What’s for lunch? NOTHING … I’m too fat … it’s over for a long while. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still talk like we would over a burger and fries …

I don’t want to scare any of you into thinking that I’m not eating lunch. I still am. But unless you want to see a pic of Healthy Choice chicken noodle soup, I’ll abstain from positing pics. Eh, screw it, I’ll still do it from time to time.

On to our next orders of business. The Temple City job is down two final candidates … and they are … drumroll …. keep it going …. Whittier Christian defensive coordinator Peter Karavedas and Pasadena coach Mike McFarland, according to a source.

Hey, I like it. Both guys are strong. Have to think that Karavedas has played a big role in making Whittier Christian what it is today and also the development of all-everything d-lineman Jeff Worthy.

Figuring out the Ryan Longoria situation at Los Altos remains a toughy. We reported earlier that Longoria had transferred to Cathedral. Multiple sources said it was so. But none of them were coach Jim Arellanes or the school. In fact, both Arellanes and the school confirmed that Longoria is in fact still attending Los Altos.

But is he playing football? Were the sources right, but just a tad early? That’s a little less clear. Longoria has not attended any team meetings yet, even ones designed for kids who are participating in spring sports like he is with track. Personally, I’m rooting that he stays and plays because he’s one of the better players around and could really help LA. And if he goes to Cathedral or some place else, I won’t be able to cover him. Stay tuned …

If any of you are dumb enough to think that my putting out an item a few weeks ago saying the search is on for Charter Oak’s next running back led to South Hills frosh RB Aarel Vaughns transferring to CO, then please have your head checked. By that logic, Damien would have gotten 10 speed kids in at the semester. Or Monrovia would’ve checked in three stud linemen to replace what was lost to graduation. Or San Gabriel would’ve checked in some pure passer to play QB. Or Freddie would have his 50-yard line season seats at Amat by now.

This may come as a shock to some of you, but right now there are multiple media outlets reporting the search is on for the next RB at USC, the next QB at Notre Dame and the next WR at Texas.

I’m happy to have Mike Mooney back in the coaching fraternity. Maybe Mooney, combined with that dynamite frosh team from this past season, will turn back the clock at SM to 1988. OK, that might be a bit too much to ask, but even something from the early/mid-90s will do. And if he can do the same for home prices, maybe I’ll make my San Marino return as well. You’re right, that won’t happen.

Speaking of Mooney, just like with coach Greg Gano and the ’03 Los Altos team, not a conversation goes by when I don’t bring up the 2001 team. You know the one that went 11-1 but was stuck in the wrong division. I wonder what that team would’ve done in the present-day Mid-Valley Division. Actually, I don’t wonder what, I wonder by how much.

  • The Stang Fan

    “Former Pasadena coach Mike McFarland”???

  • LA Status

    Heres Longoria’s side of it, the family has not been invited to any team events including Arellanes team meeting. I personally think this has gone way pass if he is staying. Like I stated in the past you didn’t get it totally wrong you were just a couple months too early. The Longoria transfer will also fly right through CIF.

    The new one is LA’s junior first team all league defensive and offensive player Frank Avalos is transferring out in June to La Habra. This has been reported by multi sources within the LA program. This one will be more interesting when it comes to CIF approval. LA has made it very clear any football player that chooses to transfer out they are going to fight the transfer approval through CIF. This has been the major reason why other players that want to but dont transfer out of LA. This is also a major issue why the team is at an all time low when it comes to moral. Many of the players dont want to play for LA but it is LA or nothing.

  • Entitled

    He hasn’t been “Invited” to any team events? Give me a break! Were those his words?

    Why the hell does he need to be “invited” to ANYTHING? If he’s still part of the program you just show up! Don’t tell me he doesn’t know when meetings are happening! Here’s my question…has Longoria gone up to Arellanes and introduced himself? Or he is waiting for Jim to come drooling at his doorstep waiting to lick his feet?

    Come on…if this “I wasn’t invited” crap is true then my opinion of Mr. Longoria just went down the toilet! Grow up! Be a man and go introduce yourself! Quit hiding in Track and Field searching for an excuse to leave. You wanna leave…LEAVE! But if you want to stay and play football for the Conqs this year then quit being a child!

    I’m so sick of this entitled attitude that athletes have. And the sad thing is that it’s adults like “LA Status” that perpetuate it! I dont’ know about you guys but my football coaches never invited me to a DAMN THING when I was in high school. It was announced and I showed up!

  • Entitled

    Oh…and Frankie Avalos isn’t going anywhere! Trust me, I know the kid personally, see him almost daily. He’s a great kid and a fantastic player. He’s not leaving.

  • LA Status

    Maybe my wording wasn’t the best. An email was sent out to the team. “Meet Your New Coaching Staff” meeting, that somehow didn’t make it to the Longoria’s, so they didn’t even know about the meeting. Yes, Ryan is in Track, so are you now holding that against him. I have to assume the football program loss Longoria’s email address.

