Sources: Bassett coach Craig Cieslik resigns after just over a month on the job …

Craig Cieslik has resigned as head varsity football coach at Bassett after just over a month on the job, according to a sources close to the situation.

The Olympians were reportedly down to 13 players during spring practice. Cieslik was hired in late April to replace Leon Ward. Cieslik was previously head coach at La Sierra High School for two seasons in 2007 and ’08.

Cieslik had scheduled Servite for next season, one source said, and was trying to secure a game with Dominguez.

Aram’s take:
I’m speechless. I guess he wasn’t ready for the Five Points.

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  • What a Shame, Shame, Shame

    WOW! 13 kids for FOOTBALL? That speaks volumes in and of itself. I dont think any coach would want to be placed in such a horrible state. What was the guy supposed to do? Maybe Basset should look to a former player/Alumni who could maybe breathe some life into that program. What a sad state of affairs. I wonder what these kids are doing with their time if they are not involved in sports. Isn’t football usually the biggest draw on a campus? WOW!

  • Aaron

    I knew he wouldn’t stay, I just thought he’d jump ship after a season and not a month.

  • Goldenarm

    13 kids is 9 more than Tip had when he started at Duarte.

    If my son was one of the 13 remaining kids waiting to suit up and play for Bassett I would be pissed being left without a head coach. Why so many dropping from the program?

    It may be the best move for Cieslik – but with June upon us, it is a tough road ahead for the Bassett kids.

  • Aaron

    Actually Goldenarm, if you read the blog post between here and Freds. He’s the reason why his numbers have dwindled so low because he was running very intense practices that lasted four to six hours. Most schools run two and a half to three hour practices.

  • just askin’

    how credible can a source be that actually says Bassett scheduled Servite? Do you really believe for one millisecond that Servite would do that? Why even write that?

  • Too bad

    From reading about Coach Cieslik from his website, the type of No Huddle Wing Offensive he ran, demands a lot of the Team and especially an Individual. Im sure his conditioning was tuff and was a big transition for the players, which is why he probably lost sooo many kids from the program. To be pushed to your physical limits takes a certain character to fight through adversity and apperantly the Basset kids did have it or did not buy into Coaches System. I can understand the Coaches decision to quit. How is he suppose run a program with 13kids? 20 maybe..but 13? No way, there are position spots and injuries to deal with. Can you imagine having 13 kids for a team, you only need 11 to play but what happens when 3 of your kids are lineman and the rest skills? Just not possible. So I admire Coach
    Cieslik for taking such a challenging position and trying to help out the kids in Bassett. It truely is sad because sports are what saves kids from the streets and that area can use as many programs to help and losing football is a major blow. I know, because one of my co-worker is from Bassett and played there, Football is what kept him out of the streets. I hope the 13kids continue to work hard on their own and not quit on each other or themselves. Good Luck Basset.

  • Aaron

    Do more research on him than read his website. His last HC job he quit days before his third season was about to start. He doesn’t stay anywhere more than three seasons. I don’t know Coach Cieslik but he doesn’t have a history of staying for long.

  • HC my azzzzzzzzzz

    Once a quitter always a quitter. Coach failed himself. Stop putting this on the kids. Men lead boys, not the other way around. Goldenarm saying Cystlick did the right thing is disgusting to say the least. I see this problem over and over and over again. Head Coaches getting away with murder and it falling back on the kids. Hernandez quit during the season and got another job! Didn’t a DC quit in mid season as well over at Montebello if the rumors are true? And didn’t the pain in the ass Crutchfield quit in midseason, changes his mind 24 hours later and when fired, at the end of the season, want his job back?

    I blame the stupid Administrators At Bassett who fired Ward after he hired the Great Zane and things were looking better. Big Bassett, yeah right! All that money for a field and all the other money spent there and they can’t tie their own shoes.

    The Head Football Coach is the face of the school. What a terrible mistake. Same on Goldenarm for thinking this was anything other than a classless move by an immature HC who didn’t do his homework.

    Part of wanting to be a HC is understanding the population and getting the most out of what’s in front of you.

    On a day when a legend dies Cystlick brings shame to the coaching profession.

  • reality

    If your interested check the posts of April 29th on this joker in the archives. We do have some wise bloggers.


