Chino Hills wins Bonita passing tourney …

Chino Hills topped Valencia to win the Bonita Air Assault. What’s that say about the Huskies, beating 30 teams in a field that was absolutely no joke?

Aram’s take: Looks like I need to move the Huskies up in my rankings. What a Sierra League it’s going to be this year. Can South Hills or Charter Oak really stay with these guys?

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  • Aaron

    Chino Hills destroyed Loyola in the semis and then made Valencia look really bad after awhile. Valencia kept it close and then interceptions and Chino Hills opened it up. My answer would be no. Jerry Neuheisel looked polished feet kept moving however he would get mad sometimes.

    Monrovia beat Walnut for the consolation bracket title.

  • St Paul 77


    I checked out the Bonita Tourney, the competition was impressive. St. Bonnie, Notre Dame, Loyola, Rancho, Upland, Chino Hills, Valencia, Hart, Kaiser and many other top teams. Their were plenty of scouts checking out all the talent.

    Loyola defeated Upland, but lost to Chino Hills in the semi final. Valencia was undefeated going into the Final. Chino Hills crushed Valencia in the Championship game dominating on offense and defense.

    The Sierra League looks like the best division in the area.

  • MW

    I was there both days. Watched some of the local teams.
    1. Chino Hills – pretty damn good team
    2. Arroyo – small, but good passing scheme; qb makes good decisions
    3. Monrovia – fast and atheletic; qb is small, but is a stud
    4. Bonita – good size; looks like they spend alot of time in the weightroom
    5. Covina – not very big, but they played tough; they didn’t back down from a big and physical Siverado team

  • Summary

    Of the teams I watched,

    Rancho Cucamonga – Not impressed, expected more. For as good as they are suppose to be, looked small.

    Santa Fe – Look Good, good speed and size.

    La Serna – Look Good, good speed.

    Sherman Qaks Notre Dame – Impressed

    Covina – Not impressed VVL .500 team.

    Los Altos – Shocked look like JV team, very small and very slow. On offense at one time 8 passes 5 interceptions. Were scored on at will. This was by far the weakest team.

    Would have liked to see more local teams.

  • Please!

    Just to let whoever doesn’t know! Charter Oak and Chino Hills played a passing game at Chino Hills this last tuesday and seemed to out play Chino Hills! People talking about Charter Oak rebuilding? As far as their passing game on offense they’ve improved dramaticly since last season. Just a little FYI

  • Chino Hills or CO

    Chino Hills Huskies fo sho, CO don’t know haha

  • just sayin’

    Trying to rank football teams based on 7 on 7 passing league is like ranking basketball teams after a 3 on 3 guards only tournament.

    Games are won with the big boys!

  • Coach

    Don’t forget this is only 7on7 not real football. Put the pads on, 11 men on the field then compare. All you can really tell is if you need work on pass coverage or your passing game. The majority of the teams I saw were way to close to make any predictions except for the LA team. This team has major issue at every aspect of their game.

  • M.I.A.

    I noticed one team missing in the Air Assault was Jefferies and the Tartans of Glendora?


    Aram, who was the best qb you saw there
    i was there for both days and it looked like the Bonita qb was the best qb, although other qbs had better weapons to throw to

  • Its June people, not November

    So Chino Hills looked good huh? I saw them a few days before against La Habra in a 3 way at DBHS. La Habra dictated the tempo from the get go. Chino Hills could not hang with them. The Huskies will need a proficient passing attack because come November, they will be most likely trailing in the second half against the STIFF Inland Division teams, who be there with the linemen, to remind you all how misleading passing league can be. Hasta.

  • Chino Hills Chico

    Mr. Tolegian,

    Someone told me I could find information on your blog about our program. Please keep covering the “real” Huskies and you will get more support from us over here off of the 71.

    Chino Hills has been inconsistent overall this summer and just a few weeks ago we were humbled in a tournament in San Diego but I think playing Charter Oak and La Habra this past week made a difference in our performance this weekend.

    Anyone that says Charter Oak is rebuilding is lying to you because they may be young with underclassmen but they had some fantastic athletes. The game was extremely competitive and very respectful by both sides but none the less Charter Oak overall admittedly had one more touchdown than us and we also turned the ball over and had one interception.

    I think would be interesting to hear both coaches perspectives because everyone seemed very friendly but you could tell there was some serious evaluations taking place and we both may just have the two best athletes in our new league this year.

    As far as this weekend, our new offensive coordinator obviously has so much experience and has won at a high level so adding him to our staff has been and will be a huge asset.

    Interesting side note is he wasn’t the only offensive coordinator who interviewed for the job. You would be very surprised Mr. Tolegian if you knew who the other coach was who lobbied for the job. Call Chino Hills and see if anyone is willing to tell you.

    Chino Hills represent! This is our year! We have too many of us families that have played together for too long waiting for this year to come and now the time has arrived so go and get what is ours and that a league and C.I.F. Championship!