    Now with Frank Avalos also leaving do we start to question why these players are leaving and is LA taking the proper approach to this issue. School administration has made it very clear any football player attempting to transfer they are going to do anything within their power to stop it (CIF). That being said it stopped many players from transferring out over the last few years. Is that what LA really wants a group of kids that really dont want to be there? My view on this is LA had cancer within the program and instead of letting it leave they keep it, creating this mess. Why else would all these freshmen also be leaving the program? Once again a very successful freshmen program, once again all the top players leaving. This is destroying the future of LA from within.

  • LA Status


    I also know Fankie real well; I would have never expected him to be leaving. I am only reporting what has been told to me by two different players on the team, both stated the same high school. Frankie does know players on that team. If I was to speculate why it would be for the same reasons Longoria is transferring out.

  • Questions

    Hey Aram, what about Basset and Workman?

  • reality

    Congrats to football programs like Claremont, Bonita, Rowand etc. that are top-notch but do not get involved in all this drama of player transfers and dumb actions of coaches with their raging egos. These programs go quietly about their business and still provide solid teams every year.

  • Get your facts straight


    Lets just say they do a better job of keeping it on the down low. I know for a fact that Rowland has at least four starters that didn’t play at Rowland there freshmen or sophomore year. I also know that Rowland after this next season will win one at best two league games a year for the next few years. Rumor is Rowland maybe shopping for a new head coach end of the 2010/11 season.

  • Jeremy

    Dear Conqueror nation,

    I propose, that Coach Arellenas gather all the LA parents, and those from the fan base/community that he can, and implement a “code of ethics” among the conq nation in a town hall style meeting; or, atleast utilize an opportunity to do so during a meeting that is already scheduled.

    . Stop posting rumors on the blog

    . Stop posting kids’ names

    . Stop bashing the program

    . STOP airing the famlily’s (LA football program) DIRTY LAUNDRY

    . The best player WILL play at their respective position

    . There WILL be an intense training program

    The behavior on this, and on Fred’s blog are a HUGE part of this cancer; and, it needs to stop! This is what is detering prospects from coming in as freshman. It is there too, that once and for all, we can determine that there are FORMER LA parents coming on this blog and airing dirty laundry and RUMORS to further the hurt that has been cast on the program.

    Coach Arellenas,

    You may not take this seriously, but I think you should seriously consider doing this! You need to take the reigns and stomp on the brakes before more damge is done. Show the LA nation that this is YOUR team, and you are going to lead it back to it’s prominent tradition; and, that you will NOT tolerate the disruption of YOUR program!

    Personally, I know of one former player who has been on here bitching, which its fine to vent, but keep it to a minimum. Two others, that I am aware of ARE in fact, former parents from most recent history that have been posting negative comments about the inner workings in the program, and posing as CURRENT LA parents that are “ready to leave”. MOVE ON- PERIOD.

    LET ME SAY, that I too, in the past have been guilty of talking nonsensical trash. I was a fool- period. I am sorry. I see the damage it causes, and yes, I was a fool! I STAND CORRECTED!! I am I still the same firecracker, of course, but I will do MY BEST not to fuel the flame.

    I wish to see the rest of you do the same, for the sake of the program!


  • You made your bed now lay in it wuss

    Jeremy what a wuss! You bag and drag the program through the mud and now you’ve found religion, what a wuss! I do recall your stupid ass comments back then and yes you were a fool then, but denied it when all evidence point at you, and now you want everyone to listen to your words of wisdom, what a wuss! Have some freakin back bone! Own the disaster you help create. Live as a testament to the stupidity and ego driven blasts that you spewed on line for years. Enjoy the misery my gutless friend. All that talk and back and forth and now you wuss out, will wonders never end.

  • KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)


    Your major issue over at LA is you are now a bottom feeder team. You are on the bottom feeding other programs. That is the single major issue within your program. Until you stop the transfers you will continue to see this behavior. Once you stop the transfer then give the program two to three years to rebuild. It is going to take a very strong coaching staff to weather this storm. I question if Arellanes and staff are experienced enough to accomplish this task.

  • BigDog

    CONGRATS to Charles Brown and Diamond Ranch/USC for being drafted in NFL 2nd round by the Super Bowl Champs New Orleans Saints. WE ARE DRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Jeremy

    Dear Motel 6 maid,

    Yeah, actually, that is what I am doing. I am publicly confessing my own stupidity, thus, making my bed, and sleeping in it. I fessed up and owned up, publicly. How about you and your Smiths-esque (verbose) screen name? Also, I had NO hand in hurting the program! My bone headed comments involved Gano, and the recruits; although, I do stand by my comments, as to why, we are in this current mess!

    Oh, and if by religion, you mean Darwinism, and Freudian common sense, then yes, I have found religion.

    By the way, this is NOT about me; and, its not about what anyones’ opinion of me is/isn’t. This is about a program being dragged down further, by those who should either help clean up the mess, or shut the heck up!


    Right back atcha babe!! By the way, I am sure that you’re enjoying the current demise. Your own program isn’t interesting enough, huh?

