Rosemead taking it back to the old school next season with all-white helmets …

Rosemead football coach Matt Koffler, upset by his team’s lack of physical play last season, is ditching the Panthers’ usual maroon helmets for a pure-white color that’s intended to remind his players of the old-school brand of smash-mouth football the school is synonymous for.

“We want to express to the kids that we’re not happy about what happened last year,” Koffler said. “Giving up over 200 yards on the ground to San Marino and not being able to run on them left a bad taste in our mouths. This was a change we’ve been wanting to make and the kids are excited about it.

“They understand that this year they’re going to play that Rosemead, hard-nosed football. Last year, it just wasn’t there. It wasn’t our style. This year, we’re going with that old school, I don’t care if I have a face mask style. I don’t care if I have shoulder pads or how they look.”

Koffler speculated the school hasn’t worn all-white helmets since the 1960s.

Aram’s take:
You absolutely gotta love it.

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  • Bob

    I like this coaches style.Do we now call it “San Marino White”?

  • Chris Martinez

    Nice move coach! Maybe you should call up montebello and lend some advice!

  • Greeper

    I love it, my uncle was Panther back in the good ole days of those white helmets!!!

  • White helmet my a^^!

    Sorry Coach but that’s a reach. You have to understand the population there.

    You want Rosemead players to nut up? Schedule a practice week where only the Moms show up, NO DADS. Do it for a straight week. Have the Moms wear the Home jerseys to every practice. Then have a Saturday game where the Moms hand the jerseys to the players before the annual inter-squad game. See what happens. Tell the Moms to tell the players,


  • Oblivious

    White Helmet,

    You make absolutely no sense! What’s with all the mom references? You may have an Oedipus Complex! lol


    looks like the recession hit Rosemead hard this year, they can’t even afford to paint helmets! JK Too bad Rosemead will lose to Arroyo this year again.

  • Old School

    I remember the early 80’s when Jim Patricio took over at Amat after Glen killingsworth. Killingsworth had alot of Flash with bright colorful uniforms, player names on the back, stripes, decals etc, etc…then Patricio came in and busted the program down to solid blue helmets, plain white pants with plain white socks and plain blue jerseys with gold block numbers. They made Penn States uniforms look flashy! Ha, Ha. It set the tone for a few years of no flash, no frills smash mouth football at Amat for years to come. Ah, the good ol days. Hopefully it will have the same effect on your program Rosemead, Good Luck!!!

  • old school panther

    Koffler always finds a way to motivate his kids and he does a fine job with what he has to work with. Good luck coach!

  • Goldenarm

    I forsee this idea paying off 1000% to Koffler and the Mead.
    Rosemead came out angry against us, (TC) talking alot of crap – and then fell flat and silent by the 4th quarter, unable to withstand the pounding they were getting. Against San Marino, after looking mean and nasty in pregame warm-ups, Benny Hung ran simply ran over the Rosemead D from the first snap. Hung never took a real solid shot the whole game. From the stands it was slow motion lazy yardage being given up. It was not Rosemead football.

    Koffler needs to take out the bark – and get the bite back into the Mead. Keep their mouthpieces in and knuckle up. Simpson and others were throwing smack and insults for two quarters and it served to motivate the Ram lineman to attack with gusto. There was no intimidation, no controlled agression…just a bunch of words that fueled a greater desire to kick their ass.
    Great move by Koffler to keep things on point.


    Damn it Koff why are you taking all MY credit…haha. ITS ABOUT TIME! (Clemson, Rutgers or ‘Bama??)

    GA, Sad to say but last years seniors were a bunch of divos…(male version of diva) This years squad will be a different story.



    white helmet my a^^!



    I love my mommy !

    If you have to change uniforms to motivate players it’s time to find another line of work. It’s football and apparently that’s not motivation enough! Maybe if their mommies held their jerseys and told them to hit some one they would. Hey we never had that problem so don’t get mad when you Rosemead guys can’t hold your own nuts on the field. Aren’t you guys actually announcing your intentions to play smashmouth football? Hey my knees are shaking already from the thought…oh my…..NOT SMASH MOUTH FOOTBALL !!!! Some one call teh United Nations!!! lmao !!!

