Amat vs. CO: Give me ONE good reason why this doesn’t happen EVERY SEASON? …


Why not? I’m looking at both team’s nonleague schedules and I just don’t see why this game doesn’t happen every year.

Looking at Amat’s nonleague schedule, I see plenty of room for a game like this. Are you telling me it’s more in Amat’s interest to play Muir or even Damien? If you want to play local teams, then there’s no excuse not to make that the very best (other?) local team. Garfield? Really? It’s at ELAC, so I’m supposed to get excited? And I don’t want to hear Amat fans say “What happened last time we played?” … Charter Oak has gotten much better since then.

Looking at Charter Oak’s nonleague schedule, I see a game with Amat as the perfect way for the Chargers to delve into top-notch play instead of simply sticking their toe in the deeper waters with games against Esperanza and Rancho. Why not go all the way and take on Amat? If the Chargers want to be recognized (by all) as the Valley’s top program — without an argument from the Golden A contingent — then they need this game.

Now that the Chargers are a Division II team, there’s simply no excuse. The fans want it. I know the media wants it. Travel costs would basically be nil and the gate at either place would be sparkling.

Thank you. Now carry on with your day.

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  • BOB

    Won’t happen anytime soon.CO’s program HAS gotten better over the years top to bottom. Amat’s program is back to level of football that their program is known for.I think Amat is in no hurry to make this game and as long as Big Lou is at CO it’s not going to happen.

  • Inquiring Minds

    What happened to Longoria from Los Altos. Di he finally transfer to Cathedral? By now the decision has already been made one way or the other. Which way did it go?

    Any Info?

  • just sayin’

    CO asked out of the last year of the last contract after getting their butts whupped two years in a row by two no-playoff Bishop Amat teams. What would happen now? Which team has made the bigger leap in that time? CO? Or Amat?

  • Inquiring Minds,

    No idea if Longoria has transferred to Cathedral, as I reported a couple months back. But he’s certainly no longer with Los Altos. We’ll have to see if he shows up on Cathedral’s roster. As I said when all this went down, just let it all play out and I’m pretty sure the big man will be right.

  • A point of view

    This is a very interesting question and can be taken up in examining the personnel and the coaching staffs. In big games it comes down to exposing weaknesses and executing the better game plan.

    Few could argue Bishop Amat has, within the past two years, executed the better game plans in big games. No need to resume BA if you don’t know the competition than why are you here?

    CO on the other hand has had some missteps against teams that had no business being in games with them. Again if you don’t know the game , why are you here?

    Finally let’s examine the two biggest positions on the field, QB and LB. Jerry Mac has engineered some of the biggest wins in recent SGV history over his two years at the helm. His worth is immeasurable and few would argue he’s a flat out leader/stud. Chris Allen and Travis Santiago are both solid Qbs but which were their signature wins (plural) Beating a league opponent for the second time in a Championship game? In Allen’s case he lost to El Dorado in a game at “home” when they were essentially as loaded as ever.

    Now let’s go to LB’s. In this case the argument could be Smith is a D1 athlete. Okay but when I saw him at the All Star game he was hopping on his first step with both feet, every time. What is that? Now compare the Amat LBs (plural) during that time. (three years). Not so pretty is it. How many D1 LBs has BA had in the past three years and all are solid fundamentally where Smith is not. Sorry he’ a great athlete but technique wise Lengyl was better. At that position “first step” is everything. Look it up.

    No one is saying CO isn’t a very solid program, because they are and this year might be their best, who knows. But there’s the rub. If “this” year they win out…guess what? They will gain a measure or respectability than has escaped them so far, winning against better competition. I have friends on the CO team so Im not bagging on them it’s just telling that CO wasn’t ever in the State Championship conversation with their overall three year record. BA wins last year and their in. How to argue that ain’t true.

    My guess is CO will win league so I do respect them but win out? Probably not. Let’s hope they do and then BA and CO will be an annual event. Until the it’s only wishing thinking and bar room bragging..nothing wrong with that.

  • Forever Comrades

    Aram I do think you were right all along. Just for the record. My point was/is Longoria is in for a rude awakening if he thinks the Phantoms are going to step aside and give up playing time…this isn’t public school dynamics we’re talking about. ( Read Wells to South Hills or Mc Bride to Los Altos )

    In fact has there been many public school kids that dominate first day when they transfer over.

    Maybe that would be a fun list.

    For the record Aram you do a great job “writing” … I just wish you’d be more of a journalist rather than a “reporter”. I fact Aram you’re too talented to be here and not be “The Man”. I tease you lots about that piece of paper but it’s just the “Dad” in me.

    Trust me, the coaches may be your “friends” but they’re killing your career, and I mean that respectfully.

    Be hinest Aram could you have been the next Doug Kirkorian if you really busted your ass? Both of you were “golden boys” early on. Again Aram this is all the coming from a good place.

    Instead of breaking “small time” stories make “NEWS”. Dazzle us young Prince. Wait…you’re still “young” right?


    Just watched Gaterade’s REPLAY between Catholic Cenntral and Trenton. What a great idea. Someone hit the lotto with this idea.

    Must see for sure. BTW there were some inspiring stories that really put things into perspective.

  • Aaron

    Something that has never happened…what about Damien v. San Dimas? The reason because they’ve played before and Bonita and Damien have never played each other in the sport of Football ever.

