Freddie “Deadline” Robledo has the latest on Amat RB Jay Anderson … and some opinion, too …

Check out the latest and see what Freddie thinks about it.

Aram’s take: It will be very disappointing if Anderson isn’t toting the rock for Amat this season. And it also drops the Lancers down a peg. It seemed the Golden A’s were headed toward a monster season, but this would be a blow. I have to think this will get resolved. Time will tell.

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  • Double Vision

    This back and forth on two blogs is just plain stupid. sorry. Maybe you guys should consider a MIke & Mike type format.

    Two thread on Morrison
    Two threads on the new Gym
    Two on Anderson





  • Panther

    You and Aram need to have your own show like the guys on the west end of the SGV.I don’t know there names but you have had there video on a couple of times .It would be a great start this show with football season starting.I think it would be something real unique and a real rating’s grabber like the blogs when they started. Got some great ideas for what i think people would love to see in SGV and something that would give real exposure to the SGV for fans from LA and the OC.Lets do it…….


    I think thats a great idea, I have just started too watch the mid valley show on tuesday,and I love it. Aram and Fred you guys know more about the area’s football, Then those guys. Make it happen, it would be great for the area.

  • SGVsBest

    I wouldn’t worry about them too much! Amnot will be just fine in September!
    October? Well…That Menudo was going to be a lot tougher to chew on anyway! Hey coach Hags, Jay just gave you a way out of the 2010 season! Rio, are you next?
    I told you about the boy with the little white ball. Didn’t I?