    What other kind of football is there? You guys lose Tra and the word falls apart? All those tough ass wrestlers and you guys need white helmets to come correct? What a bunch of BS. Here’s a thought wear pink uniforms all year get real mad when everyone’s pointing at you. Or how about wearing single bar face mask like kickers used to better show some mean faces!!!! Can you say SSSCCCCCCCAAAAAARRRRRRYYYYYYYYY !!!

    You Rosemead guys crack me up. Fear the Mead….they got smash mouth football on the way!! oooohhhhh mmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!! Talk about setting up your players. I would love to be on the field when you guys lose and the other team yells…”THAT’S HOW YOU PLAY SMASH MOUTH FOOTBALL????”

    Coach K …you better win a championship!

  • oldschoolpanther

    Why hate on Koffler? Bunch of damn losers out their who probably never played a down of football ever!


    Gotta love the haters….


  • What a reach !

    Fear the White Helmets!!!

    If it ain’t “white” it ain’t right!!!


  • Knights

    I like when Rosemead wears the white pants with the brown stripe on the back. Ohhh snap, that only happens when they play Arroyo !!!!!! NO ONE FEARS THE MEAD, Helmet color’s don’t matter when you have NO hart…..

  • Oblivious

    Wow, it is quite obvious that most of you who are either negative and hating or from Arroyo are not very intelligent! Unless my reading comprehension does not serve me correct, Coach Koffler never said that white helmet are going to make his team better or make them more aggressive. As Mr. Tolegian points out the “white helmets” are “synonymous” to a time period in which the coach believed the panthers were more physical. No where in the article does Coach Koffler state that the helmets are going to make his team play smash mouth football. He is hoping the helmets will be symbolic, therefore, giving the players a reminder to work harder and honor all those that came before you wearing these colors!

  • Really?

    Dude if you’re going to rag on someone, make sure you don’t give them anything they can get you back with. Like for instance, your spelling. It’s ‘heart’ with an ‘e’. You moron.

  • Joe Amat

    This seems to be a motivational ploy along the same lines of Coach Hagerty making the Lancers earn the big Golden A at the 50 yd line back when he took over.

    Just a recurring theme he can refer to throughout the year. Whatever works!

  • FB Einstein

    Lame. Keep it to yourself until the first game of the year. Dont announce it. Tell the kids in the Fall when they start wearing helmets. This is bush league. Tra’s not coming back, doesnt matter what color your helmets are. Come on Koff your better than that…or are you?


    Joey, didn’t a blogger, I think Amat 73, “catch” the missing “A” at midfield? Wait…Aram wasn’t around in those days was he? Hey Aram…how’s the Longoria thing working out?

    Joey, speaking of the “Golden” ‘A’ what’s with the Salesian colored Baseball caps and uniforms? Hey I’m proud of my colors but if I see window stickers of Lancer “A”‘s in Columbia and Black we’ve got problems!! lmao

    Who thought of that? Some former Mustangs who had sons on the Basball team? Maybe that Dad wore a Salesian Baseball cap and every one said, “Hey that’s cool!!!”

    Any chance the Softball team goes with Phantom “purple” unies next year. Seems girls love “purple”! lmao

    WHO KNEW !!!!


  • Big Oso

    Wearing white helmets won’t make a difference! You can paint a Zebra to look like a horse but the zebra is still a zebra!

  • Joe Amat

    I’m not big on the addition of black into the uniforms either. I even squawked a bit when the cheerleaders/dance team first added it then it became the main color. Bottom line is… kids think black is “cool”. So coaches yield to that sometimes. I’m old-school, but I don’t like “Dawgs” on the South Hills uni’s either… They’re the “Huskies”!.

    But think to when Duke added black as an “alternate” uniform. UCLA tried and the boosters went after Lavin. I know a D1 coach who ordered a whole set of home/away uniforms with warm-up shirts, etc in black. Wore them once and the AD made him stop wearing them – guy gave them away. He was fired a year later, although I’m sure not over black uni’s.

