Who’s favored in the Southeast Division? I’m setting the odds …

You’re probably sitting at your desk, in bed or at a Starbucks (if I’ve banned your IP address) wondering what prompted Aram to write this. Well, I’ve been talking to some coaches some in the division the past few days and nobody wants to lay claim to being the favorite. Well, so sorry. That’s what I’m here for. So if you don’t want to, I’ll do it for you.

La Mirada coach Mike Moschetti says “It’s not us”, but I think it is …

1. La Mirada 2-1
— QB is the only worry, right? Well word is that Shane Blood will do just fine replacing Daniel Poncedeleon. Oh yeah, and there’s FIVE D-1 talents on the roster.
2. West Covina 3-1 — The Bulldogs have their physically strongest team in years and there’s speed to burn with veterans in most of the skill spots. What else do you want?
3. Diamond Ranch 7-2 — The Panthers have gone from early favorites to being a bit of a concern for me. But we all know how Roddy’s teams play in November.
4. Burbank 7-2 — This is one scary team with the combo of QB Adam Colman and RB Ulises Ochoa back.
5. Santa Fe 5-1 — The Chiefs always put out a great product and they have to be the early favorites in the Del Rio.
6. Rowland 6-1 — Best QB in the division in Michael Ball? Possibly, but there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.
7. Muir 7-1 — The ‘Stangs have a very dangerous feel to them this year. More than usual.
8. California 10-1 — Just can’t get over the loss of Terris Jones, but like I’ve said, Whittier Daily News guru Andrew Campa says watch out.
9. Bonita 10-1 — Here’s your sleeper team. That’s all I’m going to say.
10. Norwalk 12-1 — Can they repeat last year’s success? The street is skeptical.

  • Norco

    Once again I will say…FIVE D1 recruits does not equal success.


    Yeah but it sure does HELP! Having one on your team is good, but five, come on Norco.

  • Aaron

    I just don’t think Diamond Ranch should be that high with as many players they have lost their last two years. However, I understand why you have them up there.

    I like where my alma mater is.

  • bulldog

    Norco come on chater oak had 4 or 5 d1 recruits and they were very successful. As far as la mirada goes they don’t have the coaching staff to compete with the southeast. West covina spanks la mirada this year hands down. With bonita, muir or west co making it to the finals.

  • reality

    I can,t believe it but I agree with Aram on this early poll. I would add 2 other sleepers in Walnut and El Rancho

  • DRanchhhh


    Sheesh Aaron we will gladly take that 10 spot. Its nothin’. I think we should be ranked at 10 too. And the fact that we lost who, lost what?? That statement FURTHER shows me you know absolutely nothing about DR bud. Just wait!! I hope your at the BONITA game. I want to gladly introduce myself to you, buy you a lemonade and kettle corn from the bonita snack bar and talk mess to you in your face, after we kick Bonita’s “assets”.


    How could you rank DR that high, that is a fallacy. Shame on you!! We have done nothing to deserve that. I think we should be down at the 8-10 spot. We lost a bunch of kids and hardly no one shows for spring ball based on what I have seen the few times I have been there.

  • DRanchhhh

    Burbank ahead of Muir and Bonita?????? SmH

  • Gabriela Escobar

    Get ready for the next best thing to hit BG in years my son..remember his name incoming Freshman Tristian Escobar. He is monster on the field.

  • SGVsBest

    I agree! The sleeper team in the Souteast will be Bonita!

    Diamond Ranch will win out…They have been there for the last 2 years. Now they know how to get there and how to win it!

  • TheOsoViejo

    Anything new on the Hall of Fame All-Star Game?

    Rosters, time, assistant coaches, etc.

  • SD Milf ( . )( . )

    Gabriela Escobar please, he has not even played a down of varsity football and your getting your panties all bunched up. I dont know who or what BG is but one thing is for sure they will not be contendors to win a CIF championship for the next decade if not more.


