East routs West with 40-0 win in Hall of Fame Game …

Readers of this blog were told about the East defense for the past two weeks. Well, the East defense was advertised. And Diamond Ranch’s Gus Viramontes took care of the rest, with three touchdown passes. What a game by the East!!!! Read the game story and see PHOTO gallery …

Viramontes does it with his legs and arm … fires three TDs for MVP honors.

East pitches the fourth shutout in series history.

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  • WhattheF**k

    WOW! What happen it was 7-0 at the half. Did moses show up on the east side and part the west side defense. Where was the guru of offense a goose egg for his last showing. Not a good way to go out.


    This is the time when you dig into your bag of trick plays…

    The East Got S. Done!!! AKA G.S.D.

  • The Truth

    The “GURU” GOT EXPOSED FOR THE FRAUD HE IS.That guy has gotten way to much credit for not doing anything. Another note, that’s what is going to happen when you put guys on the roster who are not all stars.

  • Hey you guys I had my nephew record the some clips of the game, check it out. He will be working on posting the second part of the video later today. Here is the link.


  • Goldenarm

    During the intros – you could tell immediately it was the Grizzly versus the Koala. Major size differential between squads.
    It was 0-0 first quarter, and the West had a crapload of offensive opportunities close in, but could not put two good plays in a row together.
    For the West, Lowden got MVP, but Brandon Wilson of Alhambra or Matt O’Malley from TC both made great plays on the defensive line and seemed equally valuable as Lowden. But damn, Lowden is deceptively fast for a backer. Crockom looked good on offense, not so good on defense. Arredondo of Shurr is all they say he is, he just needed more touches.
    Viramontes and the East defense were the difference.
    The West needs the Dena kids to represent – just not enough horses and not enough speed this time around. No question the West banged hard, but by the 3rd quarter it was obvious which side of the 605 ruled the roost.
    Best of luck to Keith Jones – his SG kids played hard, especially Valdez.

  • Part 2 is up and running here is the link.


  • Someone who REALLY knows

    The Truth is right! Jones is way overated! Great players and he couldn’t get a score! Embarrassing game.



  • This aint the Montview

    AZTEC PRIDE I heard you talk alot about your RB this year. The poor kid had negative yardage during the all star game. Big difference from the montview to an all star game. You can tell he was used to running between the tackles because the side line to side line speed was no where to be found.

  • WCHS

    Let us not forget East Coach: Mike Maggiore of West Covina High School.

    A man with no-ego. He insisted that long time varsity coach, current freshman head coach Jeff Platt call the offensive plays in the 40 point blowout.

    I saw Mike gather his full squad at least three times towards the end of the game; warning them not to show-boat and win like gentlenman.

    When a small pushing match developed after a rough tackle, the 6’5″ 295 lbs. coach was the first to walk to the middle of the field to “help”.

    Good Job Mike

  • Dan

    Well said, Maggiore’s got a great heart and what mattered most to him and his staff was that the players have a great & fun experience with all this, well done WC.