  • Forever Comrades,

    I made it to what I consider the top. is the major leagues. Now granted, there I was in charge of the MLB coverage and the MLB section front of the Web site. I got to work with some of the best writers in the country. I wasn’t a writer, per se. In fact, before hiring me they wanted to make sure that writing wasn’t something I wanted to do. Honestly, I’m nowhere close as good as the guys at the top of this profession, and I’m OK with that. I have other things I do well. Right before I went to FOX, I decided I didn’t want to be a writer or a columnist. I had covered some Dodgers and Angels games for this newspaper group and even the Rose Bowl and BCS title game. I didn’t like it. By getting to FOX directly from the Tribune I feel like I proved to myself (all that matters) that I had what it takes to reach the top level. But I didn’t like it. Call it laziness. Call is what you want. It wasn’t fun. Working every weekend and working nights and being under constant pressure sucked compared to the amount of fun I have at the Tribune. I met some great, great people at FOX, almost all of whom I’m still friends with. But this job at the Tribune, specifically covering football, is something I enjoy much better.

  • Living Legend

    People can say whatever they want, plain and simple the first time around CO begged to get out of the contract. Last year when BA said they wanted the game CO balked then later went back and said they wanted the game at that point BA said no thanks. That is the truth like it or not.

    Also the fact is that BA plays big time games week in and week out, CO plays teams that are 7-6 in the finals so there is a big time difference in the competition over the years is a big factor don’t count out big game experience when teams around this area play against BA the atmosphere and the build up during the week of the game can be overwhelming for many even if they won’t admit it DR look scared last year against BA.

    So now we are going to see what CO is really made off. Last time they won a CIF championship and then made this type of jump in divisions they did not do so well for a few years, look it up. This is going to be a different beast for CO, they will do ok in league cause they have competed with some of those schools before not sure if they will win it but they will compete. The question is well they be able to get up for every game in league, they won’t shut out the league here. CIF is a different story, if they happen to finish 3rd in league (which is a good possibility) then it may end with a friday night trip down to Corona Cent, Chap, VIsta Murrieta or REV for the first round of CIF and those teams have just as many athletes as CO if not more and have much larger O and D-lines. Good luck with that!

  • Football Fan

    Ryan Longoria is at Cathedral and doing just fine. he will start at TE and play Corner for the Phantoms. Ryan has Great hands and is catching everything from QB 6’3 Haden Reddig. This year’s Phantom team is the biggest in a while. They have size and depth that hurt them against Gardena Serra and oaks Christian. Amat better not underestimate Cathedral because the Phantoms could beat Garfield and any team from the LA City’s Eastern league.

  • New York

    How often to linemen transfer? Do linemen transfer just as often as the QB/RB/DB/LBs but we don’t hear about it?

  • The Mighty Apache

    Amat has a VERY powerful program. WOuld love to see them match up with the likes of Upland or one of the Rancho Cuca schools like Los OSOS or Rancho. Charter Oak cannot be mentioned in the same breath— CO need to play the like of Claremont or Webb. LOL just kidding but there is a definite step up. Upland – Amat probably will not happen because of the long standing friendship of long time coaching family SALTER’s— Tim has Upland winning their CIF Division last seeaon and 4 times out of the last 16 years. Brother Tom having helped at Upland last season is currently helping long time friend Steve Haggerty at AMAT. You don’t need to beat either of these fine teams up before league.

  • just sayin’

    Apache – been there done that too
    9/21/07 Amat 23 – Rancho Cucamonga 7
    9/22/06 Amat 27- Rancho Cucamonga 17
    in two of the worst football years in Amat histiory

  • Coach

    As far as Longoria goes I can say this much he isn’t at LA, that is for sure. LA also lost their other wide receiver to Rowland he transferred over a couple of weeks ago. They also lost one of their best freshmen who transferred to Wilson, yes Wilson.

  • Friendly Challenege

    Life is about choices Aram. You made yours and I respect that. My brother in law works for FOX and loves it. FOX isn’t for every one that’s a fact few would argue. Having said that I would still encourage you to extend yourself as a journalist. It would be interesting to see what you could do while in your comfort zone (your surrounding) while still pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, with more analysis and observations.

    I know you have more to give than to play hall monitor for a blog or allowing good people to tear into each other out of boredom.

    One day you’ll see my point.

    Best of luck.

  • Rick

    This a trick question.The Laker’s season is over. MLB is too slow and football won’t start until Zero week. This question about CO & Amat will get enough commits to hold us all over till everyone wearing football pads..

  • Just wait

    Give it a few years and Glendora is gonna be one heck of a program. You have a ton of us old school Rams, Cats, Apaches, and Bulldogs out here and our kids are growing up fast.!!!

  • Tom Salter is back!?!?!?!

    Tom Salter is back at Bishop Amat as an assistant? Forget it! Couch Lou Farrar will NEVER schedule BA. For those of you that don’t know, Coach Salter was BA’s head coach the last time BA won the Pac-5 championship. He’s an awesome addition!


  • ONE good reason

    Kathy Wiard. Principal at Charter Oak (former Amat VP) would NEVER let that happen because she knows what would happen. She saw what happened when Glen Martinez, Charter Oak AD (former Amat AD) signed the last contract.

  • Dan

    Just Saying,
    Those were some of Rancho Cucamonga’s worst teams too,
    2006 4-6 last place in league.
    2007 5-5 4th place.
    The last two years would have been great games to watch if Amat and Rancho C. had played, or for that matter, Amat and any of the top three in the Baseline would be a great game these day’s, I hope it happens.

