It’s Hall of Fame time, I’ll show you my prediction if you show me yours …

Can the West find some magic to send Keith Jones off in style?…

Where: Baldwin Park HS (get there early)
When: Friday, 7:30 p.m. (get there early)
What: Top recently graduated SGV football standouts from the East and West sides of the 605 Freeway (get there early)
Series: East leads, 18-10-2 (get there early)

… or is the East just too impenetrable on defense to lose?

Aram’s take: I’ve seen quite a few Hall of Fame games. I always think the East is going to crush, but the West always plays with heart. Plus, it’s hard to get the cohesion needed offensively to consistently move the ball when you’re constantly changing personnel. So Friday’s showdown is going to come down to mistakes — who will make them and who will force them. I’ve talked to a lot of people who say this East defense, the first unit Mike Maggiore will send out, is loaded with D-1 players. You can’t beat that. I’m hoping Jones can go out with a win, but I just don’t see it. Jones and his offense will pull off a surprise or two, but in the end the East’s physicality and defense are the difference in a rather easy win.

Disclaimer: Having said, remember that I haven’t actually seen many of these guys ever play. Remember, I was doing 2 1/2 years of hard time in a Century City prison. So give me your takes!!!! Tell me where I’m wrong. Or if I’m wrong.

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  • west side asst.

    been assisting on the WEST SIDE for going on 7 years now, but no matter where Ive been its been a known fact that the EAST side produces BIG BOY football…. I will take the East to win by 8 points. Remember it’s not whether you win or lose it’s whether you cover the spread… But really Hope both sides have fun!

  • Goldenarm

    Somebody is going to light it up tonight – and I am hoping for the West it might be Max Ruckle.

    Does anybody have suggestions on best place to park?



    Do not forget to get there early. You are right, the East Defense will cover anything the West offense can come up with. Dont look at players just look at the teams represented by the two sides and the East always plays bigger and faster teams. Not knocking the West but this will be a blow out.

    Just take a look at some of the names the first team will come out with.
    Darien Johnson (Bishop Amat) Punts, kick offs, watch out.

    Gus Viramontes (Diamond Ranch) A proven leader.

    A.J. Powell (Charter Oak) With Darien and him returning kicks someone will score. Watch A.J destroy a receiver left to out dry by his QB tonight. OUCH!

    Keith Smith (Charter Oak) Will make the West run game obsolete.

    Elisha Henley (Diamond Ranch)Will have all receivers on lock down.

    Davis Cazares (Bishop Amat) An absolute beast. Watch the Hits.

    Daniel Kane (Bishop Amat) With Keith and Daniel nothing is going up the middle.

    Daniel Reyes (Charter Oak) Will put a stop to the West rush, passing attack.

    East defeats the West by 24 points.

  • bigA

    east in a blow out!

    u can park in the student / teacher parking lot. also in the basketball courts entrance is on badillo,

  • BigDog

    I was at the game last year and was pretty impressed with the east squad.I think the east kids were a little bigger but I would have to say the kids from the west were a little tougher,especially the kids from Rosemead.I guess its just upbringing and were your from is were you get your toughness.I’m going to give it to the west this year by 3 points.

  • Don


    The student lot next to the field has room for 200-250 cars. Enter on Root Street just east of Puente.


    Good job pumping the game. Let’s hope they have a good turnout tonight for a bunch of great kids.

  • Goldenarm

    Yeah…I agree on the special teams scoring, discipline in lane coverage etc is not exactly part of the mindset in these games.,,,and with the East speed, look out.
    Slim chance of upset, but Jones and Backus don’t coach to lose…they will have the West as ready as they can be.
    Thanks for the parking info – taking my son- part of the Father’s Day bribe offer.

  • Bulldogs Momma

    Excited about seeing my son under those Friday night lights one last time! GO EAST!!

  • The Stang Fan

    0 players from Muir…

    0 players from St. Francis…

    1 player from PHS…

    1 player from The Mead…

    = 0 chance for West victory.

    Quite unfortunate. Especially considering the significance of Coach Brownfield. Good luck to all the players and congrats for getting to rep your side of the 605.

    Go Westside!

  • Don

    Sure hope that the BP Boosters are running the snack bar tonight. Carne Asada Burritos better than Boca Del Rio.

    BTW, any of you westside guys see a guy wearing a green baseball cap with a ‘B’ be sure to say hi.

  • D-Mo

    I’ll be looking for the CO boys to make a lot of noise tonight, just like they did last year. The West better be ready to get hit. East should win by at least 21.

  • Dan

    My first thought was an easy victory for the East, if you look at the schools represented [Amat, CO, DR, WC,SH, Etc. Etc.] on papaer it looks to be an easy win for the East. But as a friend of mine pointed out to me, this game is made up of all stars on both sides.
    Every team on the West, even if they aren’t the caliber of the bigger East teams still has at least 1 or 2 players that are good enough to start anywhere in the SGV, so with the right game scheme and the right mindset and motivation, an upset is not hard to imagine, this could turn out to be a great game.
    Good luck to both teams, and hope there is no injuries.

  • Goldenarm


    That “one” player you talk about – for Temple City it would be Matt O’Malley, who as far as I know is suiting up tonight for the West. If you make the game, put the binocs on him, sooner or later he’ll get a sack, strip, maybe block a punt or force the QB into a hurry that gets picked. Even with the monsters the East has – you can’t keep a relentless bastard down all night long.

  • just askin’

    are the CO Boys playin’ for the East or the West?
    where they go to school or where they’re from?

  • dena rep

    congrats to the east but man were wazz the muir kids and i only saw 1 phs player. this was the worse game that you call all star. wow the west had turds. wow

  • WOW

    @ west side asst

    WOW what a joke! great way for jones to go out, Thank the SG coaching staff for all the stars they chose from ELA and Eagle rock instead of players from west SGV ie muir and pasadena.

  • trojan fan

    wow and dena rep. Understand something pasadena and muir were not there because their coaches dropped the ball and didn’t nominate them. Further more, after learning that there were no players from Muir they still tried to accomadate them by inviting them to practice at their own home field.San Gabriel high would not allow the team to practice at their facility. So, practices were held at Muir. So if your looking to place the blame look to your coaches for not nominating and the kids for not showing up. Not the coaches or the Hall of Fame board.The coaches and board try to met the criteria that the participant be an all-league player. The board goes by the names that are nominated by the coaches of the schools in the respected areas.Keep in mind it is an all-star game and we try to get as many schools as we can to be represented,thus the rule of no more than 4 players from one school.GOOD NIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!