• BigDog

    Good thing they will not be faced with DR in play-offs.Bogan your full of excuses, you know you got your A.. kicked in play-offs last two years against DR.Oh and by the way we had players out hurt as well not to mention a couple key players the last two years out for academics as well.Fred I guarantee you’ll never here Roddy complaining that he lost because he had players hurt.Bogan you big cry baby..Good thing South Hills didn’t play Charter Oak that would have been funny.Fred why do you ink this meat head every year at this time.

  • Norco

    SH looks like they have a making of a pretty good squad. Good luck this year. I will say this though…the top teams in the Inland Divison Chap, CC, Norco VM….depth is not an nobody goes both ways.

  • BigDog,

    Fred ain’t here. Did you forget where you are?

  • BigDog

    Just lean over your cubicle and tell Fred he has a message!

  • justplay

    SHHS had a very good jv team last year with a lot of juniors playing most of these are moving into starting positions this year.
    These are the players that make up the word team, the hard workers,the kids with heart, they will work hard and will enjoy a very successful year. So goodbye to the crybabies and their daddies. If they succeed elsewhere good for them. We true fans will be behind these kids every step of the way.Coaches remember sometimes it is better to have team of players than one superstar.
    Discipline, loyalty and respect all can be taught and learned.