Glendora’s Chad Jeffries starting to look Elite …

Glendora’s Chad Jeffries had another huge performance at a quarterback showcase. This time it was at the Elite 11 regional camp at Cal.

Here’s what was written in Greg Biggins‘ ESPN article about it:

In terms of consistency, Chad Jeffries from Glendora (Glendora, Calif.) shined throughout the camp and is having a strong spring. Jeffries was the QB MVP at the NIKE Camp at USC and was even better in Berkeley.

“We called him Mr. Accuracy because he was on the money with every throw,” lead quarterback coach Matt James said. “I can only remember one ball hitting the ground all day and that was late in the camp on a post-corner route.”

“He’s being way under-recruited right now and is a definite Division I prospect,” James added. “He has good enough size, can make all the throws and is an athletic kid. He was probably my No. 1 guy today.”

I spoke to Glendora coach Mark Pasquarella about how Jeffries is starting blow up on the recruiting the scene.

Here’s what Coach Pasquarella said:

“We’re getting a lot of action around here with him, it’s unbelievable,” Pasquarella said. “I’ve never been so busy.”

Aram’s take: “Bad Chad”? “Chad ‘The Situation'”? Somebody help me come up with a nickname for this kid. We’re gonna need it. Finally a big time QB recruit in the SGV. The answer to my wishes. Oh man, am I looking forward to the Charter Oak-Glendora game. Jeffries doing his thing with CO’s Maurice Clement coming off the edge. Can’t get here fast enough.



    I think this will be one of the biggests games this season. These two teams always find to away to reload. I’m calling a packed house at Citrus College with a very anticipated week 0 game between the cross town rivals. I cannot wait to see Jeffires running for his life, and Santiago throwing at his pick of either 6-3 thropay, 6-4 south hills transfer, 6-2 Rufus and another 6-2 reciever I cant remember his name right now. The season is looking bright for Santiago with all the weapons he will have avaibale to throw to.

  • D-Mo

    How ’bout Chad “the target” Jeffries.

  • Norco

    He can have all the weapons in the world…But everybody knows O-Line play is the single most important component of offense. How does his OL look?

  • Scarlet Red and Black

    SGV Football,

    First off learn to spell the name right.
    And be careful what you wish for wanting Jeffries to run for his life, he may RUN in 2 or 3 Td’s.


    Scarlet Red and Black,

    Touch on recognizing my spelling error. We know Jeffries is not running for 2 or 3 TD’s he is a pocket passer a damn good one don’t get me wrong. He averaged 59 yards a game rushing not a typical threat to run outside the pocket.


    You’re back maybe this time we can speak like civilized people. On the O-Line we got some Hogs returning with a couple new additions that should make the line look better this year than last.

  • Terrible Tartan

    Glendora beats Charter Oak by a minimum of 3 touchdowns. We purposely never signed the contract for two years because we were down and your were up. Now Charter Oak is in a rebuilding mode and we have the best athlete in the Valley so this is a recipe for disaster for the Chargers. The Tartans also have payback on their minds so I seriously think between the step up in competition for Charter Oak as well as the hype for Glendora being real there is no way Charter Oak wins this game and should be more worried about not getting blown out and us ruining their season after Week 0. I’m telling you we’ve had this game marked on our calendar for a LONG time. You’ll be handing back over our trophy. Don’t worry, you just wait and see.

  • Scarlet Red and Black

    SGV Football,
    Let me repeat what you stated in response to my last post: ” not a typical threat to run outside the pocket.” ARE YOU CRAZY ?
    Please take time to watch his highlight video-
    I think it’s so funny when people talk and have no idea what they are talking about.

  • D-Mo

    Terribly Tartan,
    You guys weren’t down all those years. Must have been something else.
    Anyway, we all know CO’s record at Citrus. That place needs to have it’s spell broke. I hope that happens this September. I think both teams will come out looking sharp, but Glendora always seems to get the big plays on that field, and CO usually won’t open the playbook until week 4 or 5. That’s the only “recipe for disaster” I see. Too bad we couldn’t play a mid-season non-league game in week 6.
    Well, I look forward to all the crap talkin before the game.
    Till then, COOOOOO!

