UPDATED: Worthy picks Boise State; WC3 offered by UTEP; Aiono offered by Utah …

UPDATE: South Hills lineman Siosi Aiono was offered by Utah on Monday. His list now includes Fresno St., New Mexico St., BYU, Hawaii and San Jose St.

Whittier Christian defensive lineman Jeff Worthy has chosen Boise State over Nebraska and UCLA.

Meanwhile, Baldwin Park linebacker Wardell Crutchfield III has received an offer from UTEP.

Aram’s take: Congrats to Worthy. You really can’t go wrong with Boise these days. And Viva Los Mid-Valley Divisiones. Worthy and WC3 are part of what make this division, which is about 95 percent SGV, so fun for us this season.

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    Jeff Worthy family or fans,

    First off congrats for picking a school and being able to continue your education and playing ball Jeff.

    Can the family or the fans give us some insight on why he picked Boise State over UCLA and Nebraska? From his weight and size it seems he can be right in the mix at UCLA or Nebraska. These two schools are some big time prgrams and the education at UCLA is pretty darn good. Not trying to down play your choice at Boise just an interested mind.

  • SGV Football,

    Welcome to the new era of college football. Think about how old young Worthy is. In his lifetime, does the name Nebraska or UCLA really resonate the way it does to those of us longer in the tooth? In Worthy’s formative years, Boise has been the better program. I know, it’s amazing.

    Go grab a college football annual and check out where Boise is ranked heading into the season. They’re in almost everybody’s top five and I’ve seen them as high as No. 2.

    It’s a different era, my man.

  • K

    Well said Aram, it is crazy to think of how far Boise has come. From what I hear, Worthy really felt at home when he visited BSU, apparently more so than UCLA I guess. They have a great program and they are certainly more relevant in the college football world today than the Bruins are…sad to say. Nebraska is great, but I think distance and weather may have been a factor. We wish him the best!

    Also great news for WC3 out of BP…that is impressive.

  • Norco

    For my SGV brothers…here are a few paragraphs from Worthys commit article on Scout.com

    The future Bronco had a meeting with Head Coach Chris Petersen just before he left campus. That meeting stands out in Worthy’s mind as a big reason why he committed to Boise State. “I sat down with Coach Petersen for about twenty minutes before I took off. He said that every week he has a class for an hour where he sits down with all the freshmen and they talk about stuff in college. It could be girls, school, all kinds of things,” he said. “He’s going to teach me to grow up and I feel like I’ll be a better person coming out of Boise State. I’ll be a man and that’s important,” Worthy added.

    ‘That feeling’ led to Worthy’s commitment to Boise State and he’s thrilled with his decision to become a Bronco. “I had that gut feeling that Boise State is where I belong,” he said. “The stadium is unreal, the fan base is unbelievable, and Boise State is where I’m going to be for the next four years.”


    Wow times are really changing… Lets keep our ears open I dont think this will be the last stop for this kid Worthy. I have a gut feeling but it also might be the food I just had for lunch. Lets see if Oregon or if USC offers then things might change. Where ever you go best of luck in your senior season and in college.

    PS I’m starting to notice more Whitter Christian window stickers now.

  • Yeah, Whittier Christian fever. I have no idea what the hell’s going on, but they sure have something going over there. I want to see the WC take on Saint Dimaz. I want to see Worthy go up against Allen Brown. Now that would be a sight!!!!

  • Aaron

    Jeff Worthy had offers from:
    Boise State
    Arizona State
    Oregon State

    That leads me to think his only other stop will be the NFL and not committing to a USC or Oregon. Boise State just wins and is an excellent environment for a young man to go to. It provides that small town type atmosphere, literally the entire city is at or watching the game when the Broncos are in town.

  • To take what Aaron said a step further, why would anyone want to go to USC now? Or even Oregon?

    It should be Buckeyes or bust.



    I can see he’s sticking with what works. A smaller school (WC) got him noticed and a smaller university (Boise) will get him into the NFL.

    74 days and counting CO vs Glendora too bad we couldn’t play each other at the Bonita tournament. Someone did not feel the need to play… Wink Wink.

    Aram, please dont come in here with that Buckeye syndrom. Terrelle Pyror has been a bust!

  • SGV Football,

    How has TP been a bust? In his first full season as the starter he leads them to a Rose Bowl win and is Rose Bowl MVP.

    Nothing better than the Buckeyes and some beautiful Big Ten football!!!