  • Norco

    Baseline league is not very good, there is a reason they were bumped from the Inland Division a few years back.


    Don’t you ever have anything positive to say on any subject other than Norco . It seems as nothing but negativity comes out of you when it soes not pertain to Norco . From telling the whole blog how great norco is although you can’t come up with one huge win outside of the ie fishbowl . Do us all a favor and go hunt some rabbits or squirrels or whatever you do for fun out in them there hills but just stay off the blog.


    Keep telling your story Amnot! That’s your security blanket?
    Nobody in the SGV believes you anymore. Those golden days of Notre Dame, USC and Amnot are over! In fact, your days have been over for 16 years!
    You come in here with your arrogance and ignorance trying to rationalize why you are who you say you are and nobody is buying your story anymore!
    You have NO Defense (tell us who your great defense is), NO Quarterback (two gone and hellweek hasn’t even started), and NO Receivers (where are they?). You do have a sssloww Tight End, I’ll give you that!
    The fact is that you are a mediocre team with Redskins and Raiders history still trying to get free In N Out burgers off of those days long gone! Nobody is buying it!
    You won’t play CO because you are afraid! CO has nothing to lose and everything to gain. You on the other hand have everything to lose!
    Nobody is buying it…

    And Garfield is coming is less than 2 months??? Just imagine what will happen if you lose that game! Wow!!!

  • Norco

    Narco? Very impressive…Name calling are face-savers for people like you. They allow you to participate and show disdain in conversations that you are too dim to grasp. Now…I only post facts…FACT: The baseline league did not win a playoff game in two years in the Inland Division and was moved down to D5. Now as far as staying off this blog…Does this blog belong to you? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…So with that being said…

    Hmmmm…Ya see DO YOU EVER. Noroc does whatever Norco wants. Now you, you chase
    threads all over this boards like a lonely
    last picked
    Norco knows you well, ya just cant find good in people
    and you run and slime behind your
    little fun with your little comments
    and yer a nerd
    again with many
    ya never did it
    ya never had it
    and you poke around my posts and never
    now let Norco tell you a tale
    Norco just had a full body scan
    rear pipe – where you are most likely to know all about
    ultra sound


    you will never be a playa here…just another casper


    I like this Norco cat…lol…very funny dude…

  • Norco

    Your post reminded me of this Quote…

    “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of the facts and evidence” – John Adams

  • Norco = KFC – KF

    Norco being in here is actually a right fit!

    Both Norco and Charter Oak have never seen a true Pac-5 powerhouse or someone like St. Bonaventure or Oak’s Christian! I think Norco and Charter Oak should date since they have soooooo much in common!

    OH NO!

    Looks like you are on your own, Mr. Norco! Please come back and chat with us when your head coach actually grows a pair and schedules some REAL competition ok?

    Geezus, even WEST COVINA has played MATER DEI!

    LMAO@Norco football!!!


    Is it any wonder you and the fool below your post are so close together. You both are starving for attention and it shows in your posts. I bet you even asked the doctor to triple check your rear pipe hole while he was there. Is that now the popular place you ie people put the crack pipe now ( no pun intended , well maybe ) .


    Bishop Amnot –

    I thought You said Riverside In-Breads can’t rhyme?
    There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen…Straight from his Aluminum Estate…err…Tralier…NARCO everyone!
    Let the He/She have it!
    NARCO…NARCO…NARCO!!! Say it with me!
    Thanks Narks! You’re always good for one good laugh…At You!

  • Norco

    Are you really nave enough to think that only the PAC5 has the best teams or has the toughest teams? Here is a list of the PAC5 SOS for this year. Out of 23 teams only THREE have a tougher SOS then NORCO this year..Norco SOS is 46.23…Now why would we seek to lower our SOS by playing a PAC5 team when we already play City Champion & State Finalist Crenshaw…CIF CHAMPION Upland whos SOS is stronger then 16- out of the 23 PAC5 teams & Etiwanda? You know, “do a little research” on your own about Norco and it`s history . Let me know if you want me to read through all those newspaper articles for you, chew on all their contents, and vomit up the salient points for your nutrition and edification.

    I’ll get right on it.

    1)Servite 58.2
    2)Poly 49.7
    3)Loyola 47.36
    4)Norco 46.23

    SCL Avg.
    MV 41.7
    DH 34.16
    SC 33.11
    TH 26.21
    Tesoro 24.75

    Trinity Avg.
    Servite 58.02
    MD 43.04
    SJB 40.62
    O Lu 34.2
    SM 32.04
    Jserra 14.52

    Serra Avg.
    Loyola 47.36
    ND 34.91
    Crespi 30.96
    BA 35.43
    Alemany 21.33

    Moore Avg.
    Poly 49.27
    Jordan 37.07
    Compton 25.45
    Lakewood 20.85
    Cabrillo 20.37
    Millikan 19.95
    Wilson 14.72

  • just askin’

    Dan – Rancho swept South Hills the two years prior to that and Charter Oak couldn’t beat them the two years after that. We’re to believe Amat was just “fortunate” to play them during their only two down years?

  • Norco


    Does any of what you just said make you a non-idiot?

