Rosemead taking it back to the old school next season with all-white helmets …

Rosemead football coach Matt Koffler, upset by his team’s lack of physical play last season, is ditching the Panthers’ usual maroon helmets for a pure-white color that’s intended to remind his players of the old-school brand of smash-mouth football the school is synonymous for.

“We want to express to the kids that we’re not happy about what happened last year,” Koffler said. “Giving up over 200 yards on the ground to San Marino and not being able to run on them left a bad taste in our mouths. This was a change we’ve been wanting to make and the kids are excited about it.

“They understand that this year they’re going to play that Rosemead, hard-nosed football. Last year, it just wasn’t there. It wasn’t our style. This year, we’re going with that old school, I don’t care if I have a face mask style. I don’t care if I have shoulder pads or how they look.”

Koffler speculated the school hasn’t worn all-white helmets since the 1960s.

Aram’s take:
You absolutely gotta love it.