All-encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into spring ball …

As promised, I have updated the all-encompassing Top 25 going into spring. And there is plenty of movement. I stuck an “N” on the end of SGV to quiet those of you who will say “La Mirada isn’t in the SGV.” Auto Club’s road maps get your back on that, but when you throw the “N”, as in San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group, you’ll see why they’re included. So let’s get to it …

Reloading or rebuilding? I think we all know the answer to that.

1. Bishop Amat — I seriously have no idea how any team will be able to cover Wallace Gonzalez.
2. La Habra — The Highlanders really don’t get all the credit they deserve for being one of the Southland’s perennial powers.
3. Charter Oak — Already hearing rumblings about how good the incoming frosh class is going to be. It never ends.
4. South Hills — Line play will be key for Huskies in new league/division and they’ve obviously got it.
5. Diamond Ranch — Panthers drop a spot over QB concerns. Let’s see what happens in spring and summer.
6. Glendora — Chad Jeffries opens eyes at Nike Camp. But does he have anyone to throw the ball to?
7. West Covina — OK, Coach Maggiore got me. If the Bulldogs truly are strong along both lines, they could go places with all that skill.
8. Muir — It’s kind of dumb to ever sweat the Mustangs’ skill positions, but that could be all that stands between Muir and a deep run in the Southeast.
9. St. Francis — I just can’t get over all that Bonds’ boys lost. A big spring/summer would relieve a lot of concerns.
10. La Mirada — Gotta love the Week 1 date against La Habra.
11. Damien — All I have to go on right now is confidence in the coaching staff. But in the Sierra League and Inland Division that isn’t enough.
12. San Dimas — As promised, Saints leap over Monrovia on the strength of their line play.
13. Monrovia — ‘Cats are going to be tested early and often with that schedule.
14. Rowland — Coach Snyder says there’s more skill talent than Michael Ball on the roster. Line play is all that stands between Raiders and huge season.
15. Schurr — Won’t argue with those picking the Spartans in the Mid-Valley Division.
16. Santa Fe — This ranking is more a vote of confidence that the Chiefs can always reload.
17. Baldwin Park — If the Braves get some QB play, they’ve got a chance to be the upsetter in the Mid-Valley.
18. Whittier Christian — I’m moving the WC up because any team that’s got a d-lineman with an offer from Nebraska is all right by me.
19. Bonita — If the QB Pendleton is as good as they say, then all that stands between Bo-Hi and some noise in the Hacienda is line play.
20. Arroyo — Knights drop a couple pegs because of the Anthony Miller injury, but I fully expect Coach Singiser to develop more capable hands.
21. Rosemead — Going back to the white helmets tells you what type of returnees Coach Koff has and what he wants to do with them.
22. California — Whittier Daily News guru Andrew Campa says don’t put it past Cal-Hi to repeat in the Del Rio. Good enough for me.
23. San Gabriel — Crucial spring/summer for the Mats to find a QB. As many passing games as possible is my prescription.
24. Alhambra — And what about the Moors in the Mid-Valley? I’m smelling a playoff win, maybe two.
25. Pomona — I dropped Pasadena for the Devils since it’s becoming obvious that A-Rice will be the man and the Colony transfers are already signed, sealed and delivered.

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  • Anonymous123

    Aram I think you have Monrovia WAY, WAY off…….Although I like the fact they get to prove themselves in the preseason. They by far have the deepest team coming back this year with Strength, Speed, and Skill players to spare. But I know you’re sort of old school and still believe in the Kookie Monster, which by the way doesn’t exist. I’m wondering where you are getting your info for your choices? better look again. Cant wait till Sept.

  • K


    I think you are right on to pick SD over Monrovia. They both have a ton coming back, but the Cats are losing their entire O line… things will be different for Buene and co.

    I think the Mid Valley final 4 is CLEARLY going to be: SD, Monrovia, Schurr, and Whittier Christian. BP, Arroyo, Alhambra, etc are good programs but these 4 (3 of which were there in 2009) are clearly a cut above the rest.

  • Aaron

    Some of the things I just don’t like about this list. I agree again with where Bonita is.

  • Bob

    So Chart Oaks has a good freshman class coming in. Down in Long Beach people are saying last years Long Beach Poly Freshman football team could be their BEST freshman team EVER..With that’s schools history- That’s saying a lot.

