Damien unveils brand-new weight room …

Damien has opened its brand-new, state-of-the-art weight room. The room is located in the Spartan Hall building and now pretty much completes the superfecta of improvements made to the athletic program: new gym, new baseball field, new football field and now new weight room.

“Nowadays it’s very important,” Damien coach Greg Gano said of the weight room. “Twenty-five years ago, kids coming on your campus didn’t really care about the weight room. I think when a kid comes on our campus now and looks at our facilities, and sees that weight room, he’ll know its as good as any around. It’s a good selling point for the school.”

Aram’s take: A big score for all Spartans athletic teams. But since we only care about football here, I’ll just say that I hope it helps Damien get strong enough to compete in the Inland Division. They’ll need it.

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  • good football


    Any truth to the rumor that Temple City confirmed that they in fact have their guy MacFarland from Pasadena?

  • down low

    I would becareful showing off all those new improvements. You might have the Mayor of LA coduct an investigation and tap into some of that money! Lol…


    Wow what a facility! Hope Damien puts those new weights to some seriuos use.

  • Brains

    Well Gano is a big weight room guy. Morrison on the other hand didn’t do squat.

  • Aaron

    Are they selling gym passes?


    Brains…were you being clever? “Morrison didn’t do “squat”….too funny!


    Brains…were you being clever? “Morrison didn’t do “squat”….too funny!

  • Morrison’s Idea

    Coach Mo was the person that originally moved the weightroom up into the old gym (his idea) and he also secured a bunch of equipment from LA Fitness as well because when the field & track were being done, there were no $$$ for the weightroom.

    There was nothing left to do but improve the weightroom, so it was a no-brainer for Gano. Weightroom or not, Gano needs to focus on dealing with a bunch of soft players which has been more of DHS’s downfall over the years as opposed to coaching, parenting, league status or Father Travers.

  • Who hire the coaches

    Sorry by Morrison hired trash for coaches. That’s on him. He played games and allowed his lower level flunkies to play games as well, all under his watch. Sorry but Morrison doesn’t get a pass. What was Morrison’s excuse at Marin Catholic. Here’s a better one, why put a Soph 5’3″ 125 pounder to run the ball when you have Ryan MC Mahon ready , willing and able to do the sam job. Now Ryan is tearing it up at USC after starting as a true freshmen on Special Teams. Heard they are giving him a shot at Safety this year as well. Sainz was a horse with Gano and gained 46 yards a game with Morrison in two years. The list goes on and on. The man was his own worst enemy, right behind his drinking buddies who spill late night drinking stories because they can’t keep their mouths shut! With friends like that who needs enemies. Don’t look to the blog, as Morrison did, to account for Damien’s lack of success. teh blog didn’t hire Coach Jan?

  • no_step

    who hire the coaches:

    Another 6 martini lunch today, right “Shinola boy”.

  • Blah Blah

    More like 6 “coronas” so he was getting all full of himself

  • Robert Everett

    Personally I think this is a step in the right direction, also, I believe that the others posting on this must not be Damien Graduates. Please before you post something for others to read, check for spelling mistakes. Your comments just become invalid if you cannot spell correctly.


    Come on Frank give it a rest now . It’s going on 3-4 years now with this vendetta you have against Morrison . The man is gone and now at Workman . If your grapes are still that sour go pay him a visit at Workman and let him know face to face how you really feel.

  • Fact

    Fact: Greg Gano has never been able to win without THE BEST players on his team.
    Another Fact: The Spartans class of 2011, 2012, and 2013 does not have more than one player who could compete with the valleys best, and that one is jr linebacker Arevalo.

    Damien lost almost 20 starters, 10 on offense and 7 on defense. Plus kicker and punter. The class of 2010 was stacked for Damien, but Gano didn’t have any NFL-type guys, so it turned into a losing season. Look for another rebuilding year at Damien till Gano can start getting his (illegal) recruits and transfers to come bail him out.