    COME ON OVER!!!! I know if I had a son at Bassett I’d take his butt east to LP HIGH.They’ve put together a nice coaching staff over there and the kids enjoy playing for them.Coach Cieslik needs to learn if you’re going to coach in this area you need to leave your ego at home and coach up the kids!They have some kids that can play over there,they need to come over to LP and get with a up and coming program.That means all you incoming freshman TOO!!!


    Maybe there’s more to it than what the bloggers know. Anyhow, we only started with 4 at Blair and now we’re up to 16 strong on a good day. The players will show up once the Summer starts. Have FAITH

  • steve barrera

    steve barrera is the man for the job he know all the kids in the hood..

  • trojan fan

    what a shame, shame, He wasn’t placed in that state he made it that state, Look Bassett had 50-60 kids out for football last year and had an alumni coach and THE LEGEND TONY ZANE on his staff as was making great strides at Bassett.But because he ruffled the assitant principles feathers he is no longer there and your right those kids will soon be coming to your neighborhood,Looking for people and things to do.Im sorry but 4-6 hrs. of practice does not work with these kids.GOOD LUCK BASSETT.and HEAD FOR THE HILLS.By the way A.D. Baca you should do the right thing and offer any kid a transfer that wants out so at least some of these kids can still try to reach there goals and be a success.GOOD NIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coach

    I applied for the Bassett job I am young and defeinitely understand the demographics in the area. I would never have had 6 hour practices. I looked on Max preps and they should have had atleast 23 players returning who where on Varsity last year and he only was able to keep 13! Thats horrible I hope the School fixes whats going on because the kids dont deserve to have that Happen. If they are curious who I am they can look back through the Applications and give me a call I would turn it around!

  • coach who?

    coach , sorry but who hires a coach who can’t even stand u and come clean with their name? so much for being a worthwhile candidate.

  • saladays

    Extremely disappointing.

    This needed to be a long haul job. You stick it out. You don’t up and quit .

    HC my azzzzz:

    You are right about all the situations you brought up.

    You also have a lazy head coach/AD at Blair running the program into the ground and blaming the kids.

    An offensive coordinator a Wilson H.H. who show up once a week

    And guys at St. Paul worried more about making money on the side than winning games.

    Sad state of affairs

  • coach

    I only keep my name from this blog because i am happy with the job i have just irritated because i know i could have done better than this guy.

  • Dan

    HC my Azzzzzz,
    I think you misunderstood Golden Arms post, if you read it more carefully you’ll see that GA was
    making a point of the self centeredness of the coaches decision. [coaches decision was good for the him but bad for the kids]

  • Football Fan

    I was also was one who predicted this guy would leave after one season but not after one month!!!!

    What a clown. He obviously didn’t do his homework and his work ethic of 6 hours a day is ridiculous given Bassett’s history. At the end the kids are the ones who suffers and lose at he expense of stupid egos. Ward was the only person who could figure out these kids since he was an Alumn and former all star player at Bassett during the day. Bring Ward back and restore some dignity to this once proud program.


    The real issue here is they had a real shot at getting a seasoned coach and program director to put things in order here. I am not talking about these SQUIRTS with running noses I am talking about men with some heavy football experience, not one of these Squirrels out in the Pop Warner Tourney, there were at least two real deal head guys who were interviewed for this gig.

    Where is the team now, the eigth graders are already gone to choice and all the transfers are already running patterns at their new school, and all the good coaches are already working, what a group of bone heads who made this decision.

    And these are the people who are spending all our Tax money to educate the kids in the community.

    Lets look at this with some common sense, At least two, At Least, bare minimum of two of the coaches interviewed had Head coaching experience and werent retreads in the area, and I believe both had C.I.F Title Rings, both were Minorities and both were very familiar with the area and the valley and also with the kids in the area.

    How does a minority board, governing a school with 99.2 percent Hispanic population and most households speaking two languages hire a guy that is the totally opposite and has nothing in common with the kids the area or the region.

    The coach will be a memory under the rock he crawled out of in 48 hours, but the senior season that was ruined for these kids will last a lifetime.

    The Adults who allowed this to happen, owe this team and this community an apology, where are the boosters we were told were at the interviewing process, where are the watchdogs of Bassett Football, why did you allow this to happen.

  • SGV Fan

    Bring back Zane! And the rest of the AARP club, I think they really made strides in building this program up.

