Playoff spots on the line in September!!! Welcome to the Mid-Valley Division …

It’s a sign!!!! Teams like Covina had better come out firing in September

Most of you are sleeping on this CIF decision from today to deny the appeals made by the Valle Vista and Montview leagues. I get it, you guys don’t quite get it yet. What’s it mean? Well, here’s some fuzzy math for you …

… The Mid-Valley now has FOUR AT-LARGE BERTHS to be spread among SIX LEAGUES. That means any coach who doesn’t think he’s a slam dunk to win his league (Ryan Maddox, you can leave the room now), had better KICK BUTT when he’s facing another team from the division in the nonleague. And even guys like Maddox better do the same because they’ll be doing their league brethren a big favor. Why? Because it would behoove each league to make itself appear to be the BEST league in the division and therefore improve its chances of getting a piece of the at-large berths.

And in games like Covina-Gladstone (both teams could be vying for those at-large berths) it’s important to note that head-to-head scores the most points for a team under CIF’s at-large formula. Even Temple City-Rosemead, where the Rams could need a little help making the dance, is important to build the case that the Rio Hondo is a better league than the Mission Valley.

T.C. had better be Ram tough during its nonleague … especially when it takes on Koffmead.

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    Whats with the Cheerleader in the center texting? Not cool LOL

  • almont fan

    Just got off the phone with a friend and he told me he is going to coach at Bell Gardens with the DC from Whittier. The DC is bringing 3 other coaches from Whittier with him. Hey Azusa if you think BG’s defence was good last year, wait till you see them this year.

    Mid Valley
    I too don’t think the Almont league should be in this div. No one from div 7 cried when charter oak and SH and the Pacific league came in. Just take your butt-whipping like a man. In two years they will be out, and you can feel good about yourselfs again.

  • New York

    Laying hat might be good as well…

    Let’s add two more leagues and eliminate the politicking for at-large births. Those would be some very competitive playoffs! League play would probably have far more urgency as well.

  • Aaron

    Time to bring that hard hat and lay that wood!


    almond fan;

    AZUSA will be better prepared this coming season! AZTECS will have some great returning players and should be in great shape! AZUSA for the last three seasons has played AQUINAS hard every year and has come close to winning, so we know how to play HARD football also! Will be ready BG…


  • Goldenarm


    Save your comments on Temple City – you could be the next Nostradamus or SGV seer of the future. The way things are going – we may need more than an extra playoff berth, slot or doorway out of the RHL to stumble into CIF. We will be needing a burning bush, black cat bone, pigskin voodoo and mojos like never seen before. Lookin real bleak my friend.
    Nobody is even talking football on the TC campus.

    The hiring train has left the station, but the conductors are confused as to the destination,,,and all three drivers are singing songs no real football people understand. The train was last seen circling Buena Park high school – but not a single rider had the balls to jump aboard – when they saw who was driving. Best bet – bring back Backus for a 3 year stint. Ain’t never gonna happen though.

  • Hot Rod,

    That’s all the kids do these days. Heck, I bet if the players didn’t have footballs in their hands at the time, they’d be doing the same thing. I could probably say the same about some adults.

  • amat Decleater

    Aaron do you mean “Time to bring that hard hat and lay that wood!” Just like Lakewood did? JAJAJAAJAJAJAJA

  • kgb

    Talk bout Pacific league!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trojan Man

    The Almont league as a WHOLE …
    Are T O U G H !

    Keppel may be the exception , but with a new coaching staff that may change … DOUBT IT THOUGH !

    Get READY Mid-Valley !
    Aztec Pride ..WATCH WHAT YOU SAY , Bell Gardens is
    NOTORIOUS for being a HARD HITTING team !

    Fight On

  • Rams2010


    You might get your wish…Chou is the frontrunner to be the next HC at TC, with the HC at Pasadena also being on the list. I think interviews are being conducted this week. We should hear something next week.


    Trojan Man;

    How’s this for “watch what I say”! I believe last season we would have beat Rosemead and Temple City!(Goldenarm) that’s too bad we didn’t get that chance.

    In the game of football, you take your lumps and learn from your mistakes. Okay BG, won us pretty good last season and hopefully will do better this season!


  • Trojan Man,

    So true about Bell Gardens. They had that same label when I was in HS — hard hitting. I think Azusa knows it after last year’s 34-6 result.

    The Almont is poised to do some serious damage in this division.


    Hey ARAM,

    Why don’t you ask Covina pictured here how HARD AZUSA players hit, after the last two (playoff games).


  • Born and Raised SGV

    The picture is Rosemead and Temple City AZZ… Not Covina and ASSTECS

  • Goldenarm

    Rams 2010

    my money was always on Chou getting the job….if he wanted it.