  • Chino Hills Chico,

    I do know who interviewed for the job and was surprised. Was also surprised he didn’t get it. But then again, wouldn’t that be a developing power play if he did?

    I’ve covered Chino Hills in the past. The coverage of the Huskies will be even more this year … for obvious reasons.

    I still can’t figure out why we can’t get an Amat-Chino Hills game.

  • St.Paul 77

    To junenotnovember,

    La Habra is a well coached team and the big tuna in a small division. If they can beat Servite, Orange Lutheran or Bosco this year, then may be forced into the big time. La Habra picked up St. Paul’s top running back who can run you over and quick footed Peko from Alhambra. Don’t dismiss Chino Hills so fast, they played La Habra with back up DB’s and recievers. Missing were top seniors, Nate Harris, Ifo Ekpre-Olomu and Scotty Calles.

  • QB Coach

    I have been makin my rounds and the quick and dirty.
    Chino Hills & CO – have size and speed that will give the Serra teams fits
    Damien – unless the staff pulls a rabit out of the hat it will be a long long year.
    Bonita – Podley alway pulls the rabit out offensively but their defense is way behind the curve when it comes to size and athletes
    Upland – a lot of athletes with little discipline, This will hurt moving up divisions
    Rancho- Thud..thats the OC pounding his head on the whiteboard lots of work to do here
    Los Oso- basic white label feel early on
    Glendora- CJ gonna make up for a lot but just a little to slow for my liking
    Hope to see South Hills, West Covina nd Claremont in the next week or so.

  • Alex


    Is LA as bad as everyone says. I was told that they got blown out at the Bonita 7on7 by ever team they played. One blogger stated they got beat by Workman, can’t believe they are that bad.

  • wildbill

    Gee Summary- impressed with ND who eaked out a 42-40 win over Covina who you were unimpressed with? You really ought to try to actually watch these games or at least try to keep your rabid catholicism out of the sport.

  • Alex

    Summary & Wildbill,

    I saw Covina at Bonita also, have to agree with Summary was not impressed at all. They were very small, and overall team speed was slow. I have been told very small O and D line so don’t see this team doing much when the pads go on.

    You guys keep talking about you JAA team, sorry this is high school ball and you still look like an average team.

  • La Serna should have beaten Chino Hills on Saturday. It is not real football. Too many dropped td’s or La Serna wins. Loyola had to be missing players because they look small. Chino Hills QB is small doesn’t have a strong enough arm to throw to the far side of the field. Every one who has four or five athletes looks good in passing league….

  • Dan

    QB coach,
    Looking forward to your opinion on West Covina, always interested in other viewpoints even if its just passing league. Saw WC throw vs Claremont a few weeks ago, I thought Claremont had a lot of good sized athletes, and played a tight defense, reminded me of some of the Upland teams that I have seen in the past summer passing games. WC has also thrown against Amat, Monrovia, Arroyo, and El Monte this summer.
    I also saw some of the Bonita tourney and saw Chino Hills against Loyola, the running back who I assume was Ekpre Olumu was a big part of the passing offense. Seems like they would hit him with all kinds of short
    and medium passes out of the backfield to set up the big pass to one of the other recievers, he was all over the place, and was just as impressive on defense.
    It’s only passing league but Bonita looks like they have some good athletes with good size, like West Covina, they had major issues with injuries last season and when they got all their injured players back
    they almost beat South Hills in the playoffs, I believe most of those kids were competing on Saturday and in my view they will be one of the better teams in the Southeast division, with Bonita, West Covina, Diamond Ranch,and Rowland the Hacienda will be brutal, I get a feeling Walnut and Diamond Bar could be much improved too.
    West Covina’s passing league schedule for this week is:
    Tuesday 6/29 – Home vs Monclair, Pomona, Gladstone.
    Wednsday 6/30 – Away vs Lakewood.
    Thursday 7/1 – Away vs Arroyo.
    Next Week is:
    Tuesday 7/6 – Home vs JW North, Chaffey, Monrovia.
    Thrusday 7/8 – Home vs Lakewood.
    Week after next week:
    Tuesday 7/13 – Home vs Azusa, Whittier, Pomona.

  • Norco

    Its June people, not November….

    +1….I find it funny how people get all excited about passing league…

  • football

    who was the best qb in the bonita tournament

  • guess

    Claremont hosted and won there passing league last year.Look what kind of year they had.They got chased out of the Baseline League.Baseline League is nothing more than a track meet.September is when football starts.Bring on the pads.The fast lil boyz don’t look like stars any more. They see stars after they been hit.

  • breaking news

    Norco – some teams pass.

  • QB Coach

    Passing league absolutely has value otherwise coaches across the country wouldn’t be risking injury (and there are many.
    There is a lot to be said for understanding team spead, foot work and ability to read a offense/defense.
    Are those the only things you need to be sucessful during season…hell NO. Just another form of training no different than the weight room.
    Coaches across the country and yes even Gerhert out at Norco play them for a reason.