    Funny you of all people would make a statement like that . You are continually coming on here with how many D-1 recruits come out of the IE . Now what are you trying to say . Only if they are on IE teams they equal success but when on any other teams outside the IE they do not. Get a grip buddy. You are losing it .

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    I just love this division. I think you have to look at the leagues and in order of strength I rank them:

    1. Hacienda
    2. Suburban
    3. Pacific
    4. Del Rio

  • Aaron


    You guys lost a lot studs from last year. Gus Viramontes, you can’t replace him, from what I saw of four DR games this past season he was your team’s heart and soul. Plenty of others that you lost that were very important to making it to a second title game. However one name is still there and that is Roddy Layton, I do not see why he ranks your team so high. However, your panthers still should be ranked higher than us based on what your coach has been able to do.

  • The Fan

    Diamond Ranch is 9-1 in November in the last 3 seasons under Roddy. That is a .900 winning percentage in November. That is why no matter how many players graduated they are ranked so high. The coach is still there.



  • No way Jose!

    bulldog said:
    “Norco come on chater oak had 4 or 5 d1 recruits and they were very successful. As far as la mirada goes they don’t have the coaching staff to compete with the southeast. West covina spanks la mirada this year hands down. With bonita, muir or west co making it to the finals.”

    WoW this guy has no idea what he is talking about!! La Mirada has one of the best staffs in So Cal. O-line coach was an All American at Purdue in the 90’s, QB coach played in the NFL, WR coach played at OSU, the D-cord. has over 25 years of coaching under his belt and oh ya the Head coach played at Colorado and was the last QB to win two bowl games at CU! So bulldog SHUT UP! WC wont have a chance this year if the draw LM in the playoffs!

  • Chiefs

    Just learned SFHS going to a even front after many years in a 50 front. SFHS will be young but fast. Also a player to watch is Head Coach Mahlstedes Grandson he will be a Jr. Chiefs are a year away from being very good.

  • The Stang Fan

    I know it’s early and all Aram…but Muir is a top 4 team in this division. Period.

  • Stang Nation!

    Lets go stangs! I learned my lesson about talking big on the blogs…… you just have the let them play the game….

  • Drizzy_Drake10

    The Del Rio league is WIDE open.
    La Serna, El Rancho, Santa Fe, and CalHi are all viable contenders

  • DRanchhhh

    Aaron, are you serious? I will let you continue to think we had ANOTHER huge drop off in “Studs”. Keep tootin’ your own horn dude!! Gus was the HEART and SOUL?? Are you serious?? It’s obvious your an outsider looking in. We had a 4-6 record during season. We lost 3 of those in the last seconds of the 4th qtr. CH, Glendora and Colony. We clear up a few things and were now 7-3, regular season. CO only beat us 12-0 in the season with underclassmen THAT ARE RETURNING in league. We had 9 starters sitting that GAME because of injury (3) and lack of work ethic in class.

    Im sure Roddy believes that it takes players to make him. We love Roddy but to say that he is the sole reason we made it that far is again…a fallacy.
    How many great coaches WIN without kids?? There is a reason GANO left LA right?? Either way, I like the 7-9 ranking spot. At this point, all I say is let us prove it to ourselves, then YOU!! We have to work for it!


    Santa Fe #5 ?? Cal Hi #8 ?? you need to get down here and check some teams out, instead of looking on max preps for your info. SF lost a # of players they will be JR. heavy this year. They will be some were on the top in the DRL, but they have not won a first round playoff game in years. Cal has no running backs comming up from the JV team that are going to make a impack this year. Their line will be big but thats about it.

  • New York

    Your team is flirting with what Monrovia did in the 1990’s. I hope you guys get it done this year. Actually, I hope Muir gets it done this year.

  • Aaron


    You’re right I am an outsider looking in and what I have written is based on educated judgement based on watching four games that you guys played last season. You forget that you also lost to Charter Oak a second time by three touchdowns. So you were shut out twice by them.

    I’m not tooting my own horn, if I was I’d say that Bonita should be way up higher. But where the Bearcats are is where they should be.