  • Wilson Parent

    A comment was brought up about our OC showing up once a week, not sure where you got that information from. This coach came to Coach Z before spring practice and explained his situation(personal). Coach Z went out and hired the OC from Workman to work with the offense. Coach Willams, ran the exact same offense as us and it is working out great for the kids. This is a perfect example of how it should be done, the coaches communicated an issue, worked it out and we are moving forward.

  • ????

    I talked with AD WIlliam Baca about the job….he said thank and never called me back. I also have a few ties to Bassett. I know the situation and have turned multiple programs around. Oh yeah, I also got a CIF Title last year. Guess I wasn’t good enough.

  • dave

    wilson needs to bring back greg willik as OC. then they might be getting results

  • old time coach

    I coached at Bassett many moons ago during the Big Bad Bassett and The House of Pain era; they have always had problems with numbers. If I am not mistake their enrollment is now under 1100. All the good students and student/athletics go to other schools. Maybe Bassett should allow all seniors to transfer and just go with a jv program until the following year. But the biggest problem at Bassett is they need to improve the academics.

  • saladdays


    The Old OC is Greg Willig and if you can get him back you should.

    Wilson Parent,

    That sounds like a bad situation to me. If the coach can’t make his commitment he should quit and hand over the job to the workman guy. Don’t how you coach an offense part time maybe that’s why you guys were so bad last year.

  • Speaking of Willig, where is he now? Still coaching? They had some real nice teams under he and Oviedo.

  • saladdays


    Not sure where Willig is now.

    But I know Coach Oviedo was real high on this group of seniors 9-1 as freshman only losing to the super freshman team @ LA had which went 9-1`only losing to Damien who I think also went 9-1 or undefeated. I also think La puente had a 9-1 team only losing to Wilson.

    It looks as though only LP was able to keep their group of kids together just goes to show you never know how things will work out.

  • V.V.L.

    I hear that the offense at Wilson in going to be ran by the O-line coach, with the help of the workman coach and their receivers coach. Anybody know if this is right and what’s the coachs name.

  • Wilson Alum

    Willig was the quarterback coach over at St. Paul last year. At this point this year he is not coaching anywhere.

    The majority of the kids off that 9-1 Wilson team are still on the team. The only one that I am aware of that isn’t playing is the quarterback Bateria.

  • trojan fan

    I can’t help but laugh at the comment from Bassett’s Vice-Principle,when asked why he got rid of Coach Ward prior to the football awards banquet. His answer was that they just wanted to go in a different direction. This is the type of admin. that you have at this school where if you rub someone the wrong way their egos and feelings get hurt. They rid themselves of you no matter what contributions you have given to the players and the community.Look lets be honest and fair here Coach Ward had the progam going in the right direction before the carpet was pulled out from under him. As far as the hiring and the watchdogs of the community that falls solely on the hands of Lou & Fred Lujan.As they were the ones that passed on the likes of Stephon Pace and others to hire this loser.And once again Bassett will spiral to the depths that they have never seen. 11 players out for spring ball sad very sad,Bassett do the right thing and check your egos at the door and let Coach Ward finish what he started.GOOD NIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Crazy how this turns out to be a Wilson blog, When the L.A. staff was real Wilson was a bottom feeder with these characters, that should end the Wilson subject regarding these guys.

    Also wasnt this the same guy that was part of the staff that dismantled a C.I.F. title program at St Paul the last few years, 2007 title and they should have won a second one, and now the program is in the dumps, loosing kids to other schools. Please dont drag these characters into this subject.

    I still want to know where are all the boosters and community involvement that were supposed to be involved in the hiring process, where are all the hispanic community leaders and parental involvement that was suppossed to bring in the next great coach.

    I am looking for these folks to step up to the plate is this the man you all picked, step up and speak or at least give the community an apology, where are you now, where are you now out looking for the next boy wonder to climb out from under his rock.

    There are people in this area that believe we have the kids to win the league, and play with the best in our division, although they are at Amat, Los Altos, and schools all around the area, bone head moves like this one isnt going to help bring these kids back.

    This has to be one of the best bone head moves in the valley lets see what they do for an oncore.

  • Whats with all the racial stuff ?

    LEONITUS, this is the second time you have posted something regarding a racial issue. Why can’t you just narrow down the facts and speak of the real problems with the football program or even with some of the underlining issues with Basset, instead of focusing on somthing that is compleatly stupid.

  • Goldenarm

    HC my azzzzzzzzz,

    your reading comprehension is a little wacked, in fact completely wacked.