    The city championships are the trump card to get him in. That on his resume is enough to overwhelm the thought process of the hiring board…thinking he can work miracles..they probably have already forgot our defense sucked last year….could not prevent the hail mary, desperation pass td again and again, losing close games by 3 too many times to remember. I ain’t even goin there.

    Aztec Pride
    I am glad we did not meet last season – I still have a 17-0 good feeling memory to fall back on. Believe me, I need those memories after last season. You got yourself a good staff who are only going to get better
    season by season

  • Bob Anon


    Am I crazy to think TC will hit a home run with this hire? Monrovia will still be #1, but I see TC at #2, with Blair, SM, SP, and my alma mater fighting for table scraps. Isn’t that how it always is?

    Seasons like the last are supposed to be aberrations for you guys. TC will be back in my opinion, should they make the right hire.

  • Rams2010


    Problem with Chou, more of the same from last year, no toughness on either side of the ball. No disrespect, but city championships do not translate into RHL championships.

    Being a TC alum I hope the powers that be really consider the offensive assistant that has been working under Coach Mooney at SM for the past couple years. Not sure what his name is but it sounds like he might be a consideration since he has ties to TC and understands the talent available.

    Other news…
    Backus is rumored to be taking over the defense at Arcadia. I hope this is true. He deserves it.
    Mooney is awaiting the inevitable at SM. Word on the street hes bringing in his generals to help turn the program into a contender for the RHL.

  • Bell Gardens Lancer

    I feel bad that the Almont league was pushed down a few Div. But we must make the most of it. I’m sure this Leauge will win a bunch of titles be it BG, Shurr, or Alhambra,. Just ask Azuza how bad BG Beat them from Frosh, JV, to the BIG V, and BG Varsity was a fourth place team! The Almont won’t be in the div. for long hopefuly BG will take a few ships with it.



    WHAT’S UP WITH NAME CALLING? No need for that and watch the disrespect!


  • theranch

    I would have liked to have seen the Almont stay in the Southeast Division, we in the DRL enjoy the playoff games against Almont league teams, the close proximity makes for some games with huge exciting crowds. After losing to Schurr last year in the 1st rd everyone at ER was salivating for a possible rematch this year, unfortunately it will not happen and that is a shame. The Almont league will do some serious damage in the Mid Valley Division, that BG vs Azusa score from last year says a lot, the Mid Valley Division is in for some stiff competition.

  • Oblivious

    I don’t get it? why is everyone so worried or concerned about the Almont League coming into the Mid-Valley Division? For the exception of Schurr’s CIF title run, which included victories over Santa Fe and La Habra a few years back, who else has done anything? Year after year Alhambra has under achieved? Shoot you could argue that Alhambra is a baseball school with the job that Coach Gewecke. You can’t argue that they haven’t had some talented teams; and no i’m not bashing Coach Reudeflores, who i think is a stand up guy? Bell Gardens is not the same Bell Gardens from years past when Ramos had some monster teams, such as when they had Sala (sp.). San Gabriel made when incredible CIF run and makes a run in the Almont league occasionally. You have to give them credit because they do schedule some tough opponents in the pre-season; but what else have they done? Montebello and Keppel might as well be El Monte, Mt. View, Blair, South Pasadena, etc.

    I’m not knocking the Almont, i just don’t see the re-alignment as a significant change! In fact, as a Rosemead and MVL fan i would be pissed off that people are giving the Almont so much credit! Personally i am looking forward to it! The last two times the panthers have played an Almont team in the playoffs they have lost; once to Bell Gardens at Bell Gardens in which the Lancers physically beat up my beloved panthers and in 2007 when Rosemead lost to Schurr in a close game! In fact, in the second half Tra Sumler fumbled on the 1 yard line in which it appeared the ball went out of bounds, however, the officials gave to the ball to the Spartans! With that touchdown, Rosemead would have took the lead, however, a very experienced and well coach Spartan team, took advantage and marched down the field to pull ahead!

    Personally, i take offense to the insinuation that Almont teams are better or more physical. The way i see it, there is no difference in a Mexican kid from Rosemead/El Monte, then there is from one in Montebello/Bell Gardens! For the exception that they may pull 3 to 5 more kids due to school population! Oh, frickin’ well!!! Play football! I’ll tell you what, after playing teams like Harvard-Westlake, Paraclete, South Hills, and Los Altos with Gano, there is no fear in playing Schurr, Alhambra, Bell Gardens, or San Gabriel….I guarantee that much! I can’t speak for everyone, but i know the Panthers don’t care if the Almont is in the Division or not!