SMU offers Whittier Christian DL Jeff Worthy full ride …

… this is probably the first of many offers, so no real need for Worthy to grab it. But then again, the Mustangs are on the rise and young Worthy is way too young to know anything about the death penalty that derailed the program for several years.

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  • Mr Bad Robot

    Hold out…smart for a smaller school to get in early and put it all out there. He needs to wait…we’re so far away. The bigger schools know who he is.

  • Steve Esquer

    Way to go Jeff! I do agree with Mr Bad Robot, there is alot of thinking to do.

  • Iamworthy

    How do they get this information? We haven’t even see the letter yet. I am sure there are a few coming and no decision will be made but it is a honor for him and I know he works hard. Thanks to all for you guidance and encouragement during this process. Steve you know he loves you.

  • Mr Stud

    Whittier Christian….Pop Warner football

  • Poppa K

    To Mr. Stud: Ask Arroyo, Baldwin Park (both who WC beat) and Monrovia if the Heralds are pop warners as you say. Silly comment….just silly.

  • Maria Carreon

    Worth is worth taking a ride out to Whittier to see! The boy is fearless on the field and exciting to watch! I don’t think that I have ever been to a game where he hasn’t clocked somebody to where you hear the whole crowd “OOOOHH”! This kid is a MONSTER!! What a great honor to be awarded a full ride to SMU….but definitely the first of MANY he will be offered! I know I am praying that Coach “O” from USC comes out to see him and offers him a full ride to SC….he looks great in red and gold (WCHS colors) and will look even better in Cardinal and Gold. GO JEFF!!