Glendora’s Chad Jeffries gets offer from Utah …

Glendora quarterback Chad Jeffries has been offered by Utah. He was just in the office and broke the news to me and Freddie. His ever-growing list is now Utah, UTEP, San Diego State and Oregon St.

Aram’s take: We still need to settle on a nickname for him. Jeffries also said he will make his choice probably in the next two weeks. I told him that a win over Charter Oak could produce a Notre Dame offer, so maybe he should wait.

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  • kingpin

    Way to go CHAD!!!!!

  • Dan

    Aram that video of Chad was taken at West Covina’s field, was there some kind of QB camp held there?

  • Rix training

    Rix was working with Jeffries on the bulldogs campus nothing else but that.

  • congrats chad and mark, you both worked really hard and its paid off. tom is smiling down you guys from heavon right now

  • Aaron

    Good on Chad, there’s another QB that has worked with Rix. And I’m very sure he’ll also get his shot to play at the next level, has the talent and the work ethic.

    Back to Chad: four offers is more than a lot of people get so when they keep coming make a great choice for yourself!

  • ghsfan

    great job keep workin hard man!!
    listen to your tutors there the ones who can guide you away from the bs some coaches might say

  • FredJ

    When Chad was in the office I asked him about UCLA, he said Norm Chow has been in contact and that before he makes a decision, to give Chow a call….interesting..

  • Whats going on in that office? Hmmm

    What was Chad doing at the office Aram??? Looks like no offer from Notre Dame this year either:(

  • You didn’t hear? The Tribune has become a hangout.

  • Bruin

    before he makes a decision, somebody should tell C. Jeff that R. Brehaut from Los Osos is at UCLA. RB is a bigger, stronger QB the C.Jeff. UCLA might not be all that good of a decision for him if he is even slightly concerned about P.T. Good school for the “edumacation” though.

  • The list is too long to deny !!!

    I agree UCLA isn’t a good fit. Just look at the QBs that Chow has produced. Why would anyone follow Chow anywhere?

    Chow made Leinart….made Palmer and in truth Pete never won another Championship without him, so who made who?

  • claremont dad

    i could do that with no rush to

  • To Aaron

    Hey Aaron what other Quarterback are you talking about. Just wondering

  • To Aaron

    Hey Aaron who is the othe Quarterback that is working with Rix? Just wondering

  • Aaron

    Garrett Pendleton, Bonita, 6-4, Sr. Kid has a rocket arm. Needed to work on his footwork, he had improved by the end of the last season. But the sky is literally the limit with his size, he’ll have a pretty good season.