  • St. Paul 77

    To all passing League haters,

    It’s seven of yours against seven of theirs, as simple as that. The CIF won’t allow them to strap on the pads til august. So get over it. Obviously your programs don’t have a decent passing game, because now we have to read your sorry posts about how passing league is a waste. I don’t know about you but I feel a program must be competative in everything they do, to be successful. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • guess

    We all know without a O-line Or D-LINE your team is nothing.Thats why Passing Leagues are a joke.I hate it when we have to gto one.All i wish for is that none of our guys get hurt.Last time i checked you don’t get a ring for winning one all you get it a T-SHIRT. WOW is that worth the risk of losing some one for the season?

  • Norco

    St. Paul 77…When`s the last time your program has even been relevant? I`m surprised you guys aren`t playing 8 man football..

  • LA Fan

    LA did not do as bad as portrayed by these blogs. They where handled by Kaiser but almost beat Arroyo in their second game. So far their receivers have not shown much, their defense needs to improve in their secondary and the only bright spot is their tight ends. LA did play Workman a few weeks ago but LA was much more superior that Workman. LA is a small team but Workman was even smaller. LA needs improvement and it needs to start with their head coach

  • guess

    Norco do you guys still have a Gerhert playing there or are they all gone? Toby is a stud hope he has a great year in NFl.Wished he would of went to the Bears.Instead we got Chester Taylor.Upland here we play you guys this year.GOOD LUCK.

  • Dan

    You may get a t shirt or you may get nothing, we all
    know quite well that winning passing league does not mean anything when pads come on, we’er not a bunch of morons we get it. Passing league is a fun competitive way of keeping in shape and getting an idea of the timeing athletisism and speed that you may have, thats all. It also creates great memories and bonds that the kids can take with them forever. I played in the Watts summer games around 32 years ago and still remember the fun we had not only in playing but riding over there in vw van full of fellow players, stopping at Mc.Donalds on the way, listening to loud music, and all the other typical things young teens do, its just a fun thing for all that like to watch and play it.

  • Norco = Fail

    Hey Norco

    St. Paul has played Crespi, Servite, Notre Dame, and Loyola recently. Has Norco ever had the balls to schedule one of them? NOPE! How about anyone else from the Pac-5?

    NOPE. Norco got nothing on St. Paul

  • Parent

    LA Fan,

    Are you calling Morrison a liar. Workman played our team in a 7on7, after the 7on7 Morrison commented that his players needed a reality check after the way they handled LA and we gave it to them.

  • just sayin’

    Norco – St Paul won a CIF Championship in 07-08 school year. A year AFTER Norco’s last title.Does that make them more “relevant” than you?

  • Norco

    Well St. Paul is like a money D1 school who should get paid to play these teams ….lol…

    At least they can try and be competitive….
    Servite 41-16
    Servite 35-0
    Loyola 42-20
    ND 38-0
    ND 59-7
    Crespi 63-14

    And please drop the has Norco ever had the balls to schedule one of them ….lol…that argument is VERY WEAK….Just look at the SOS this year and Norco has the 5th hardest SOS
    Norco has only three pre season games..

    Even though Norco only has three preseason games…they are tough..

    2) 12-2 Upland-CIF CHAMPION
    3) 10-3 Etiwanda-

    Non-League SOS
    Inland Division
    CBL Avg.
    Redlands 35.92
    REV 34.1
    Miller 28.92
    Ike 19.38
    Yucaipa 19.06
    Fohi 4.38

    SWL Avg.
    Chappy 40.9
    MV 30.52
    VM 28.96
    GO 28.06
    TV 14.04
    MM 3.25

    Baseline Avg.
    Upland 37.28
    Los Osos 36.72
    RC 34.78
    Etiwanda 29.7
    Glendora 26.1
    Alta Loma 22.28

    Sierra Avg.
    Damien 32.46
    S.H. 28.18
    C.O. 27.74
    C.H. 22.62
    Ayala 15.1
    Claremont 7.3

    Big 8 Avg.
    Santiago 48.2
    Norco 46.23
    North 43.33
    Corona 39.1
    CC 38.56
    Roosy 23.1
    Poly 21.43
    King 13.9

    PAC 5
    Sunset Avg.
    Edison 37.82
    N.H. 33.52
    FV 21.7
    LA 21.02
    Marina 14.5
    HB 6.16

    SCL Avg.
    MV 41.7
    DH 34.16
    SC 33.11
    TH 26.21
    Tesoro 24.75

    Trinity Avg.
    Servite 58.02
    MD 43.04
    SJB 40.62
    O Lu 34.2
    SM 32.04
    Jserra 14.52

    Serra Avg.
    Loyola 47.36
    ND 34.91
    Crespi 30.96
    BA 35.43
    Alemany 21.33

    Moore Avg.
    Poly 49.27
    Jordan 37.07
    Compton 25.45
    Lakewood 20.85
    Cabrillo 20.37
    Millikan 19.95
    Wilson 14.72

    Top Non-League Schedules
    1. Servite
    2. Poly
    3. Santiago
    4. Loyola
    5. Norco


    Parent didn’t understand your point or what school you’re from? Who called Morrison a liar and on what basis are you making that comment. Besides is anyone talking bad about Workman or Morrison.

