Is there a QB controversy brewing at San Dimas? …

Sean Kennedy went 13-1 last year as a starter.

Last year’s starter Sean Kennedy missed all of spring ball after breaking his foot in baseball. All that did was open the door for sophomore-to-be Emilio Zertuche to impress coaches over the past month.
Is there a quarterback controversy? Saints coach Bill Zernickow says not yet, but he’s waiting to see how Kennedy progresses from his injury. Regardless, fans can expect to see plenty of Zertuche in the fall.
“It all depends on how Sean comes back,” Zernickow said. “Sean’s really good. It’s going to be fun. Competition at every spot is good.”
No matter who’s under center, Zernickow says the goal will be to get the ball to 6-foot-4 receiver Kevin Kolbeck.
Fans can see just how good San Dimas is at doing that by checking out the Saints in the Arroyo Tournament on July 10 at Arroyo High. That will be San Dimas’ only tournament appearance this summer.

Aram’s take: Word is that San Dimas looked real good throwing against Claremont on Thursday. No score was taken. But Zertuche is supposedly going to be the real deal. I’ve never heard of San Dimas having so much talent on the lower levels.

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  • AMAT 73

    There was a kid back in the 90’s maybe 93,94 at AMAT Zack Zertuche. Is this kid any relation ? I am pretty sure he was the QB for AMAT back then.

  • Maybe Public is a better option.

    Aram you think Damien’s .500 seasons have helped local schools. Holy Name of Mary, one block from Damien, had the least amount of boys enroll at Damien in history, only three out of 20.

    The football programs at CO, SD, Azusa, DR, CHHS, Ayala, Bonita and Glendora have all improved. I hear Damien is trying to get transfers but that’s not the solution Fr. Travers is looking for. Gano needs to make Damien a winner fast or seeing SD, CO and maybe DR win Championships will take it’s toll.

    DR vs Damien might be a bell weather game for both schools. Winner might win the “my son is a baller” war. My take is Damien never addressed its lower level mess and it’s come back to haunt them…to the benefit of local public schools

    Sooner or later those losing seasons and sub .500 seasons were going to hurt Damien and help surrounding schools.

    Just an opinion.

  • WTF???

    Is that all world LB WC3 on his back??? Looks like he just got his a$$ kicked!

  • Aaron

    San Dimas runs the ball, you could plug in almost any quarterback there and he’ll toss for 800 yds.

    2009 Kennedy 1225 yds 12TDs 4INTs 54.9% 87.5 yds/g
    2008 Mick Kalmar 1095 yds 11TDs 1INT 51.9% 91.3 yds/g
    2007 Kalmar 963 yds 11TDs 3INTs 57.1% 87.5 yds/g
    2006 Cory Barrett 932 yds 11TDs 6INTs 48.8% 84.7 yds/g
    2005 Eric Samples 564 yds 4TDs 8INTs 53.3% 80.6 yds/g
    Ricky Ochoa 191 yds 1TD 1INT 42.9% 63.6 yds/g

    Rushing Offense:
    2009 4479 yds
    2008 4081 yds
    2007 3505 yds
    2006 3042 yds
    2005 2594 yds

    The numbers for his quarterbacks are pretty similar overall but the thing that has made San Dimas more successful has been the increased production in the running game.

  • OldBlue

    SD Reasons

    1. GREAT COACHES over there. They out coach all their opponents on all levels.

    2. All the kids play

    3. QB efficiency

    4. WC3….come on, Kennedy ran for 80 yards that game and SD physically POUNDED Braves. They took scalps.

  • Aaron,

    For what it’s worth, it’s my understanding they’re going to open it up a bit more this year because of Kolbeck.

    Public better option,

    From what I understand, the incoming Damien frosh class is lights out. I agree with you that the school doesn’t want to take on transfers, and that’s one of Gano’s strengths. But any way you slice it, Gano being at Damien has a chance to get really big.

