More La Mirada scariness: Isaac Luatua verbals to Alabama … La Habra are you listening?

La Mirada lineman Isaac Luatua gave a verbal commitment to Alabama on Tuesday.

Aram’s take: Yet another reason to believe La Mirada is the favorite in the Southeast Division. Just scary. Congrats to Luatua. It’s serious business when Alabama wants a SoCal kid. Can’t wait for the September showdown with La Habra.

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  • lm fan

    way to go lil cuz, good luck at bama. so the sec how socal plays football. much love………….

  • Nice to Hear

    WOW that is Big time! It does so much for our area! Quick Question Aram…. Why wouldn’t Campa break this story? And Why hasn’t he posted anything about the other 5 La Mirada kids with offers?? Hmmmm

    My Take: Mozzotta won’t let him!
    Murray make a come back already!

    Keep up the great work Aram you are a real pro!

  • GameDayatUSC

    I ran this by yesterday, and this could be a hint of things to come from the SEC, especially if the bigger conferences merge together. Also thier are a few guys in the OC who now will get a longer “peek” I heard because their sisters play softball for FLA, TENN, and UGA. Nothing like having your sister help recruit the our local kids. I think FLA & TENN had 5 young ladies starting on there softball teams from the OC.

    Hey Aram,

    I kept hearing all the whining back in April when C/O, & S/H got moved into different divisions. I think we all thought DIV II. Help me out but Cal Preps, does have them for DIV II for state playoffs, BUT are considered in the Central division in DIV V! I would say that isn’t too bad considering the success these schools have had.

  • Norco

    First of all Luatua`s has not even visited Alabama yet or any other schools that have offered. Being a LDS kid he was quoted as saying BYU was his dream school, and only recently did he start looking at SEC schools…because BYU never offered. IMO his recruitment is far from over…

    And one more thing he is all of 295lbs, but I seriously doubt he is 6`2…I`ve stood next to him and at best he is little over 6`ft..And I`m 6-4

  • Norco shut up

    His Ht: and Wt: are both verified on VERIFIED! So I doubt you have even been in the same room with him yet stood next to him!

  • This is what ESPN has to say about Isaac.

    By Chris Low

    Alabama coach Nick Saban isn’t adverse to going anywhere to land a good player.

    The Crimson Tide picked up their 13th commitment for the 2011 class Tuesday when offensive lineman Isaac Luatua of La Mirada, Calif., informed Nick Saban that he planned to sign with the Crimson Tide.

    The 6-2, 300-pound Luatua told ESPN’s Greg Biggins, “Coach Saban is a winner and I’m looking forward to playing for him. He’s tough and hard nosed and preaches toughness and discipline. I don’t care about depth charts. I’m going to Alabama for the tradition, fan support and the academics. I’m going to give everything I got to the University of Alabama and to the state of Alabama. I have two simple goals, win a national championships and get my degree.”

    Luatua is Alabama’s first commitment in the offensive line for the 2011 class. He’s rated by ESPN as the No. 17 guard prospect in the country, but may end up playing center.

    Alabama was ranked No. 3 nationally last week in ESPN’s early rankings for the 2011 class.

  • Nroco

    Verified? lol…And Scout has his height “VERIFIED” @ 6-3? so which is it? Also you don`t know me, and I don`t throw sh!t to the wall like some posters and hope it sicks…I stand by my post…NO WAY IN HELL HE IS 6-2….

  • Norco shut up

    Not Verified on scout… Rivals has the info from the Nike camp so you may not throw sh#t but you are definitely full of it!

  • Don’t bet against him

    Nick Saban doesn’t make many mistakes so if he’s on board for this kid he must be very very good. I do find it odd that USC and UCLA didn’t jump at him hot and heavy. I saw some awesome things about this kid I liked allot. He’s extremely strong for one. His explosion is way up there but he has a tendency to stop and look at plays after huge hits and sometimes he doesn’t go second level when his man is down. Maybe that’s why he’ll play center at the next level. Not a criticism just an observation. The best part of this kid, and the reason he’ll be a success in life is his view of the future.

    Like he said, “I have simple goals win a National Champuionship and earn my degree”.

