• Anonymous123

    What amazes me is the fact that this is what it takes to get some ink in the SGV news papers. This Kid will rebound and hopefully comeback with a vengence to help his team to a crown this year and maybe next. I hope that he will learn a great lesson for whatever he has done to cause him to get kicked off of the team. Monrovia will be alright as far a backups are concerned they run about 4 deep in the skill positions.

  • trash

    Typical Mig, lets find some more dirt to throw on people.

  • Yeah, it’s pretty awful of Miguel to be doing his job and reporting the news — be it good or bad.

  • Aaron

    Aram…buddy, can I call you such?

    That’s not news. I’m sure there are many players that are or will become ineligible during this fall. That’s not a story, what it is, is sad that a student-athlete doesn’t have his priorities straight.

    I hope this young man gets things in order so he can play and takes this as his one big mistake.

  • transfer police

    exactly anonymous123. which is why there may be no surprise if he comes over to this side >>>> of the sgv. following the route many in his area have taken. josiah, canadas, et al.

  • SGV99

    I heard it was something that happen during school for him getting suspended. The grades is just a cover up. Talk to the right sources and the truth is there.

  • Aaron,

    When the star running back on one of the top teams in the Valley gets suspended from the team it is news.

  • Living Legend

    If he was playing for Lou or Steve whatever he did would have just been water under the bridge, there would have been no suspension from the team. Just look at what happened at South Hills with the Payton brothers or at CO with Will Harris or last year with Rufus. No wonder kids want to play at South Hills or CO the crazies run the asylum. Not hating just looking at the past track records of these two schools and how they treat transfers.

  • Anonymous123

    It’s even BIGGER News when this kid plays and does some remarkable things on the field, but that never seemed to make the paper. These Valley News papers need to grow a pair and start reporting on the good as well as the bad from “One of the Best Players on One of the Best Teams” If it were’nt for this incident how many people would have even know this kids stats?

  • mtowner98

    This kid will not transfer. He will shine at monrovia. We are not letting him slip away. Kids make mistakes thats all. Its not just a monrovia or pasadena problem. Besides, how good is charter oak or south ills Really? If you take away the monrovia transfers they don’t win anything. You can blame the coaching staffs of the past for that.I am not knocking charter oak coaches. They do a good job with talent. They won those rings. But it was with other peoples talent. Monrovia has some upcoming bombshells that will not transfer, They won the consilation bracket at Bonita with freshmans soon to be sophmores….Just wait monrovia time is coming!

  • reality

    Yes, he’s a great back,however, when it counted he didn’t do squat!vs San Dimas.

  • CO Bro

    Tell my why so many players choose not to play for Monrovia? You all keep saying Monrovia would kill if they could only keep their players home, so why do they choose to leave?

  • Anonymous123

    CO Bro:
    Your coach’s along with ther coach’s that have very few Brotha’s to begin with know how important it is to have those skill players backed up. Monrovia is in full supply of those Bro’s. It’s not that they choose to skip town, Incentives are very tempting yet somtimes at the risk of losing their elegibility altotgether. The City section of LA is a prime example of that. Back in the 80’s a guy by the name of Manuel White was transferred in from San Fernando High to go to Crespi, every since then Crepi coachs have been on the search for the next Manuel White. It’s been that way from the beginning of the 90’s From Pasadena to Duarte. Bishop Amat has found the west a big recruiting ground for good running backs, the word has since spread to other schools such as Charter Oaks and South Hills. I believe that is starting to change and you will notice the effect it will cause in the next few years. Everyone in the West San Gabriel is becoming very aware of the East “Get good quick Trick” Need more information just look up the history of recruiting Black Athletes and yoiu will see it aint new.

  • CO Bro

    I don’t think you have any idea of what the hell you are talking about. Incentives? What incentives? To get a better chance at playing at the next level? Because I do not not see what other incentives you can be talking about. If a player wants to transfer to another school to have a better shot at playing at the next level then I’m all for it. But for some people to come on here and say coaches are out recruiting players is just BS! Don’t complain that CO only wins because we have all of Monrovia’s players. If you want your players to stay and play for their hometown, then put together a better program and make it so they can’t leave.

  • really!?

    CO bro, if you honestly believe that schools like Charter Oak don’t recruit, then YOU don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Anonymous,

    His name was Russell White. And Loyola held him to like 17 yards in a playoff win. He was the son of Charles White, I believe.

  • just askin’

    123 – what West running backs went to Bishop Amat?
    Seems to me they go farther East for their RBs

  • just sayin’

    Aram – cousin
    123- started at Cleveland
    Bro – delusional

  • Anonymous123

    CO Bro:
    Maybe you were’nt recruited. Ask around town and why you are at it see which brothers moved in the neighborhood all of the sudden in rent free housing. Hmmm

  • New York

    CO Bro,
    The wheels are in motion toward solidifying the school, program and community. Monrovia football will soon be a legitimate force every year.

    I agree on a different matter, though. I really don’t think any “recruiting” was necessary three years ago with all that heat around town.

  • CO Bro

    Let’s just agree to disagree.

  • CO Bro

    Let’s just agree to disagree. Rent free housing? LMFAO!

  • Monrovia will be Shurr’s Biznitch

    Anonymous123 your confusing rent free housing with the wrong school. You mean the Boganville apartments on Barranca! Stop hating on Charter Oak your just like Diamond Ranch you cant win the big one, come on you lost to San Dimas in the Finals when you blew them out in the preseason. Just embarassing, maybe instead of complaning you should consider a new head coach because when you QB leaves you guys will go back to Arcadia beating you 40. Bueno is the team right now without him you would be a .500 squad, lets not forget Bueno should have been attending Arroyo High since his Freshman year!

  • New York

    That’s funny.

  • Anonymous123

    You must be smokin that Biznitch again. Have you seen Monrovia’s Back up QB?… and have you seen the other running backs that are air apparents to come?..If so your high will go down quick and you will see that Monrovia will be heads over heals above the rest especially Shurr. I would like you to look up all of Shurr’s history vs. Monrovia. ….. If I’m not mistaken they may have never in their history even scored on the Cats. Good piece of homework check it out and I will grade you on it later. In the meantime put out the Bud…lol

  • Wikipedia Works

    Russell White was the nephew of Charles White and the “cousin” of Kermit Alexander of UCLA’s Blair Pair fame. Geeez guys look it up, you’re already online! lol

    Only seen Bueno highlights but they are pretty spectacular. Kid must be all everything out on the West side.

    Anyway entertaining conversation….ghetto barber shop trash talk…gotta love it!