  • QB fan

    How about “Chad” you “Bad!”

  • Aram

    This game is going to be off the hook. A great way to start the season. Area’s best QB vs. two-time defending CIF champs. Not to mention the Trophy. Not to mention Mike the Clone. Believe me, I’ve heard from both sides how excited the players already are for it.


    Scarlet Red and Black,

    Like I have been saying Chad is a great QB but he wont be able to take the punishment a typical CO defense imposes on teams. Dont forget highlight film or not his average is 59 yards per game and that is not a big time game change. If he is going to hurts us he will hurt us with his arm not his feet.

    Aram for two years at the begining if the season we have been arguing about CO vs BA, BA vs CO. This year we get a little change of pace and we get CO vs Chad the Man Jeffries and Glendora for week zero. I can’t wait!

  • Aram

    So far we have:

    Chad “The Situation” Jeffries
    Bad Chad Jeffries
    Chad “The Target” Jeffries
    Chad “You Bad” Jeffries …

    Keep ’em coming. Tell me which one you like, too. Executive decision coming sometime soon.

  • Scarlet Red and Black

    SGV Football,
    Im not going to argue the point anymore I was only responding that you stated he doesn’t run out of the pocket which I know is wrong and no matter what you say will never change my mind. I have been to every Glendora game since Jonathan Smith and even a few way back to JJ O’Laughlin and Jeffries is the real deal.
    I think we can all agree though its’s going to be one hell of a game to open up the 2010 SGV football season. To bad for smudgepot, lol.

  • Scarlet Red and Black

    I guess I will put my 2 cents in and say: ” CHAD THE RAD” ?

  • Ray Lewis

    Terrible Tartan said:

    Best athlete in the valley? Last time I checked does he play other sports to be classified as such? LOL

    Wait till we stick his skinny @ss!

  • QB fan

    I have another one! Chad “Too Bad!” Jeffries

  • Gary Cooper

    How about ‘High Noon” from the Gary Cooper movie.

    While all his star players have graduated or transfered Jeffries is left alone to face down the Baseline League. Jeffries is a true gunslinger who will be hunted down but I like his chances.

    Somehow I think Jeffries is playing it cool and welcoming the chance to showcase his talent and leadership skills.

    That’s it Aram….HIGH NOON

    You can thank me later.



    Chad the Man Jeffries.

  • Terrible Tartan

    You know what really bothers me? I’ll tell you! When people get on here squawking about their pansy football team when in the last several years no one on your schedule for 14 weeks has been like the likes of us except for maybe Rancho Cucamonga. I guarantee you no one is going to hit you as hard and come after you for 4 quarters like us in the first 10 weeks of your season. You will have to play someone like Norco to compare with us. Seriously, we all know this game is personal and for some families we’ve been waiting longer than just the last several years in high school to make our point.

    Now I am not popping off but merely just stating facts. Coach was probably right the last few years you were more athletic than us but now you will have guys staring at the big lights and stadium in their first Friday night football game when we are throwing and running right past you with the best QB in Southern California. Enjoy sitting on your perch right now because nothing is going to be sweeter than Glendora Tartan football smacking you right off your pedestal. We are going to hurt you so good and send you back to a has been once was and will never be again football team that people will soon forget about and say, “What happened to Charter Oak?” That’s ok, come watch your Division and us play football in the playoffs. I’m sending you a personal invitation to the party so you can get in!

  • Clint Eastwood

    Mr Cooper – the name for GHS skill positions, QB, and O-Line should be…

    “The Good, th eCHAD, and the Ugly”!



    Do us all a favor and PLEASE shut up! Glendora continues to choke in the playoffs every year! You have the nerve to call-out C/O? PLEASE. GLENDORA couldn’t even beat DIAMOND RANCH!

    At the end of year you’ll be eating TARTAR SAUCE! AGAIN!

  • CO Bro

    Chad “Launch-pad” Jeffries.

    TT, no way do the Tartans beat the Chargers, let alone win by 3 touchdowns! Not gonna happen.

  • sgvpride

    How about this…Chad “Quince” Jeffries?
    If 15 is his number I think it is
    We already have chad ochocinco.