  • Norco


    Don’t flatter yourself…
    You don’t have as much intellectual gas as you think you do…
    Oh BIRDS OF A FEATHER…, what’s the matter?
    You sound so angry this evening.
    What’s troubling you?
    its just a game between men.
    Real men know how the game is played…on and off the field…
    The bottom line, its how you play.
    but you have to have some sort of life experience that allows you to adequately compete on this blog.
    On this blog…I see only a few all true first team players.
    it takes time…
    and truth…
    Magma Cum Sworde
    In Vitra Pelet Ii Fitum
    On what does your hat hang?



    You can come on here and give us all your fact findings and averages and all the other trash you ramble on and on and on with. But the truth is plain and simple . Norco will just not venture out of their comfort zone and test the waters of the Pac -5 , plain and simple . Don’t try and paint it any other way Narco . They just won’t play a Pac-5 team . Nothing to be ashamed of as there are many like you who won’t play the Pac-5 . Now if you want to keep contibuyion to the blog by all means continue because really only you can give us insight to the ie but to keep rambling on and on with the data is getting old . When and if Norco muts up and beats even a lower tier Pac-5 team such as washed up nothing in 16 years Amat as the public likes to think then maybe you get some bragging rights. Also how about the avgs. of th teams in Norcos league . I think you missed that one.

  • Norco


    Here you go…I didnt post it because I didnt want you to be embarrassed… FACTS DONT LIE… Now tell me again why Norco should play a PAC5 team??? Also arent you tired of getting your arse handed to you by me? I`ve handed your arse to you so often you must be typing with your elbows by now. Bwahahahahahaha….

    BIGVIII Avg.

    Santiago 48.2
    Norco 46.23
    North 43.33
    Corona 39.1
    CC 38.56
    Roosy 23.1

    ] Serra Avg.
    Loyola 47.36
    BA 35.43
    ND 34.91
    Crespi 30.96
    Alemany 21.33

    Trinity Avg.
    Servite 58.02
    MD 43.04
    SJB 40.62
    O Lu 34.2
    SM 32.04
    Jserra 14.52

    Moore Avg.
    Poly 49.27
    Jordan 37.07
    Compton 25.45
    Lakewood 20.85
    Cabrillo 20.37
    Millikan 19.95
    Wilson 14.72

    Sunset Avg.
    Edison 37.82
    N.H. 33.52
    FV 21.7
    LA 21.02
    Marina 14.5
    HB 6.16

    SCL Avg.
    MV 41.7
    DH 34.16
    SC 33.11
    TH 26.21
    Tesoro 24.75

  • just sayin’

    Dan – and in ’05 when Rancho (who were 6-5 both years they beat the Huskies) beat South Hills – South Hills won the DVII championship



    I have yet to see any of you poster match wits with this cat.Norcos is pretty positive and funny. He manages to bring up the fun level almost every time he post. Just an objective observation. I think you guys need to step up your game.

  • Norco


    ok…Ok…I guess I’ll have to defer to the superior debating skills and football acumen you SGV posters have demonstrated here.bwahahahahahaha

    But then again…
    I see the SGV Vortex of Ignorance is once again in full operational mode when I read your post…
    Please keep your head, hands and feet inside the car at all times.
    and enjoy the ride…

    I won`t waste my time…
    talking Xs and Os with you knuckleheads…
    Because you clowns think they’re hugs and kisses.
    And another thing…
    I like to roll solo.
    No wingman.
    No fellow blog buddies.
    Just good ‘ol smack talk.
    I do know MOUTH FOR WAR…
    God forbid you SCV honks should upset him….
    Evil, I tell ya.

    Your Daddy

  • Dan

    Just asking,
    Not saying Amat was fortunate at all, just pointing out that Rancho C. is a much better team now than they were when Amat played them, it would have been a great
    game these last two years, I think Amat would win a close game in 09 and 08 would have been a toss up. To me “Been there done that” doesn’t qualify here cause each year is different and you haven’t been there or done that with these particular teams, fair enough?

  • WOW

    Wow it took you all of 29 minutes to come up with the reply. Man you are like a puppet on a string. Let me see what other question do I have for you. Oh yes why won’t you cats as you of ie like to say . I think you slipped in your mouth of trash post . It isn’t very often the term cat is used so be careful when praising yourself by another name . And of course you know him. Back to the question , and please spare us the runaround of facts and figures and just put it in your own words,why cqn’t you muster up the guts to face Pac-5 teams and maybe since you all big and bad start with Servite, you know kind of your best against their best , how do you think you would measure up to them Narco.

  • Really?

    Really Dan, are you serious? Rancho will probably field one of it’s weakest teams in years this year. What team have you been watching? RC did not impress at the Bonita tournament and Amat would probably handle RC exactly the same way they handled them before……only worse. RC is NOT the team it was!

  • Paper Champions

    Norco-you can @ick my ass all day long with stats and spread sheets and formulas saying how this team is tougher and better than that team because their strength of schedule is….dog shit! Until you start playing some of these teams that you are trying to weaken with hypothetical would be victories, Norco gets no respect! I’m sure you’ll fling formulas and they beat them, who then lost to them, who beat them bullshit, but the fact remains…you get no cred, no respect….Nothing but paper cuts, until you can beat those teams (with weaker strength of schedules) on the field! I’m sure even you know that that is how its done? I understand the school spirit and all but c’mon man, even you know that Norco has to step up and schedule these teams at some point….don’t you?

  • Born and Raised SGV

    First let’s start with Garfield….I know you are all happy that this is the first time anyone puts any attention to you guys other than La Opinion covering your bean bowl, but please do not think you will even be competitive against Amat or any of our top 5 teams.