    That was out of left field.

  • Norco

    just sayin…

    Ok I’d like to summarize your position:

    A Camry (St. Paul) gets slightly better gas mileage than a Porsche (Norco) and gets you to the grocery store just as well. Therefore, it is just as good a car as a Porsche, and only an idiot would would compare the two.

    Seems like airtight logic to me.

  • FB All day

    DEAR Its not real football….Obviously your team got sent home too early to see the CHills Team put up about 70pts by their under sized QB that couldnt throw across the field…wow… maybe next time you should hang out after you get defeated in the first round and watch the better teams play..

  • FB all day

    to : its not real football…..oh yeah i almost forgot those almost 70 pts I was talking about …they were in the last 2 games, but then again you wouldnt know because you were home sleeping…maybe next time!

  • Norco

    FB All day…Play what flag football? hell last time I seen Chino Hills play they were hanging their heads and crying because an at large NORCO team (granted we were 8-2) ended their season…We will see what CH does now that their playing with the big boys again.

  • FB all day

    Norco????? whos that ??? its been a while since i heard that city do you still have a football team? IF SO …..where have you been the past 2 years, i think theres a rule you can only go back 1 season but what ever makes you sleep better….better go feed the cattle and spray the fly repellant in your yard oh and by the way nice Mullet!

  • Norco

    FB all day…

    WOW…Very original…I mean you really must be an idiot to throw out a elementary school insult like that… I guess its not like Chino Hills never had a cow smell, a fly problem or dairy farms.

  • Formula 1 Ferrari

    norco so corona centenial is a 2010 Formula 1 car and norco is an 1992 porsche boxster. HAHHAHAH LMFAO lets compare st paul who has the balls to play anyone to norco who had its balls cut off by the OC and they never gave them back.

  • Norco

    FB all day,

    Tell you what buddy…your smack talk didn`t even move the needle on my gauge. Grow some and come back…it’ll be more fun that way. Take your time

    Oh ya …I`m Pretty sure I just saw the chupacabra on Caltrans camera on the 71.

  • FB all day

    Some …. You have talking about a game that took place 4 years ago ..the kids crying on the field? remember when our economy was good yeah I do but I’m not still cherishing the moment…your a joke…let’s talk about today!! What do you got? ZZzzzzzzzzzZ yeah I thought so

  • Norco

    Well last time I checked NORCO has scoreboard and a BIGVIII League Championship banner over CC. Also don`t be confused with ST. Paul having the balls to play anyone..I see it as these schools just looking for an easy win on homecoming… bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  • Norco

    Like I said LAST TIME…What part of last time don`t you understand? Ok So lets talk about today… Norco has 24 year playoff streak, 5 championships in 18 years (which means if you’re betting, there’s better than a 1 in 4 chance that they’ll win the division in any given year), and 8 championship game appearances in the same span (one game under a 50/50 chance of being in the finals for any given season). The last two years they have been to the semis twice in the DII and some people consider that a “down” year. Norco is definitely a top-tiered program in the Southern Section ( I can`t say that about Chino Hills). Based on their playoff win percentages and win types I posted, they’re a clear top three in the Inland and generally considered a top program in Socal each and every season. You don’t have to like a program or its fans, but you have to respect the fact that Norco take care of business every year.

    Now did you forget Chino Hills was moved back down to DV after two years because they couldn`t compete in the Inland Division? Lol…ENOUGH SAID…..

  • FB all day

    Norco: get a life you seem to be too much into this…..go play in your dirt yard with your tractor…hopefully when we are 80 years established we will be as GREAT as Norcow..

  • Dan

    Just heard that West Covina’s scheduled passing league game today at Lakewood has been changed to a game vs Claremont at West Covina today. Didn’t want anybody to make the drive to Lakewood and see an empty field.

  • Norco

    FB all day said:

    Norcow? Wow!!! How clever! I thought we are going to talk football here? Isn`t it great though that a grown adult can resort too name calling and making comments like go play in your dirt yard with your tractor…comments like these are face-savers for people like you. They allow you to participate and show disdain in conversations that you are too dim to grasp.


  • guess

    Upland played Covina yesterday.Wow Covina is lucky they don’t paly in the Baseline League.They are small and slow.Oh well maybe they learned something Yesterday.That’s what Practice is for GOOD lUCK Covina this year.



    Lets stop going threw all the stats and looking back, what realy matters is whats going on right now. There is a lot more talk and buzz with Chino Hills than there is NORCO, Norco is pretty much a fart in the wind if you know what i mean. If there was any credability to what norco is going to do this year it would of showed in the bonita passing tournament. Which after reading the paper I didnt hear a whisper of NORCO. Granted it is passing league but that goes for both teams. The reality is this, unklike you 50/50 shot of a playoff run, I can gaurontee 100% Chino Hills will be in the playoffs. So here is what it boils down to, when your season is over, Come down to Chino Hills and watch a solid football program win games. THATS WHAT WE DO.