    Bottom line is, I agree. School colors are school colors. If the school wants to change them, hen fight that fight – but until then – it’s Royal & Gold!. Nieto even introduced a different gold and is using the “Old Gold/Vegas Gold” instead of “Athletic Gold”. In all fairness the blue looks a little more royal (not quite Columbia) in person than it does on the online photos – but still.

    (and I’m surprised it hasn’t come up yet… but here’s a clue. Do some research into your new lower level football coaches – then we’ll chat!

  • My Pal Joey

    Joey what school are you referring too, Salesian or Damien?

    This should be interesting !

  • Too Funny,238565

    According to yahoo, the Philadelphia Eagles are returning to “Kelly Green” colored uniforms in honor of there last championship in 1960. I guess Coach Reid and the Eagle front office is “REACHING” as well! lmao Some of you guys are just mental midgets!

    Hey FB Einstein, i guess Coach Read and Coach Koffler have a lot in common…they are both Bush League according to you! Your more like a FB Jack A$$! Maybe if some of you had more motivation in your life you would understand, however, i’m sure that won’t happen because it would require some common sense from some over-weight armchair quarterbacks who were the second string punters on their Jr. All-American teams! lol

  • Joe Amat

    your Spartans.


  • HE who laughs last laughs best!

    Too Funny….the joke’s on you. Reid got rid of Mc Nabb, I think he’s reaching as well. Both Koffler and Reid lost their “big play” guys. The sad thing is “BOTH” players got their coaches to the BIg Dance and somehow didn’t win.

    Sunmler did all he could but and so did Donovan.

    It’s a reach….and teh season will so it for what it is.

    Wait for the PUNCH LINE Funny Man….it’ll be on you !

  • Can’t wait

    Joey, I’ll check. Will I be happy surprised or Damien surprised ?

  • Joe Amat

    Happy surprised… I think it will be good for the program. You tell me what you think when you find out


    Gotta love the HATE!!!


  • Censorship,

    I don’t care what your beef is with Fred. Pollute his blog with it, not mine. It has no relevance here.

  • FB Einstein

    Re: Too Funny

    Youre comparing the NFL to the RHL? Ok!? I guess I’ll go along…consider this smart guy. Maybe the NFL and its teams are in the business of selling its product and making money. Maybe changing jerseys once a year increases revenue because guys like you buy other men’s jerseys and wear them in public like a high school girl on homecoming. So maybe THE EAGLES and not coach Reid are changing the jersey color to make more money and grow their brand. In conclusion, Koff and HIS decision to go public with the change in helmet color is a lame attempt at motivating the kids…i.e. bush league.

  • Yup

    Damien made out with the new Frosh staff!

    Great Coaches, and much more, Great people!

    Too bad there was “no place for them” at their old stop!! LOL

    Good Luck!!!


    FB E. are you agreeing with me or just confused?

    Like I said, or was it you, it was a reach.. I mean “BUSH”…same difference don’t you think?

    As far as the NFL “marketing” side…I’ve NEVER worn a jersey that wasn’t mine! EVER !!! IN MY LIFE !!!

    Wait was that too strong? My senior year a bunch of seniors kept their home jersies and I didn’t…too honest or too scared, lol.

    The next year the school had new jersies and so I though the JV’s would have the hand me downs. NOPE …THEY SOLD TEH JERSIES TO THE STUDENTS…ANY STUDENTS…NOT ONLY FOOTBALL PLAYERS!!

    Yup as luck would have it I saw this fat little kid wearing “MY” Jersey…I asked him if played JV and he said..”NO THEY SOLD THE JERSIES AND I BOUGHT IT”

    IT gets worst!!! lol..I asked, How much?” he said. “TEN BUCKS!!”