  • Norco

    WoW this guy has no idea what he is talking about!! La Mirada has one of the best staffs in So Cal. O-line coach was an All American at Purdue in the 90’s, QB coach played in the NFL, WR coach played at OSU, the D-cord. has over 25 years of coaching under his belt and oh ya the Head coach played at Colorado and was the last QB to win two bowl games at CU! So bulldog SHUT UP! WC wont have a chance this year if the draw LM in the playoffs!

    Really? Up until last year La Mirada was 26-30-1…Is that a reflection of the coaching staff or talent?

  • Norco

    Do me a favor and don`t twist my words around, I know what I have previously posted before in regards to D1 talent. It`s a fact that the IE is talented laden…The 15 corridor is a recruiters dream. I gave examples how teams from the IE have underachieved with multiple D1 kids, Corona last year had TWO HIGH SCHOOL ALL AMERICANS in RB Jordan James (UCLA) & DB Demetrious Wright (USC) both player were ranked in the top five at their position, they had a total of Four players sign with BCS schools and they didn`t make the playoffs. Roosevelt High School had FIVE kids sign with BCS schools finished 3rd in league and was one and down in the playoffs.

    I suggest you take a reading comprehension class…

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Bonita # 10 seriously? They play a marshmellow soft schedule every year. Teams like Walnut own them and have for years. Yet they always get all the hype. There is something about that LaVerne area that the Tribune has always loved. Here is the way I see the Hacienda League playing out this year. 1. West Covina: To big to fast to strong. 2. DRanch: The QB position will be the difference 3. Rowland: There is only one Michael Ball, he doesn’t have enough help. 4. Walnut: The will give up to many big plays to the top 3 But have owned Bonita. 5. Bonita: Not enough speed or sixe to keep up with the top 3 teams. 6. DBar same as Bonita, infact these 2 could switch. 7. LA get used to this spot you are going to be here for a while.

    SGV430 Ouuut!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A

    The schedule isn’t exactly soft like you seem to believe SGVfor30. However, Walnut has had our numbers these past few years. Take a look at what is coming back and you’ll know why we think we have something special.

  • No Way Jose!

    @ Norco, it’s a new staff so I would have to say it was the old staff, Under the new staff they are 17-8 and CIF Champs…..

  • bonita

    walnut just won last year and bonita has won the previous years so how do they have our number

  • Aaron

    You’re right, the current series is tied 3-3. The reason why I said that was because those three losses came at critical times. Granted Walnut’s ’04 squad was pretty good Bonita had just secured first place(three way tie) in the Miramonte after rolling up three wins. Then in ’06 where Jeff Chavez threw for 439 yards and rushed for 78 against Wilson we traveled to Walnut which was a bad team at the time. Bonita didn’t win until they played Diamond Ranch on a goal line stand and lost the coin flip to go to the playoffs. This last year when we needed to have a good game and get ready for the next week we came out flat.

    So of the six game series with Walnut right now I just remember those three the most.

  • reality

    I have noticed when I watch Bonita play that they can occasionally surprize you like the SH playoff game last year. It seems to me they lack swagger and confidence and when they get their necks stepped on have little will to fight back. This is the first year in a while they have some studs returning that can play physical. It’s up to the staff to see if they can instill that swagger. The smudgepot will speak volumes for Bonita’s season. Walnut and Bonita are very similar and it all depends which team has more heart and determination because they both have strength and atheletisizm.

  • Big Oso

    Aram, La Mirada won’t even be top dog in Suburban League. Norwalk will have something to say about that. Norwalk loses one lineman and will have the most prolific running game in the Southern Section! That’s right, I repeat in THE SOUTHERN SECTION. They almost racked up 6,000 yards on the ground last year and the line will be even more dominate. I had the privilege to see them last summer at the Santa Fe lineman competition, where over 40 schools participated. Norwalk was very impressive. You could rack up over 1,000 yds behind those hogs.