  • FB all day

    Norco…..who said I was an adult?? Did you have to look up some vocab words before the reply?…well according to these extenuating circumstances I will have to defer in any further conversations that might lead to further disappointment. Why on the contrary I will be no longer be taking any part in this dialog unless it pertains to the sport of Football..have a delightful day

  • Norco

    Wow… I *no idea* what you are saying. I can read the words credibility unklike gaurontee…they seem to be English, but it’s as if the spelling of the words you use scrambles my brain’s ability to extract any meaning from the post…Anyways talk about being a )))))FART((((( in the wind…The reason you didn`t read or hear about Norco in the Bonita passing tournament,is because they were not in it. As for Norco being a 50/50 shot of a playoff run are you serious? I won`t even respond to that…lol…Hell I have no idea why I even responded back to your dimwit post…talk about being a mindless drone with limited intellectual capacity…Can you say massive ignorance…bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Norco

    FB all day..

    Checkmate…move along son, nothing to see here…

    Your Daddy

  • Norco

    And one more thing…It`s not that you’re not willing to partake in further conversations…it`s just you’re incapable…just thought I would clear that up…

    Hugs and kisses
    Your Daddy

  • A$$ Handers Inc.

    FB all day – NORCOW! Now that’s funny! Childish and juvenile, yes, BUT FUNNY! NORCOW, you’re killing me man, BAAAAHHHHAAAWWWAAAHHHAAAAA!!!!!!

  • Norco

    A$$ Handers Inc…

    Well I don`t think FB all day or PHENOM have the E-cardio to match wits with me.

    on a side note:

    Great new show on Showtime called The Real L Word. Some pretty hot girl on girl stuff going on. Norco gives episode 1 & 2 a HUGE thumbs up.)

  • A$$ Handers Inc.

    Norco – You just may be right. I hope they try though, some of this is pretty good stuff. LOL.

  • Norco

    A$$ Handers Inc…

    I hope so….reading these two clowns post has actually made me lose IQ points.

  • FB all day

    Norco…who’s the kid now? That’s classic! Your my daddy wohoo I’m hurt. My dad was actually a man but now that he’s gone me and my brothers share your mother. I’m sure she has bigger balls then yours. Its not that I can’t keep up with your playground talk, I actually have a job unlike you? Your a joke! Ill send your mom home when she’s done cleaning my house. Jacka$$

  • FB all day

    Norco… the way how’s your methlab doing? That is what you do for a living isn’t it?

  • Norco

    FB all day… Holy Crunchy Groove alert….I thought you were done responding back? Ok…let me respond to you kind sir..

    1)I hope your dad was a man.

    2)I really hope your mom doesn`t have a set of balls for your sake.

    3)I have a job…I`m my own boss and make it my business to clown chumps like you.

    4)When my moms done cleaning your house tell her to stop by and pick up some dinner.

    So I will leave you with this…

    FB all day, you scab

    You damn turd bunny

    Thinkin you hard

    And kinda funny

    Im gonna fart

    Upon your head

    Make you a human

    Pavement sled

    The Chino Hills Cowboys suck

    The Norco Cougars rock

    Youre gonna swallow

    My fat sock

    Chino Hills

    Is no where near

    They cannot help you

    Smell the fear

  • FB all day

    Wow….norco….I like your nursery rhymes….you eminem wanna be you sound like Dr suess….no I don’t like green eggs and ham Sam I am…if your self employed why do you live in the dirt hole? Come up to the hills when you save up enough money selling vicodine.Will the real slim shadey please stand up and trick slap this shmuck!…

  • FB all day

    Norco….oh yeah you Idiot! Its Chino Hills HUSKIES….not the Chino Cowboys…Norco tweeker!


    Norco, I really didn’t think spelling was an issue considering where you bought your house, if you where interested in value and had some real brains you would of bought a home where values stand. Unfortunately your not in the same bracket as Chino Hills. Now back to football a subject you have no idea about, your going back 20 years like anyone cares, and what was out here 20 years ago, where you playing the cows and for you information we don’t have fly’s or any cows. I have no idea as to why I’m even responding considering no one has heard of you in the past,who knows when. NORCO can you send me a map, I like how you know where we are I have no idea where you are

  • Norco

    Wow…I think I need to stupid pill to deal with this clown…I think PHENOM was shaking when he wrote his post, hell I could smell Ben Gay coming from my computer reading his post..

    As for FB all day…well…I will leave it at that…

    And FYI…both you dummies come with some better material next time..


    You want to know why Norco has to come on here and blow his horn so much.Go over to the Daily Bulletin Preps link and look at their sports blog. There is more on Bonita,Glendora,DR, Damien and a few other locals. Not too much mentioned on Norco .More stories on Colony , RC ,Los Osos and other IE schools but not too many on Norco . HUMMMMMM I wonder why. What’s up with that Norco , is that why you spend so much time over here because in your own neck of the woods you are nothing . Clue us in on the facts.