    Same with you Norco… I know it’s tough just to admit you live above the 15. I am not an Amat fan however they are an established team and they have earned the respect you have not earned. Having a handfull of winning seasons with Toby does not make you a threat. Besides, This is the BIG SGV stay with your daily bulletin, we have all seen thier blogs and sorry if you take a backseat to Corona Centennial, and all of the Baseline leagues. You can put up whatever numbers you want, but no one really would care if you guys win, lose or shut down your program.

  • xxx

    Their is a reason behind the weaker pre-season schedule that amat put together they need W’s to get an at large bid in the play-off. You might beat Garfield but that what suppose to happen. Amat will walk onto the field Blue and yellow and walk off the field black and blue with a W.

  • BigDog

    Just wait
    Glendora is soft and will always be….

  • Norco

    Born and Raised SGV

    Some quick notes to ya…And I will be gentle with ya, because it seem you have no idea what the hell your talking about…

    Norco is BIGVIII League Champs and has score board on CC.
    As for taking a back seat to CC…memo to ya…98% of teams in the State take a back seat to CC.
    Baseline League are you serious? Go do see some research and get back to me..

  • Norco


    Some people are articulate.
    Some people are eloquent.
    Some people are funny.
    Some people are good at talking smack.

    Some aren’t.

    Some really aren’t.

    I look forward to your next regurgitated post of the same information but with a different twist.

  • Norco

    To all SGV blog users….

    Ok…Ok…I’ve really come to wonder, lately, about the sanity of some of you message board posters…
    whose ubiquitous, ceaseless, often-senseless meanderings through illogical debates and circular arguments has grown tiresome.
    Who always seems too..
    Take my valid points…
    sift it through a narrow minds..
    and twist them into a declaration of ignorance
    I wonder…
    whether or not any of you has anything of substance to add or not?
    I wonder about your sanity.
    Something has come loose with you SGV honks ,
    like the slow slipping of a knotted mooring line from a rusty cleat…
    allowing the dinghy on the other end to drift away into the harbor…
    and out beyond the breakwater into heavy seas.
    Is there some soul here who can throw these posters a lifesaver?

    Before I hand them their his arse all day again?

    Hugs and kisses
    Your daddy

  • Aaron

    Yo dawg, Norco, buddy. This thread is specifically about why the two largest dogs in this pound don’t meet annually. If you have something to contribute about the discussion it would schweet. Thanks TTFN!

  • Amat Onlooker

    XXX – Yeah. Whatever Dude!


    Norcow, Paper Champion is right. PLAY SOME OF THOSE TEAMS INSTEAD OF GIVING US ALL PAPERCUTS ABOUT HOW THEIR STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE ISN’T AS GOOD AS YOURS!!! When we stop playing football and the coaches just show up with hteir schedules to determine who wins the games then your crap will mean something! Until then your just blowing gas!!!!


    Never mind all you senseless posting and ramblings and just get to the point which you seem to endlessly dodge with your spewing of rhetoric anf rhyme. WHY IS IT THAT NORCO DOES NOT AND WILL NOT SCHEDULE PAC-5 OPPONENTS. There it is just answer the question in your own words without going back to your SOS which in your case might have a double meaning . It is a simple question and if your answer is you don’t know why, just say it no one will laugh at you .

  • Norco

    House of cards…

    Dealing with you is like dealing with terminal rectal itch …But I must say you have grown on me, even though your as bored as a stripper working the day shift on Monday…you have several enduring qualities…the fiery temper with which your post, the ability to comment on things you absolutely know nothing about, the elephantitus of the nostrils, the one bicep that is peculiarly larger than the other, the 50-year old black woman’s butt, the tramp stamp tattoo of Coach Ganos above the aforementioned 50-year-old black woman’s butt, the Tinactin burns on your toes, and the skinny, wrinkled Madonna arms…

    Oh man I can go on and on…bwahahahahahaha

  • Born and Raised SGV

    research on what? you are the only only mentioning Norco. No one cares… your coverage will never get bigger than the small print on Daily B. Same reason why Prime ticket will not show one of your games (I have seen Amat, SH and CO. As for the baseline…we hear more about Upland, Los Osos and RC than Norco. Toby was your high light. I am sure your stands are packed… what else is there to do in Norco? …drink moon shine?

  • Norco

    Born and Raised SGV

    I really think you need to take a reading comprehension class, NOT ONCE DID I MENTION FIRST NORCOS FOOBTALL TEAM IN THIS BLOG…I only responded back to posters. Now with that being said…

    You’re right, Norcos an awful team, better email CNUSD and have them disband the team before they embarrass the entire district.
    The team has a 24 year playoff streak, 5 championships in 18 years (which means if you’re betting, there’s better than a 1 in 4 chance that they’ll win the division in any given year), and 8 championship game appearances in the same span (one game under a 50/50 chance of being in the finals for any given season). Norco is the only Inland Division team EVER to play in FOUR straight CIF CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and have been to the Semi finals the last three years. The fact that “just” going to the semis three times is a “down” period tells you exactly what kind of team it is.

    Norco is definitely a top-tiered program in the Southern Section. Based on their playoff win percentages and win types I posted, they’re a clear top three in the Inland and generally considered a top program in Socal each and every season. I don’t see those numbers changing any time soon.

    You don’t have to like a program or its fans, but you have to respect the fact that they take care of business every year.