  • Joe Huskies

    South Hills only enters the rankings in the top 5 but not in the top 3? Obviously, you haven’t done enough legit research and probably should contact the Scouting Guru. I’m probably bias and partial to him because he’s affiliated with our program but his information as well as his credentials make for much more in depth details to how and why someone like our Huskies right now are head and shoulders above literally and figuratively everyone else in our Valley.

    Call him and get the inside scoop and he’ll set you straight on the entire SGV(N). I’m sorry for maybe offending some people but we clearly far and away beat Charter Oak and even Bishop Amat this year. I just wish we still had La Habra on our schedule because I think we actually beat them this year also and prove my point. We have superior interior linemen and skilled positions guaranteed. No one has the overall personnel we have and that’s after a few players transferred. Let’s be honest the transfers left too because they saw the writing on the wall. Can you say no playing time?

    I would be interested as to what Mr. Robledo’s opinion was also because if I remember correctly he rides on our bandwagon not Bishop Amat’s and now I guess La Habra’s too like you do Mr. Tolegian. Remember I told you South Hills finishes on top of the Valley this year at the finish of the football season as is the last team standing by season’s end. We will once again reclaim our rightful place as the top program in and out of town.

    Dawg’s bite is bigger than dog’s bark!

  • Dan

    These list are always fun topics Aram, they get the controversy going. With all that CO is losing this year you would think they would be a little lower in the rankings but I’ll agree that you’ve got to respect the Champs and they do seem to get some transfers each offseason. Same goes with Diamond Ranch, my first impression is that they lose a lot to graduation, but
    I seem to remember reading on this blog that for the most part both of their line’s are coming back which is great way to start a new season. I can agree with WC’s ranking and I get a feeling they may even finish higher.

  • CatsFan

    M-town definitely has alot of skill and speed coming back. The big question will be the Oline. However, I’m hearing from insiders that the line this coming season might be better and for sure bigger. They could be featuring a pair of OTs that are 6’5″ and 270.

  • South Hills Hype (Again?)

    Joe Huskies

    Every year, we always read the same thing about how great or how much talent is on “this year’s South Hills” team. The guru has always been quick to point out South Hill’s players etc, etc, etc. We’ve all heard of this before and yet, South Hills has lost to Diamond Ranch two years in a row!

    So, Joe Huskies, why should be believe that THIS year is the year that South Hills actually has a team that could beat Diamond Ranch?

    And keep this in mind, everyone (Especially you, Guru)….The more you hype a team’s players the more people expect from your season. Losing to Diamond Ranch two years in a row with such hyped up players makes your coaching staff look really horrible.

    When South Hills actually beats Diamond Ranch, La Habra, and Tesoro, we’ll talk. Until then South Hills football remains ALL HYPE and nothing else…

  • New York

    What’s the scouting report on La Mirada? They may be the favorites to win the Southeast. Aren’t they loaded with key returnees from last year’s championship team?

    Monrovia will probably be better than last year. Even though we lost a lot to graduation, we still have a lot. This is Maddox’s third season, and the program is now his. The schedule is tough (wins and losses??), but I think the team will be stronger.

  • Baseball NUT!

    South Hills Hype,

    It seems as though the two most popular and most hated teams are AMAT, and S.H!

    Why do you guys keep referring to SH VS DR? Wasn’t their injuries for the Huskies last season? I understand that injuries are part of the game but you all keep bringing up the past.

    Do we ever hear how Diamond Ranch play s a tough NON league ONLY to go 7-7, and lose AGAIN in the FINALS TWO years in a row to the SAME team being outscored 51-14. NOW thats not cool, OR is that what DR plays for? A average record, a trip to the finals , and two losses.

    As far as I am concerned, and I’m sure others who follow football, ONLY Charter Oak, and San Dimas can “brag” about what they accomplised. ALL Others ended with a LOSS! Also DR is NO longer in the same division as SH, and IF DR FAILS to WIN in that WEAK Division NOW, they NEVER will.

    New season with Spring practice, and NEW attitudes. EVERY SCHOOL can talk how good their going to be as ALL are on the same page today.

    PERSONALY I would Have La Habra # 1, and this is from a 1982 Amat grad! ANYTIME your going for FOUR TITLES in a row, You should be # 1 REGARDLESS of Division. And ALL TRUE AMAT grads/followers believe this too!

