When passing league matters, Aaron Cantu’s dilemma, Amat’s schedule and Keith Jones’ legacy …

There appears to be quite a bit of argument going on about what conclusions we can draw from what took place this past weekend during the Hall of Fame Game and Bonita Air Assault.

Why can’t Amat dial 909 when trying to set its schedule?

Some of you think there’s nothing to be gleaned from any of it. YOU’RE %100 WRONG. Here’s some things I came up with. Read them and tell me if I’m crazy, even though I know I’m not.

Aaron Cantu
— I know what you’re thinking — what’s Aaron Cantu got to do with this past weekend? Well, I can tell you. If you attended the Hall of Fame Game you saw Cantu’s top-two targets from last year — Carlos Arredondo and Angel Sanchez. What occurred to me right away is something a hardened Schurr supporter has been yelling in my ear for months — Schurr CANNOT repeat last year’s stats. With Arredondo, Sanchez and Nick Castillo all graduated, I can see the point. It helps the Spartans have 68,172 kids out for spring practice, but they aren’t like to find a set of skill guys better than last year, thus Cantu’s number appear likely to take a hit.

Chino Hills — There’s quite a few people saying “So what” to Chino Hills winning the Bonita Air Assault. Well, if I were a Charter Oak, Ayala, South Hills, Claremont or Damien fan, I’d be DAMNED WORRIED. Why? Well, going into any season Chino Hills has to be considered the deepest team in the Sierra League. Plus, you always know that because of the depth they’re going to have some horses up front. So if you’re argument against caring about Chino Hills’ Air Assault win is “Who cares, wait ’til there’s linemen” then you’re barking up the wrong tree. The last thing Sierra League team should want to see is Chino Hills with a strong group of skill player, because good size and depth are basically a given when it comes to the Huskies in any season.

Bishop Amat — Speaking of Chino Hills, why doesn’t Amat schedule a game with them? Instead of looking West of the 605 for all of its nonleague opponents, and instead of trying to prove they’re the kings of East L.A., why don’t the Lancers start looking EAST for your opponents. And what better place to start than Chino Hills?

Keith Jones — I can’t believe anybody would doubt, question or put down former San Gabriel coach Keith Jones. But as is typical with these blogs or any other, if you put up a thread about Santa Claus or ice cream, somebody would bash it. But those of you who are doing this need to rent a flux capacitor and go back to the 1980s and 90s and watch some San Gabriel football. In terms of offensive minds and “coaching them up”, Jones was as good as anybody in the Valley. Oh yeah, and no offense to the West players, no coach was going to lead them to a win over the East.

  • Bonita spectator

    Aram what does Chino Hills winning Bonitas tournament mean. Charter Oak beat Chino Hills pretty easily the week prior at Bonita and you still do not see Charter Oak bragging about it.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    It means when a team that already has good line play and depth all over wins a major tournament you’d better watch out. Thought I made that clear.

    And I don’t give a crap about the bragging. If some coach or player or fan wants to brag to me about winning a passing league tourney, then I’m happy for them. Do I sit there and say “Yeah, but you’ll get crushed during the season”? No. I don’t. Enjoy it. I know what my opinions are of passing league, and I know what I believe are good and bad signs. But in the end, the Fat Man is a believer in the running game and line play. So there you have it.

  • No Wimps but…….

    Has anybody noticed that the flagrant tackling, forearm shivers and retalitory back shoves into the spectator chairs are getting just a bit ridiculous? I’m all for hard play but lately it seems that these “passing” games are getting more and more physical. It would appear that some coaches are not doing enough to reign in their overly aggressive players. More often then not it’s because the person just got beat on a play and they are taking out their frustration on the other player. Football is physical, football is a rough, football is a sport where injuries happen and emotions run high; however, I do not like seeing players get injured as a result of frustration and poor sportsmanship.


    I agree with Tolegian 100%!!!