    CIF Champions
    1990 1992 1993 1998 2005 2006

    CIF Runners Up
    1994 2003 2004

  • Norco


    Please forward any and all other concerns, comments, or questions to my gonads, they’ll be hanging around for an hour or so.

    Luv and kisses



    Norcow, which is it…my one bicep that is peculiarly larger than the other or…my skinny wrinkled Madonna arms??? Take it easy big fella, your mind is racing faster than your one hand can type. You even got yourself all flustered while writing your response. Save me the little boy bathroom humor and tell your norco buddy, coach or whoever it is that you bother or annoy to get your inside information from, to simply start scheduling some teams from the PAC-5. Tell him that your running out of material and you have to resort to racist descriptions of the female anatomy to garnish LOL’s and LMFAO’s on the blog’s. Maybe if they can just schedule and beat a PAC-5 team you could instantly get some credit and a months worth of new material out of it. Now put your gonads back in your pants and go wash your hands…your lunch has just been served!

  • Norco


    Fer gawd’s sake!
    You’re sarcasm detector is on the fritz. I swear Larry the Cable Guy doesn’t write stuff this funny..You come off in your post as if your constipated…Try some fiber


    NORCOW, hahahahahahahaahhahhhaahaha… Now that’s a good one!

    Good joke of the day!

  • Bling – Bling


    Why did you flee the CalHi Boards? Where is your friend Rumper? Remember after your loss to Riverside Poly this famous line: “You must be hiding under a cow right about now.” We miss you and land of the dirt people.

    Your friend,

    Bling – Bling


    Back to the subject of this thread. The Game as it has become known in the SGV should happen now more that ever. With CO moving up in divisions they will see better competion somewhat in their normal league play. The situation will change drastically when playoff time comes. CO will find out what they are actually made of and how they measure up facing strong teams week after week if they make the playoffs which I am sure they will. This next season will tell us a lot about the CO coaching staff and if they are up to the challenge of facing new opponents and coming up with the right game plan. They have had a very easy ride the past few years due to head and shoulders talent above their competition. To continue their excellence on the field they will have to win or at least venture far into the playoffs to continue to get the caliber of players they have gotten in the past. One big advantage over Amat is that CO is a fine school and it is free.Contrary to popular belief there is not that much free money for tuition to given away at Amat just for the abled bodied athlete. What will happen if CO cannot produce the winning ways they’ve had in the lower divisons when moved to D-2 is those transfers just might stay home now or look elsewhere. Doubt they would go to Amat because smart money says they would already be there. So the bottom line is CO needs the game and a win if they play because to lose would only drop them down in the eyes of many followers. For Amat it is a lose and lose situation because if CO beats Amat that would be bad for Amat and they might lose local players to CO and if they win it’s a matter of that’s what they’re suppose to do win these games . And by the way the Muir game is a big interest to Amat as there is some fine talent in the Pasadena area and what better way to show case Amat then playing Muir . After all Amat does play St Francis every now and then , so why not Muir. As far as Damien it makes sense seeing as st paul has dropped so low as to not want anything to do with Amat ,Damien fits as the new rival game until Gano has had his fill and puts an end to the game.


    Al’s is open for business…c’mon in and feed your mind……

    Norco said this would be a good place to set up shop…

    The power of the Inland Divison…

    Bad Brains…..

    No kitty cats allowed……

    The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom..the doors are open to Al’s…come my are all welcome.

    To all my brothers and sisters…EAT at AL’s!!! I want to see the SGV full force…..arse kicking on this blog will be half off and “Amat ” stickers are free. Come show proof with your Ol Skool Lettermans jackets and get a free roll of toilet paper with any Lettermens sporting an A.

    Been away so long I hardly knew the place
    Gee, it’s good to be back home
    Leave it till tomorrow to unpack my case
    Honey disconnect the phone
    I’m back in the Evil Empire
    You don’t know how lucky you are, boy
    Back in the US
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    Back in the USSR

    I love you all……..


    I am quite sure your nads would give a better answer than what comes out of your pipe hole. On second thought didn’t you mean udder, norcow . MMMMMMMOOOOOOOO Though you might like to hear a love call from one of your many love interests or are you the sheep loving since you have been know to bay your bwaaaaaaaaaaa. Another post where you dodge the question . Man what is so hard to answer why no PAC-5 wins on Norcos resume.

  • CO Bro

    If you all would just stop responding to Norco, he will just fade away!

  • Norco


    HERE…JUST LIKE those old popwarner days….
    bull in the ring…now outlawed…
    you were the little kid
    hiding in the back
    hoping not to get picked..
    I can play
    Your little game
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    I play the game against conventional medical avoid “scarring”
    say for example if you have 10 stitches…you still play the game
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    simple is
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    Deflect all you want COW-Boy! You – are – the joke on this blog, son! I just got all the fiber I needed by chewing you up and dumping your exposed ass all over this blog. I wouldn’t answer the question either you…pussy. I’m done with you. You just got your ass kicked son, LATER!


    What is in the water out there in the ie. Must be all that cow dung and piss that has seeped into the water table. That along with the meth dumpings are really affecting these ie bloggers. Sybil, I mean norco or bangyourmama or whatever your name is why are you so afraid of the PAC-5 .

  • Norco


    Are you delusional?
    Catch this…
    Read it slow…
    My advice to you,
    is to go big or go home…
    The Norcomeister does not respect panzie-arse retorts.
    Only one thing is for sure, boy
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  • Norco

    IT MUST BE THE WATER AKA: HOUSE OF CARDS…It`s only obvious you two are the same poster. So I will address you as one.