  • guess

    That’s because Upland rules the Baseline League.Norco dosn’t want none of us.We do play them this year.Should be a good game.I’m sure you guys will hear about it.LOL LOL LOL.

  • Norco

    THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT … …Studies show you’re highly likely to have a child born with Down’s Syndrome if the mother is more than 40 years old. How old was mama THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT when you she shot you out of her twinkie hole? Now with that being said…are you stupid? Daily Bulletin Preps does not even cover anybody from the BIGVIII….Also all those schools you mentioned have been playing in a lower division…wow…you really have no idea what you are talking about do you?

  • Norco


    Here is a little reality check for ya…Let me let clue you in on a few things…The Baseline was included when the Inland Division was formed….In the two years the Baseline league was part of the Inland, THEY FAILED TO WIN A PLAYOFF GAME…hell they were not even competitive and where moved back down to lower division where they could be competitive.. Enough said….Also we had Etiwanda down 31-0 at the half…well you guys lost to them 18-16….


    It is called the Inland Valley Blog isn’t it. Is Norco in the Inland Valley. They mention all the IE teams and you know it . They just fail to mention Norco as much as they do the teams from the far east end of the SGV. I would think since you consider Norco such a power they should have a few threads on them but there was not one. If now your cop out is they do not cover the big 8 then which blog is it where you go toe to toe with all these great teams you speak of so much. Please you can do away with all the childish comments and just reply to the questions. I saw where you are quite the poet and jokester but save it for the kids. Now with that said enlighten us as to why you need to over to our side of town to get you fix of attention . Also from who I back you are in a lower division also , so in reality Norco should be right there with them.

  • Help

    Interesting comment out of LA, one of the quarterbacks told my son that LA finished 5th out of 30 teams at the Bonita passing tourney. All the talk on this thread about how poorly they played. Is their anything online with scores and standings?

  • Norco

    Sorry not one BIGVIII team is mentioned, so they do not mention ALL IE teams. So maybe , just maybe thats why there is no thread about Norco…lol…I just spent the better part of my night looking through the archives and cannot find one article on Corona Centennial, Norco, Roosevelt or Corona Santiago….Now that is a fact.

    Norco last year finished:

    1) # 12 in CALHI STATE rankings.
    3) # 12 in the LA Times Final Football rankings
    4) # 4 In the Press Enterprise Final football rankings

    1. Temecula Chaparral (11-3)
    Comment: The Pumas put the pieces together at the end to claim the Inland Division title.
    Preseason rank: 1
    2. Vista Murrieta (13-1)
    Comment: The Broncos erased their quarterfinal jinx and went on to make their first title game appearance.
    Preseason rank: 6
    3. Norco (12-2)
    Comment: The Cougars had an uncanny knack for winning the close games.
    Preseason rank: 2
    4. Corona Centennial (10-3)
    Comment: The Huskies were a few points away from making it to a third straight title game.
    Preseason rank: 5
    5. Upland (12-2)
    Comment: The Highlanders turned a wild-card berth into a Central Division championship.
    Preseason rank: 13
    6. Redlands East Valley (11-1)
    Comment: The Wildcats’ title hopes once again were dashed by Temecula Chaparral.
    Preseason rank: 4
    7. Moreno Valley Rancho Verde (11-1)
    Comment: For the second straight season, the Mustangs’ lone loss came in the playoffs.
    Preseason rank: 8
    8. Eastvale Roosevelt (8-3)
    Comment: The Mustangs’ losses were against three of the top four ranked teams.
    Preseason rank: 9
    9. Riverside Arlington (10-2)
    Comment: The Lions lived up to their preseason “sleeper” status by reaching the semifinals.
    Preseason rank: 22
    10. Rancho Cucamonga Los Osos (9-5)
    Comment: The Grizzlies

    Satisfied? Also I could care less which team you support, if you know High school football you would know Norco is definitely a top-tiered program in the Southern Section. They’re a clear top three in the Inland and generally considered a top program in Socal each and every season….The State rankings will attest to that each and every year. Are you enlightened enough?

  • Aaron

    @ Help, no LA did not finish fifth.

    @ Norco,

    Hey buddy…people don’t like you here…why, because you don’t belong on the SGV blog. The paper that covers you guys is the Press Enterprise. You’re two Newspapers over. The three Newspapers that cover our way is Whitter Daily News, Pasadena Star, and the SGV Tribune.

    The SGVN is part of the Los Angeles Newspaper Group which is owned by Media News Group.

    The Press Enterprise is owned the the AH Belo Corporation whose big newspaper is the Dallas Morning News.