    When I say Tip hung with 4 kids at Duarte – and that I would be pissed if my kid were left head-coachless this late in the game – it is pretty clear I am not praising anything about Cieslik.

    Giving up on a job you accepted knowing the challenges is no honor, or a glowing highlight on a resume either. Somehow though, like I said – CIESLICK SAW THIS AS HIS BEST MOVE, otherwise he would have stuck it out.

    I’ve had some recent experience around coaches coming, going and leaving early – and the huge impact this has on a football program. Coaching tenure and commitment rank high on my list on what is important to success.

  • SAT Reading Comprehension Test



    Goldenarm, even F.Lee Bailey made mistakes.

    In VERSION 1….”You’re “offering” the opinion for “him” . “IT MAY”…clearly the words choices were as they were and denote your “opinion”, hence “IT MAY”

    In VERSION 2…”You’re “offering” an analysis or opinion from “HIS” perspective allowing that CYSTLICK had a decison to make, all be it extremely self serving, but the perspective is from the former HC.

    To say it MAY BE THE BEST MOVE ad now to change the words to how Cystlick SAW the landscape is completely different. Usually you’re on point but that was way off. Sorry you’re not perfect, none of us are.

    Care to apologize?

  • 2003 Montview Champs

    Bring back Smolin

  • Aaron

    Ya’ll can’t spell it seems. Things we knew about this guy, funny offense that works out alright. He doesn’t stick around more than three years. He resigned as Head Coach from La Sierra days before the 2009 season. He went 6-4 the year before.

    Bassett has good facilities. Someone brought race into perspective, it doesn’t matter if he was purple as long as he understands the demographic that he is coaching. Obviously he didn’t. He also did not adjust to the players he had. Good coaches adjust their system to the players they have to win instead of making a square peg fit in a round hole they round off the edges a little. This guy obviously didn’t do that. I hope Bassett gets their money back.

    Things also fall on the people that made the decisions, why fire a coach that although he had three losing seasons had improved the program. 1-8,1-9, 4-6. 4-6 is a pretty big jump, so it is obvious he had it going in the correct direction. Everything is about win, and win now, not enough is focused on the role model perspective. Coaches are role models for their players and have more influence over their players during that three hours everyday than anyone could ever have. Why do you think John Wooden was so successful? He taught young men to be good people. The next coach they pick needs to be a good role model, a guy that doesn’t stick around was not a good role model.

  • Nitpicker

    “all be it” I do believe the proper way to put this is “albeit”?

  • 2003 Montview Champs

    Bring back Smolin!

  • Greeper

    Where is Smolin by the way, he’s one heck of a good guys, almost coached with him when he first went over to Basset.

  • Aaron

    Smolin is the head man at the newly opened Citrus Valley High School. In Redlands Unified, they opened last year and also played Varsity football last year(yikes). He went 2-8. Calpreps says Citrus Valley has 1100 enrollment…that’s only grades 9 and ten. Should be good in a few years.

  • EX-Player Bassett High Class of 2000 and something

    It’s funny how Bassett High School has a legitimate Head football coach on campus… but wait a minute he’s not Bassett’s Head Coach, go figure… Sean Simpson is his name, right now an assistant coach at Long Beach Polytechnic High School… the premier football high school prgram in not only southern California but in the country… well Sean Simpson, an on campus PE teacher at bassett high along with fellow teacher Hector Spathias who is a proven winner at Bassett High (’02 Montview League Baseball Champions, cif semi-finalist) have addressed the Bassett’s coaching position… which for some reason the Athletic Director aka Mr.Baca (first Name not wirth knowing) did not pursue the canidates, what was said that Bassett’s AD Baca was 100% against these canidates, along with the rest of the “Leadership Team” within Bassett Unified school district… so what does the leadership team do… hire in replacement of Craig Cieslik an off-campus head coach by the name of Duncan whose backround is coaching women’s football!!!