    I do agree that adding the Suburban League, where La Mirada and Norwalk reside, will be an asset to the Southeast Conference. However, both teams hardly replace Charter Oak and South Hills.

    Winning another Championship will be a tad more difficult for La Mirada. The Southeast(VII)is not the Southern(IX). La Mirada and Norwalk will feel the heat in round two of the playoffs.

  • AMAT 73

    I don’t have much to add to this other than to say this thread makes for great reading. All football talk with varied opinions but no bull slinging or insults. Keep up the good work guys . Hopefully Fred’s blog can follow suit during football season.

  • Norco

    Big Oso…I also saw Norwalks OL at that competition. They are just big bodies and not very athletic, they do well for the level of competition they play.

    Hogs ….yes…And I use that term lightly

  • Dan

    This will be a very competitive division, La Mirada
    on paper looks to be back in their late 90’s early 2000’s form and with those D1 players coming back, could possibly be a Charter Oak kind of team coming into this division. I’ve gone back and forth on Diamond Ranch, at first I thought they didn’t have much coming back, but on here I read that they will have pretty much all of their O and D lines returning which counts for a lot, they always have a stud or three in the skill positions, and since they have made it to the big dance the last two years maybe they should be at the two spot instead of our Bulldogs, no offense Aram, but I don’t want the tribune curse to jinx us, I’d rather our Bulldog’s just get it done on the field,lol. Other Teams you have to consider are Santa fe, Cal Hi, Norwalk from down South, and what about Mayfair? They use to be a D6 power just a few years ago, whats the news on them? From the West side Muir is an athletic haven and they supposedly might have a line this year. I bet Burbank will be a serious threat in the playoffs and although I haven’t heard much about Burroughs they could put out a good team from time to time, heck they used to be in the same league as Hart and Valencia. I agree on Bonita being a sleeper team, I remember them surprising Los Altos and Charter Oak every once in a while earlier in the decade and with the studs that they have coming back they may be very good. This group of kids from Rowland were real good as freshmen, I think they were 9 & 1, or 8 & 2 or close to that. I also think D Bar will be better than most think.
    Talk about Parity, this division is full of it, lots of teams that seem to match up well in here, it’s a coin toss if you ask me.

  • Big Oso is a Big joke-o

    La Mirada beat Cal hi by 20 pts last year and they were in the Semi’s in (VII) so ya! And Norwalk played one of the weakest pre-seasons in the SOUTHERN SECTION ya that’s right I said it There strength of Schedule was +2 compared to La Mirada’s +13 and they run the ball EVERY play, so good job Norwalk you rushed for 600 yrds against Los Amigos who was 1-9 bravooo! You can’t run the Double Wing T and win a Championship anymore this isnt 1995 and you guys arent Bloomington!

    Norwalk 3rd in League and out in the 1st round…. Write that down Oso!

  • The Fan

    A head coach, a really good head coach, makes a huge difference to a team. Roddy is Diamond Ranch. A head coach decides who his coaches are, what workout program they are going to implement, practice schedules, game plans, etc. The head coach has the responsibility to motivate and challenge his players. The head coach is who everyone looks to at all times. Roddy is a disciplinarian but also comes off as a players coach. Roddy brings a conservative morality to his players but lets them play loose. Through hard work and commitment Roddy makes his players play with confidence. To understate the importance of Roddy to Diamond Ranch is to not understand the program. How many athletic directors has he had? Yet he always speaks highly of his school and administration. How did he respond to having players ineligible two years ago? He made a mandatory study hall for all his players that he himself ran. Roddy brings intensity to his practices and gets the most out of his players. Viramontes was not a star QB before he started varsity two years ago, he split time as a freshmen, and yet he took two teams to the CIF Championships. How many of his players had no discipline or work ethic and yet each season he pulls the team together. Vickers didnt even play football until high school and is now playing division 1 football. Sermons wasnt considered a starter at Amat and he turned out to be a division 1 player. He recognizes talent and brings the football player out of them. Players want to play for him. Roddy goes way out of his way to get players into college. Rarely do I not see Roddys car not on campus and usually he has a phone in his ear working some angle for his program. I am sure all good coaches do what he does, but to say Roddy is not that big of a deal to DR is ridiculous. Do you really think the players would be as motivated to play games without one of his speeches? Do you think all these players would go to college from DR if Roddy wasnt on campus? Everyone knows this program is Roddys. Even Aram recognizes Roddy by only mentioning him when discussing DR. When is the last time you read an article about Diamond Ranch and Roddy was not mentioned? His importance to Diamond Ranch is undeniable. So why does DR get ranked high, maybe higher than they should, without a mention of players? Roddy. The head coach of a program makes a world a difference.

