BREAKING NEWS: Former Damien coach Scott Morrison takes over at Workman …

It took awhile, but the Workman High School football program finally got its man.

The Lobos named former Damien coach Scott Morrison head coach on Friday afternoon, ending a long process to replace Fred DeLilio, who resigned after three seasons this offseason.

“We’re excited. We’re really excited,” Workman asst. principal Scott Covanias said. “We got a lot of good applicants, but he was our guy. This is a big opportunity for our kids. We think they should have the ability to compete with the best. We just got a quality guy.”

Morrison went 32-33-1 in six seasons at Damien, including two league championships and four playoff appearances. He spent last season as an assistant coach at Citrus College.

“My experience at Citrus was absolutely incredible, but one of the things I realized is that I’m probably more suited for high school,” Morrison said. “I’m really excited. Scott (Covanias) and Vic Perdomo (Workman’s athletic director) have been great. They have all the right philosophies as far as us working together. Workman’s a great place. They have a great administration.

“I have plenty of good memories built up and now I’m moving on to a new chapter.”

Morrison was introduced to the team on Friday. From the research he’s done, Morrison feels confident that the Lobos can contend for the Montview League title right away and maybe more.

“That’s our goal anywhere we go — to win league and win a CIF championship,” Morrison said. “I don’t think this is some big reclamation project. Fred did a great job with the program, moving things in a really good direction. I’m picking up something that was gaining momentum.

“I have no doubt the players at Workman will work every bit as hard to be successful as other players do anywhere else.”

Workman went 6-5 last season and reached the Mid-Valley Division playoffs where it lost to eventual champion San Dimas in the first round. Morrison said he’s still working on solidifying his staff, but it will likely include some of his assistant coaches from Damien.

Aram’s take: What a coup! What an absolute coup. I don’t need to tell you what might happen in the Montview now. Workman was already pretty good and now they’ve got Scott Morrison. Unreal! So I wouldn’t go giving the league to Azusa just yet. This changes a lot. And here’s some more food for thought — you’ve got Brian Zavala at Wilson, Jim Arrellanes at Los Altos, Craig Cieslik at Bassett and now Scott Morrison at Workman. Not the same league, I know. But the same kids. The same general area. Very interesting indeed!

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  • Aaron

    Cieslik doesn’t stay anywhere longer than three years, not once from what I have read has he finished what he started. However he gets his programs on track, but he’s searching for something.

  • Define Coup?

    Fred has his man crush on Bogan and now apparently Aram has his too.

    The Fish Bowl, where coaches play Musical Chairs and the band keeps playing !

  • Define Coup ?

    Let’s see how many coaches he brings over from Damien seeing how Gano got rid of the all !

  • Spartan Alum

    Im on the lobo bandwagon!

    Morrison is a solid coach who knows his stuff (especially offense) and is an even better guy who knows whats really important in coaching high school young men: teaching character. Hopefully he can get a little more support from the workman admin than he did from the sorry excuse we have for an administration.

    Heres one Spartan who is jealous he isnt a Lobo right now!

    Congrats Coach Mo! We miss you back at D-hi and wish you the best of luck!

  • New Lobo fan!!!

    Morrison is a great guy!!! I hope the people at Workman know how lucky they are to get such a quality guy who will make their children better people before anything.

  • I’m Confused

    Let me get this right LA hires Arellanes and Workman hires Morrison does anyone else see something wrong with this. This doesn’t make any sense, does anyone have a clue why this played out the way it did.

    You would think the LA job would have been the big hire and the workman job would have been right there with the Bassett job. LA gets the weakest head coach of the bunch and Workman and Bassett get the best coaches. I believe Aram opened a thread on this subject; he may not have been too far off.


    I’m Confused.

    Which school would trade coaches with Workman to get Morrison right now.

    Bishop Amat?
    South Hills
    Diamond Ranch?
    Charter Oak?
    Chino Hills
    San Dimas?
    Baldwin Park?
    La Salle?
    Rio Hondo Prep?