    Even with this new weightroom, Spartans still go 4-7 this year and lose first round. AT BEST

  • spartanalum07

    not fair to say Morrison did not have a good offseason strength program. We worked our tails off going into the 06 season and coach Morrison was on us, pushing us starting at the beginning of the year all the way through fall camp. I am sure Gano has a good thing going with the strength program but i played for Morrison and we were physically in shape to play at a high level.

  • 25 Years ago

    The comment about 25 years ago is funny. Shows how little Gano understands about weight training because 25 years ago football players did care about the weight room. Now maybe 35 years ago they didn’t. but most of the guys I played with and agaisnt who were any good got their butts into the room and did some work. At least the good ones. The difference is we did not need too have fancy bells and whistles back then. And that pretty much sums up Damien’s real problems. Too many country club kids go there now. They lost a lot of the blue collar type kids they used to get whose parents scrapped by to get them a private school education.Have you seen the tuition lately? They need to go find more of those types of guys if they really want to be successful.

  • $$$$$ over Coaching

    Sad but Gano is right and 25 years ago is also right. Kids 25 years ago were not going to trainers in the same numbers they are now. Where was Sparqs training 25 years ago, QB Camps on Cable, Travel this and travel that. Times are changing and Country Club kids rule the roost. Sad but true, and Damien might be the worst in that regard.

    A parent told me only three boys from Holy Name of Mary are enrolling at Damien. Most are attending local area public schools or Amat. HNM is one block away and might signal bad times ahead for Damien as enrollment was at an All Time low this year.

    A lot can be said about Morrison’s role or was it the Alumni’s role in not asking for better support staff for Scott, or at least paying for the costs of a better staff as has been done for Gano. In my honest opinion this staff wins two Championships over the past six years. But would this staff have been assembled even four years ago when Mendrum and Co ran wild?

    Just look at the new Travers & Cronin gym where the training room is a pea hole without the necessary innards for what it was built to be. There’s been poor planning and even worst oversight at Damien over the years and no one wanted to hear it until it was too late.

    Next year will be a culmination of the lack of honesty at Damein or Gano and Co. will perform miracles. Either way the powers that be will blame the blog. $220,000 for a weight room, 1 M for the field and track, $$$ for Baseball field and major bank for the new gym…sorry but Coaching is where the money should have been spent years ago.

  • Blah Blah

    $$$ over Coaching…you talking 2 league championships over the next 6 years??? That could maybe happen with a little luck at coinflip time.

    If you’re talking CIF championships my friend, go check yourself into a rehab center because you’re hitting that pipe a little too much.

  • Coaching

    Interesting you read Gano’s comments and they are all about recruiting. He doesn’t talk about how it is going to help the kids in the program now. He talks about a tool that he can use to recruit kids. Funny how Gano talks about 25 years ago, 25 years ago coaches would talk about coaching up their kids. All Gano talks about is recruiting kids.

    I guess we all can learn from Damien’s mistake, just because you pay your head coach 100k doesn’t make him a good head coach. One of the highest paid coaches in the valley and a losing record his last two seasons. All he can talk about is a weight room that is going to help him recruit kids. I wonder if he is going to be around long enough to see the real benefit of the weight room. Maybe I should ask if he has figured out the real benefit of the weight room, using it.

  • WTF

    Gano is old and out of touch with football. He must be related to Al Davis. Nice gym but I thought its purpose was to train your kids to be physical not a recruiting tool. Gano stop treating the kids in this valley like a meal ticket. I wonder how do treat that kid that is not a great athelete but works hard. Look at the state championship this year Crenshaw had all the talent in world but they could not beat a well coached team. The success of any high football program is to have a great coach not a recruiter.

  • just askin’

    so I guess guys like Redell (Oaks), Welch(Santa Margarita), Rollinson(Mater Dei), Herrington(Hart), or Barnes(Los Al) are also old and out of touch?