  • Aram

    “Launch pad” … I like that.

  • Videoman

    Chad Jeffries in not only a classy kid, but is a really good player with a super competitive drive to win games. He can run and throw equally well, but he will only be as strong as his supporting staff. If Glendora can develop a strong offensive line and some solid receivers they should have a pretty nice 2010 season. With their tough non league schedule and the move to the baseline league, if they can get into the playoffs they could be quite a handful. This nickname stuff is comical-if you knew Chad he could care less about what you call him, he just wants to win football games.

  • fyi

    Aram, cv is having a passing league tournment tomorrow. I heard a couple lal teams will be present.


    Terrible Tartan,

    Okay lets get this straight you said “You know what really bothers me? I’ll tell you! When people get on here squawking about their pansy football team when in the last several years no one on your schedule for 14 weeks has been like the likes of us except for maybe Rancho Cucamonga”.

    Okay lets got back a couple months and reflect on Glendora’s situation…

    1) West Covina- you lost. Our score was 35-10
    2) Diamond Bar- You let them score 20 points on you. CO score 48-0
    3) Diamond Ranch- you won by two points. CO score vs Dranch 21-0 CIF championship
    4)Damien- You lost 21-0!
    5)Rancho you lost we lost also but we gave that game to them.

    So we have common teams that we have played, so please do not be coming in here all cocky if you can’t even finish off West Covina.

  • fyi

    Local teams*

  • Chad the Lad

    Performances earn players nick names.

    Aram as much as I like Chad, and I think he’s the best to come down the pike in a while, he’s done very little to earn a nickname at this time. Obviously Aram you suffer from premature journalistic pronunciation. or PJP ! LMAO So Chad the Lad seems appropriate, at this time. Some day I hope he’s Mad Chad…as in Mad Max but that will come if he plays to his potential, opps. IF he can get those half stepping stoner bros to take football more seriously than they do their desert toys, future stripper GFs, lifted trucks and getting blasted. All Glendora trademarks for 30 years. Chad should have transfered after his JV season when the tools began to blossom. His JV highlights are unreal. The vision, the will, the arm, the instincts, the leadership was all there. LB Poly needed a QB and this year they will be stacked. Transfer Chad Transfer!

  • charter oak nation

    sad jefferies

  • Plaid Man

    I’ll give him my name……..Plaid Chad.

  • grow up did ya ?

    Wasn’t it Plaid Lad Mr. Vega?

  • I Have a Name!

    Chad “overrated” Jefferies

  • JFR

    So it begins again, CO vs the TARTS. Where are you at Plaid Lad, I’ve missed you since you dropped us after that crushing loss we gave you your sons senior year.

  • Smash

    Jeffries is the real deal. He definitely has the tools to shine at the next level. My concern is Glendora’s running game and the skill level of the receivers he has around him. Most of his leading receivers are graduating. Anyone have info on the upcoming talent at varsity?

  • reality

    I got a nickname for you. How about: Aram the no share-em Tolegian. C’mon start reporting or quit this blog.


    Wait a minute here . Before we start to give this player all the glory why don’t we wait and let him earn it . Far different when you got 4 to 5 salivating defensive linemen trying to tear your head off during a game . Remember names like Leaf and recently Russell who were can’t miss phenoms coming out of college. Same thing here . Great at camps or spring passing leagues but Friday night are a whole different situation. Week zero will say a lot as to where this young man stands.

  • Dan

    Your Quote to Terrible Tartan,: “So we have common teams that we have played, so please do not be coming in here all cocky if you can’t even finish off West Covina.”
    Dude you’re too cruel, that hits me right in the heart!!!lol.
    Hey at least give us a little credit, after all we did pound your defense the whole night for 290 yards on the ground didn’t we? You know, that same defense that held the Mirmonte league scoreless for the season. I don’t think any other team you played was able to run the ball on you like we did, not even Rancho C. If you take away the drive killing fumbles the game looks a lot better for WC. [There were 4 to 5 fumbles]

