Glendora’s Chad Jeffries picks San Diego St. …

Glendora senior quarterback Chad Jeffries gave a verbal commitment San Diego State on Monday afternoon.

Rather than write an article, I will just let you know what Jeffries had to say about the decision.

Aram: Why did you choose San Diego St.?

Chad Jeffries: The feel of the whole school, coaching staff and facilities. I went there Thursday and had a visit. I felt that if I go go there, I’d have a better chance of playing earlier and a better chance of making it to the next level.

Aram: What were your other choices?

Chad Jeffries: Oregon St., UTEP and Utah.

Aram: Why make your choice now?

Chad Jeffries: I kind of just wanted to get it out of the way and relax a bit going into my last season and have fun and play ball like I always do.

Aram: Did the fact that San Diego is close to home make a difference?

Chad Jeffries: That came into my decision. The fact is it’s far enough that I’m gone from home, but I’m also close enough that I could home on weekends.

Aram: What if my theory comes true — you guys beat Charter Oak and Notre Dame makes an offer. Will you change your mind?

Chad Jeffries: No. I’m pretty sure about this commitment.