Charter Oak gets a Long Beach Poly transfer? It’s true!

This isn’t exactly breaking news since Maurice Clement was practicing with the team and played special teams in the championship. But nonetheless, you’re going to see a whole lot more of Clement, who transferred to CO from LB Poly toward the end of last season.

Chargers coach Lou Farrar estimated Clement is 6-2 or 3 and about 220 lbs. He’ll be playing linebacker this year and he’s a got a chance to be a big-time stud.

Aram’s take:
I’ve heard of SGV teams getting players from other SGV areas, but I’ve rarely heard of an SGV school getting a transfer from a place like LB Poly. That’s why I never worry about CO. They get horses. Kids want to play there. End of story.

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  • D-Mo

    Is MC going to be junior or senior next season?

  • translation

    Lou Farrar estimated Clement is 6-2 or 3 and about 220 lbs = 6’0″ with cleats on and 200lbs drippin’ wet!

  • Bob

    I work in Long Beach. This is what I posted yesterday. Bob said:

    So Charter Oaks has a good freshman class coming in. Down in Long Beach people are saying last years Long Beach Poly Freshman football team could be their BEST freshman team EVER.. With that’s schools history- That’s saying a lot.Long Beach Ploy has been rated the #1 sports school in the nation.
    Long Beach Poly plays in the Moore league.When D-1 coaches come out to recruit they go to all the schools in the area.They all have that much talent.LB Poly’s talent runs 3 to 4 deep at every position.I’m sure this kid will be good but I wonder why he left Poly to go to CO? (I NEVER have seen those 2 words in the same sentence!)This kid could (will) have a problem adjusting to school in Charter Oaks. Long Beach Poly I consider a inter-city school.The city and school has had a Black/Brown gang problem for years. Let’s hope this kid has no baggage. He will have a bigger problem adjusting to the school and new neighborhood then the football field. PS. I WILL get the reason why he left from my friends at Poly…

  • Bob and everyone,

    Maurice Clement is a senior. He was at Charter Oak last season and practiced with the upon arrival very late in the season. He played special teams in the title game. I don’t think adjusting to life at CO is any problem because he’s been there nearly a school year already. Hopefully we have another SGV stud in him.

  • Family Friend

    Ok, as a family friend I feel I have some right to speak on M.C.’s behalf and let’s just say he’s well-adjusted, extremely happy, and absolutely excited about this upcoming football season. He’s fallen in love with his coaches and teammates and his offseason preparation has been phenomenal with what C.O. and company do with training and workouts. Charter Oak seriously knows and understands every kind of kid and they have adopted him as their own from day one. This was the best decision ever for the child.

    So any athlete that has his frame of mind not to mention his physical frame is going to be successful by default. Please do not be judgmental and critical of him or his decision to be at Charter Oak until you’ve met him, know the reasons why, and then seen him play. He’s a outstanding student athlete with an outstanding future ahead of him. Good luck to you M.C. and represent your family and your school well. Everyone is proud of you!

  • BigDog

    Your saying this kid transferred in to Charter Oak last year at the end of the football season and played in the championship title game against Diamond Ranch? Is this legal…………. Anyone

  • CIF Rule


    Yes it is legal, if the transfer is due to change of address then it only takes a few days to get approved via CIF. A player at LA did it last year, he transferred from West Covina to LA during the season. For the record the LA kid used one of his youth football teammates address, that is not legal. The penalty if a player is caught is a two year suspension. That is one of two know players at LA that is using illegal addrsses, the other is next years starting running back.

  • Aaron

    Yes, CIF is effing dumb. But the reason why this kid was able to do it and Wallace Gonzalez wasn’t is because of a ruling CIF made for another player that transfered out of LB Poly to Los Alamitos.

    Dylan Lagarde a sophomore, starts at LB P at the beginning of the season, transfers to Los Alamitos, Dylan Cook quits the team and Lagarde takes over. The Distance between Glendora and Amat much further than LBP and Los Al. CIF would have looked really stupid if they declared Maurice Clement ineligible.

  • It’s so stupid even trying to police it. CIF can’t do a good job of being cops, and they don’t. So why try? Again, let the kids go wherever they want (from year to year). Believe me, the world is littered with kids who transferred somewhere they thought would be great and it didn’t pan out. There’s way more of them than those who transferred and went on to amazing careers.

  • socalfootball fan

    Diamond Bar several years ago had a promising freshman rb Aljay Davis who played on the freshman team. He then transferred to LBP and did not see much playing time. He than transferred again to Lakewood to play baseball and was an all cifss player at 2b. If he would have stayed at D-Bar he would have been a 3 year starter.

  • Bob

    This the word from Long Beach on Maurice Clement. I spoke to a student who played JV football with him at LB Poly HS.When asked about him on what type of player he is, His eyes got big and said “He’s a Beast,hard hitter and he will lead the team in made tackles”. He also told me if he would have stayed at Poly he would of been in the playing rotation and gotten big playing time. When talking to people at Poly about his transfer-it’s a non-issue. It’s all legal and done the right way. Sounds like LB Poly’s lost is Charter Oaks gain. They got a good one.

  • SGVsBest

    Hey Bob! Or is it Bobs?
    The name is Charter Oak! As in single! One Oak Tree. Charter Oak!

    You got that Bobs?

    PS: MC is a great kid and the multi-racial COHS football team has accepted him just fine!

    Got that Bobs?