Siosi in paradise? It could happen …

South Hills stud offensive lineman Siosi Aiono just added his third offer — Hawaii. Aiono already had offers from BYU and San Jose State. Pretty nice dilemma … “Should I play in a tropical paradise, or should I wait out more offers?”

Aram’s take: Obviously, more offers are around the corner. But Hawaii for four years would be pretty tough to pass up. I mean, if you’re factoring in the ladies, then Hawaii has to be lean right now over the other two.

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  • Stang Nation !

    Aram Tolegian,
    99 days and counting until stang football. i just had to send you some returning stangs highlight tapes!!!!!v=W1P-KpjcBhI



    There has to be a new story out there. I hate coming to the blog and there is no discussion or arguments. Maybe you can discuss the up and coming kids filling in the shoes of all the seniors that are leaving this year. Maybe you can review all the underclassman who had a good season last year and get us hyped up on all the different players for this coming season.

    Maybe you can start a war between the fans of all the local teams that are playing week 0 or week 1 with a thread about head to head match ups…

    Just some input.

  • WHAT


  • BigDog

    Bottom line its his height only.Colleges are willing to take a chance on a kid with H.On a scale from 1-10 i give this kid a 5.