  • Daniel, Daniel, Daniel


    You defend your team to a default and still the same result always occurs for West Covina versus Charter Oak every year. I know probably that statement alone will demand you to provide us with another comeback but my point is facts are facts and Charter Oak has done more to disappoint you and your program than probably any other team in the Valley every year. I’m sorry but Charter Oak is your nemesis and when you defend West Covina with the could of, should of, would of, what if instead of just giving credit where credit is due makes you sound like a whiny complaining brat. Stop pouting and tell your boys maybe now they can become men since the real men have moved on to bigger and better football. Truthfully though you make excuses for West Covina and always try to rationalize and reason with us about how and why Charter Oak is so successful but just take the losses on the chin and move forward. Charter Oak is just a better program is every facet period. End of story! Now carry on and good luck this year because without Charter Oak or South Hills you have no one or nothing to point the finger at but yourselves now. Time will tell but until then just say we got beat by a better team.


    At least you can one thing about WC that you can never say about CO . WC has the stones to take on Mater Dei 2 years then face Amat 2 years which is something CO will never ever do . So mister CO don’t get too high on that horse because it’s on for you next year . You can run but you can’t hide . So let’s see what kind of guts you guys really have facing the teams you will in the playoffs , if you make it that far.


    I’m a diehard Bishop Amat alumnus and fan. And I know the minds of my friends that have been following SGV ball for quite a few years now. Let me tell you something…the Bishop Amat Alumni have nothing but the deepest respect for West Covina. That program has had the balls to compete with the best and win or lose, Amat fans have no choice but to respect the Bulldogs.

    It’s not always about winning. It’s about honor and level of competition. The Bulldogs played us tough last season and even if they did not…the fact remains that they played.

    As a Lancer I hope West Covina meets Mater Dei on the field once again. And I hope the Bulldogs beat em…and beat em good.

    This is our home. I grew up in West Covina. It’s where my Grandma lives.



    I’m a diehard Bishop Amat alumnus and fan. And I know the minds of my friends that have been following SGV ball for quite a few years now. Let me tell you something…the Bishop Amat Alumni have nothing but the deepest respect for West Covina. That program has had the balls to compete with the best and win or lose, Amat fans have no choice but to respect the Bulldogs.

    It’s not always about winning. It’s about honor and level of competition. The Bulldogs played us tough last season and even if they did not…the fact remains that they played.

    As a Lancer I hope West Covina meets Mater Dei on the field once again. And I hope the Bulldogs beat em…and beat em good.

    This is our home. I grew up in West Covina. It’s where my Grandma lives.


  • JFR

    SCOREBOARD and nothing more.

  • Dan

    Scoreboard baby, Touche, I can’t argue with that.

    To Daniel Daniel Daniel,
    Just giving out some facts to better put the game into perspective. Had to come back with something after the little stab that SGV FOOTBALL took at my favorite team. As for a better program over there, I’m not so convinced, our boys work just as hard, you
    may get more talent [transfers] in most years but both staffs run a good program, lets see how your “real” men fare, now that all your “west of the 605” talent is graduating.

  • Daniel, Daniel, Daniel


    I baited you and you took the bait hook, line, and sinker! I seriously said to myself he is going to cry TRANSFER! You are pathetic! If you feel the need to talk transfers, I want to talk transfers because if I remember correctly you too have gotten your share of transfers also. Everybody already realizes that Charter Oak is going to suffer after this move in Divisions and I used to think you were different than everybody else but you are not different than anybody else and that is you want to witness Charter Oak suffer and fail miserably because of transfers and having gotten beat by them in the past. The past is the past and let go of what you can’t hang onto and I guarantee you if you received transfers as well you would defend and probably even condone those actions. You know as well as I do that you have received transfers in the past but nobody remembers them or talks about them because you still get beat no matter what and that’s my point. You are a hypocrite! You have no integrity! I have no respect for you playing Mr. Nice Guy when you are a wolf in sheep clothing!

    How about being a decent person like you project at being and wish Charter Oak the best of luck and want what’s best for them in the future and in the meanwhile admit you too have gotten transfers (plural) that have been impact players and you would never refuse a family wanting to choose to play at West Covina. The bottom line is though family’s don’t want to play at West Covina first especially if teams like Charter Oak keep beating them every year. You have no creditability brother! Good luck to you and I really do hope you can win now with an asterisk next to your victories.