  • Amat 92

    The Fan, I agree. A head coach makes a huge difference. Hags is Amat!

  • JFR


    Could you please let us know what Gus’s stats were his last four games against CO.

  • GameDay@USC

    This is Baseball NUT!,

    This is the name I use from June-January FOR FOOTBALL!

    Now this is what I am talking about!

    GREAT write up’s guy’s. PLEASANT AND MOSTLY RESPECTFUL. I can’t wait!

    My TROJAN tix should be here within a few weeks. WOO HOO!!!!

  • GameDay@USC

    I guess I better start saving for my gas money. These will b fun to watch in September.






    Looks like the Diablos DON’T back away from ANYONE, and ALL on the ROAD!

    I think the BEST of the bunch! Chaparral won it all W/OUT a decent QB, NOW they get a transer in.


  • Norco


    Here are a couple more games for you…

    Crenshaw @ Norco
    Norco @ Upland

  • Bonita

    is Michael Ball really the best qb in the division?

  • BigDog

    Michael Ball is one of the top QB in the SGV.Probably in the top three.



    Where is Norco vs. Mater Dei?

    Where is Norco vs. Long Beach Poly?

    Where is Norco vs. Edison?

    Crenshaw had a good season last year but most years, they are crap!

    Congrats again on avoiding the top echelon of the PAC-5!!!

  • Aaron

    As a pure quarterback I’d put the ball in the hands of Jeffries, kid can play. And then I’d start talking about our guy, when another QB comes to watch you play that’s respect. Garrett still has to develop but what’s not to like about him as a person. Watching him grow last season gives me great confidence to see what he can do as the leader of his team next season.

    But just leaders that teams can’t do without: Michael Ball and Nick Bueno are in the same category and both put you in a spot to win.

  • Goldenarm


    La Mirada did lose one of those excellent football coaches you mention – to Buena Park HS

  • GameDay@USC


    I think the Upland game will be a good one. With Nunes returning for Upland, they should have a good air attack. That was the area of weakness that even you mentioned regarding your “D”. I will be at your Oct 8 game vs Roosevelt, to watch my nephew try to stop the run.

    Have a good season!

  • Covina Blvd. Home of C.I.F. Champions

    Why does no one give any credit to San Dimas’s or Charter Oak’s quarterbacks? Those two are the only two returning quarterbacks that have C.I.F. Championships on their resumes and from what I’ve have read are excellent athletes playing in outstanding programs. Never underestimate the heart of a champion especially at the quarterback position!

  • Norco


    “Congrats again on avoiding the top echelon of the PAC-5” ya ok…

    Fact: Norco has called Edison for the last FOUR years to schedule a game. Edison has declined each and every time.

    Fact: Norco has inquired about playing MD, but nothing materialized.

    Fact: Norco THIS YEAR called Mission Viejo (who choose to play last place Corona from out league) Lakewood (who choose to play 3rd place Roosevelt from our league)Tesoro who confirmed a game & then cancelled. RSM confirmed then cancelled…

    As for Poly..thats a whole another animal…So calls have been made…Norco is not avoiding anybody….you play the games that are schedule.