    I played at Bassett High and we were good… though we did not win a single playoff game my teams participated in the playoffs every year i was there… Coach Pete Smolin and his staff made a postive impact from Day 1 of his arrival at Bassett High, ’03 League Champions (I was a huge part of that team)… then came along Coach John Rice and his staff who included Sean Simpson (Long Beach poly assistant who was declined a chance to coach at Bassett 2010) any how John Rice team went 4-2 in league play and finshed at 2nd place… since then Bassett has not even been close to a good coaching staff… and it shows that at Bassett High good coaching has been the difference…

    It seems that Bassett High refuses to hire a worthy canidate, even if the canidate was right under there nose (Sean Simpson, Hector Spathias) Bassett’s leadership would miss it!!!! Once a program headed in the right direction now a joke as a whole… from academics to athletics Bassett High will never recover as long they have the Athletic Director they have now… Once proud to be apart of Bassett High Football now it’s just not worth mentioning…

    I would like to reach out to Aram Tolegian and say this is a story wroth writing… I have a lot of inside info and I just want something to finally be done!!!

  • Ben Dover

    Too bad for the kids that were there and wanted to play. Guess the other kids would rather be in gangs and run around like a bunch of thugs.

  • WTF

    The facts are that the football program has allowed last minute walk-ons to play in the program without going thru summer conditioning period. They come in late August train for what ever the miniuim CIF requires and they Play. These kids missed out, this coach would have made a difference but the great football culture at Assett! thinks they know better.

    Hey MR. AD shut-down the program and give the funds to soccer team these kids do not deserve football.

  • Goldenarm

    SAT with murky results,

    As far as apologizing….
    I do apologize to other bloggers on-site who had to read your ANALysis yet again.

    Were you trapped in a cave with Clive Barker and 1/2 pound of peyote buttons during your developing childhood?

    I am assembling a panel of assorted scholars and academics to team review my next post – before I ever hit “submit” again.

    Last I checked – it is still football.

  • trojan fan

    The bottom line is that as long as the current admin. is in charge, subject to change at anytime Bassett will never be a contender,Mr. Baca is a puppet and just hands out checks and checks in equipment hell he does’t even have a say as to gets hired or fired total lame duck.Principle is retiring,Supertindent just resigned, and they just hired a coach with absolutely no head coaching experience but what I don’t understand is if your heading in a different direction why hire an assistant from coach Ward’s staff,Once a again the gang that couldn’t shoot straight has missed the mark and settled for another puppet in Coach Duncan now I know that they will never learn to tie there shoe-laces. And next year the Lujan’s will be searching for another savior.GOOD LUCK! P.S. if your a player there head for the hills go somewhere anywhere but Bassett,Pena’s & Camaco in sure any school in the valley would welcome you with open arms. GOOD NIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Goldenarm

    trojan man,

    A review of similar coaching fiascos in other area schools will show many of the exact issues you describe repeat themselves – with the results much the same.
    The damage eventually falls on the shoulders of the kids and parents – who are dealt a hand they are pretty much powerless to build upon…leaving some good seniors to participate in a disorganized, crumbling last season of football.
    When you have an AD, principal and school board out of touch with the enormous pride and value quality athletics bring to a school – trouble awaits. Once the damage is done, they don’t realize recovery often takes 5 or more years – just in getting a good program re-established. A solid hire needs to be made right away.
    Good luck to the Bassett kids.


    My last few postings were not put up, but I was right all along. Now these characters resign and why would anyone with a high paying job resign in this tough economy.

    Even Aram knows how hard it is to make it out there these days.

    Bassett has the players and the community to compete in their division, especially when we factor in the kids who left to other schools but are geographically in the boundries.


    Is any school that is 99.4% white or black out there hireing a hispanic coach, Or maybe a hispanic coach isnt good enough to handle the hard planning and scheduling and discipline it takes to run a program.

    I think this district must come clean on this last hire and the clown they just put in as the next month boy wonder.

    Its clear at this point the season is finished not only for Bassett but for all the other teams that think they have a game that weekend, planning nightmares.

    Community needs to rise up and get answers on this one. Cant see why they did not hire a HISPANIC coach from the area, just give us one reason, not two or three just one.

    I cannot beleive there were not any good hispanic coaches that applied for this job.

  • WTF

    LEONITUS, The root of the problem at Bassett are the Kids and the lack of parental support and guidance. Any Coach will fail in this community because quiting is an excetable part of life at Assett. You can not have kids come an go as you the please at still expect to particpate in any team. Assett stop looking around for a fall guy, justlook in the mirror. These kids do not want play football, they would have shown up for practice. These babies are spoiled the school should focus their attention on Academics and the Arts. If they really want football at Basset the will demand it by showing up to practice all the time!!!!!.

