is the only Colony player that didnt make all league last year was the kid holding the clipboard for Coach Rice.

    BOTH MVPs, 10 on the first team and eight on the second team, all from Colony.

    Pretty elite company considering the Mt Baldy named 72 kids to the all league squad.

  • Joe Amat

    The catch here is Rice isn’t officially the coach at Pomona yet and their is no rule against a coach following the players. The move could still be deemed “athletically motivated” but the “follow your coach rule” wouldn’t necessarily kick in.

  • Prep Fan

    Joe, CIF is not as legalistic as you make them out to be. They denied several students last year who had followed the letter of the rules but whose transfers were still considered athletically motivated.

    I highly doubt whether they get to Pomona before Rice will matter. If they are already at Pomona, I hope they have already started the transfer paper work because this process will take a while to finish and the outcome may not be what they hope.

    At least if they find out soon enough they can consider going back to Colony… if Colony will take them back.

    Whatever happens this is no doubt very sketchy.

  • Seriously, if the kids want to go play for Rice at Pomona, what’s the problem? I’m a big fan of players being allowed to transfer. Believe me, it doesn’t always work out. But you have four (in most cases two or three) years to make it happen, so if you think your odds are better playing for Rice then have at it.

    I think the only issue is when there’s outright recruiting.

  • Prep Fan


    I actually agree with you in that my preference would be to allow students to transfer wherever they want for whatever reason they want whenever they want. Unfortunately those are not the rules we have.

    My only concern for these students is that they and their families may not be fully aware of the uphill climb ahead of them. When you look at what happened to Shirley and the Canada brothers at South Hills and Gonzales at Bishop Amat, there is the strong possibility they will be declared ineligible for next year. Even if these students are physically changing addresses there is no guarantee of eligibility, again look at the Canada brothers.

    So in conclusion, if you are making a move for better academics, a better environment, or even a better athletic experience, I think you should be allowed to do so. If you are just making the move because you think it will increase your scholarship chances, you are likely to be disappointed in both the result and the experience. No matter what the reasons are, families and the people advising them should be doing their due diligence in making sure sure everyone is fully aware of the rules and regulations.

  • New York


    If these guys are declared ineligible at Pomona, is there any chance they could become eligible at Damien???

  • curious

    “They denied several students last year who had followed the letter of the rules but whose transfers were still considered athletically motivated.”

    hey prep fan…which kids do you mean?

  • really?

    “When you look at what happened to Shirley and the Canada brothers at South Hills and Gonzales at Bishop Amat, there is the strong possibility they will be declared ineligible for next year.”…. the Canada brother deserved to be declared ineligible their mother ranted online about SHOPPING around for the best program to send them to. that’s called athletically motivated transfer no matter how you call it.

  • NY,

    Wish I knew. Talk about two of exactly what Damien needs. The junior lineman is supposed to be a freak. A D-1 prospect all the way. I keep saying exactly what Damien needs is found in Pomona. But people keep telling me “Damien has never had Pomona kids” … and they’ve also never won anything of consequence, at least recently. Until Gano starts getting in kids with a chip on their shoulder, it just isn’t going to happen for Sparty. Who knows if the administration will actually wake up to this. I have ZERO read on the type of kids Damien was trying to get in this offseason, if any.

  • Prep Fan


    If they are denied at Pomona they will have to start the process over from scratch to move to Damien, and would still likely have a hard time proving it was not athletically motivated. I wouldn’t say impossible but the time frames are pretty tight and there is no assurance they will have an easier time getting cleared at Damien then Pomona with the Pomona transfer coming first. Now, if they were changing addresses and going to Damien to start I am pretty sure they would be fine.

    Really, the Canada brothers actually changed addresses and were still denied. A water polo goalie from Corona del Mar came in a foreign exchange program and was denied. Of course these were athletically motivated transfers which is why they were denied, but in the past CIF would have let it go because parents and officials followed the letter of the law and did everything necessary for them to gain approval. Last year CIF added a rule that they could deny any move deemed athletically motivated, if Colony opposes these transfers the students and their families will need to prove that they were not athletically motivated.

    The reality is it is just as obvious in this situation as in the ones I mentioned above that this move is athletically motivated. In order for these students to play at Pomona next year they WILL have to file a hardship appeal, it will have to be a good one, and it cannot have anything to do with sports. There are not guarantees it will be approved, all I am saying is I hope they and their families were made aware of and fully understand this fact.

    Aram, Damien is not a college, nor is Bishop Amat or any other private school. Why do you talk like they should be out there “getting” athletes. You build a program by having great facilities and great coaches and letting the students seek you out. Public Schools can do this as well.

    These are smaller school examples but look at what St. Margarets did when they hired Harry Welch or what Webb will probably do after hiring a top 10 of the decade coach from the OC. All schools can get better athletes by investing in their programs and creating an experience for their student athletes. Whether or not you think it should be legal even college coaches look down on trying to poach kids away from other programs they are already a part of.

  • Called Out

    Let’s tell the CIF commissioner what’s going on at Pomona. Please write/call/and or email James about the Pomona situation. An investigation at the very least should be launched.

    James Staunton, Commissioner
    10932 Pine Street
    Los Alamitos, CA 90720-2428
    Phone: (562) 493-9500 Fax: (562) 493-6266

  • The Truth

    To Aram:

    Try some investigation. Here I will help you get started. Seven football players transfered out Colony a week before Rice resigned. Colony had approxmiately 22 seniors this season on the football team. Fourteen of them were not in Colony’s boundaries. Four of them were from other districts. Find out who the seven are, and you will get an answer for the rumored two names that might be going to Pomona.
    Good luck on your quest Aram, lets see if you are a real reporter, or just a person wants to be popular.

    The Truth