  • Listen and Learn

    Look….all I know is that CO has probably the strongest and quickest line they’ve had in years! so on top of that CO has all of its main weapons from last year returning through the air except for the likes of AJ but I think CO will have a crucial air attack and a widely diversed run game!! I plan on seeing big things this year out of CO!! Also those trash talkers who say CO won’t schedule a pac 5 school, they don’t need too they are in the arguably best division in California let alone the nation being in the Inland division with the likes of Corona Centennial, Norco, Chapparel, Redlands East Valley, Temecula Valley, A.B. Miller and the list goes on and on and on, last year there were over 50 kids go D1 from the Inland Division schools!! So if you think CO is a big sissy look at who they will be playing in the playoffs year in and year out!!!!

  • Bulldog Brother

    Please lay off of our village idiot. We all know he talks from his posterior but that doesn’t mean you have be so mean. He takes this stuff far too personal and is probably someplace crying right now. Be nice please.

  • Dan’s STILL the MAN !

    Dan’s one of the nicest bloggers ever! Everyone knows his takes and allegiance never are mean spirited, a welcome relief compared to others. Too bad your mind works to bait people , whatever that means. Don’t bother explaining yourself DDD, you’ve said enough.

    Dan you’re a class act. Any updates on any WC players plays to continue playing college ball some where?

  • Dan’s STILL the MAN !

    Dan’s one of the nicest bloggers ever! Everyone knows his takes and allegiance never are mean spirited, a welcome relief compared to others. Too bad your mind works to bait people , whatever that means. Don’t bother explaining yourself DDD, you’ve said enough.

    Dan you’re a class act. Any updates on any WC players plays to continue playing college ball some where?

  • Dan

    To Daniel,Daniel,Daniel,
    Hypocrite? No Integrity? No Respect for Me?
    Dang dude you feel better now? Chill out already, did the subject of “transfer” hit a nerve?
    Never claimed to be Mr. Nice Guy, I try to be respectful but we all fall short don’t we? How about you? Can you walk on water? Anyways whats more pathetic, your pompus CO superiority or my responces to it? I’m not sure.
    Never said that getting transfers was a bad thing, sure we would welcome transfers like any school would, we’ve gotten a few transfers these past couple of years just not at the level that you guy’s do. I think since 2007 we’ve had three of them start. Thats one a year, not 4 D1 prospects in the same year like you guy’s had. My point wasn’t that accepting transfers was a bad thing, but that you guy’s had a big advantage these past couple of years because of them, its the truth, and the ONLY reason I brought that up was because of yours and sgv football’s need to put down the WC program.
    By the way I really do wish CO good luck in their new division I’d like to see your boys or even South Hills bring down some of those big Inland teams, I don’t think it will happen but I would like to see it. Yet at the same time I’ll be more than happy to respond to your Charter Oak cockiness whenever its directed our way, can you respect that?

  • Dan

    Bulldog Brother,
    Weren’t you that Bulldog imposter that was on here a week or two ago, heaping all kinds of praises to the Charter Oak program? Yeah right Bulldog Brother.
    To Dan’s still the man,
    Hope all is well my WC friend, it’s getting a little treacherous on here lately. A couple of players I’m aware of are Isaac Tucker from 2007 season who got a scholarship to SouthWest Oklahoma State via Citrus College, and of course Walter Thurmond who is now with the Seattle Sea hawks. There are also some WC kids at Citrus that I’ll be hoping to watch in the fall, Albert Cid, Alonzo Nevarez and Jabril Pearson, and I hear there may be others from this past years WC team coming to play at Citrus.

  • Dan’s the Man !

    Dan, all is well. Had a hiccup last week but went to the source and nipped that in the bud. You’d fall over if you knew the story but I’ve already given him too much attention.

    Citrus is a great avenue for kids to continue playing. I never went that route because in truth playing at that level just didn’t appeal to me but those that have have nothing but great stories to tell.

    Years ago a kid from Damien never got any playing time until his senior season. He was a 6’3″ 295 lbs bundle of “just let me play”after sitting for three years. He made all league his senior year and parlayed his time at Citrus into a scholarship. So it does work for those willing to follow their dream and work hard, no matter what others think.