    I went home without seeing my brother play heart broken,lol


  • Who’s the staff

    I thought Coach Chavez got the the Freshmen job? Damien hired a whole new Freshmen staff? NO WAY! So where does that leave Coach Chavez? I heard he was demoted because the players lacked discipline at practice. I saw a couple and they were a fart fest to say the least. All that talent and absolutely no discipline, what a waste. Damien biggest problem is the politics and kids who could care less about putting in work that tests their limits as players and as team mates. Just look at the freshmen team with the players they played. Huge kids on the side lines and three pop warner mighty mites never leaving the game, atrocious! Both the JV and FR teams have talent, speed and size but as usual the dynamics take over. The QB situation will be “Poelian”. Talk about dark and foreboding. I’ve talked to some of the coaches and wished them well after seeing them “take a Damien welcoming bath”. Maybe this year they put a boot in the kid’s rear ends and put away the kid gloves that ruined last year’s up and down cancer driven team. Lucky for the Spartans DB, Chino and even Ayala were easy wins. Next year Gano and Co will really have to put their foot down. We’ll see as Damien has 16 staring positions to replace, that’s huge! Well the weight room is finally legit. How did that take 40 years to complete? Beats lifting in the sun as they did before. Seriously, they did. Walk the weights out and put them away after. Incredible with all those deep pocket Alumni and let my Bentley driving Dads.

  • Removed from the” Family Tree”

    As far as the “new” freshman coaching staff at damien goes, you can have’em, and good luck!

  • Is it Hoyd?

    Removed …but who are they?

    As Howard Cosell you’d to say, “I NEED TO KNOW!!!”


    Maybe if I knew who they were I’d know why you have the feelings you do, maybe not.

    Don’t tell me Hoyd took over.

  • LA connection

    Based on what is going on over at LA with Arellanes and that joke of a staff he is putting together I would assume Sal Ortez and Felipe are branching off that family tree and jumping ship to Damien.

  • “Removed”

    There is only one place in the SGV that refers to themselves as “Family”? What’s done in the dark will come to the light. In due time.

  • Just guessing

    Covina’s The Farm I think and Amat’s the Family?

  • Football man

    All you Rosemead fans, Here is some breaking news. Gil Jimenez your DC will be named the new Head Coach at Warren high school in Downey on Monday. From what I understand he is assembling a staff as I write. Gil is the former DCat St.Paul hs. Good luck Gil.

  • oblivious

    Don’t know if that is true or not, but Gil was never the DC AT Rosemead. Their DC was Marc Paramo. I do know that Paramo went upstairs to the press box sometime in league. I’m sure Paramo will miss Gil considering that was his mentor.


    Damn! Football man who are you? and where do you get your info?

  • Football Man


    I know Mark is the DC, but Gil was going to be the DC this season and Mark was going to be OC. JJimenez, I`m a friend of one Gil`s coaching buddies. I was told of this info by this friend. He is already got most of his staff together and will meet with Warren Administration today to finalize his position as head coach. They have a football stadium, weightroom, cardioroom, football lockerroom, football coaches lockerroom, and football coaches offices. Now I would say he is walking into a gold mine. Warren was 10-2 last year losing in the quarter-finals to Alemany. Warren plays in the San Gariel Valley league, which they won last year. Dominguez, Downey, Gar, and Paramount are in this league. Western division Div 3 football. Go get them Gil.


    Football man,
    I know all that buddy but you kinda jumped the gun a lil and let the cat out of the bag a lil early…(unless the paper/blog is paying you) maybe next time you get “breaking news” you might wanna wait until schools,coaches make it official…I’m just saying.

  • just sayin’

    JJ – then it wouldn’t a been “breaking” news would it?

  • Football Man

    Thanks, Just Saying for the imput.
    JJimenez, I detect a little anger in your post. I wish I was getting paid. I can do no worse that Aram has regarding information sharing. I know you were looking forward to seeing Gil coaching at Rosemead, but when an opportunity to put your own stamp on a program has risen I don`t blame Gil for going after his dream. I will support him and his staff. I also support Matt and his staff for the work they put in as well. There is no subsitute for hard work. GO MEAD AND WARREN 2010



    Football man…check the LAST NAME you fool. This isn’t about the Mead. Maybe your friend told you something in confidence thinking you weren’t gonna blast it on the blogs. There is a time and place and this WAS NOT it.

  • Football TMZ

    JJ has it right. Football Man was getting what out of breaking a story on the blog. Pretty stupid if you ask me, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”

    Time and place is right…this wasn’t it.

