2006 All-Area linebacker Anthony Hile joins Scott Morrison’s staff at Workman …

Anthony Hile, a 2006 Tribune All-Area selection at linebacker for Damien, has joined Scott Morrison’s staff at Workman as the team’s linebackers coach.

Aram’s take: Like it. Morrison’s well on his way to putting together a good staff at Workman. I’m telling you, it may not take much to turn the Lobos into the Montview’s perennial favorite (sorry, Azusa) and a solid Mid-Valley Division contender. Hope the Lobos like to hit. If not, Hile will make them.

OK, who’s going to carry the rock at Amat now that Jay Anderson is officially not playing football this season …

Fred “Deadline” Robledo got the official word from Keith Anderson, the father of Jay Anderson, that the star running back won’t be playing football this season.

So now the question becomes, who will carry the rock in Anderson’s place? You can’t tell me the cupboard is bare. Obviously, there’s probably not anybody around who can tote it like Anderson, but there has to at least be some decent options.

Zachary Shay?
Jalen Moore?

Aram’s take:
This absolutely blows. What was shaping up to be an amazing season at Amat is now somewhat in doubt. There are obviously plenty of studs still around, like QB Rio Ruiz and WR Wallace Gonazlez. But this was the offense’s best returner, at least in terms of numbers. Now coach Steve Hagerty and his dynamic staff have to really coach ’em up.

Freddie “Deadline” Robledo has the latest on Amat RB Jay Anderson … and some opinion, too …

Check out the latest and see what Freddie thinks about it.

Aram’s take: It will be very disappointing if Anderson isn’t toting the rock for Amat this season. And it also drops the Lancers down a peg. It seemed the Golden A’s were headed toward a monster season, but this would be a blow. I have to think this will get resolved. Time will tell.

I can’t believe I have D-Ranch, WestCo and Muir ranked ahead of La Mirada …

… Yeah, that’s gonna change when the next All-Encompassing SGV (N) Top 25 comes out. It’s obviously time for me to stop thinking that D-Ranch and WestCo and maybe Muir should be the favorites in the Southeast Division. La Mirada might just be better than all of them.

Max Gama (#6) is headed to Washington St. and E.J. Galvez (#69) is going to Nevada.

Here are the stud recruits from La Mirada this season and the colleges that want them:

Isaac Luatua, 6-3, 300 OG: SEC: Arkansas, Tennessee, BIG EAST: Syracuse, ACC: Boston College, PAC 10: UCLA, Washington St, BIG 10: Minnesota, MT. WEST: Colorado St, New Mexico, Wyoming WAC: New Mexico St.

Bryan Peter, 6-5 305 OT: Florida St, Colorado St, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming.

Aaron Bouzos, 5-11, 185 S/WR:
Nebraska, New Mexico St, Wyoming.

Max Gama, 6-0, 190 RB/LB: Committed to Washington St.

E.J. Galvez, 6-2, 260 C/G: Committed to Nevada.

Aram’s take: La Mirada went 13-1 last season. They have FIVE, count ’em, FIVE D-1 prospects!!! That’s it, I’m flipping. Granted, D-Ranch, WestCo and Muir have studs of their own, but FIVE? There’s no doubt that D-Ranch, WestCo and Muir and maybe even Rowland or the Del Rio champ could beat La Mirada in the playoffs, but right now the Matadores have to be favored. Ahh yes, but can they beat La Habra in the opener?