FIRST FRED’S BLOG AND NOW YOURS! By the way that’s a nice picture of KENDRICK! I know his mother’s very proud!

    LETS KEEP ON ROLLING AZUSA. Best of LUCK to you Coach Scherf and all the coaching staff.


  • Aaron

    Aram…you don’t need Fred to post your article when you have your own blog. Just sayin’.

  • Aaron,

    Who you telling? The guy’s been hijacking my work all week!

  • Joe Amat

    He should post a bit of your article, turn off the comments and then link the rest back to here.

    That way the whole discussion is in one place and would drive more comments. Comments beget more comments.

  • Joe,

    Good point. What he should really do is link to the article on the Tribune’s prep sports site like I do and make it pop up in a new window. That’s called spreading the love and using one site to grow one another. But Freddie loves hits more than I ever did. His blog gets way more hits than this one, and this is partly how. I do agree, one conversation in one place would be much more user friendly.

  • why pride why?

    Aztec Pride

    Azusa has been winning because of the soft schedule and weak league they play in.
    2008 was no turn around like has been stated before they have a weak schedule. In 2008 all the teams up to week 6 except for Aquinas were 0 for in the win column When they played Azusa (that means they haven’t won a game yet, check out maxpreps and see for yourself). Ganesha was on a record losing streak 0 and 50 in the last 5 years, followed by Marshall who was close behind at 0 and 20 and were 0 and 1 on the 2008 season, Mt View was 0 and 2, Aquinas was 3 and 0 and crushed Azusa, Lp was 0 and 4, SV was 0 and 5, and finally Gladstone was 0 and 6, by the way Duarte was 2 and 4 when playing Azusa and Bassett was 1 and 9. Do not forget that killer playoff team in covina who was a mind blowing 4 and 6. Oh and Temple City was a butt whipping 6-5-1 and shut out Azusa in the 2nd round.

    2008 schedule had a combined record of all teams including your killer playoff teams was 43 and 82 and 1. In case you do not understand that is 43 wins 82 losses and 1 tie.

    Just face it they play nobody they have not accomplished much!

  • Amat Fan

    If You are a Decent Athlete,why would you transfer to Azusa. The whole Montview league is weak and just a notch above a Pop warner program.

  • Montview League

    Good thing that the Montview League could care less what those negative bloggers out there say or think!! Remember that this is just a game and the kids give their best no matter what level they play at. Keep your negative comments to yourself you J**KAZZ. Prove them wrong Montview League.


    Montview League,

    This yahoo truly can’t be an AMAT FAT??? or maybe he his.

    AMAT FAN maybe your just getting a little impatient for your own accolade article.



  • The Montview has had two teams makes the semis in their division in recent years. Duarte in ’06 in a pretty good division and Azusa last year. That doesn’t sound too bad to me.

  • Amat Fan

    All I am saying is that the Mountview League is weak. Be realistic Division 11 is not strong at all. Mornrovia and San Dimas would get killed by teams ahead of them in DX. Gardena Serra, Cathedral,St. Joe’s or Harvard Westlake would destroy and D11 Team by 50 points or more. Imagine what We Amat would do to Azusz or San Dimas.

  • Anonymous123

    Amat: You are a frickin JOKE…. Pull your underwear out of your butt and think about what you are saying. Take away the few brotha’s that go to your school and you would be El Monte East!… San Dimas and Monrovia would have either beaten you or kept the game mighty close. So for you to come on here and boast about how great you are PLAY FIRST then try and BRAGG. The last time Amat played Monrovia (when you guys were a real team) Monrovia won the first game and you guys won the next year. So for your information pop that air bubble in your head and come back down to earth. If Jay Anderson doesn’t play this year for your guys which by the way scored 75% of your TD’s then you wont even have a fighting chance against La puente. Take that to the Amat Bank!

  • stay anonymous

    Anonymous123 – don’t embarrass yourself. Monrovia? San Dimas? Really? San Dimas squeaks by Bonita who loses to Diamond Ranch & South Hills(who DR Also beat) dod you check that DR vs Amat score? Amat beats both by 4 TDs and coasts w/ 3rd stringers in the 4th.No doubt

  • billyb

    Amat, Comparing a school like Amat to a public school is assanine. Then you talk about teams like Azusa, Monrovia, and San Dimas. You should campare yourselves to the BEST private schools in the state or nation. Then see haw you stack up. Or better yet Send all the players back to the districts they live in to play, then where is your precious Amat? I’ll tell you where, in the sewer. So keep living off other schools athletes, claim to be the best, don’t compare yourself to other schools that recruit players,and have a nice life in your fantasy world.