  • Aaron

    La Mirada lost their QB to graduation but overall they’re pretty deep. They another kid coming up, I forget his name but he’s supposed to be solid.

    Don’t sleep on Norwalk in the Southeast. Adding the Suburban League makes it more competitive but I wish we had a fifth league.

  • Goldenarm


    It is hard to make the top 25 or top 10,005 when you have no head coach.

    Any chance you might be able to get an update on which TC Administrators have slipped into a coma and forgotten we have no head football coach? Which ones are vacationing in Bora Bora and forgot to turn in their ballots? Parents are pulling their kids, kids that remain are losing interest and a proud program is dying right before us. 2 years ago were a CIF semi-finalist.

    Maybe if someone reminded them that schools like Arcadia are starting spring practice TODAY, they might awaken and do something. In reality, it is clear that nothing is clear and the chances of a decent football season ebb away with each passing opportunity. Salvaging the program should now be the goal.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    I am sorry those schools just do not belong on this list. It’s like telling a kid from Bassett they live in La Puente. You think La Habra feels good about being part of SGV or the OC?

    Whats up with Pomona? I could careless who will be coaching.. We are stil talking about Pomona. $0 kids will come out and they will end up with 25 kids after grades come out. Also, you have them above Covina or Azusa? I cant wait for the real SGV list to come out.

  • smallcity

    Interesting that you have Amat and La Habra 1 and 2 respectively. I pointed out in a thread some time back that I would have loved to have seen Amat fill one of its open spots with La Habra. I’ve always considered them one of the best teams around. Maybe next year.

    My concern this season, as it was last season, is the size of Amat’s line, but then again look what happened last season. In retrospect it’s most likely Amat’s sound fundamentals that make them who they (now) are.

  • chris hollywood

    you san gabriel clowns are hilarious. amat got crushed
    by a very weak crespi celtic squad last season, their
    only league win.SHERMAN OAKS NOTRE DAME is nationally
    ranked every year and will destroy that amat clown
    IDIOTS DON’T RANK THEM AT ALL. no team in your 25 could

  • Matt


    I just read a press release that Temple City hopes to have a Coach named by October.

  • Norco

    Pretty decent list…


    Baseball NUT!,

    I will have to agree to disagree with you on some points. La Habra should be at the # 1 spot with a chance to make it 4 CIF titles back to back to back to back now that is impressive! The reason why people always bring back the SH vs DR games is because every year at the begining of spring ball and the beginning of the season you always hear the SH’s followers saying that they are beating amat, la habra, co , dr etc, etc, etc. But look what happens when your supposed to win the big game they always find away to screw it up. Dr does not come on here saying were going to slap amat or destroy oaks christian. you know what i’m saying. Alot of smack talk for team that can’t seem to win the big one.

    chris hollywood,

    Talk about a drive by shooter, if you took the time to read this is a top 25 of the SGV as far as I know Sherman oaks is not in the SGV so go buy a thomas guide and go educate yourself for a lack of a better word.

  • Just askin’

    chris hollywood -how did that nationally ranked ND varsity sqaud do against Amat last year?

  • LA times is hating

    HA Eric Sondheimer for the LA Times is hating on wallace gonzalez. he pretty much said that gonzalez is nothing in the serra league and any player including lineman will be able to cover him. With his blazing 5.63 40 speed he will be a player to reckon with.

    Aram at least you could have mentioned rio or even better jay anderson

  • just sayin’

    LA times is hating – Nah! Sondheiner isn’t hating on WG or SGV as much as he’s loving on his San Fernando Valley. You gott know E.Sond

  • Colony Parent


    I think you’re jumping the gun on the “Colony transfers are already signed, sealed and delivered.” I know that’s what it looks like now, but come late summer things will be much different. TRUST ME!!!!

  • Baseball NUT!

    SGV Football,
    I can see your point for sure when it comes to their fans. However stating that South Hills Never wins the Big one, isn’t a fair statement is it? I drove by the District field the other day, and it STILL show FOUR championships this past decade. Outside of Charter Oak, & Los Altos nobody comes close in that span. Of course it was accomplished within a 6 year period, and nothing has been done since 2005. I also remember their best team was 2001 and the lost to La Mirada in the semi’s.
    MAYBE its just me but I can’t take away OR be jealous OR hateful what they have done since 2000. They averaged 10 wins, and NEVER were below .500

    Guess I like the teams that can put together GOOD runs for more than 2-3 years. I mean how can I not like Walnut Girls Soccer, and what they have done, or Damien Water polo, or whatever. Its takes ALOT to have a consistant DECADE!