  • For Schurr

    Aram, Aram, Aram…When will you learn? It was actually it was 68,173 kids. How do I know. Because I’ve been there. Have you? Sure Carlos and Angel were great- no doubt. But Schurr has been pumping out kids the last few years. Someone else will step in. What’s the problem? Nick Castillo was a solid (Not dominating) back. So someone else steps in. What’s the problem? Why would you diminish what Cantu did because he had good receivers. News Flash! SOMEONE had to get them the ball! You don’t think that out of 68,172 kids (Your words)nobody is going to step up? That’s cool though. Keep ripping Schurr and Cantu. We’ll see where they are in December.I think your “Hardened Schurr supporter” and you swung and missed big time on this one. Dude What’s the problem? If you need the names of who will step up let me know…I’ll clue you in.

  • Aaron

    I sent this to Aram earlier as an opinion and at his behest here it is:
    Chino Hills was probably the loosest team out there Saturday. Loyola and Valencia were all business. Jerry Neuheisel, polished product but had a little bit of an attitude when things didn’t go his way when Chino Hills crushed them.

    Before every game on Saturday Chino Hills would do a morale boosting thing in a circle and would culminate with the rest of the team spreading out and in the center one of their guys would do a back flip and then they’d come in and get a break.

    BTW teams that do well in passing tournaments tend to have a good season and a playoff run. South Hills won battle of the beach last summer and were in the semis of the South East. So yes it does mean something.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    For Schurr,

    OK, clue me in. I hope you’re right. I hope the Spartans do make a huge run. But after seeing how big Arredondo and Sanchez are in person, I’m skeptical Schurr can simply reload after losing two dudes like that. Those types don’t come around often.

  • Goldenarm

    I keep flashing on the major size disparity between East and West. Yeah, the West had the 6’8″ 325 lb kid from Montebello at OT, but he was getting smoked by quickness and inside moves and was not much of a factor, at least not in this game.
    The East had 2 sets of guards that were in the 6’2 260 range. a couple more looked 290, and then the behemoth NFL body tight end to cap the line.
    Considering this, the West hung tough, stood ground and pursued well, particularly in the 1st half when the East run game was pretty much nil….to the point of frustrating players on the East.
    Nobody was getting blown out in the least. It wasn’t until the secondary got unraveled and lost – that points started going up. Viramontes scrambling freed recievers right and left and it was lights out.

    Keith Jones is and has been a great coach, who has snuck victory from the jaws of defeat many times by good preparation, and play calling that swirls around what the defense will give him. SG ran more motion than I like, and it earned them enough flags over the years to fill the United Nations building no doubt. But playing on that flooded swamp field, you never knew when the onsides was coming or when some quick 5’4″ 135lb vato would be bubble screening your ass all night long, catching you back-pedaling into coverage and out of position to make a play.

  • Alabaster Court, Chino Hills


    What would CH have to gain from playing Amat? Chino Hills seems to have a high number of Amat Alum – along with many other Catholic alum, according to the census a high percentage of college graduates and a higher level of income from surrounding communities.

    CH has been generous to Amat over the years and I am not sure the 91709 would want to let Amat showcase (win or lose) itself to the community.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Alabaster Court,

    What do you guys have to gain Mayfair, Santiago, Pomona and Tesoro. I give you credit for Redlands East Valley.

    This is more about Amat taking on better teams in its nonleague schedule. And heading East, not West, when it does it.

  • For Schurr Must Be…

    For must be Cantu’s step dad…. And he is 100% correct…His kid is good, and was great at getting those 2 the ball. But I agree with you. Its hard to replace that type of talent… and its easy to make jump ball type completions when your receiver is inches taller than the defender…we’ll have to wait and see. Good luck to Cantu…oh yea, and the rest of the Spartan TEAM…

  • Maria

    Your friendship with Coach Jones blinds you as a journalist. He is all EGO! He was good at the turn of the century when he was fresh! But Coach O has carried the team the last couple years and Coach Jones didn’t care. Jones took all the credit and Coach O did all the work. Matador Football has a bright future thanks to Coach O!

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