    Billy B

  • just sayin’

    billyb – if that’s your take, and I agree, then it is just as necessary for those public schools to stop trying to compare their accomplishments in their respective lower divisions and using it as a direct comparison to Amat. Winning the Montview, Sierra or Valle Vista league is NOT the same as winning the Serra League – wait – Amat did that too!

  • billyb

    Just sayin’
    I don’t recall any team from those leagues comparing themselves to Amat. I also don’t see Amat comparing itself to Servite, Mater Dei,De La Salle or Don Bosco Prep NJ. So what gives? When you openly recruit you should be held to a higher standard. Play De La Salle and see how you measure up.
    Billy B

  • just sayin’

    billyb – Amat compared themselves to Mater Dei on the field last year. Did you miss that one? Split w/ Servite the last two times we played ’em and yes – compare ourselves to them as well. Before last year they hadn’t won a title since 1983. 27 yrs.I think that compares in our favor fairly well.

    did you happen to read this below.
    “San Dimas and Monrovia would have either beaten you or kept the game mighty close. ”
    Sounds like a comparison to me.

  • Amat Fan

    Common man let’s get real. I’m glad Azusa is doing good. The Montview league is Real weak period. I think the CIFSS lowest league the Santa Fe D13 could give any team in the Montview a run for the money. Can you Imagine what an Amat or even a D7 Shurr Team can do to you guys. Monrovia and San dimas are in D11 and would get killed by any upper division teams.

  • billyb

    Divisions are created to put like teams together, both school size and geography. Most Montview and Valle Vista schools loose 2 or 3 of their top players to schools that recruit. One again I STAND ON THE STATEMENTS:If alll athletes played in the school zones they live in AMAT would be nothing,and why don’t you compare yourselves t o the recruiting schools I mentioned in my previous post.
    Billly B

  • did you read?

    billyb – Amat compared themselves to Mater Dei on the field last year. Did you miss that one? Split w/ Servite the last two times we played ’em and yes – compare ourselves to them as well. Before last year they hadn’t won a title since 1983. 27 yrs.I think that compares in our favor fairly well.


    Okay AMAT FAN,

    So when the kids from the Montview League score touchdowns, should we count them as 5 points to your Higher LEAGUE 6 POINTS. Or maybe we shouldn’t celebrate our wins, since we don’t play the likes of Mater Dei, Crespi etc. in Division 1. I mean the way your putting it, why even have an Montview League. Heck why even have our sons go out there and try to play football and learn ALL the good that comes from playing the game!

    AMAT FAN maybe I’ll just start watching FOOTBALL on TV only, SINCE OUR LEAGUE IS ( WEAK)!!! and what a waste of time it will be to watch our boys out there anyways.

    Like I said before, FOOTBALL IS FOOTBALL and there’s no level of enjoyment in watching the game at any level!


  • Kaptain Kiefer

    C’mon guys, this dude is not an Amat fan (I hope?). Granted we do have a few loose screws out there but 95% of us Amat fans do not openly attack our neighbor schools and SGV brothers (unless provoked). How did Rambo say it, “you drew first blood”. Otherwise we don’t come on here and bash other leagues and teams. We all play ball and as we know from our baseball division, sometimes you just have no control over where you are PUT. Either way, we all play to win and we all play hard and the wins and losses both feel Good and Bad respectively when they are the end result of a hard fought battle on the gridiron. Stay healthy and good luck to all SGV teams this year. Peace and Go Lancers!

  • billyb

    Well said Keifer, GO FOOTBALL!!

  • Confident Parent

    Re: Azusa transfer,

    That comment on why any decesnt athlete would transfer to Azusa just shows how all you people dont have faith in you childs ability to shine alone. I am the parent of said athlete. The transfer was due to a change of living location. I follow the rules and dont try and cheat the system by using different addresses to keep my kids @ “better schools”. I sent my oldest to Amat to play basketball, she played freshman year then transfered out and went to a “not so better school”. Guess what? She shined on her own! She has been given over 30 offers. Shes headed to play in NY. Compare her to some of the girls she played with @ Amat she is in either a better situation or even, with them. I have the same faith in my son. You can be a big fish in any size pond all one needs is to believe in yourself and have others that believe in you. I have seen the drive and faith in Azusa. My experience with Amat is, “look at us we can buy all the good athletes. At Azusa its “we can work with what we are given and make it happen”. Now which is the school with faith?

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