  • We’re happy, sorry

    WTF and Coaching do you feel better?

    All the drama of what ifs and shoulds and fake concerns for little Bobbies masking your undeniable dislike of the man. Sounds personal. What did he not do for you?

    No one, and I mean no one, is unhappy at Damien with Gano. Let me repeat that, no one on Damien soil is unhappy with Gano and his staff. You may allow that we are all being fooled by the man you hate but also allow that we also know what we’re doing. Either way it’s none of your business. You have nothing to do with Damien so go fly a kite, preferably during a thunder storm.

    Do some homework. Maxpreps will show you Sainz ran for less than 600 yards last season while running for 1300 yards this year with only 30 more carries. The defense was better by a long shot as the Spartans shut out Glendora and kept them in games against a tough schedule while learning a new system and geting familar with something called , “fundamentals”. They also had multiple players move on to pay next level ball, Polonio (Villanova), Morrison (Colgate), Hale (UCLA), Matthews (Texas Abelene Christian) Dominguez (APU) and others. People were impressed at times and at times frustrated, not with the coaches as much as the players themselves. Cahnge was tougher for some tan others, i’ll leave it at that and move on.

    I can’t stress this enough, “WE’RE HAPPY!!!” Gano can’t change everything in one day but he’s changed everyone’s outlook from day one. Last year’s Freshmen Staff needed addressing he’s done that this year, the JV program needed some tinkering he’s done that. The Weight Room needed addressing he’s done that, we needed a Strength Coach he’s brought one of the best, the kids love Coach Estrada.

    Spring Ball is a flat out Coaching Clinic . Coaches and players are at work, it’s fun and the kids are making huge strides daily.

    I saw the first day of Spring Ball and I thought, maybe were in trouble. Then I went two days later and thought, “These the same the same kids!” I don’t know what it is but the kids understand these guys. Everything is broken down and the practices are a joy to watch if for no other reason than we don’t have to hear that mindless horn every ten minutes! What was that? Seriously Damien will be alright this year as players will be tested, prepared and challenged every day.

    I’ll allow that you hate for Gano is personal reasons and you have your agenda, maybe all of it is valid who knows. Say what you want and be as sour as you’d like but also allow that Gano has assembled a great staff and that his methods have taken hold. Maybe it was time for a change. Notice I won’t argue the past, no point…I wasn’t there. I don’t like when people try and tell me my past “issues” aren’t true or my dislike for someone isn’t valid…so have at it by all means.

    Time will tell who’s proven right. This I know, Damien Football will be better today than it was yesterday and will be something pretty special very soon. Notice no Damien parents with any complaints, how rare is that?

  • Coaching

    If you call that staff you have over their coaching then you are really clueless, and Gano is a perfect fit, for you. Sorry to say everyone isn’t happy over at Damien, you maybe but not everyone. I am aware of multi players that have transferred out of Damien since Gano came into town. Now Gano and staff try very hard to down play that. I am also aware of multi players that didn’t go to Damien because Gano is the head coach. You need to realize in the coaching circle Gano is a joke. Answer me this question, when has the great Gano stepped up to the plate and spoke at a COACHING clinic. I will tell you the answer never.

    Now the players that are there are content with going 5-6 and getting smashed in the playoffs. I would have thought that your school administration would have expected more from their 100k dollar head coach. If youre good with a 5-6 record every year you got your man.

  • Gano Haters Unite!!!! lol Everyone behind Mr. Schriemen


    Sorry but no one transfered out, kicked out maybe but transfered no. As far as not coming to Damien because of Gano, sorry Morrison was dog meat and people came in droves. Maybe it’s the economy and people like to say it’s the coaching when in reality it’s the wallet.

    As far as coaching clinics goes what does matter, Guru is running drills at Pete Carroll’s Camps at USC and that’s about as valid as Aram teaching college Journalism classes. Sorry Aram.