  • The Real Story Why LA Has A Transfer Issue

    You want to know why LA kids are still going to transfer. It’s real simple Coach Arellanes is a liar; don’t know any nice way to say it. In Aram’s interview Arellanes talked about the long commute from Northview to Los Altos that he is making. Two players off this team told me a totally different version of what is going on at LA practices. Since Arellanes took over Arellanes has been at five maybe six practices. Coach Burke last years jv coach and sometime (rarely) one of Arellanes new hires are running the practices, if you call it that. Both players state that during weight lifting the coaching go into the office and watch TV, while the players have social hour. The football program has gotten so bad when Arellanes held “Meet the Coaches” meeting ten yes ten parents showed up. Once again the talk around LA is who is transferring out. The parents and players are pissed off, their expectations were so high, and now seeing the results there arent very many happy campers over at LA.

    Even if Aram was aware of this issue he would not report it, just isnt good PR. What is shocking to me is Arellanes is aware of the players transferring out and still does nothing. I really believe Arellanes is way over his head, or flat out just doesnt care. Either way LA is in for a very long season, trust me.

  • Have Fun


    By the way Arellanes is officially now part of the problem not the solution.

  • Los Altos is filled with Choloisms

    jeremy what exactly are you “fessing up to”? exactly what. i remember your name and a bad taste about your comments but nothing else. typical of the hacienda cholo mentality that you start something and challenge any one to think differently and then find it in yourself to see yourself for the fool every one knew you were all along. finally you challenge every one else to not be like you. how funny is that? how ridiculous is that. how common of you.

    where does it end with the los altos people. you guys enjoyed two massive runs with outstanding community support and extremely favorable transfer rules and now suddenly you turn on a once proud program to be the laughing stock of the san gabriel valley by transferring to other schools and doing exactly why you hated gano in the first place, lack of loyalty. is that not choloism at it’s best?

    jeremy you are so typical of the problem, always thinking you’re the solution.

  • LA


    It is true Arellanes isn’t involved in the daily practices. The team still is only conditioning which is shocking since Arellanes and staff was hired over a month ago. With a new offense and defense to implement what are they waiting for? I can only assume that Arellanes is waiting for spring practice to implement the new offense and defense. That is giving them three weeks before passing league starts. The word on the street is the OC plans on running the wing-t, if Arellanes plans on implementing the wing-t in three weeks sorry it isnt going to happen, maybe three months.

  • Just beat Wilson

    What do wing t teams do in passing league games? Some wing t teams throw the ball 20 times all year. Heck I’m not sure what version SD runs but teh great Jon Joe, and he could have been great, caught 12 passes his senior year, six for TDs. As talented as he was he could have caught 70 balls easy.

    Maybe Arellanes is reviewing the players and last seasons film so when he shows up he’s got a good idea who’s who and what’s what.

    Whatever the case is just as long as you beat the tar crap out of Wilson I’ll be happy!

  • Laziest Coach Staff In The Valley LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA

    I heard the latest on your coaching staff. Yes they are going to run the Wing-T, but Arellanes is going to call the plays on the field. That is just great you have two OC on staff, with a combined record last year of 1-19, and you are talking about beating Wilson. Your freshman DC is a joke per a coach on staff at this time. I use at this time, because I dont expect him to be coaching at LA week 0.

    Last years coaching staff stated Arellanes is attempting to “big time” them, key word “attempting”. The coaches dont want anything to do with Arellanes and staff. If Burke would turn the TV off and get off his fat a@@ maybe those kids would be getting some work in. Then again if Arellanes showed up to the practices maybe he would realize how much work these kids really need.

    Now lets talk about the big “T”, it has been confirmed that Frankie’s parents have been in communication with another school. Frankie’s mother confirmed that they are considering Frankie playing his senior year somewhere else. The school was mentioned in the conversation but we will keep that off the blog. The mass exist isnt done, you can blame that on Arellanes and staff for the great job they are doing.

    With the laziest coaching staff in the valley how do you expect to beat anyone?

    With NO TALENT how can you expect to beat anyone?

    If you guys spent as much time on the field practicing as you do on this blog defending yourself maybe you would be as good as you think you are.

  • LA Football at its best

    “What do wing t teams do in passing league games?”

    LA’s wing t team will do the same thing they do in the regular season LOSE.

  • Wilson Parent

    You guys really need to make realistic goals….

  • enough already!!

    You Wilson Dads talk about how bad the football program at Los Altos is all the time.

    And they are awful!

    but that being said you lost to them but what 60 points! So they SUCK what does that make you?

  • The Real Issue Is From Within …..

    enough already!! aka LA Parent;

    The majority of these comments are from very unhappy LA parents not Wilson parents. How would Wilson parents know what is going on at LA. I have always know that coaches read the blogs. Arellanes and a few coaches are now showing up to the practices. It’s sad that it took parents comments on this blog to get the staff off their a@@, and start coaching.

    I have to say its a sad day at LA when a freshmen football player shows up the DC. Areallance better grow some balls and get quality coaches on staff or this team is looking at a 0-10 season.

  • Wilson Parent

    Try 37 points not 60, either way a loss is a loss. Im not going to come on this blog and talk about how we are going to smash LA. The kids will resolve this issue on the field.

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