  • Aaron

    You know how many balls John Joe caught in his two years under Zernickow?
    2005: 5 for 94 yds
    2006: 22 for 554 yds

    Zernickow seems to have a guy that goes for about 500 yds receiving and the rest of the guys role play. However Kolbeck led San Dimas in receiving as a Sophomore with 12 catches for 324 yds.

    Like I said their bread and butter is the running game, so goes the running game, so goes the Saints. I think it will be similar, Kennedy may make two or three more throws a game though. However; he only had three games, THREE GAMES, where he had more than nine passes.

    Kalmar had five in 2008 and five in 2007. So that means Kennedy will have roughly four more games with double digit pass attempts if they go to the championship game. And none of Zernickow’s QBs have had better than 58% completion percentage.

    I just don’t see it because it would go away from from what he does. I mean Kennedy threw for 225 yards against Magnolia and at no point the rest of the season did he have fourteen more attempts. I’m just going by what Zernickow has done historically.

  • Saint

    AMAT 73,

    Yes, Zack Zertuche is Emilo’s uncle. Good blood lines! Remember Zack became a Navy SEAL.

  • Saint,

    That’s awesome. Love it when the families of studs put out younger studs. There’s another at Covina — Ainsworth. And what about WC3? His uncle was a DB at Muir and BYU. Nothing like those STRONG SGV bloodlines.

  • AMAT 73

    Well if that’s the case then you guys have a good one there. Let him know that if for any reason if he is unhappy at SD he always has a place at AMAT . All kidding aside good luck to your team this coming season and hope you go back to back.

  • funny

    Aaron, We love how you are such an authority on San Dimas! Can’t wait for sept 3rd! Please be wrong again!

  • Aaron

    Don’t remind me about that day, I mean a Smudgepot week 1, seriously? Good thing is that it sets the tone for the entire season. Oh and the Smudgepot is coming back to Bonita. However, this topic is about San Dimas quarterbacks and I won’t believe that the ball is going to be aired out until I see it. Zernickow’s teams run, that’s what they do and when they do it they’re successful.

    Rushing Yards against Bonita during SDs current three year win streak:
    2009 181 yds
    2008 448 yds (ouch)
    2007 278 yds

    I wouldn’t expect that much next season if I were you.

  • Still a sore spot

    Aaron you know that’s why I lost allot of respect for Coach Z. during thatt time. Jon Joe was a special individual. Aside from his incredible talents and selfless play he was a tremendous team mate. If any player deserved to play somewhere else it was Jon Joe.

    Can you imagine Jon Joe at Damien playing football with Travis, Mendrun, Pertusati and Mc Mahon? Or how about Jon Joe with Riley, Griffin and Napolitano on the basketball court?

    He would surely have done great things instead of what he did at SD over his four years.

    Funny but a team mate of Jon Joe’s, a kid named Mahoney plays at LA Fitness and has incredible game as well. I hear he’s laying pro ball in Ireland of all places.

    Any coach that sees a kid like Jon Joe and throws him the ball 5 times in one year is flat out an idiot, but to come back with 22 the next year at 6’4″ with incredible hands and leaping ability, well that’s criminal.

    All those yards are system oriented. Hide and seek football. Pure BS ball. How any idiot gave COY to Coach Z over Hags is beyond absurd. I mean beating Azusa over Mater Dei? Simply insane! No offense to Azusa but come on! I sen Gladstone, their big game, and the starting corner, Kick/Punt returner was 5’3″ 110 lbs! All heart mind you but come on!

    Coach Z is a solid guy I’m sure but what he did to Jon Joe…simply selfish. 4400 yards rushing! Come on now…get serious.

  • Still a sore spot,

    Clearly you don’t take WINS and CHAMPIONSHIPS into account while establishing your opinion of Coach Z.

