Baldwin Park’s Wardell Crutchfield III, aka WC3, heading to UTEP …

Baldwin Park linebacker Wardell Crutchfield III has given a verbal commitment to UTEP.

Crutchfield, who transferred to Baldwin Park from Duarte prior to his junior season in ’09, is the son of former Duarte coach and current Baldwin Park coach Wardell Crutchfield Jr., who is the brother of former Muir and BYU standout Tony Crutchfield.

Aram’s take: Needless to say, football runs in the Crutchfield family. Congrats to WC3!!! He’s headed to an up and coming UTEP program and has a chance to start right away as a freshman, from what I hear. But first he has to help the Bravos get through the Valle Vista League.

Glendora’s Chad Jeffries picks San Diego St. …

Glendora senior quarterback Chad Jeffries gave a verbal commitment San Diego State on Monday afternoon.

Rather than write an article, I will just let you know what Jeffries had to say about the decision.

Aram: Why did you choose San Diego St.?

Chad Jeffries: The feel of the whole school, coaching staff and facilities. I went there Thursday and had a visit. I felt that if I go go there, I’d have a better chance of playing earlier and a better chance of making it to the next level.

Aram: What were your other choices?

Chad Jeffries: Oregon St., UTEP and Utah.

Aram: Why make your choice now?

Chad Jeffries: I kind of just wanted to get it out of the way and relax a bit going into my last season and have fun and play ball like I always do.

Aram: Did the fact that San Diego is close to home make a difference?

Chad Jeffries: That came into my decision. The fact is it’s far enough that I’m gone from home, but I’m also close enough that I could home on weekends.

Aram: What if my theory comes true — you guys beat Charter Oak and Notre Dame makes an offer. Will you change your mind?

Chad Jeffries: No. I’m pretty sure about this commitment.

When passing league matters, Aaron Cantu’s dilemma, Amat’s schedule and Keith Jones’ legacy …

There appears to be quite a bit of argument going on about what conclusions we can draw from what took place this past weekend during the Hall of Fame Game and Bonita Air Assault.

Why can’t Amat dial 909 when trying to set its schedule?

Some of you think there’s nothing to be gleaned from any of it. YOU’RE %100 WRONG. Here’s some things I came up with. Read them and tell me if I’m crazy, even though I know I’m not.

Aaron Cantu
— I know what you’re thinking — what’s Aaron Cantu got to do with this past weekend? Well, I can tell you. If you attended the Hall of Fame Game you saw Cantu’s top-two targets from last year — Carlos Arredondo and Angel Sanchez. What occurred to me right away is something a hardened Schurr supporter has been yelling in my ear for months — Schurr CANNOT repeat last year’s stats. With Arredondo, Sanchez and Nick Castillo all graduated, I can see the point. It helps the Spartans have 68,172 kids out for spring practice, but they aren’t like to find a set of skill guys better than last year, thus Cantu’s number appear likely to take a hit.

Chino Hills — There’s quite a few people saying “So what” to Chino Hills winning the Bonita Air Assault. Well, if I were a Charter Oak, Ayala, South Hills, Claremont or Damien fan, I’d be DAMNED WORRIED. Why? Well, going into any season Chino Hills has to be considered the deepest team in the Sierra League. Plus, you always know that because of the depth they’re going to have some horses up front. So if you’re argument against caring about Chino Hills’ Air Assault win is “Who cares, wait ’til there’s linemen” then you’re barking up the wrong tree. The last thing Sierra League team should want to see is Chino Hills with a strong group of skill player, because good size and depth are basically a given when it comes to the Huskies in any season.

Bishop Amat — Speaking of Chino Hills, why doesn’t Amat schedule a game with them? Instead of looking West of the 605 for all of its nonleague opponents, and instead of trying to prove they’re the kings of East L.A., why don’t the Lancers start looking EAST for your opponents. And what better place to start than Chino Hills?

Keith Jones — I can’t believe anybody would doubt, question or put down former San Gabriel coach Keith Jones. But as is typical with these blogs or any other, if you put up a thread about Santa Claus or ice cream, somebody would bash it. But those of you who are doing this need to rent a flux capacitor and go back to the 1980s and 90s and watch some San Gabriel football. In terms of offensive minds and “coaching them up”, Jones was as good as anybody in the Valley. Oh yeah, and no offense to the West players, no coach was going to lead them to a win over the East.

Chino Hills wins Bonita passing tourney …

Chino Hills topped Valencia to win the Bonita Air Assault. What’s that say about the Huskies, beating 30 teams in a field that was absolutely no joke?

Aram’s take: Looks like I need to move the Huskies up in my rankings. What a Sierra League it’s going to be this year. Can South Hills or Charter Oak really stay with these guys?