  • Discrimination


    Do you read what you write, you talk about the school administration discriminating against local Hispanics. The only person here that wants to discriminate is you. You are saying that because the school is 99.4% Hispanic you should hire an Hispanic coach, that is discrimination. The color of their skin shouldn’t be a factor in hiring a new head coach.

    For the record I do know why Coach Cieslik resigned, and it hasn’t been mentioned on this thread once. You guys have no clue what is going on over their, NONE of you. He made the correct move as a quality head coach trying to build a program.

  • NOT IN HERE!!!

    BEN (D) OVER;

    Do us all a FAVOR! and don’t come in here writing CRAP like that! That type of stuff is what you see those idiots BLOGGING in the front page of the SGV TRIBUNE! Are you for real with your moniker?, or you just doing a drive-by post? Because your pathetic and your statement is PATHETIC. So don’t taint this blog and stay with the sgv tribune front page blogs, because that’s were you belong!

  • Aaron

    Oh please enlighten us since you seem in the know. He should have stayed, that’s a fact.

    When Tip Sanders started over at Duarte he had about as many as you could count on one hand and he ended up with 18 by the start of the season. 16 of which were seniors. That’s a head coach that builds a program. Duarte was a mess, but Sanders will get them going.

    As far as discrimination is concerned, should they have hired a Hispanic coach. Possibly, does the coach need to be Hispanic? No, as long as the coach knows where his players come from and understands them and gives them the support they need to become better young men.

    Quitting a month into the job shows everything about him.

  • just sayin’

    take a look at a team photo of the Head Coach at Gardena Serra. Doesn’t quite fit their “demographic” either – but the man can coach

  • Aaron

    After learning more about Aubrey Duncan he should have been the hire if it was between him and Cieslik. You may say his coaching experience most recently has been as the head coach of a professional womens team.

    He seems to be an old salty guy. He also knows the community. He has been the Varsity Track Coach at Bassett for the last five years. He played at Pasadena High School, Cal State Fullerton, and two years in the World Football League after bouncing around NFL training camps.

    He is probably the guy they really need, there may have been better qualified guys than him. Obviously based off of all these things, especially since he was already at Bassett, what made them pick Cieslik is anyone’s guess.

  • AMAT 73

    If you are going to come on here and defend this coach at least print what you feel you know as the real reason. You come on here calling everyone out as to no one knows the real reason behind the decision . Well please let us know . Don’t worry it’s not like you sign your name to the post so you will by anonymous. I do agree that the head coach does not have to be Latino but he does need to know what has been going at Bassett as far as the program and the issues at hand . To me it seems there is some truth to the matter of the administration bailing on football. The program seemed to be rebounding last year. They may have not had a lot of wins but they were fielding a team and practices were attended. I drive by the school occasionally and did see many kids out there last season. Something went wrong somewhere to cause the count to go down to 10-13 kids . You can’t blame the kids for all this turmoil like some are doing with the racial stereotyping posts like wtf’s and b dover . Maybe like the ex player said this is something worth looking into further. Maybe either Fred,Aram, or Steve can find the time to get over to Bassett and get to the real story even if the administators chase you off with the no comment phrase. At least that will tell us something . For once do some good journalistic work that benefits the community and the bloggers who drive this and Fred’s blog. And to wtf, why do you feel the need to call Bassett hs, assett hs . Does that make you feel like a man or do you have a need to feel superior.



    Here’s a thought, are you trying to be the next JOE AMAT??? PLEASE SAY IT’S NOT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….

    HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Is there a number count of how many post you’ve placed, like they do for the front page of the tribune comments, because i’m sure your up on JOE!

    Aaron, i’m just kidding and keep up the work GURU!LOL…

  • GameDayatUSC

    Off the subject regarding Bassett, BUT

    6’3″ 295 lbs O.T Isaac Luatua from La Mirada, just committed to ALABAMA today according to ESPN U.

    Nice job kid!


    GURU are you the new ALL CAPS guy?

    Explains allot.

  • Goldenarm

    AMAT 73


    Infusing discipline and then walking the walk – meaning treating the star running back or 3rd string guard with equal penalty when rules are broken…takes a leader with both balls and integrity…and is rarely seen nowadays.
    I recall Maddox sat Marquiese Williams at Monrovia in his first year coaching there….and folks were pissed he did it, leaving a scoring threat like that on that sideline. Some statements are much more than a statement, and have long term benefit down through the ranks.
    Don’t bank on a Hispanic, Pacific Islander or Martian. Skin color is not nearly important as skin thickness – because a great coach must stay the course despite shrapnel and insult when things go bad,,,which they will when all you have is 13 kids to start with.

