La Mirada OL Bryan Peters chooses Kansas …

La Mirada offensive lineman Bryan Peters has given a verbal commitment to play at Kansas.

Aram’s take: That makes it FIVE D-1 commits for your Southeast Division favorite Matadores.

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  • Just askin…

    who are the other D1 commits from La Mirada?

  • New York

    It would seem that anything other than 14-0 would be a disappointment.

  • New York,

    That’s like saying anything other than Dow 12,000 by Christmas is a disappointment.

    Please keep in mind that La Mirada opens with La Habra. I’ll say this, anything other than a trip to the Southeast Division finals is a major disappointment.

  • New York

    5 D-1 commitments this early for a non-Pac5 or Big 8 school is a far better indicator for a 14-0 season than the 125,000 jobs lost today would be for a DOW at 12,000 by Christmas…whatever happened to the good old days of 2006???

    How about a more modest 13-1 or bust?

    How many D-1 commits does La Habra have?

  • New York

    I have a feeling if LM were an SGV school you would be pumping them up big time, similar to your preseason effort a few years ago to get South Hills or other local schools noticed in advance of state bowl selection.

  • NY

    Hey man, that wasn’t just to get them noticed for the state bowls, that South Hills team was legit. That pick still haunts me. I remember I wasn’t even around for the season, but they lost their first two games. They did make the semis before losing to El Dorado. Not only did I think they’d win a CIF title that season, I thought they might win one or two more.

    That was the one time in my life I let passing league and spring mess with my mind. Never again.

  • Finally !!! lol

    Aram now that’s being honest!