  • GameDay@USC

    I guess with Mission Viejo playing four TOUGH NON league games AWAY they needed a breather with a last place team in CORONA.
    Now that the Servite game vs the Louisiana school, OUT, it looks as though M.V has the TOUGHEST schedule hands down.

    L.B POLY,

    Fact is Norco DID attempt to get together with Edison but ONLY for two years starting NEXT season. They have had Crenshaw on a 4 year home, and home schedule and were trying to get Edison for NEXT season.

    Back in 2007 Orange LUTHERN attemepted to play NORCO in 2008, and 2009. NORCO delayed the answer hoping for Mater Dei instead. FINALLY O LU needed a week one game for BOTH yeas and scheduled Bullard from Fresno, and some school in Ohio!

    However the BEST call that was placed, and scheduled WAS when USC got together for a home and home with TENNESSEE in 2018-2020! OF course this WAS before Pete left and Kiffin was hired!

  • Norco

    You are correct about the MD situation, Norco & MD where having on going talks. OL did put in a call to Norco for a two year series, but from what I`m told Norco was pretty confident in securing the MD series, that was the reason for the delay. Also I would like to add back in 06-07 Servite had agreed verbally to a two year contract with Norco…only to back out and sign a two year deal with Corona Santiago for the 06-07 & 07-08 seasons…which they split the series 1-1


    Are you sure you an Amat fan and backer. If so it looks like you are going to miss quite few Amat games this coming season. All the Family I know would never miss an Amat game to see those schools you havelisted especially since we face two of them during our season. You name me one game that would be better then seeing Amat vs _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , just fill in the blanks with whoever you want. The more I read your posts the more I doubt you are true Amat fan just someone who happened to go there. I bet Norco would never miss a Norco game to go see Colony or Centennial play someone else.


    This whole Blog is boring! Get some fresh topics. Give some interesting stories, ANYTHING!!!!!! BLAH, Blah, Blah, Blah B o r i n g W h o c a r e s S t u f f ! I never thought that an “All Football 24/7 Blog” could be so Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sgvFootballFan

    Break it down? What about the show i proposed between you and Fred,are you and Fred up for it.It would be great for upcoming football season.I have some great ideas for interviews and some real controversy.It would put a great twist on SGV football.



    Give us something new, were still trying to get something out of this top 25 that happened almost two weeks ago.

    You should post the best week 0 games and week 1 games from all the SGV teams.

  • Glen/Tartans

    The CO and SD qbs may have a CIF ring, but it was not cause of them.
    They are not true qbs, all they did was hand the ball off and throw a couple of times or a screen anyone can do that

  • insider

    To Aaron:

    As a PURE quarteback I might take your guy as the best in this division. I am hearing good things about him this spring. After that I would take the kid from Burbank

  • GameDay@USC

    Are You Sure,

    I am a AMAT grad, and I follow their program. I get to 1-2 home games, then a CIF game or two. When you have a business to run, and a family to attend at times its tough to go to the games. As far as saving for the gas money to attend a better game, that is just a statement. I WOULD do that IF I had the time Or was in the area. I also let it out and say what I feel, regarding Bishop Amat in sports. I am NOT some hack who thinks the Blue & Gold are the greatest since the wheel. And until I see AMAT playing the elite teams in either DIV I OR II, instead of Garfield, or Damien, or Venice, or Muir, or Dominguez I will say what needs to be said, plain and simple. I keep hearing that the Garfield game is a classic. NO Poly vs AMAT. is a classic, or Amat vs Centennial. I keep hearing that “Well Damien is like a rival. NO AMAT vs Mater Dei is a RIVAL. IF THEY WISH TO GET BACK TO THE ELITE LEVEL, then THAT level of comperition is needed for NON league. The Trinity league does it so Amat can too!

    As for this season BASED on paper I would check out a Mission Viejo VS LB POLY, BEFORE, ANYONE on Amat’s NON league. Heck I would watch DIV II champ Chaparral vs DIV I champ Servite at Anaheim stadium BEFORE ANYONE on Amat’ NON league schedule. MANY, MANY, MANY better games to watch that are better on paper. This doesn’t mean want AMAT to fail, as I don’t BUT to give me a choice to see a awesome game vs a AMAT NON league game is a NO brainer!