    Always been a “Bama fan. What a great honor to play in that atmosphere!

    Best of luck kid. Go Tide!

  • lm fan

    hey norco b4 u start poping off about my cousin you better make sure you have your sh!t straight. no he’s not 6’1″ or 6’2″ he’s a legit 6’3″. i am 6’5″ and he’s 2 in. shorter than me so whenever you supposenly stood next to him you really didn’t get a good look . if you have a problem with that toooooooo bad.

  • Tongan Pride

    Norco why do you need to make a comment about the big man when he is doing what he has to do to get his scholarship. Nick Saben doesnt come to the west coast that often and when he does he knows that the athelete is going to be special. You rag on his height, but remember broda sometimes a positive comment like good job, congrats goes a long way.

  • just sayin’

    lm fan – you’re 6’3″ – tops

  • Norco

    Ok…first of all I never questioned his athletic ability or ragged on him, I think you clowns need to take a reading comprehension class. I actually like his style of play and his non stop motor. The only thing I questioned was his height. Now one poster said his height was verified by Rivals, so I will take his word on that… And now you have a supposed cousin coming on here saying he is a legit 6-3… So, lets agree to disagree..And if someone gets offended from anything I do or say , then thats their problem and I couldnt care less.

    I have no patience for thin skinned people

  • Norco

    lm fan said:
    hey norco b4 u start poping off about my cousin you better make sure you have your sh!t straight. no he’s not 6’1″ or 6’2″ he’s a legit 6’3″. i am 6’5″ and he’s 2 in. shorter than me so whenever you supposenly stood next to him you really didn’t get a good look . if you have a problem with that toooooooo bad.

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!Well were do I start with this 5th grade post? I *no idea* what you are saying. I can read the words…they seem to be English, but it’s as if the specific order of words you use scrambles my brain’s ability to extract any meaning from the post. This isn’t a complaint…I’ll keep trying to decipher the code….it’s me, not you:)

    All the best,


  • lm fan

    well well well Norco let’s see where should I start with you.When did you stand next to him because I really doubt that you are 6ft. 4in..Next like you I really don’t trust what the recruiting sites say either.Until you get your posts straight you should really go to a source that is close to whatever info you plan to put in a comment box. And as for just sayin’ I bet you have never seen me in person so there is no way for you to know how tall I really am.

  • Norco

    Im a fan…from the looks of your post, you must be his 5yr cousin.

  • lm fan

    Oh my you got me there. See it is guys like you who one minute say something bad about someone and hides behind your little post, but that is ok you can say whatever you want, you probably never played any sports in high school or college but if you did hey that’s fine. Like they say “let sleeping dogs lie”,because you don’t want or find out who I am just leave it like that.

  • Norco

    I see we got a message board cartoon gangster…so I will play along…

    Now you listen to me! I have a question and you’re gonna tell me what I want to know, see? If you don’t start singing like a canary you’ll be sleeping with the fishes, see? Now I don’t wanna have to rough you up. So I want a straight answer and I want it now, see? myeah! myeah!

    Bawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Believe me I`m not scared of you…lol…And one more thing please post where I said something bad about him…I will be waiting

  • lm fan

    ok ok now im shaking in my boots sleep with the fishes. you wanna get gangster here is one for you like ice cube said in one of his songs “i’m a big fish in a small pond” so don’t even try to get gangster with me. you just sit behind your computer like a good little nerd and type away cause i’m though with you.

  • just sayin’

    now THAT was a hilarious exchange. SMH

  • Norco

    Just a fan…..I don`t usually do this but I`m going to bestow not one but THREE awards to you…”worst poster” award, “most butthurt” award and last but least…. “The OWNED” award…because you have no business trying to mix it up with me. Carry on

    Hugs & kisses

    Your daddy

  • Norco Keep Writing

    Norco don’t ever stop writing. I get a kick out of anyone who deflects as well as you do. Plus your take are interesting if some what different form others. Would like to know if you still go see Norco practices. I would love to see how they do what they do. Being a big Toby fan I’m vert interested in seeing his Dad coach. I’ve heard he’s a great guy off the field as well. In your opinion what makes Coach Gerhart so efficient.

  • Anahi

    LOL NOT!!!!!

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