  • La Habra #1? Why???

    La Habra #1?

    Just because a program is going for their umpteenth CIF Championship does not automatically qualify them for #1. This would give Charter Oak an automatic #1 in the SGV rankings right?…..I don’t agree with that either. La Habra is about the same as San Clemente but no where near Mission Viejo. I would be more open to La Habra being #1 if they had managed to beat Los Alamitos. But LH has lost to LA 2x in a row.

    Bishop Amat is #1 because of the high number of players they have returning from a squad that beat St. Bonaventure, Alemany, Loyola, Notre Dame, and Mater Dei. When you match these victores against La Habra’s schedule, it’s quite easy to see why BA is #1…

  • La Habra #1? Why???

    La Habra #1?

    Just because a program is going for their umpteenth CIF Championship does not automatically qualify them for #1. This would give Charter Oak an automatic #1 in the SGV rankings right?…..I don’t agree with that either. La Habra is about the same as San Clemente but no where near Mission Viejo. I would be more open to La Habra being #1 if they had managed to beat Los Alamitos. But LH has lost to LA 2x in a row.

    Bishop Amat is #1 because of the high number of players they have returning from a squad that beat St. Bonaventure, Alemany, Loyola, Notre Dame, and Mater Dei. When you match these victores against La Habra’s schedule, it’s quite easy to see why BA is #1…

  • La Habra #1? Why???

    La Habra #1?

    Just because a program is going for their umpteenth CIF Championship does not automatically qualify them for #1. This would give Charter Oak an automatic #1 in the SGV rankings right?…..I don’t agree with that either. La Habra is about the same as San Clemente but no where near Mission Viejo. I would be more open to La Habra being #1 if they had managed to beat Los Alamitos. But LH has lost to LA 2x in a row.

    Bishop Amat is #1 because of the high number of players they have returning from a squad that beat St. Bonaventure, Alemany, Loyola, Notre Dame, and Mater Dei. When you match these victores against La Habra’s schedule, it’s quite easy to see why BA is #1…

  • Joe Amat


    A few things. First I was a TRUE AMAT follower when you were still avoiding “cooties” in grammar school – and a fellow alum and I would say most would think “I follow football”… I disagree with your assessment. If you listen to yourself write – I think you do too.

    You mention DR’s “weak” division this year – yet you say San Dimas can brag… even though it is a a lower/”weaker” division. Aren’t you also the one talking about Amat’s weak baseball league and discounting wins due to the competition? Which is it… wins, or who you beat getting those wins. When you can win a Division 6 playoff game 83-0 like La Habra did it says far more about the division they’re in than how good they are. Because they have no control over that – I’m more impressed with La Habra’s willingness to schedule up and compete in the pre-season than I am the 3-peat. I use how teams fare in real “competition” to determine my opinion… not always the scoreboard.

    See I have a different view of athletics, and I’d bet you told your Husky-son the same thing. I think many schools/players can be proud of their accomplishments last year. Wouldn’t it be sad if only 13 teams out of the nearly 600 CIF schools could say that? Dozens, maybe hundreds of teams may have maximized their potential and had great years. Those are the ones that can be proud. Even back in the Killingsworth years competing in the Angelus League and taking unbeaten Big5 champ St Paul to 5 OTs – were you proud. How do you think you’d have done against the Wolak to Impastato CIF Champion Covina Colts (who beat the Huskies in the final)? Or the year before against Royal Oak and the “Stone-ers”? How about Temple City? Baldwin Park? As Ocho Cinco would say – “Child – please!”

    You see I wouldn’t even attempt to compare until there is liek competition to compare to. You were up close at plenty of games at District Field during some point of SH’s hey-day. If you’ve been on the sidelines, up close and personal, at each of those (and I have) you know. It. Is. Not. The. Same. You know that in your heart.

  • truth

    here r the huskies players to have breakout seasons…Jamie Canada,Jamel Hart, Vincent Hernandez, Randall Varela, Levi Osborn, Manny Alvarez(all r current sophmores) and of course the whole o-line…sh may not have a C.I.F championship this year but expect them tomake an undefeated run arfter next season

  • Baseball NUT!