  • Norco


    Are you serious? People don`t like me over here? Bwahahahahahaha!!!! You do realize SGV teams are now in the INLAND DIVISION don`t you? Wow…you guys are always good for a laugh…


    Nope not enlightened enough. So where do the all big and bad 8 go to blog. You would think being as top tiered as you think you are there would be somewhere all of you go to thump your chests and bs each other.Clue us in as we want to be a part of your blog as you are a part of ours. By the way why aren’t any of other IE powers on this blog .

  • Casual Observer


    You’ve got to be some kind a wack job! To quote you
    …” I just spent the better part of my night looking through the archives and cannot find one article on Corona Centennial, Norco, Roosevelt or Corona Santiago….Now that is a fact.” Who the heck does that? You need to check yourself (maybe the funny farm).

    Nobody cares about Norcow up in the SGV.

  • Norco

    Casual Observer

    Norcow?…wow…very original…As for my comment, I was responding back to a question…Now whether or not you agree, I could care less…As for nobody caring about Norco in the SGV…once again very original…let me know when you clowns are ready to talk football…

  • Norco

    Teabagger AKA; T’S ME AGAIN …

    If you think that Norco is not a top tier program in the Inland Empire and Southern Section, I have some swamp land to sell you in Arizona. Now I assume you have the internet, so look it up for yourself. Also why the interest? I mean if Norco is below the program you support, then why keep responding back? Youre like a bad case of jock itch that keeps coming back. And by the way what program do you support again?

    As for no other IE teams posting on this blog…good question…

    I look forward to your next regurgitated post of the same comments but with a different twist.

  • I’M BACK

    Again you are quick with the wit. But there is a trait to you responces in that manner . When you truely do not have an answer you come out with another smart azz reply. And I keep responding back because you still haven’t enlightened me as to why you are over here on the SGV blog . And do not use the fact that the Sierra is in the Inland division as no one else from your part of town has joined you over here. You are very good at assuming seen as one would need internet access to get on the blog, genius. On the other reply you stated you could care less what team I support but now you want to know what team it is I support. Make up your mind as to what you want. My interest is to see what goes on with the blogs covering your big 8 teams and to see if the other schools have bloggers of your caliber and also what they have to say on the strenght of Norco . Who would know better then the teams you face on a regular basis.We really can’t look at like opponents because Norco does not face PAC -5 teams. As of now all we hear is your horn which is totally biased .


    Norco: i have been up for 24 hours doing research and came to the conclusion : YOUR A LOSER and your life revolves around highschool football stats….hahahah everyone is laughing at you! you hear that??? Maybe you were up all night because you were hitting the glass pipe….

  • Aaron

    So Mr. Norco,

    Of the big bad Norco, California…why do you come here and spew: “Oh Norco, is the greatest thing since sliced bread.” I mean why do you come here, when this Newspaper will never cover you? I mean if you came out to some of our schools…the closest being Diamond Ranch to you, or up to La Verne to see Damien or Bonita you’d pull your head from wherever it is and know that we play a good brand of football up here.

    But you don’t, if you did you’d have respect for the people in this Valley. What do I know? Chuck Chastain who runs the Frosh program at Bonita won a CIF title as a Norco Quarterback. Do you know him, because if you do you’d stop talking down to us like you’re god.


    Norcow: I have been up for the past 24 hours doing extensive research and came to the Conclusion….your a LOSER, and all of us locals would like to thank you the entertainment…haha everyone is laughing at you …..LOSER….maybe you were up all night because u have no life or girl? I know what I was doing last night and it had nothing to do with High school football stats….I think you were up all night hitting that glass pipe ….keep up the entertainment TWeEker…where can I send my donation? Until next time….CYa you Joke!

  • Dan

    Norco, [BNP?]
    Much hostility here, maybe you could bring over Bling Bling, join forces, It’ll be the section sports vs the SGV blog, lol.

  • Norco


    I follow HS and respect all programs and their level of play. So show me a post were I attacked a program and was talking down to you. As for whether or not your papers covers the BIGVIII its irrelevant, but they sure did mention Norco & CC when the Sierra League coaches were complaining about being moved up to the Inland Division. See I like to talk football…but for most of you on here you like to start with Norcow…methhead why are you on OUT blog….go back tou your trailer …:Norco smells..blah..blah ..blah…

  • Norco

    I find it funny that grown men get all excited by what an anonymous user post on a message board…As for Bling bling…that duded is an idiot…we will never be on the same side…lol

  • Norco


    Very clever screen name….it really is….I suggest you go back to take smacktalk 101 and take your moms titty out of your mouth, because youre not even in my league…

  • Norco

    I’M BACK

    I was just kidding. I didn’t really expect you would, you know, “do a little research” on your own about Norco and it`s history . Let me know if you want me to read through all those newspaper articles for you, chew on all their contents, and vomit up the salient points for your nutrition and edification.

    I’ll get right on it.