  • WTF

    Amat, Get the facts it was worse than 13 kids more like 6 were showing up to practice. The others kept making excuses.

  • Race Matters, always has

    Goldenarm, how many Latino or Black or Asian Head Coaches are there in the Top Ten every in any sport? Not starting a controversy but seriously how many? Now is it equal to the demographics of the SGV?

    Glendora has Pasquerella, Morrison, Henley, Le Duc, ect.

    Bonita has Podley, Knott ect ect

    Baldwin Park..
    Diamond Ranch…
    Temple City…
    San Dimas…

    What would you guess be?

  • just askin’

    regarding the lack of minorities as head coaches in top ten – what exactly is that (are you) saying?

  • AMAT 73

    Well I am going by what Aram wrote in the opening of this thread that the Olypians were repotedly down to 13 so you beef is with him on that point. Like I wrote I do drive by the school sometimes and recently I did see more that 6 kids out there. What about the real reason for the coach leaving.You still have not given us the in the know reason you are privey too. Like I wrote you will be anonymous unless your name is really wtf .On another point why is this issue of the race of coaches becoming such an issue .I am more inline with Goldenarms thinking. It’s a coaches knowledge of the sport , integrity, and values in life on and off the field that should matter the most before one’s skin color . One of the best football coaches in the SGV is of Italian decent I believe and there are many Black and Latino coaches also and I suspect a few Asians as well along with the Caucasian coaches who all do a fine job . What difference does it and should it make regarding the color of coaches skin if the coach is there for the kids, understands the issues and what he is dealing with . All I would ask for is a coach to be fair and to help form the kids into fine young men and hopefully win a few games along the way regardless of the color of his skin. Just look at the accolades being said on Coach Wooden by his former players. Not to many thanking him for there success in sports but many thanking him for making them better men ,parents, and successful in life in general . That’s what you want to hear former players say about their coach.


    Cieslik quit because school administration told him that he had to allow the kids that quit the program to come back, where ever they decided to come back. Cieslik told school administration when a kid quits his program they are done for the year. School Administration told Cieslik he has to play by their team rules not his. He told them I either have full control of my team or I am stepping down. They said step down.

  • Uneven reporting


    That’s the beauty of the blog. We do the Sportswriter’s work. If that’s the reason why he left good for him. Now I’d like to recant my negative comments with this reservation…did he announce to the student body that they had one last chance to either practice or not play. Hey everyone deserves a second chance. Aram is flying by the seat of his pants if this is true. That’s an observation Aram not a criticism. I hope you understand the difference.

    Maybe your gift is writing and not getting the story. Although I will admit your preseason takes are entertaining. Aram what’s the best piece of journalism you’re uncovered in your day?

    I’ll always be in your corner because you went with Mc D twice, that took brains, guts and courage. especially since you were right on that one and people were giving you the business. However since you’ve been on your own the “breaks” have been uneven.

  • Aaron

    If that’s the real reason he quit, he needs to realize these are teenagers that need a role model. He needed to adjust and bring them back into the fold and make them feel not only wanted but needed.

    People and especially children, because that’s what they are, make mistakes. The official statement from the school was that the driving from Riverside everyday became too hard for him. This is Spring Football, not fall camp. You cannot turn players away in May, and you cannot run six hour practices. So my opinion of this situation has not changed. I have never met Craig Cieslik but based on research, he is a very inflexible person. There’s no defending a person that does this. However, the blame does not rest solely with Coach Cieslik either.

  • WTF


    You have no clue what it takes to make a great program not just an average program that you are use to in the SGV Valley. A Great Coach starts working with the kids in February not in May. Coach Craig new the clock was ticking and he had to speed up the process. Great coaches are flexible in nature but there is somethings are not flexible. What kind of message do send to the kids allowing the to come an go as they want. These kids need to own the team but they showed they want nothing to do with football. The AD should only field a freshman program and let cancer graduate out of the program.

  • rockfan

    There you go Rock. Call up Basset they need a coach. Maybe they will be as dumb as La Sierra and not check on references.

  • SAY WHAT !!!!!!!

