OK, who’s going to carry the rock at Amat now that Jay Anderson is officially not playing football this season …

Fred “Deadline” Robledo got the official word from Keith Anderson, the father of Jay Anderson, that the star running back won’t be playing football this season.

So now the question becomes, who will carry the rock in Anderson’s place? You can’t tell me the cupboard is bare. Obviously, there’s probably not anybody around who can tote it like Anderson, but there has to at least be some decent options.

Zachary Shay?
Jalen Moore?

Aram’s take:
This absolutely blows. What was shaping up to be an amazing season at Amat is now somewhat in doubt. There are obviously plenty of studs still around, like QB Rio Ruiz and WR Wallace Gonazlez. But this was the offense’s best returner, at least in terms of numbers. Now coach Steve Hagerty and his dynamic staff have to really coach ’em up.

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  • Anonymous123

    Considering he had 80% of Amats TD’s last season, maybe they should consider changing their preseason schedule. I’m sure a lot of teams would like to reschedule with Amat on the table. They have dropped down considerably to a Montview league contender.

  • Zachary Shay’s Freshman Highlights

    Zachary Shay’s Freshman Highlights


    It’s a pretty cool video!

  • PAC5



    Have one better for you ARAM!!!




  • Lancer Fact Finder

    Thanks Dad for Zachary Shay’s highlight video. You work with our Varsity highlight video is much appreciated as well. The Bishop Amat family is excited for the challenges and opportunities ahead for your son this year. This is not a rumor but actually fact Zachary Shay will be our starting running back this year and in due time hopefully sooner than later everyone will just remember the plays he will be making for us on the field. Good luck to Zachary but also to Jay.

  • TC Bruin

    Jalen Moore will emerge are the back replacing JA. Tough, able to run between the tackles, ability to block, prepared phsically AND mentally for his assignments.

  • Amat Fan

    To Aztec Fan,who in the hell cares about Aztec Azusa football. Might as well go to a Pop warner game and see better Football.



    It’s okay for you to put your little input on the AZUSA article, but I place a little comment on here and here you go again showing your IQ again!

    AMAT FAN why don’t you grow up!

  • HAHAHA azusa football WHO?

    aztec pride let us gain respect for your team by posting this years schedule…

    Since you are a real azusa fan you should be able to provide that with no problems right???

    Im still looking for the azusa article you mention hahaha

  • Amat Fan

    To Azusa pride, with all due respect stay off the Amat Posts if you can. Ok I am glad you azusa guys have something to brag about. The only thing I will say is the Mountview league is the weakest league comparible to the D13 Santa fe League. You guys would get killed by anyone else.

  • Jeremy

    Aztec Pride,

    Give it a rest, dude. Azusa sucks! Montview league sucks! D-XIII sucks! I’ve seen your brand of football, and its boring, and it sucks!

    By the way, it is utterlty predictable. 5-5 RB gets the ball 95% of the game. Most tackles are dragging tackles. In a good year, with a stud QB, 11 passes are attempted, of which 3 are completed. Your stud lineman is 5-8 275lbs of donut fat, or a 5-10 190lbs stud that runs a 5.7-6.2 40; and, let us not neglect that 5-8 or 5-10 TE/LB.

    NObody gives a crap about the Aztecs! Sorry, but no one cares!!!!!

    A 2-8 Amat would rip a 10-0 Azusa apart, and into unrecognizable shreds- period.

  • Two Cents

    Azteca – Sabes que homes, don’t let the weak and unintelligent get you down. Post what you will. But remember, as one of the Amat faithful said on your thread, a real Amat fan wouldn’t post that kind of garbage so try to be a little thicker skinned and we can all progress through the smoke screens. I think Moore, Shay and freshman can handle the rock carrying duties. Jay A. should have stayed, don’t really see a future in baseball but hey, that’s my opinion and I will close that subject by wishing him all the best. Amat has several legit two sport athletes and they will all contribute to the team in some way. The football TEAM will pull together and those that have been patiently awaiting their turns will finally get a chance. If I’m a potential RB transfer who needs a place to shine, I am suddenly putting Amat on my list of places to play. In addition to the guys we have, who knows what else this opportunity could bring?



    HAHAHA, scroll down all the way to the bottom and you’ll see the article ARAM wrote up on AZUSA, stating (AZUSAS GETTING SO GOOD THAT TRANSFERS ARE SHOWING UP)! So take that up with Mr. Aram. He blogged it and that’s, that!


    Go ahead and knock us down with your little pathetic insults, but you know what, you’ll never knock our passion for the game. That my friend is what heart is called, and every kid that goes out and plays dreams to do something on the field, either playing for amat or THE AZUSA AZTECS!

    So Now that you brought it up about staying off (YOUR AMAT POST), your right! What was I thinking in placing my post here and I apologize for any inconvience I cause you to read my post. I mean the nereve of me, and having no consideration for your sore eyes and your whole body getting all up TIGHT!.


  • Kaptain Kiefer

    Would like to hear from some of the Amat faithful on this. What are your thoughts? I believe that out of adversity comes opportunity. Someone will get the opportunity to be a leader. Who will take advantage of the opportunity presented this year? Who will be the next Amat RB?

  • Amat Fan

    Ok Azusa pride I apologize for negative comment’s about aztec Football. you guys should be proud because you guys have been down for a long time. Any good or decent Athlete will not transfer to Azusa.