    Another player from CO, in fact, a LB graduated in 05 and decided he still had the bug so last year he played and won a scholarship as well years after his last HS football game. I played football with his Dad back in HS. So there’s hope for anyone who just wants it bad enough.

    Really excited to see Walter play. Everyone says he’s just an incredible individual. so I know he’d be and asset to any team. Last but not least going to see Cid play. Heard so much about him but never got a chance in HS.

    Years ago I went to see Glendora practice and came away thing the best player on the field was Addison B. People thought I was crazy. In fact someone said he was less that fierce, that’s the clean version, but I saw something in the kid. Actually he reminded me of that big Damien kid. Hear he’s tearing it up at Citrus and has huge value because he plays multiple OL positions.

    Dan too many HS athletes are like shooting stars, once HS is over they’re just a memory. Others, like these kids refuse to be pigeon holed…I admire that greatly. In Fact Aztec Pride has a boy there still going for it, props to all these kids.

    MSAC might be a farm but seems like Citrus does it with more local kids, both are great.

    Dan as always you deflect hate better than anyone, too bad I never learned that lesson, lol.


    Learn and Listen,
    First off the Inland is no Pac -5 by any means . Granted there are very top quality programs but all across the board it is no Pac-5 . Also you are jumping the gun a bit as to the playoffs. They have to get there first. You will come to find that by not testing themselves against top quality opponets it will show its face when and if CO makes the playoffs . You can tell by your post you know nothing of what it is to face the teams you mentioned in the Inland and Pac-5. CO has been in a class all by themselves in their cozy little world of the Southeast and should have been moved years ago but now it time to put up or shut up . For you I think you really should shut up until something is put up by CO .

  • Los Altos Update


    Arellanes is a joke, this guy and his staff are clueless. Here is a current status of our program since he has taken over;

    QB/S Christian Palacios (Frosh)- not going to play football.

    RB/SS Lance Fernandez (Frosh) – going back to East LA to play, I believe Garfield.

    TE/LB Sal Velasquez (Frosh) – left to Bishop Amat.

    LB/DE Kevin Garcia (Frosh) Transferring to Wilson.

    Franko (Frosh) – not playing football.

    Longoria (Sr) – Transfering to Catheral

    Frank Avalos(Sr)- looks like he is staying, he bought the sprit pack.

    All five Frosh players were starters and the first four were clearly the top four players on the frosh team.

    Longoria is clearly the best player on the team.



    My bad I was not trying to throw West Covina under the bus, even though it might seem like it, I really was not trying to do that. I hope you guys have a great season this year! I think you guys have some of your studs coming back this year. Can you post the West Covina Schedule for this year???

  • Norco

    I will say this…The Inland top five teams can compete and beat the PAC5 best on any night. Now overall it might not be as deep come playoffs time, but the Inland teams can play. Now if your were to put together a list of Inland players getting D1 rides compared to the PAC5, the Inland would win hands down. Hell just the BIGVIII alone with CC, Norco, Corona Santiago, JW North, Roosevelt and Corona the last three years has sent more kids to D1 then the almighty Trinity League with MD, Servite, SJB, RSM and OL… And thats a fact.


    No one said the Inland didn’t have talent . What was said is the Inland was no Pac-5 . You so much as said it yourself with the overall it might not be as deep come playoff time . Well isn’t the playoffs where the cream rises to the top hence the Inland is no Pac-5 . Sure they send kids on the D-1 colleges but so all schools in the many divisions. We are talking high school football and what happens on Friday nights not what happens after graduation. Give me the top 5 Inland and they face the top 5 of the Pac-5 and the Pac-5 would win at least 4 out of 5 if not all 5.Let’s start with Poly,Servite,Edison and you can pick the last 2. How’s that for a spot .

  • Norco

    We can debate all we want on who is better…Poly, Servite and Edison are great programs. Now here are some games where the PAC5 will be playing the Inland.

    Lakewood vs. Roosevelt
    Chaparral vs. Servite
    Mission Viejo vs. Corona
    CC vs. MD
    Dana Hills vs. Corona Santiago
    REV vs. O’L
    REV vs. Mission Viejo

  • decleater

    sadly no Norco vs any pac 5.