  • Some Guy

    Quit hating on koff and this program. Its the only program around that gets about 40-50 and if lucky, 60 players on the spring time. Hispanics, asians, and some black guys shows up every now and then. Regarless of what kids show up, the coatching staff does a hell of a job in coatching and producing tough son’s of bitches. And still makes it to the play-offs, and 2 years ago FINALS, with a group of kids that averaged 5’9, 180-190. At the mead it is played with “heart, balls, and desire.”-Jimenez. Ring or no ring, we play as a family and die as one. Mead Produces players, and Coaches. And is one of the few schools around that keeps it old school. Its a thing of beauty, really, when you can motivate a group of kids by playing old school, rather than than the flashy formations, and goodlooking good that everybody uses now a days. Live on Rosemead. PRIDE!


    PREACH!! Some guy PREACH!!


  • colorscheme

    JJIMENEZ did you even play football?I heard you just look the part or at least thats what the rosemead Coaches ALL say. Maybe you FEARED MEAD and didnt play yourself.

  • Football Man,

    JJIMENEZ, you say “look at the last name”, well than you should already know the news about Gil or are you in denial. Some Guy, calm down man. I`m not hating on Rosemead. I know what kind kids they have and how they our developed. I know Koff and Paramo and the great job they do with what they have. It`s official Gil Jimenez has been hired by Warren HS to be their new head coach in 2010. He will be meeting the kids on Monday. As I`ve been told Gil`s staff is full. Here they are. former St.Paul and Los Altos coach Andy Guererro as Co-OC, Eric Gonzales formerly of St.Paul and Montebello as Co-OC, LB Eric Gonzalez formerly of St.Paul and Montebello, Ruben Patino OLB formerly of St.Paul and DC at Webb, Ralph Valdez D-LINE formerly of St.Paul, Kevin Revis DB`s formerly of Montebello, and there is a couple more. So Mead people be happy for Gil and his new job. Besides Warren is in the Western Division, which is Div 3.


    Some people just don’t have a clue….

    Football man…Dude, seriously this was never about the Mead I never stated you were hating on the Mead or me being angry that MY BROTHER is leaving. I’m all for him leaving and getting paid. He deserves it, the man is a BEAST when it comes to football. This was about YOU putting HIS business out there when it shouldn’t have been regardless of who you know, whom your friends with or how much you know…period. Now that its official blog all you want. We can both agree that he is gonna kick ass @ Warren…Its all good!

    Not sure why I would FEAR(ed) MEAD?? when I went to school there and probably its biggest supporter but okay?

    As for me playing, it ended before it ever got started. Those that know me know the story. Freshman year diagnosed with LEGG-CLAVE-PERTHES disease (look it up) and had 3 surgeries. No more football… simple as that, end of story. Hope that clears things up for ya.

    Gotta love the haters! Haha


  • Football Man


    So, your mad because I put out some positive info regarding your brother. Why keep it a secret. Gil`s name needs to be out there with all of the other great coaches mentioned in the Valley. I`m not disrespecting Gil or anyone else on this blog. I would never write anything on here that is not true. JJIMENEZ, you should be happy that someone has recognized your brother as one of the best on the high school level. I will continue to share positive info on this blog wheather you like it or not. Let me ask you this did your brother ask you to come to Warren and coach for him? Hey I feel your passion for Rosemead, which is great, but don`t let it cloud your thought process.

    Go MEAD,War Warren! Peace out.


    Football man,

    Its all good, no worries. Peace out!

  • Some guy

    I like that “Go Mead! War Warren”. with Jimenez there, its sure to be War! and yes he will be missed in Rosemead. But thats the sad part about the business…”Busines”. Hey, why not make a good sallary doing something you love?he left he’s paw print in the player’s hearts this year.Good, now time to move on. Paramo is gnna take care of business on the defensive side and koff is gnna keep it old school on the offense. yeah, lost alot of players. but if anything, Hard work is whats gnna give the panthers a shot this year.

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  • If changing the helmets to white will help the players get more motivated in their game then so be it. Hopefully this time, they’ll be able to bring home ALL WINS.

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