    LISTEN UP, if your bored with the BLOG because ARAM hasn’t updated it in several days. Why don’t you come out and watch CITRUS COLLEGE football today. They’re having an inter-squad game at the stadium. I’m going to be scouting the game out.





    Aztec Pride,

    Thanks for the info but no thanks! If i was going to watch a local college football game I would watch Mt. Sac play. Shoot, how many times have you seen Pete Carroll at Citrus college scouting? My newphew has seen and taken a photo with Pete Carroll at Mt. Sac during one of his recruiting trips out there. My football games stay south of the 210 FWY. Unless if USC is tapping that Bruin AZZ at the Rosebowl.


    SGV FOOTBALL, EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE Me for asking! I’ll be watching my son play and i’m looking forward on watching how he does. Believe me Pete Caroll won’t be at Mt Sac, just as much as Citrus! CARROLL IS GONE!!! COACHING THE SEABUZZARDS! SEATTLE SUCKS! (RAMS FAN)!!!

    BY THE WAY DON’T BE TO SCARED ON COMING DOWN SOUTH OF THE 210, I’m sure there won’t be anybody there, that will put you over their knee and spank the arrogance out of ou!

    Alright, a little humor…


    Like I said you are just someone who happened to go there and takes in an occasional game no more no less. I just thought you might be a true Lancer fan. If you do not see the value of playing the teams Amat will be playing then you don’t understand the big picture here. I guarranty you the next games will be against the IE teams of Norco’s .

  • GameDAy@USC

    I’m sorry if all my stickers are off my car, and my back isn’t tatooed with the “A” on my back! I am a fan of the SGV as a whole, NOT just Amat! I like consitant play for over a period of years, not just one or two seasons. I don’t need to follow a team who only wins CIF,or seldom has a good season. When you have good season’s you then have good teams/players. From 1996 to 2009 Amat was average. Beat some good teams and lost to someteams tehy should have beaten.
    Some of the AMAT peolpe actually make it embarassing to be a fan of the school. SOME are VERY faithful, and take the good with the bad, while others make any kind of excuse they can if they lose, or state that they are the only school who have the best players. Its fine to be loyal, and I wouldn’t cheer for anyone against AMAT, but I would also speak up when Amat losses to a better team. Sorry if I am not your typical die hard, but to me its still just a game!


    No problem and no reason to get all bent and start misspelling words . Just wanted to know because in some of your initial posts you came off came off as one of the faithful and I was suprised at your baseball wrap up when Amat lost and you didn’t have the stones to address that fact to begin with . You wrote about everyone but Amat which I thought was pretty sad on your part seeing as you did write up the baseball team quite a bit during the regular season and some in the playoffs . I figured if you take the good you sure better take the bad as you say you would . Now we know you are a fan of the whole SGV which is all fine and dandy. Just remember when they do make it to the top don’t go running to get your sticker for your back window . Case closed .

  • Eagle parent

    Here it is my prediction for the Southeast Divsion:

    Champion: Mayfair-no body realizes that they return 18 starters and have a 4-year starter at QB. They return their TB and their huge offensive line and they should always be coach fitch does a great job!

  • Blah Blah

    Mayfair won’t even win league!

  • SGV for 30 Years


    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you on the Bonita-Walnut rivalry. The 2 schools have played for almost 10 years. I think they started in 02′. The three games you remember Bonita winning are the only 3 they’ve won in the series. I don’t think Bonita even scored the first couple of years. It will be interesting to see if they can stand up to those physical teams they will see in the Hacienda League.

    SGV430 Ouuuut!!!

  • Aaron

    SGV for 30. The current series is only six years long. We didn’t play you in ’03. I was a Freshman way back then. We’ve played you in the past and think we have been in the same league before. But it’s 3-3 since 2004.

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