  • Hail Mary

    Hey sore spot…The SD qb’s in 2005/2006 were GARBAGE. In 05 the kid lost the Smudgepot cause he dropped the snap. Z had to run the ball. Now he is blessed to have 2 QB’s. Kalmar was a system guy because he had no arm but didn’t like contact, but he pretty much stank too….ask Rosemead, 5 QB fumbles.


  • does not understand

    Zernickow does not throw the ball because he does not understand the passing game. He not only doesn’t understand how to throw but he can not defend it either.

    He does not understand pass protections or passing schemes.

    Teams that throw destroy Zernickow’s teams.

  • New York

    Standing on the sideline of the championship game, I witnessed SD pass as many times as they needed to…I really remember only one pass, early in the first half. It was a dropped ball that would have been a TD…I think the “almost TD” was enough to keep Monrovia’s DB’s playing deep the rest of the night despite the overloaded wing-T rushing attack.

    Coach Z coaches to win. I doubt if he cares about trying to be balanced.

  • Football Dad

    Emilio is a great kid with a great arm, played with my boy at West Covina Christian. We played teams twice our size and speed and we beat them with heart and pure desire. My kid went to start for Amat and Emilio went to start for San Dimas where he will shine for the next 3 years at Varsity.

    Good Luck Emilio!

  • you sound stupid

    does not understand,

    Feed me a couple answers, how do you know coach Z doesn’t know protections and the passing concepts? I bet if you sat down with him he would probably impress you. I have never met a guy who spends so much time learning the game and preparing as him. He is a football junkie. Also, what team’s have destroyed coach Z teams? They must have been pretty early in his rebuilds. I’m pretty sure he has won his far share of games. Btw, Coach Z had a great balanced attack when he had a great Qb in Danny Bonilla at Northview. He had back to back quarterfinal appearances before he left.

    And to sore spot,
    Jon Joe never played a football game in his life until 2005. I think to getting him 5 catches is pretty good, especially after getting punked early on in the season.

  • does not understand

    you sound stupid

    I know this because that is why he could not stay at the college level, his defenses could not defend the pass. Also, the reason he spends so much time learning football is because he is not a very bright individual.

  • bling bling

    I believe that thing on his right ring finger is pretty bright, I’m just saying.

  • Hey, it was what it was and it is what it is….poorly handled.

    Aram is Nick Saban a great coach. Most would agree he is. Has he made poor decisons in his life. Most would say he has. What does one have to do with the other?

    Jon Joe was screwed over in that system. Sorry you disagree, especially when you saw him tear up all comers at the All Star practice. He was head and shoulders over any WR in the past three years. In fact who would you rate higher. Wallace Gonzalez or Jon Joe? Imagine what Hon Joe does with Jeffries?

    As far as Coach Z, my point stands. Be honest and either get him the ball or tell him it might be a better decision to transfer based on his talent.

    If my word usage was a overly harsh I can se that but we’re talking about one of the most ego-less players to ever play the game and one of the nicest kids you’d ever want to meet….agreed?

  • nice try

    You can attempt to nit pick all you want, but you are wrong in every aspect. One thing you must understand is if you have a high performance sports car you should not take it off road. Why should the saints deviate from what works for them. Year in and year out they are the smaller team and Z has them playing with the heart and desire of champions. Good for Z and that program, hard work definitely pays off. As far as Jon Joe, he was a stud basketball player playing football, he played only two years of football and he earned himself a ride to a four year school out of mt. Sac. I would say Z changed that kids life by turning him into a football player. One stat you need to look at is the pass completion percentage of those qb’s and unfortunately the lowest one was his senior year. You can be the greatest wr in the world but you need someone to get you the ball. Nice try!

  • anonymous

    Kennedy will be ready by mid july, no QB controversy at SD. The kid will open up the offense and bring home another Ring. Been around him for 3 yrs now and he has one of the best arms i’ve seen with accuracy. He is also not afraid to hit. Hopefully his foot will be ready for the Arroyo tourney. Can’t wait for the season to begin.

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