    You say Gano is not a good coach but was he a .500 coach over the same span Morrison was because Morrison ended up 32-33-1, that’s less than .500 You talk about Gano not winning without talent and maybe that explains his 4 Championships, or does it. Morrison could coach WITH talent, so what does damein understand.

    I hear parents are grumbling but that’s Damien for you. Two years ago a kid played all the time on defense and special teams and his dad told him to ask the coach if he could play offense as well, while 60 kids never got in the game! So contrary to what you want to believe most complainers at Damien have kids who play allot, not those that don’t.

    I realize kids transfer out but most “kids’ push the issue, not their parents. Asked to leave isn’t a transfer is it?

  • Coaching

    Nobody transferred out of Damien; I figured someone would come out and make that comment. One kid was a linebacker don’t want to give names on the blog so his first name starts with Ma and then you have a corner first name starts with Ri these two transferred out a couple months after Gano came in, were not asked to leave. Both started at the varsity level somewhere else last year as juniors.

    Now on the Gano speaking at coachs clinics sorry but that was weak. As Gano himself realizes he isn’t very well respected within the coaching community, sorry that is just the way it is.

  • What’s you issues?

    Coaching you have it wrong sorry. I know coaches that would blow your socks off and they don’t speak at clinics either. Most go there to get info not pretend they’re gifted enough to spread a little knowledge on pop warner guys or dads who need the lessons, ie Morrison’s staff. I’d rather listen to Buddy Ryan or men of his stature than to waste my time listening to high school baby sitters.

    Clinics are money makers as much as anything, thought you knew.

    Too bad this has never been a chat room so the questions and answers could be LIVE and expose most of the bashers for what they are, frauds!

    As far as transfers go if the were JV players we missed nothing and I wish them well. Maybe your point speaks more to the Fr./JV experiences tahn it does to teh product Gano is trying to produce.

    Schools aren’t marriages or tattoes…leaving is as easy as walking out the door. 3 Amat stars were Damien freshmen, what’s Jay at the end of his junior year….has anyone mentioned it before? Good for him and the others. Why stay if you have options.

    Not sure what our issues are, please explain them to me.

    Is it that you hate Gano
    You think he’s a sham
    You think Damien should have kept Morrison
    You think Scott got the staff
    Kids hate change
    Kids tranfers
    Parents what more control
    What is it and more importantly why should anyone care?

  • Did they play down to start?

    Wait? Corners? Linebackers?

    Better than Ramirez? better than Lewis? Better than Manley?
    Better than Tracy? Better than Arevalo? Better than Dominguez? Better than Morrison?

    Wait …. is that what you’re saying?

    Okay I thought you were serious.

    Hope Gladstone or Azusa made out!

  • For The Record

    Both these players started their freshmen year on the frosh team. Both players started on JV their sophomore year. Both players transferred out when Gano came in. They played on one of Aram’s top 25 teams in the valley, a matter of fact they played on one of his top 15 teams, so no it wasn’t azusa or gladstone.

  • It happens

    For the record starting for Morrison’s Freshmen or JV coaches means little to me as all were trash and couldn’t coach their way out of a phone booth. i know that’s harsh but it beats saying what I really feels about them. Coach Fed was a solid coach, a fair man and a good teacher, who some how took orders from Coach Jan who was impossible to take seriously.

    Like I said if they moved on good for them. No hate here. Hope they are happy. If they left because of Gano that’s their call again, God bless them. Starting means nothing to me, especially at Damien, where playing time comes for a variety of reasons, I’ll leave it at that.

    Talked to a 08 grad the other day at practice and we were talking about the wealth of talent in that class. They were a gifted class for sure as numerous players were selected in the MLB draft, others played college football and basketball yet maybe their most talented players left due to a variety of reasons.

    Hey it happens. If bad coaching is a reason to leave, so be it. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. Wondering if anyone left Damien because of coaching PRIOR to Gano?

    I guess we all know the answer there don’t we! GO BASEBALL ! lol

  • bystander


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