    I think the point was missed altogether.

    YOU are correct, when I did complain about Amat’s lack of competition in league for baseball. Its NO fault of theirs, other teams just stink. IT’s WINS’s OUT SIDE OF LEAGUE, and CHAMPIONSHIPS that matter to MOST people. If Amat was 24-2 and hadn’t been to the classic, hadn’t beat those DIV I teams, do you really think they would be ranked # 9 in the country, OR # 2 IN CALIFORNIA or heck even in the L.A Times? NOPE! PERFECT example is Arcadia. They have 20 wins, and can’t FIND A TOP 10 RANKING! NO COMPETITION~ This is why the Lancers should be # 1 in the La Times and in all of California, because THEY PLAY TOP NON league teams.

    As for football:
    San Dimas has the right to BRAG as THEY are the Champions whether its DIV I or XIII. Like you said ONLY 13 are HAPPY the second week of December the other 600+ are not. They are DIV IX, BUT they WON IT ALL so they have the right to brag, and say what they want until the FALL. Doesnt matter IF they couldn’t BEAT the WORST DIV V team, they BEAT em when it counted in THEIR division and got that ring! Out side of league wins and league wins are totally different. SOME are in weak lagues, and are NOT prepaed for playoffs.
    I mean should Butler BE HAPPY on what they accomplished by maximizing their potential BY getting to the FINAL 4 in hoops? They will say they had a GOOD season, BUT I guarantee ALL 15 guys on the team WEREN’T HAPPY when they were eliminated. Outside of us junkies WHO even remembers the FINAL 4 teams? Almost NODODY, but I bet MOST people IF they took the time to think will remember that DUKE won it all. Rarely does society remember second place. SAD but its true!
    I remember and love to talk about AMAT’s football team last season, and how they probably overachieved beating TOP notch teams, and had a bend don’t break “D”. I mean aren’t we always too small, and too slow to compete? Or our coaching staff is RAW. Yet we beat em! However who wants to talk about our beating by the hands of Valencia a couple of years back? NOT ME! Seldom do we ever talk about something other than what is “good”. OR do we say we maximized our potential? See for AMAT and others who have had winning programs, that isn’t good enough! When is their EVER such a thing as a “GOOD LOSS” its a GOOD learning experience, but thats it!

    I think La Habra HAS a difficult time scheduling UP becasue NOBODY wants to LOSE to a lower division team. Sure they lost twice to the Griffins of Los Al. But that is supposed to happen right? A DIV I beating a DIV VI? But just think if it was reversed, NOBODY would ever EVEN attempt to schedule them.

    The D.R people beleive JUST BECAUSE they get to the FINALS TWO years in a row MEANS they are a team to reckon with. Lets watch them this season, and the season after next. Its highly unlikely BUT if SAN DIMAS WINS TWO more CIF titles in a row, then is going for another that is saying sometihng. LA HABRA is on a ROLL, and NOBODY can take that away PERIOD! Are they in DIV I? NO but neither are our Lancers for baseball. If AMAT goes 28-3 and LOSES in the semi’s OR Finals, then WHO they beat in March MEANS NOTHING! IS coach Nieto going to tell Ruiz,Paez and co. ” WELL we maxed out on our potential, and we just couldn’t win it all? NO he and the WHOLE team will be UPSET because THIS is what they are PREPARED for come CIF. You schedule TOP NON league competition in order to make that championship run. Nieto said it himself when he said ” WE NEEDED to play the BETTER teams down in the OC and locally to PREPARE for a championship. He knew league was gong to be a cake walk whether he admitted it or not.

    If a team wins 83-0 THEN sometihng is probably WRONG with the playoffs structure as a whole. If a team makes CIF with a 3-7 record, YET is 3-2 in league, and makes it as a second place team gets a another second place team squeeks out a “W” then pounded BY a 12-0 team, the following week SHOULD that 3-7 team have REALLY been there to begin with? I think If a league has 5 teams with winning records and have showed they can play with outside competition, THEN my opinion is ALL FIVE should go to CIF. I mean going 7-3 and YET only going 1-3 in league, BUT having played VERY GOOD outside comepetition means they should go to the playoffs. I mean our baseball team Beating Sacred Heart in three games by a score of 45-6 or something does what, besides pad their stats?