  • Dan

    Boise is a great choice, sure would have liked to seen Boise St, instead of Colorado come into the Pac Ten. Boise along with Utah would have been some great additions to the Pac Ten.

  • Dan,

    I wanted Utah to stay in the Mountain West. With Boise joining we’d have had Boise, BYU, Utah and TCU. Sorry, but that’s a better conference than the Pac-10. That would have been a great conference. I don’t think people realize how weak the Pac-10 is outside of USC. And now that they’re dropping, it will get even worse.

  • Poppa K

    Congrats JW. Coach Pete @ BSU is a solid guy who has the Broncos pre-season number 3. Whether people buy it or not, BSU is a natioanl program now and it well respected across the county. The move to the MWC will continue that rise.

  • MidValley

    Hey Aram, Worthy wouldn’t go up agains Allen Brown. One is a Nose and the other is a Tackle. The center for SD, Zenner is a beast though. That would be good battle. Whittier Christian was at SD last week, with DRanch. They got scorched.



    I think I am still bitter over that Texas Vs USC loss at the Rosebowl a couple of years ago. TP reminds me too much of Vince Young and that game will always haunt me as a fan… TP could be the best dual threat QB in the nation but he needs to clean up his accuracy just a bit.

  • I’m not sure that I’d put too much stock in passing league results when it comes to Whittier Christian … or really any team for that matter. But I would hope that the questions WC needs answering on offense (isn’t their star RB graduated?) get answered.

    I don’t know much about WC, but I would assume they’re a run-first team, but then again you could say that about DR and SD.

  • DRanch

    Hey MidValley,

    Who got scorched?

  • Deja Vu

    It seems to me that a fairly unknown school located a little north of So. Cal had a rise to fame something like Boise States and now that school has run aground and is struggling to maintain its status as a formidable opponent. That school was Fresno State. Where is their football program now? Hardly what it once was. I am more than just a little hesitant to loft up Boise State as a legitimate Pac 10 school. Their football program has undoubtedly shown some success, RECENTLY (as far as longevity of Pac 10 schools go, it doesnt compare). It would be great FOR Boise State to be in the Pac 10, but I don’t think the Pac 10 would get the “return” in the long run. Boise State is not quite there yet. The Mountain West is a good place for them. Baby steps BSU, baby steps.

  • Worthy Family

    There are alot of reasons that Jeff picked BSU! Jeff has had alot of choices in his life. Not all of them easy. But being at a small school you are able to communicate with alot of good men who have mentored to him about life skills and he admires them and looks up to them. This is what he felt at Boise, the coaching staff just took him under their wing and he said that is what makes a good team great! When you want to be a winner and you are inspired to win and play with guys that play as a team that is what talking with the players and coaches meant to him. He has alot of respect for the coaches from UCLA and Nebraska they were good to him as well. But he felt this in his heart and gut that this was a good choice for him. He prayed about it and this is where God led him. GO BRONCOS!

  • Deja Vu,

    Appreciate your take, but it sounds like it’s from 2004. Are you aware Boise State has won TWO BCS bowls recently? I think they also have the best winning percentage over the last 10 years.

    Also, Fresno State never got to Boise’s level. Yes, they beat some good teams, but some of those seasons they flickered out. They never went to BCS games (or the equivalent).

    And by the way, they gave Oregon its only loss last season until my Buckeyes beat them for the Roses.

  • Johnny B. Good

    The MidValley has some ballers! Wow, it doesn’t sound like “weak” division to me. These are early offers too. There will be plenty more a coming… Congrats to the Worthy family. I’m looking forward to seeing him play this next year. It’s going to be an exciting season, no doubt…

  • Deja Vu

    Aram, I think Fresno State was already beginning to show signs of wear and was already on the way out? In regard to Boise State, yes I am aware of their success but I am not sold. Just my opinion and just as was the case with Fresno State, time will tell.

  • MidValley

    DRanch, not you guys, you guys scorched everyone. But SD did the same to WC. DRanch was pretty darn solid….as usual.

  • Deja Vu

    Just to clarify, I do not want to appear that I am belittling Mr. Worthy’s decision or accomplishments. Congratulations on your success Mr. Worthy, best of luck and continued success at BSU, all your hard work has obviously paid off. My opinion on Boise State is from a conferencing stand point only.

  • DRanch

    That’s what I thought!



    If you want to win a title this year you need to stop scrimmaging the mid valley teams! Must feel good scoarching the mid valley champs in passing league.

