2006 All-Area linebacker Anthony Hile joins Scott Morrison’s staff at Workman …

Anthony Hile, a 2006 Tribune All-Area selection at linebacker for Damien, has joined Scott Morrison’s staff at Workman as the team’s linebackers coach.

Aram’s take: Like it. Morrison’s well on his way to putting together a good staff at Workman. I’m telling you, it may not take much to turn the Lobos into the Montview’s perennial favorite (sorry, Azusa) and a solid Mid-Valley Division contender. Hope the Lobos like to hit. If not, Hile will make them.

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    Alright Aram, here’s an article I can actually blog to since they ran me off the AMAT (JAY)ARTICLE.HAHAH…

    Wow sounds like Workman is doing all the right things to Win! Having the right coaches can make an entire football program turn around. Well Aram will have to see what happens this season won’t we. Your right about having a coach that can teach them how to hit, because I believe these kids from the Montview league are already tough, being that they are brought up in the toughest neighborhoods and they just need to be shown on the football field.

    Well it looks like Coach Scherf will have his hands full this new season, but I think he should be okay! I mean look what he’s done the last two seasons but WIN! He was one game away from the championship game! And played San Dimas well the first half and was actually in that game until the third qtr, until the team could no longer hold the running game. Well that’s history now BUT! NEVER FORGOTTEN! Hopefully SMOKIN JOE, will build off that and get us to the next step!

    Now Aram don’t get to ahead of yourself and start using BIG wordS like PERENNIAL FAVORITES, right now were the MONTVIEW LEAGUE CHAMPS, and don’t ever underestimate the HEART OF CHAMPION!

    2008 2009


  • Aztec Pride,

    I respect that. Smokin’ Joe’s momentum won’t be stopped by what’s going on at Workman. And if he keeps the Azusa athletes excited, he’ll keep winning. But Workman may come up another notch under Morrison. Then you have Albert and Gladstone, who do a great job. And if Bassett can run Cieslik’s funky offense, they’re going to mess up a lot of people. This league is getting very good, very fast. I just think when you look at the type of mentality Morrison will bring to Workman, especially with guys like Hile helping him out, it’s possible Workman develops into a real nice program.


    Too bad FC burned all his bridges with Morrison because with all his coaching knowledge and fine resume of schools he has coached at Morrison might have used him as his OC or maybe the DC .

  • Easy Pickings

    Aram what will Anthony’s responsibilities be? Hile Sr. will also help Morrison out but who’s on the staff so far. OC and DC will be who? It’s a financially depressed league so they should out class the field easily.

  • Oh Okay

    Aram sometimes you suspend good judgment and lose any credibility as a Football Man when you make declarations like that.