Glendora’s Chad Jeffries picks San Diego St. …

Glendora senior quarterback Chad Jeffries gave a verbal commitment San Diego State on Monday afternoon.

Rather than write an article, I will just let you know what Jeffries had to say about the decision.

Aram: Why did you choose San Diego St.?

Chad Jeffries: The feel of the whole school, coaching staff and facilities. I went there Thursday and had a visit. I felt that if I go go there, I’d have a better chance of playing earlier and a better chance of making it to the next level.

Aram: What were your other choices?

Chad Jeffries: Oregon St., UTEP and Utah.

Aram: Why make your choice now?

Chad Jeffries: I kind of just wanted to get it out of the way and relax a bit going into my last season and have fun and play ball like I always do.

Aram: Did the fact that San Diego is close to home make a difference?

Chad Jeffries: That came into my decision. The fact is it’s far enough that I’m gone from home, but I’m also close enough that I could home on weekends.

Aram: What if my theory comes true — you guys beat Charter Oak and Notre Dame makes an offer. Will you change your mind?

Chad Jeffries: No. I’m pretty sure about this commitment.

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  • DRanchhhh

    SDSU will have a great incoming class. Adam Muema this year, Chase Price-2011, C. Jeff–2011. Congrats on the selection.

  • GameDayatUSC

    Lots of news while I was away for 10 days. Nice pickup for the Aztecs. Its going to be a fun season.

    Also a few of you have my personal e-mail, so I want to say Thank You for the well wishes. I just returned from burying my grndmother in Indiana. Thanks guys!

  • CO

    Rumor has it Muema isnt goin in. He was hurt in somekind of fight at a party?

  • Mike the Clone




  • D-Mo

    Not sure what happened to Adam, but from what I heard it wasn’t a fight – more like an attack. Not sure if the fools even knew who they were attacking. It would be a shame if he doesn’t go. This young man worked too hard to become a top player in our area to have some spineless punks take a bat to him.


    He’ll join his old team mate, Chad Young.

  • JT

    Congrats Chad. You are right about SDSU being a great place to help you get to the next level. Brian Sipe will be your personal coach. Great facilities, great school, awesome coaching staff. Their program is on the rise and your timing is right to ride/lead that wave to the top. You’ll be a hero!

  • Norco

    Nice pick up for SDS…I wish more kids from the IE & SGV would take a look at SDS…great location and an up and coming program..

  • ??

    Young’s third on depth chart only. Needs to step it up to make a bang. Maybe next two years will see more playing time.

  • Glendora Dad

    I’m surprised no one has posted about today’s passing league game vs. Charter Oak. I’m just going to be honest here and say we have some serious work ahead of us to prepare for Charter Oak. I won’t say anymore than that but we better figure it out soon because we looked to get outplayed and outcoached by them and I for one wasn’t real happy with our performance. Let’s go Tartans! Get it together!

  • sleeper

    Jeffries is now a huge recruiting tool. I guarantee more talented kids from the IE/SGV will be contacted by him to bolster that class. There is a WR at Garey who is making a whole lot of noise and SDSU has offered him.