    The bottom line is that 99% of the people on HS football boards have lots of things in common (like, you know, they appreciate HS football). The items that separate them are generally minor (like cities, schools) and easy to overcome. BUT…Stupidity and retardation, on the other hand, are major and hard to ignore, and exhibit both in your fifth grade educated responses. I can tell from your post that you are typically ill-informed when it come to HS football in general, your posts are inane. Your writing skills, vocabulary, and logic leave much to be desired.

    Your Daddy


    That’s not ben gay you smell , it’s good old ie manure you have shoved up your nostrils . You guys are so surrounded by cow dung that is all you can smell unless it’s the wiff of meth burning from your pipe. Also it’s funny you should remember the bull in the ring drill only when you jumped in it was called cow in the pasture and I am sure you got drilled plenty.

  • SGVsBest

    Amnot is Done! I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again today
    Those golden days of Notre Dame, USC and Amnot are over! In fact, your days have been over for 16 years!
    You come in here with your arrogance and ignorance trying to rationalize why you are who you say you are and nobody is buying your story anymore!
    You have NO Defense (tell us who your great defense is), NO Quarterback (two gone and hellweek hasn’t even started), and NO Receivers (where are they?). You do have a sssloww Tight End, I’ll give you that!
    The fact is that you are a mediocre team with Redskins and Raiders history still trying to get free In N Out burgers off of those days long gone! Nobody is buying it!
    You won’t play CO because you are afraid! CO has nothing to lose and everything to gain. You on the other hand have everything to lose!
    Nobody is buying it…

    NOW IT IS A MUST – I was agreeing with you until you got to the MUUIR part. Then I started laughing at you!

    By the way Amnot, do you see that Garfield big rig coming up on your review mirror? It’ll be up on you in less than 2 months. Just imagine Amnot…what will happen if you lose that game! Wow!!! According to NOW IT IS A MUST, La Opinion will have you on the Front Page as LOSERS!!!

  • Improv

    Norco – u got served and all u could muster was panties, tuna and norcomiester? Weeeaaaakkkkk!!!! House was right u are a joke. As Rome wud say, no self gloss! House of Cards – RACK’EM! Norco, there’s always next year’s smack off. OUT!

  • Norco

    IT MUST BE THE WATER=HOUSE OF CARDS=Improv (how cute decided to take the caps lock off)bwahahahahahaha…..Stupidity and retardation it`s all you….


    I guess there couldn’t actually be three people on the whole blog that actually think your a TOOL, huh? The caps are for you sweetpea,apparently they make you feel special?

  • Aaron

    I thought this topic was about CO-Amat…guess not. On a normal message board this would be a locked thread.


    Haven’t you learned by now it’s all about the hits. Why else would some of these post be let go if the blog is watched as the message says it is . It is truely a shame that those of us who want to come on here and talk football have to put up with people who have no interest in football and only come on here to blow there own horn or constantly knock a program because they have nothing positive to contribute. Norco did start off half way decent but now he is somewhat of a wart . The other one is just a fool ,what else can be said.

  • Thee Boss

    Would be a great match up. But the more dominent program would be the victor. CO by 2 tubs.

  • Dan

    I was talking more of the RC teams of the past two years, they would have been tight games with Amat.
    As for this year who knows, you may be right, I also saw a part of their passing game, I think it was against either Colony or a big eight school, I agree
    that they weren’t real impressive but I certainly wouldn’t predict RC’s season by a passing tournament in the middle of summer.

  • GameDayatUSC

    There is ALOT to be said with facts regarding this thread. Some are correct and some are left out altogether.
    ANOBODY who knows H.S football can not dispute Norco’s success the past 5 years.
    Norco ( the person) wants to compare S.O.S regarding leagues but he forgets to put his TWO weakest in league in the conversation, ie…. King, and Poly, who combined had 4 league wins, YET BOTH beat Corona who sends kids to D 1.

    Norco high SHOULD schedule the PAC 5 like C.C does.
    We can talk about championships but the Cougars last won 4 years ago, and with the cycle of kids coming through the Temucla area it may be a few more years before they get another. Chaparral is defending champ, and Vista Murrieta has been tough for a few years. C.C is stronger this year than last, and REV is going to be strong again this season. I am NOT saying Norco can not win or will not win this year, but it seems unlikely. I like how they did schedule up this season & counting the Sierra league with Chino Hills, and yes Charter Oak will be just fine in DIV II, or even Rancho Verde. I think it will help with Upland,on the schedule BUT after tihs season Crenshaw will be gone off the schedule, and once those kids that Snoop coached in Pop Warner graduate from Crenshaw, they MAY be back to a average team. So they NEED to get a BIGGER opponent for NEXT season.

    NOW most know I was a AMAT grad almost 30 years ago, and though I make it to three or four games a year to see the Lancers, I will not sugar coat anything. I am NOT a AMAT “hack” who thinks their the greatest school since the “wheel” Though they play in the toughest division IN California, they too NEED work to upgrade their schedule. You can’t have Garfield, Venice, and Dominguez, or Muir on your docket and expect to get the repsect they deserve. Sure those teams gave us GREAT memories, but that is exactly what they are memories. Sure we beat Orange LU, and St Bonnies, and Mater Dei and yes St Bonnies was # 4 at the time, but UNTIL they do it consistantly it won’t matter! Their is a MYSTIQUE about Keifer stadium, and VERY few teams can OR do win there. But Amat NEEDS to WIN on the road. Their last BIG win AWAY was probably Redlands in CIF SIX years ago.