  • Norco


    No big deal…I know for a fact Norco called Edison, Mission Viejo, Dana Hills, Tesoro, Los Al and Fountain Valley…But hey it is what it is…Norcos pre season schedule is decent…

    Week 1 13-1 Crenshaw-City Champions and D1 State Finalist
    Week 2 12-2 Upland-CIF Champion
    Week 3 8-4 Etwanda-Baseline League Champion

    you play the cards you are dealt…

  • Dan

    My bad also, I should give people the benifit of the doubt more often and not be so trigger happy lol, I do
    hope to see CO and WC play again, it’s always fun getting up for a good team like the Chargers, it generates much excitement in my book, good luck in that tough division.
    WC’s schedule is:
    Week 0, Home vs Covina, Week 1 Home vs Venice, Week 2
    Away vs South Hills, Week 3 Away vs Glendora, Week 4 Away vs Walnut, Week 5 Away vs Rowland, Week 6 Bye, Week 7 Home vs Los Altos, Week 8 Home vs Bonita, Week 9 Away vs Diamond Ranch, Week 10 Home vs Diamond Bar.
    To Dans the man,
    Your right, Citrus seems to have more local kids, its nice to have both Friday nights to watch high school
    ball and Saturday afternoons to go see one of the junior colleges, I enjoy both of those even more than watching pro football, although I’ll be looking forward to hopefully seeing Thurmond play at Seattle.
    That LBer that you were talking about that graduated in 05 was it A.J.Pasalo? He was a beast of a player from what I remember.


    No Kevin Encinas. I was surprised to read his bio where it said he was voted LB of the year at CO his senior year. Pretty cool considering who CO has had. His dad was very talented and played LB, FB and PG in basketball at about 5’8″ 215 lbs., it was quite a sight. As you know back them BB players wore their shorts high like Magic Johnson and not long like they do today. He was quick and mean as dirt when he wanted to be. He’s a local ref now but back in the day he was a prankster without compare.

    Funny story, back then we had legendary Sock Hops and it would get packed. He’d get a bunch of us near the girls bathroom and cut one loose. He’d always wait for some stuck up girl to target. When they’d open the door to go back to teh dance he’s yell as loud as he could, “MY GOD WHAT DID YOU EAT !!!” Dan it reeked!!! The girls would be so startled they’d stop in their tracks and suddenly everyone was staring at them. Some would cry, some would say, “It wasn’t me!” and some would just leave form embarrassment. Either way we were kids and it was a …”gas”…no pun intended! lol

    Dan as you know it’s a small world.


    DAN’S the MAN;

    Just wanted to also mention that Rauley Zaragoza, is playing for Citrus College and is doing great! He actually started last year as the kicker and probably will start as a reciever. There’s quiet a few players from all over the area. Just last season there was player from Charter Oak, who was picked up and was given a full ride to IOWA HAWKEYES. So yes Dan, you can be picked up from a Community College and be recruited up by a BIG SCHOOL. Your absolutely right about some players not continuing their football playing and should continue their playing at a community college.

    I’m looking forward to this coming season with Citrus College and seeing my son again at Citrus College stadium. Citrus didn’t do to well last season and just won two games, but now they’re back in there old conference and they should be a lot better. I guess playing against Mt. Sac was to much for Citrus. My son has been hitting the weights hard and getting bigger, because this is a whole different level of football. It’s all about SIZE & SPEED!!!

    Alright Dan maybe i’ll catch you at a game one Saturday afternoon and root on the (OWLS)!

  • Dan

    Aztec Pride,
    I’ll be there, usually up high below the announcers booth, good luck to your son , and your right even at the Jr. College level its a huge step up for most highschool kids, big difference in size and speed.
    Dan’s the man,
    Thats pretty harsh for a highschool girls image, most likely would have brought a snooty kid down to earth
    come Monday

  • hey dont forget

    Hey don’t forget another inland division pac 5 matchup in CO vs Esparanza!!!


    hey dont forget,

    Esperanza was booted out of the Pac 5 this year. They will no longer play football in the Pac 5 starting this year.

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