    As for those schools you mentioned I would agree that kids are MORE proud for doing what is NOT expected ie… Covina beating SH in 1981 AFTER SH beats them by 30+ in league.
    FOR ME personally for football I would rather have lost to Loyola, Mater Dei, and sneak in to CIF and then WIN IT ALL! I remember how bad I felt KNOWING that their WAS NO NEXT WEEK in CIF. SEE I played to WIN every week, BUT in week 2 I KNEW we would have a week three, and WE as a team could make up for week two IF we lost. I doubt many guys on the team would be “happy” on what they accomplished by saying ” Hey we lost to Servite in league by only 11 when the CIF finalist lost by 24″ Who’s Happy besides SERVITE?

    ALL I am saying is that La Habra deserves the respect and “pub” for doing what they have done. Like we always say, its not our fault we only have 1400 kids, @ AMAT and so it shouldn’t be theirs either.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Not so fast with the drinkin of the Pomona Kool-aid. Word on the street is that P-High is about to get in some HOT (and I don’t mean warm) water with CIF. Those Colony transfers may never see the field at Pomona. The AD and Admin. over there are going to have to answer some tough questions about undue influence with those transfers. Colony won’t be doing Rice any favors anytime soon. It wasn’t a pleasant divorce. Remember you heard it here first!!

    SGV430 Ouuut!!!!!!!!!

  • DRanchhhh

    South Hills….Haha. You guys were banged up, your QB was missing, etc. I as a DR FAN will LAUGH that off until we meet again.

    On another note, I cant believe that people think that the new league/division is “WEAK”. Are you kidding me? Bonita, WC, Rowland, Muir, La Mirada,El Rancho…please. I am sure that if SH was still in that division, you wouldnt be complaning.

  • sfhs92

    Aram, SF will be strong again. They have a QB who started at Loyola as a sophomore and the line play is always solid in La Canada as long as the defense can replace Cabrera and Riley they will be fine. They have two huge weapons coming back at receiver in Talienko and Hamilton.

  • Kaptain Kiefer

    I’m skeptical of the early vibe and sightsin Amatville. WG looks like he will definately demand the attention of the opposing teams star corner in our match-ups. Which leaves our other receivers (which I see as a “potential” weak spot) needing to step up and take the heat off big WG. Running back is wide open with the “reported” loss of Jay Anderson (still not confirmed)a lot could happen after baseball season (fingers crossed). Secondary is looking rather thin too, lots of fresh faces (who’s will shine?)QB will be RR’s to lose (like it or not, baseball guys, he’s the man)TP also looks pretty good right now, BUT, Booth doesn’t look bad either. O-line and D-line look small but hey, really, when was the last time we were monsterous on both sides of the ball? Can’t wait for the season to begin. I really want to see what we got out there. Does any one know when 7 on 7’s start? Go Lancers!

  • amat fan

    any word on austin lacy

  • How will Amat fair in the National Polls this year? Will they even be ranked? Will the SGV get the respect this year or will it be like any other year?

  • New York

    Kaptain Kiefer,

    I’d say that the last time Amat won a title (1995) the Lancers had a pretty big line. Pollak, as a junior, was the horse but Ray was about 6’5 (close to 300?) and Ernest (was that his name?) was probably 6’3 and 300lbs.

    One thing that consistently impresses about Amat is the intensity that their lines play with. Even when they are not very big, they come off the ball very well and play until the whistle.

  • Kaptain Kiefer

    New York, we have HAD some pretty big lineman over the years but for the most part we are usually “undersized(?)” in that area. NOT to say that we don’t get the job done because we have had some very good “undersized” lineman throughout the years who have kicked tail on their prototypical opposition (i.e. Mr. Kane from last year). I was just observing that we look to be once again “undersized” in that area. I wonder why Amat doesn’t get the big “corn fed” lineman that every other school “seems” to get? We do have one big guy coming back on the line – Big O I think he was #74? Rumor mill still a buzz over J.A. giving up football for baseball, what a shame, Kid had a future on the gridiron. Hey New York, got any nephews or friends with giant kids who play football that you could send our way, opps, that almost sounds like recruiting, ha, ha. Still can’t wait for the season to get underway. Go Lancers.