UPDATED: McFarland’s accepts offer to be next Temple City coach …

UPDATE: Randy Horton is expected to take over as head coach at Pasadena once the respective school boards approve the hires, according to a source.

UPDATE: Mike McFarland, who coached Pasadena to a 5-5 record last season, has accepted an offer to become the next head coach at Temple City.

McFarland will replace Anthony White, who resigned after one season to become head coach at Buena Park.

McFarland will officially take over once he passes a background check. The school board is expected to approve his hire at its next meeting. He will teach government/economics at the school.

Finding a teaching position for the next head coach was thought to be part of the reason the process took so long. White resigned in late February.

Aram’s take: OK, the Rams get their man. Everything I hear about McFarland is good and he’s in just in time for spring. I’m glad this is over and that PHS will transition smoothly with Horton.

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  • Matt

    PHS is screwed.


    Here’s the thing. In sports, as in life, timing is everything. Morrison should have waited and gotten the job in Pasadena. Better everything. Who wants to drive to Workman, in that traffic when you can drive to Pasadena? The talent level is higher at Pasadena and the skill players are bigger, faster and more suited to Morrison’s offense. Like I said from the beginning Aram you miss the obvious. Ask yourself which school would fit Morrison better, Pasadena with those athletes and La Salle, Maranatha and other rich schools watching or Workman? From a career stand point that’s NO BRAINER.

  • greeper

    Atta Boy Mike!!! TC is extremely fortunate, he will bring back some of that TC respect. As for Morrison, you’re nuts waiting for PHS would’ve been a complete waste of time. Those administrators don’t have a clue what’s going on and he’s gonna be just fine where he’s going. As for the drive, you’re also nuts the traffic sux!

  • How so?

    let’s say morrison goes 9-2. 10-2 and 8-3 where does he go from there? on the other hand let’s say he goes 2-8. 4-6 and 5-5 where does he go from there. at least kiki mendoza knew a bad thing when he saw one and scooted out of dodge.

    there are 9 great jobs in this area to choose from, in no particular order…more or less.

    1) Bishop Amat (Hagerty)
    2) Charter Oak (Farrar)
    3) Diamond Ranch (Layton)
    4) South Hills (Bogan)
    5) Damien (Gano)
    6) Glendora (Pasquerella)
    7) San Dimas (Coach Z)
    8) Bonita (Podley)
    9) West Covina (Maggiore)

    I don’t see any of those coaches leaving any time soon, do you? Maybe Diamond Bar is his next stop when whatever happens at Workman. Morrison is a professional high school coach, Workman can’t be the last stop. Question remains, “Where does he go from here?” At least on the West side of the Valley coaching gigs are always in flux. He does magic at Pasadena and who knows maybe he’s at La Salle, a Catholic school, more his style and accustomed pay.

    Do you see things so drastically different. If so how?

  • Goldenarm


    Once again…thanks for staying on top of this.

    My gut tells me this is a story of McFarland WANTING the TC job, wanting it so much he was willing to endure the maze of political horseshit, “new direction” and TCUSD confusion about a salary – that same pile of crap that frustrated Karavedes and sent him back to Whittier wondering why he left in the first place.
    McFarland is a good choice. Why TC wasted 3 months in the hiring practice, who knows. That 3 months could have allowed McFarland to retain some of the TC assistants that have fled to San Marino and elsewhere. As coaches you can’t blame them…people need an income – and a little job security is a good thing too.
    Hopefully Mc Farland is allowed to coach and not smothered in oversight. There is a at least now a glimmer of hope. Though the Rams have seen several key players flee the Ranch, we have a good crop of young kids and some size on the line.

    Hopefully McFarland brings a shot of life back to a football program that has been paralyzed for more than a year. Good luck Coach and welcome to Temple City.

  • New York

    Hopefully this is the beginning of something good at TC. Congratulations.

  • Terrible

    PHS is a joke and has been for a very long time. The real story behind why Coach Mike is out of PHS and at TC now is very funny and typical of why PHS can’t win anymore. Way to go A.P. Mike Bell and crew, you friggin morons.

  • Goldenarm

    Horton is a good guy and was very well liked by the players in the short stint he did as strength coach at temple city.

    Not sure how he will do as a head coach, but the Ram kids who loved the iron – really got along with Horton.
    He knows lifting.

    With this late start, getting everyone energized and ready to work will be McFarland’s first challenge…I hope he has some good assistants on the hook, because TC’s cupboard is bare in that behalf.

    We could have done worse. After a trip down “new direction” road, maybe the Admin realized the slow boring road was not that bad after all. McFarland has the smarts to know simple from complex and what separates a win from a loss. Last year that seperation tended to be 3 points. Fundamentals if beaten in, again and again – will make a 3 point difference turn in your favor.

  • stang!

    So randy H. abandon muir track or did he finish the season?

  • Knightstalker

    Goldenarm, rumor is out there that both Cox and Gibson are packing suitcases for new zip codes? Have you heard the same? Gibson is a steady player, but Cox has the potential to be really special. He looked like a 14 year old at times last season, but I think he also showed flashes of his potential. I can only imagine with a season under his belt what kind of contributions he’d make over the next 3 years! Any chance they can be talked into staying? And did they lose anybody else? Anyway, congrats on filling the vacancy. I think he is the best of the coaches still out their looking for a gig.

  • New York

    I just came across this story about the NW Pasadena. I wonder what the long-term impact on the local HS football will be resulting from this economic redevelopment effort.


  • Goldenarm


    I liked the parents of Brandon and Gibby, and they did what they thought best. Both players would have starred for the Green/Gold. I wish both kids and their families the best of luck and fortune.
    From what I have seen, Coach McFarland would have been a good mentor of either young man, one a freshman the other a soph.

  • Wheelchair running back!!

    I cannot believe anyone would take you serious..You do not know anything about football! You should be a comedian that is how funny your (serious) comments are, or maybe a politician because you’re so full of *$&%!

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