  • AMAT 73

    Somethings are better left alone.As far as AMAT Fan’s question to AZTEC about who cares about Azusa football? Well I am pretty sure a whole community does. No need to come on and knock a fan of another school unless they come on here a take a shot at AMAT in my opinion. Doesn’t matter what divison you play because all these great kids hustle and hit their azzes off everyday at practice and on Friday nights.Football is football from the little guys playing flag in Pop Warner to the pros . Great game and no one should be shot down for playing in a lower division . If AMAT was in d-12 or whatever you would still be rooting just as loud as you do now with them in d-1. Jeremy , if you’re the same one from LA what nerve you have saying Azusa football sucks because that 10-0 Azusa team would probably smack the hell out of your beloved LA. Now back to the subject matter of carrying the rock for AMAT. Fortunately we have always been able to reload at the running back position . It has been a trait of AMAT to some how come up with a player to fill the gap when one of top back graduates or leaves for other reasons. I know last season there was a young back , I think it was Moore who was used in a couple of plays to give JA a breather and this kid had speed amd moves to burn. We will be fine and we just might see a shift to more passing due to WG and a few others taking some heat off the backfield.

  • 94Alum

    Ill tell u who’s gonna run the rock. His name is Jalen Moore. The kid has paid his dues as a full back last season. And he isn’t a full back by any stretch of the imagination. Jalen will successfully run the rock for the next two seasons in true Amat fashion, with skill, talent and most importantly, heart. Id like to thank Jay Anderson for stepping aside as now Jalen will have 2 years to impress the scouts and silence the haters. Friday night lights are back and Amat is going all the way.

    And coach Hagerty, let’s get a little more creative with the play calling. 32 and 33 smash no more than 20 times a games.

  • Amat Fan = Amat Hater

    Amat Fan is a poser posing as an Amat supporter. Why would any true BA Fan knock Azusa of all schools? Then he apologizes and then immediately knocks Azusa again in the same post? The answer is, they wouldn’t. This is an obvous poser my good friends…

    It’s really pathetic when you resort to pretending you support a particular program in order to attempt to give that program a bad name. I feel sorry for people like Amat Fan. I’m going to pray for him because his life is obviously not what he wanted it to be. I encourage you all to join me.

  • smallcity

    I watched Jay play as a freshman and knew back then he would be playing Div. 1 ball. It just didn’t occur to me that it would be baseball. I don’t begrudge him or his family for choosing baseball. Good luck to him and thanks for the memories. It was great.

    With that said, This is nothing more than a great player moving on (think graduation). Yes, his loss will hurt, but come on! If one player makes that much of an impact then Amat never deserved to be where they now are. I’ve always thought that Hags and crew make the team what it is. Some players have raw talent, but as a whole, the coaching staff develops the team and that is the key.

    I completely agree with Amat73. Leave Azusa out of it! His take on the pass is right on. Open up the passing game to create a running game and vice versa. He’s pointing out football 101.

  • Amat Fan

    No I am not a hater. I played at Amat in the early 2,000’s . I just don’t think Azusa should be talking on Amat’s subjects.

  • New Lancer Fan

    I think Danials (Soph) will be a fine RB candidate. He was amazing his Freshman year and with a little experience with the big boys he can definately fill any gaps in our rotation. I think the other two RB’s transferred out after football and danials is the only runing back left from the freshman team. Just wait, he will be a pleasant surprise. Go Big Blue.

  • Happy Jack

    J. Moore is looking real good at RB. He and Z. Shay should handle the toteing of the rock duties with no problems. At QB spot R. Berrera is looking good early on (JV starter candidate). Booth and T.P. are most definately battling to see who will be R. Ruiz back-up. Still early but we should really be looking for rec’s NOW! WG is going to need help. Team looks promising. Does anyone know when first Passing Scrimmage is?

  • 94Alum

    I haven’t had the opportunity to see this freshman running back. And as good as he might be, there is no way he will be carrying the load for Amat with Moore and Shay in front of him. Both J.Moore and Z. Shay have paid their dues last year as blocking backs for Anderson. Whoever this freshman running back is, his job is clearly defined. Pay your dues. We’ll see you as a junior do your thing. Lets not forget who the running back coach is. Its none other than Rodney Sermons. Rodney knows first had what it means to be an all star running back moving up to varsity at Amat. Rodney, in my opinion was a far more dynamic running back than his upper class man teammate, Scott Fields. But, Sermons had to do what all lower class man running backs playing on the varsity squad must do… and that is to block and catch the occasion pass out in the flats. Win or lose, were going to be riding the backs of both J.Moore and Z.Shay.

  • New Lancer Fan

    Alum – ABSOLUTELY! No one said the freshman should be the starter and you’re right he must and will poay his dues before he see’s any RB duties full time or if at all. As I said he had a good freshman year and he is a good running back but it appears that he wont even be on the offensive side of the ball this year. The thread said who will carry the rock and I mentioned him only to point out that Amat always has options. Believe me, this kid IS in the wings and paying dues is not a problem. Daniels will be a solid addition to the up and coming corps of Amat running backs. I look for J. Moore and Z. Shay to PROVE to any doubters that they can carry the load for the Lancers. Good blocking backs don’t always translate into good tailbacks though BUT, I like what I saw last year and I like what I see so far. Go Lancers!!!

  • 94Alum

    I just wanna clear something up. I too agree that good blocking backs do not necessarily make good tailbacks. Thank God for us that neither J.Moore or Z.Shay are blocking backs. Both are great tailbacks who had to play a particular role on last years squad.

  • New Lancer Fan

    Alum – Hey you said it not me, you called them blocking backs. I was responding to your comments. That just shows how deep Amat is at the RB position. Both are fine RB’s. Just for clarification purposes, I didn’t say that either of them wont translate to a good RB, only that not “all blocking backs” will translate into good tailbacks. I’m a lancer fan my man and all I hope for is a solid replacement to last years RB. As I said, I like what I see so far. Overall, the Offense will be fine but I can’t really say anything about the defense yet, gonna have to wait until summer for that. Go big blue!