    Be honest.

  • sgvpride

    VERY VERY VERY smart on Morrisons part, you get so much pressure at Damien about the expectations to win, then you get booted out. You do some work with a JC, learn a little and decide you want to come back. I’m guessing he still wants to coach but he can stay low profile and have a chance to compete and win in the MVL and in the division. Smart from a coaching stand point, nice move on his part.

  • what were his choices?



  • BOB

    I hope you people at Workman realize how lucky you are to have this coach. “FYI” Local school’s could lose some players to Workman, he’s better then a lot of coaches in the area.Good Job Workman!!!

  • interesting exercise

    Which school would trade coaches with Workman to get Morrison right now.

    Bishop Amat? No
    South Hills No
    Glendora? No
    Diamond Ranch? No
    Charter Oak? No
    Chino Hills? No
    Ayala? No
    Damien? No
    Azusa? No
    San Dimas? No
    Bonita? No
    Rowland? No
    Covina? No
    West Covina? No
    Monrovia? No
    Baldwin Park? No
    La Salle? maybe?
    Rio Hondo Prep? No
    Muir? No

    Be honest.

  • Transfer

    I dont see this hire affecting Wilson nor Los Altos. Parents that send their kids to Wilson are looking for education and safety. Los Altos is currently only getting players from within their attendance area and those kids arent going to transfer to Workman high school. The only attendance area that Workman can pull kids from is the La Puente high school attendances area. With the success that the La Puente program had last year I dont see players transferring to Workman at this time.

    With the recent downfall of LA football the other three programs have prospered especially Workman and La Puente; kids in these attendance areas are now attending their respected schools. As we all saw based on the two programs record last year.

  • just sayin’

    I find it hard to believe that those two high schools (LP & Workman) even exist in a single district only 1 mile apart on the same street. Surprised WHS hasn’t closed. Gotta figure that hillside Workman property would bring a pretty penny and help a districts financial woes.

  • Next!

    Hey Aram, Fred or SGV GURU.

    Wanna take a crack at “LET’S MALE A DEAL” ?

  • Nick Sabaan

    Hey look its BIG MIKE! lol

  • coach rankings

    Coach rankings for the local area:

    1. Coach Morrison Workman HS

    2. Coach Cieslik Bassett HS

    3. Coach Rohrer La Puente HS

    4. Coach Arellanes Los Altos HS

    5.Coach Zavala Wison HS

  • Local Coaching

    Coach Rankings,

    Coach rankings for the local area:

    1. Coach Cieslik Bassett HS – CIF CHampionship who else can say that. (6-4 next year)

    2. Coach Morrison Workman HS – Proven coach (4-6 next year)

    3.Coach Zavala Wison HS – Destoryed by Hoyd, turned the program around in one year. (7-3 next year)

    4. Coach Rohrer La Puente HS – Team improved, competetion helped more than coaching. As seen in playoffs. (7-3 next year)

    5. Coach Arellanes Los Altos HS – program has gotten worse since he has taken over. On the field and off the field. (0-10 next year)

  • Aaron

    Someone needs to do their research better. Cieslik has not won a CIF Championship. He supposedly coached a team to the big game when he was 18 years old…that I find questionable. He also doesn’t stay anywhere more than three years and as soon as he gets his programs on track he bolts for something.

  • Local Coaching

    I based that comment on what was stated on this blog. Although I did mess up on one earlier with Booth, have to admit.

  • Aaron

    Point taken, carry on.

  • ranking #2

    Cieslik is an awesome coach, he has set numerous records with no talent at any of these schools! It’s a shame Bassett has nothing there, he will have a difficult time there. But he is a genius and he did coach a small school team to a CIF Championship game at the age of 18, they lost.

  • ranking #2

    Cieslik is an awesome coach, he has set numerous records with no talent at any of these schools! It’s a shame Bassett has nothing there, he will have a difficult time there. But he is a genius and he did coach a small school team to a CIF Championship game at the age of 18, they lost.

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