Karavedas pulls out of running for Temple City job; McFarland the man? …

Whittier Christian defensive coordinator Pete Karavedas has withdrawn from the running to be the next coach at Temple City.

Karavedas was a finalist along with Pasadena coach Mike McFarland, a source said last week, but has withdrawn his name.

Aram’s take: Seriously, how hard is it to hire a football coach? When are schools going to understand that the football is the most important position on campus? And the football program means EVERYTHING to the school. You have a good football program and I guarantee you’ve got a good everything else. It’s kind of like what obesity is to health problems, but in a good way. Trust me. So an administration and/or school board HAS TO make this hire the most important thing around. No teaching position? OK, cut one of the 10 asst. principals every school has but doesn’t need. What? Do I need to run for school board and show people how it’s done? This has nothing to do with AD John Van De Veere (he’s actually a football guy with his hands tied) and everything to do with the administration/school board. Word is that Karavedas got tired of waiting on a school that’s dragging its feet. So does this make McFarland the man? Either guy seems like a great choice, so hopefully the school doesn’t lose out on McFarland, too.

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  • Goldenarm


    Thanks for being the only up to date source around.

    Your statements are very close to true. The problem is rooted in the fact – they just don’t seem to grasp the level of destruction they have laid upon the program.

    The proud tradition of TC football has been toileted, and Van De Veere gets no free pass from me – he is one of the few who should have known better – AND DONE MORE. True, the admin may pull rank and power on him now, but during the Backus dismissal he was front and center and happy to lead the charge. Big mistake.

    If Karavedes saw the writing on the wall and declined to continue for the reasons you state…that really sucks. The Ram kids, TC parents, boosters and supporters deserve much better than they are getting from TCUSD and the high school administrators. As a direct result of their actions and inaction, it will take years for TC football to recover.

    I am sorry to say the news just keeps getting worse and the ineptness more blatant. For long time Ram fans, it seems like a dark, surreal dream that just won’t go away.

  • Matt

    If McFarland is ideed the guy, what happens at Pasadena. It is getting very close to spring ball. If McFarland is not the guy, how can he command respect in his locker room?

  • Thanks Goldenarm,

    There’s no point in sitting on information. So yeah, this is a disaster. Spring is very close. I have no clue who’s even around to run the ship right now. It has to be odd to have two former TC head coaches on campus as we speak, but no current big headset wearer. It’s really a PR nightmare. I can understand it’s a rough spot because the economy makes it so teaching positions are difficult. But like I said, this has got to be a priority for any school, not just TC but especially TC, to fill their head varsity football coach vacancy.

  • S whipple

    What is really disappointing is I know of two qualified coaches one a JC off. Coord. who has ties to the local area another A former H.S. HFC both applied and have heard nothing back from anybody. Are they just dragging there feet in the hopes that someone finds it in there hearts to give them a teaching position I feel bad for the kids because TC is a solid program. Very Sad.

  • greeper

    enough already they have a chance to get McFarland which would be an incredible steal. I can fathom why they wouldn’t jump at this chance. The guy has college experience under some terrific coaches, he has outstanding high school experience and highly respects TC football tradition. Make a decision and let’s get the program rolling.

  • Goldenarm


    I like what mcfarland did under crappy circumstances at phs last year. When he brought the dogs to TC for a passing tourney, he showed leadership, had a good demeanor and had already connected with the kids, easy to see. PHS was overdressed for the tourney, but hey, better than cutoffs and a ragged tee-shirt. They did OK on the field.

    He seems to be a smart guy who works with what he has, and gets high effort from the kids he works with. No telling what the 3 musketeers of TC admin are looking for though, we may end up with Cal Worthington or the Home Economics teacher running the team come September.
    Come on guys…raise the vacancy to top priority and make a fu##%@ move!

  • Mike the Clone

    Head set wearer what’s that?


    Mike the Clone

  • MTC,

    It’s BIG head set wearer, as in what the coaches wear on the sideline to discuss where they’re going to eat after the game.

    Also, is there any truth to the rumor you’re already in the parking at Citrus waiting on the Glendora-Charter Oak game.

  • New York

    Any chance McFarland would implement the double-wing over at TC? That is certainly more in line with the knuckle dragging offensive philosophy that has worked over there.

  • clueless??

    Aram, spring ball is how many weeks away?
    are you going to do a spring preview for the valley?

    Also…whats the deal at Los Altos with longoria?
    and what happened to Workman and Basset getting a coach?

    I saw chad jeffries and Siosi at the camp. I was very impressed with Siosi but wasnt he a conqueror as a freshman??
    Chad Jeffries looks to be the main attraction this fall but Aaron Cantu can turn some heads as well.
    What about rb’s? any solid returners?

    Aram, try chili jons. Best spot for some homestyle mamas kitchen cookin

  • LA Status

    Longoria will not be at LA next year. He has also dropped out of track at LA.

    Siosi was a conqueror as a freshman.

  • Goldenarm


    Double wing sounds fine to me. As time keeps ticking out without a head coach – I am wondering if it may be Dive B-1, on one, all night long.

    This season could well be a wash…a year of humiliation, following last year’s season of disapointment. As you can tell, optimism grows short.

    Philosophy, followed by conditioning, learning, timing and execution – does not happen in 30 or 40 practice days. At least give our kids a chance.

    Meanwhile our opponents lick their chops.

  • Mike the Clone

    Yup that’s me in the far corner of the Citrus parking lot with the Smokin Weber BBQ,The vinyl lawn chairs and the Dale Earnhardt #3 flag waving in the breeze and on top of the 1973 Winnebago I bought in 2009 in anticipation of the rebirth of the CO/Bagpiper game (which by the way we should have never have backed out of.)
    And there is no truth to the rumor that I have written “Coach Lou Is My IDOL” on the back windows.


    I AM OUT!

    Mike the Clone

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