    So you do not consider the feat of back to back championships by CO the sign of a great program. Please after you take you foot out of your mouth give us your examples of great programs from your neck of the woods. Your posts have the ring of you being so far up coach Craig’s azz you can neither think nor see straight.

  • trojan fan

    I can honestly believe that was what happened at Bassett because it sounds like what they told everyone about coach Ward (who by the way rubbed a certain vice principle the wrong way)after going 4-6 in his 3rd. year there that they wanted to go in a different they settle on Coach Duncan GOOD LUCK BASSETT can you say 0-10. let the revolving door begin but please with this new admin. that will be coming as of July 1, start laying some of this nightmare where it belongs and that starts at the top you are getting a new principle and supertendent why not clean house all together and rid your self of your lame duck A.D..And then hire a real coach and give him the support that he needs to be succesful instead of waiting for him to fail. Just a thought. GOOD NIGHT NOW P.S. And get rid of the Lujan hiring commity.


    The issue at Bassett, they have cancer and the administration is fine with leaving in the program. Where as the coach wants to cut it out and move on. Well we have seen over the last few years how the administration way has been working (cancer is growing).

  • WTF

    SAY WHAT !!!!!!! said,

    That is a good example CO who did they play. CO stays with in comfort of their area. Great Programs are De LaSalle,Bellarmine, Marin Catholic , Modesto Christian to name a few. These teams will woop any team in this Valley. If you think CO is only good in SGV no where else

  • just askin’

    SAY WHAT !!!!!!! – the sign of a great program is beating someone you shouldn’t beat. Who has CO even played, much less beaten, that fits in that category?

  • SGV


    Get your pathetic little comments out of this blog! You don’t represent the VALLEY and you come in here mentioning those other schools. Who gives a RAT AZZ about those schools, because why, let me tell why, because we live in the SGV and not some far azz,one horse towns miles away.

    By the way CO is the best school in the valley, and they prove it twice these last two years! Now they have been place in a new division and will have to see what happens.

    Representing SGV!

  • The Best?


    The only thing CO has proved is they are the best team in there division not the valley, come on. You have at least three other schools that would question that comment.

    San Dimas
    Bishop Amat
    La Mirada

  • WTF


    Your are a good example of what is wrong with football with int the San Gabriel Valley. Great Programs play outside their area & even outside the state. The RAT AZZ schools where all in the California State Finals. When was the last time CO was in the state finals. CO has not even played other teams in this valley.

    “The Best”
    San Dimas
    Bishop Amat
    La Mirada

  • Dan

    The Best?, OK I’ll start a little controversy.
    Amat and CO and La Habra are the best teams on the field in the SGV Whittier area these past few years. If you think San Dimas and La Mirada were at that level this past season I think you need to get out and watch more football.
    Maybe this coming season La Mirada with their 4 or 5 D1 recruits could make a statement but even their championship team from last season would most likely lose by a couple of TD’s to CO. In my opinion South Hills, West Covina, and Diamond Ranch from last season all would have been great games vs San Dimas and La Mirada. I think all three would have beaten San Dimas in close tight games, and would have been a toss up against La Mirada.

  • Dumbo

    If you look at AMAT,La Habra & CO only one team played really competition that was Amat. My point is that the teams in SGV need to go out try facing tough teams in the pre-season. I would argue the toughest teams that would play them. CO sets up easy pre-season games.

  • FBGuy

    Didn’t CO lose to Rancho C. in the preseason last year? Wasn’t Rancho CIF Champs the season before? Is Rancho an easy opponent?

  • just sayin’

    FBGuy – right before RC won CIF – Amat swept them two years in a row

  • Dan

    Just Saying,
    Different years different teams, you gotta admit the
    Rancho C. teams that Amat swept were nowhere close to the RC teams of the past two seasons.
    At least give them a little credit when its due, La Habra and CO have improved their schedules in recent years, La Habra has had close games with Los Alamitos and actually beat San Clemente last season, both of those are Pac 5 playoff schools in any given season. CO has played Rancho C. and Ettiwanda the past two years, niether of those schools would be considered patsies, not even by Amat.
    Now at the same time I do realize that Amat had a tougher schedule last year than either of those two.

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  • Andrew Lavea

    Comment for: EX-Player Bassett High Class of 2000′

    Correction Mountview League champs 03′ & 02′ went to LP I remember us beating Bassett High badly both years!

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