  • LP

    I was at the SD passing league game last week, and DR did not “scorch” SD! In fact, I would make the case that SD was better. Just my thought.


    Hey dranch what happeneed to all the r’s in your blog name. Did you get busted down and lose them like a Sergeant losing his stripes .

  • tha scout

    who cares if you lose the title game every year… how many plays are going to the next level? and I dont mean mt. sac or citrus….lol…..lol…lol

  • Touchdown Jesus

    Worthy family, Since you decided to post about Gods involment i got a couple a questions. Does God care where your Jeff plays such a violent game as football? How exactly did he lead Jeff to Boise, did god make Boise give him a schlarship? Does God lead all Whittier Christian students to the school of their choice if they pray or only the super-sized ones. Do all of them get a free-ride like Jeff. Does god ok the injuries Jeff has inflicted on much smaller kids in highschool? Does God cheer for Boise against Notre Dame or Brigham Young? You sure you want to bring God into this subject. It reminds me of Ali praising god after almost killing a guy in the ring.

  • Raul D

    Hey Touchdown Jesus,

    who are you to question someone elses belief in god and how they prefer to use them in their lives? God gave Jeff a very great talent, a talent to play football. So you can shutup and get off this page if your gonna come question someone else. This yooung man deserves reward for this great accomplishment. Big Jeff and Ms. Worthy if you guys are reading this, i got your backs, ever since jeff was playin ball with andy, love you both. take care

    -Raul Dorantes

  • DRanchhhh

    The Scout,

    Maybe you should do your homework fella! In the last 2 years DR has received scholarships (for Football) up over 2.75 million. We managed to send 2 off last year with a “so-so” team. Three have offers now (D1- offers), YEA 3, and the season has not even begun yet. And to be perfectly honest with you, I dont think we have kids at either SAC or Citrus numb-nuts. Do your homework then make accusations!! O by the way, WHERE WAS YOUR TEAM DEC. 10th last year??

    SGV Fooseball,

    Mid-Valley teams?? Another one who doesn’t do his HW. You obviously have diarrhea. We will be at the Claremont Tourney (do your HW on the team there), LA-Watts games (Last I checked, we were the ONLY I.E./ SGV team there last year and and will be this year.), Chino Hill tourney, We were at the Rancho Cucamonga tourney. Ex-LAX those fingers before you stink up the blogs BRO.

    Also, DR managed to do what we did at the San Dimas tourney with a below par QB.

  • Coaching

    I have been to a few of these passing leagues, I now understand why people don’t put much into the results. Half the teams are running a passing league defense and offense while the other half is running their standard offense and defense.

    San Dimas looks like they have some major issues with their defense based on the crap they are running at the passing league and the poor results.

    Los Altos looks like a JV team out their, no speed or size at all. I think they have one kid 6′. I find it hard to believe but they lost another kid last week, the other starting WR/DB transferred to Rowland last week. My count they lost three starters to Rowland now.

  • Touchdown Jesus

    Hey Raul, My god given brain and heart give me the right to question things.I’m sure narrow-minded people don’t like questions of their faith but if it worth putting in a public forum then a few questions should’nt be a problem. By the way here’s another poser?Does the family really need you to have their back if god is intervening so much in their lives so as to pick what school he goes to in order to play football? I think your heart is in the right place but don’t expect everyone to blindly accept statements no matter how well intentioned.

  • I enjoy your entire web-site. Many thanks regarding the excellent write-up. Boise is a fantastic town to live in.

  • lee roy jones

    Hey touchdown jesus,It sounds as if you have some personel issues with Jeff and his family. I happen to know Jeff and his family and I can tell you that they are good people. I have watched Jeff play football from the time he was a freshman to now, and I want to tell you that the kid plays with nothing but heart, he is the real deal! If your are an adult, why would you be jealous of his playing ability and size? If you know anything ( you don’t) you would know that W.C is a very small school that does not recruit like other schools! so close the hole in your face and take a hike

  • Worthy Family

    Wow Touchdown Jesus!! Of course you have your opinions and I have my faith. God has made people like you, for me to pray for. Raul we love you son, and thank you for being there for us as always!! You are a great friend. Thank you for always praying for us. I always believe that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it all. Those of us who know Jeff, know what this game means to him and also how GOD has influenced his ability and his faith in what he does in football and school and as a kid in general. All of this nonsense is just not good for the soul. To all that love us and have been there for us thank you and we love you all.

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