  • Norco

    The Blog. The Blog is real. Men of men, lassies of the pelt. Here yee. I am Norco, the dark one. Soldier of the blog, undefeated, and protector of the blog. The SGV blog of lore was and is formed as a loyalty of friendship and a bond. In other lands of SGV and Orange County, the lodge stood strong and emerged amidst terror. Rent 300. The stone you see is the stone of the secret headquarters of the blog. Newbs and plebes earn the steps to the sacred stones, the 12 chairs of elders, with never smitten pelts to wear. I am the the keeper of the 12 stones of blog law. Norco saw wars, Norco saw deeds of disdain, but the majority of Norconians remained firm. Chaos ruled and Norco knew that free speech and rights of many were only protected by one thing…friendship and lore. The blog is the gray area in your life… Rules? Chaos and use of the mind and quick wit are the rules to respond to me. Wit and sense of humor are the icons of leadership combined on knowing, as a member of the blog, perhaps to earn a chair one far day in advance, there are no rules only a sense that when the day is done…you made impact with love, hate, wit, and honor. blog members will do battle. Will make cases. Will dabble with lassies and men. Kilts are fair game as are skirts. The scent of a woman is empirical to blog unity. And, if you decide to show your handle full pelt…full metal pelt and reveal your i.d. – the one rule is be fair on how you use your new found knowledge. For it is how you use your sword, it will determine the respect you get and eventual pelt status. Rules? Chaos are the rules…but it is how you play the game. Comprende?

    Wanna play a game
    Rent saw
    Now who wants some?

    Your daddy


    OK enough with the bull slinging answer this , when will you play a PAC – 5 team sissy. Oh yes and go back in that dark hole you climbed out of fool.

  • the JUDGE

    Norcow! TIme & Place…..if not shut the fck up and go find a local loser post….take your dads pecker out of your a$$..

  • Kaos !!!

    Norco that was too funny. Chaos! too funny. Rules, brotherhood, wit, humor…very cool.

    Like most haters they pick one thing and say see!!!!!!

    I like to say, ‘Even Marilyn Monroe had a pimple on her azzz at one time or another…still wouldn’t kick her out of bed!!!”

    Keep going Norco. Too bad the bathroom humor is where this is going but then again that’s the blog in Aramville. Keep it dirty you skanky monger…lmao

    BTW which game would be the best to see in Norco’s schedule? Gotta see them play in a battle to see those linemen do their thing.

    Stay strong Lord Norco….

  • Norco

    Kaos !!!

    We have Crenshaw week #1 at home or you can come check us out Week #2 at Upland…

  • Norco

    Fruitbowl (the JUDGE)
    Norco dont like you
    because you are a loser
    Norco would prefer if you would
    tell us your dogtags
    sports history
    coaching history
    kids in sports
    ties to HS sports
    so we can evaluate whether you are a perv or not
    you wont
    most dont
    just another loser
    goal is to expose your type.
    The more you write the more you are exposed.
    Norco loves to expose
    and disloyal blokes
    and by issuing final challenges that only men will take
    boards judge you
    and Norco always wins

    you are just another loser
    and I love you
    i love your soul
    and over the weeks and months
    we will go deeper and deeper into your mind
    at night
    you will turn and toss
    your life’s failures are being slowly unturned
    stay with me
    stay with Norco
    all your other losers are gone

  • Norco

    Are you really nave enough to think that only the PAC5 has the best teams or has the toughest teams? Here is a list of the PAC5 SOS for this year. Out of 23 teams only THREE have a tougher SOS then NORCO..Norco SOS is 46.23…Now why would we seek to lower our SOS by playing a PAC5 team when we already play Upland whos SOS is stronger then 16- out of the 23 PAC5 teams & Etiwanda?

    SCL Avg.
    MV 41.7
    DH 34.16
    SC 33.11
    TH 26.21
    Tesoro 24.75
    Trinity Avg.
    Servite 58.02
    MD 43.04
    SJB 40.62
    O Lu 34.2
    SM 32.04
    Jserra 14.52
    Serra Avg.
    Loyola 47.36
    ND 34.91
    Crespi 30.96
    BA 35.43
    Alemany 21.33
    Moore Avg.
    Poly 49.27
    Jordan 37.07
    Compton 25.45
    Lakewood 20.85
    Cabrillo 20.37
    Millikan 19.95
    Wilson 14.72

  • the JUDGE

    To Norcow..any normal person reading your post can tell a few things…your a loser, you have no wife, you have no girlfriend, you have no friends, you wet your bed, you don’t go outside, you like little boys, you don’t have a job, you have no life, you live with your mommy, you play with dolls,you watch porn and masturbate, you stick small rodents up your A$$ for fun, all your time is spent on the internet…you dumbass lil dirt turd! While we will be out tonight having fun tonight you will be searching the Internet for stats and cheap porn….your a joke!

  • Free Country !!!


    Come on Aram…that guy needs to be censored. Dude who doesn’t like Porn ?

    Hell it’s Un-American not to like Porn.

  • Norco

    Checkmate! Like I said I own your arse…

  • Norco

    Terminal rectal itch > Dealing with “The judge on the internet….bwahahahahahaha

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