    I think BOTH AMAT & NORCO, have EXCELLENT COACHING STAFF’S and Hag’s gets the most out of his kids EVERY year. I mean how many times have we heard Bishop Amat is too SMALL to compete with the BIG boys? YET they go out, and WIN! It’s been 15 years since Amat lifted the trophy in December, and as much I love the Lancers, UNTIL they win AWAY from home, it could be a ways out. TOUGH NON league will prepare the for the Serra league, and beyond. Going 6-0 in NON league, and 2-1 in leaue, then one and done or two and out in CIF is NOT what the AMAT nation expects, NOR wants!

    BOTH schools can win CIF again, and BOTH have been dominant and will probably continue to be for season’s to come. I think both can go 13-1 and NOT win a title and consider it not a failure, BUT a loss at the wrong time. I think BOTH would wnat to lose in WEEK 2, and go 13-1 and WIN a ring. Lets not forget most only remember our last game, and seldom do we remember who came was runner up!

    Going to be a fun and exciting season, as of NOW EVERYONE is undefeated!


  • Norco

    My soul purpose is to discuss HS football in general…Now with that being said I won`t let the name calling and the insults slide without responding back.

    Now I have a few questions…
    Has CO received any transfers that will help this season?
    How many true play makers does CO have on offense?
    How many returning starters on offense & defense?
    Which players coming up will have an immediate impact on the Varsity level?

  • Aaron

    CO has gotten some players in from what I hear. They’ll have four receivers over six feet. However they have guys to replace on defense. Their Freshman team was supposedly the best they had in years…so they have talent coming up. What they do lose is in the backfield with the loss of Adam Muema who I believe is the CO record holder in rushing yards. They also lose Brandon Golden his backup. They have plenty of talent, but you don’t know until you see it when you lose that many players to graduation.

    The running joke is they have a top five recruiting class every year…but for the most part they get their players to come in as Freshmen.

  • Norco

    Very well said and I agree with everything you posted. Yes I did leave King and Poly off, because I was only comparing the six teams since the Moore League had six. Also Norco the last two years had huge leads heading into halftime against Chaparral & Vista Murrieta only to lose both games at the end of the 4th quarter. As for this year for whatever reason Norco has had a handful of transfer that will contribute this year….We got a big DT from Roosevelt Aj Kennison 6` 300lbs, transfer from Las Vegas LB Scott Star 6`2 190lbs(see video) , transfer from Patriot HS WR. Cameren Hemmings 6`1 190lbs, two transfers from Corona a Safety & very good kicker named Alex Cruz (see video)…I think we will challenge CC this year for the BIGVIII league Title…But CC is hands down the favorite..And don`t be surprised when league rolls around if freshmen Coltin Gerhart is the starting QB…the kid is very nice

    Norco has a some good Senior talent this year…

    4* RB-Kelsey Young-5-10 190lbs-comitted Stanford #27 RB in the Nation according to Rovals
    OT-Brent Walker-6-5 300lbs-UCLA/ASU/Colorado
    MLB- Chance Baker-6`1 215lbs Starting FB for Orange Lutheran last year
    OLB- Robert Campbell- 6`1 200lbs
    C- Greg Henderson-5`10 185lbs
    OLB-Rudy Arguelles-6`0 200lbs
    OC-Ryan Thayer-6-2 250lbs
    TE-Joshua Long-6-4-240lbs

  • Norco


    How is CO OL play? Are they physical at the point of attack? Size? Athletic?

  • Aaron

    They tend to dominate the line of scrimmage. Adam Muema was a bruiser and they opened up holes for him. I think that had their coaching staff known they were being moved from the Southeast to the Inland they would have upgraded their schedule more rather than play Gardena and Esperanza. Santa Fe is interesting…even though they play in the Southeast they have tons of talent all around the ball. If someone put them in a higher division they have the talent to compete, but tend to implode.

  • Dan

    Despite being moved out of the Pac 5, Esparanza is a definate upgrade for CO, they have been competitive in the Pac 5 for years, and in most years are capable of beating any team in the SGV.

  • Aaron

    Dan what I don’t understand was the large drop off last season after competing quite well in the PAC-5 previously. But Esperanza is now in the Southwest which is Div VI. CO is now in the Inland which is DII.

    Something else…any notice that St Bonnies had to forfeit all of its games last season:

  • Norco

    Dan …
    You are correct for the most part about Esperanza, but last year they were 4-6. With the new opening of Yorba Linda HS, Espy has taken a very big hit overall in student numbers…Add in that Yorba Linda Pop Warner now supports Yorba Linda HS instead of Espy….well you could say Espy dominance in Yorba Linda is over…Espy was moved down a to D4 to the Century League where they should be somewhat competitive with El Dorado, Canyon, Foothill, El Modena, Brea Olind & Villa Park….As for a definite upgrade for Charter Oak….it is an upgrade in name & past only…

  • Dan

    Norco, Aaron,
    Wasn’t aware of the new highschool in Yorba Linda, that explains their 4 & 6 record last season, I figured it was just a cyclical thing and they would soon be back to their regular self but maybe not, it would be ashame to see a good program like that go down hill.

  • Dan

    Aaron I read the same about ST. Bonnie on another board.

  • Norco

    Dan…Here is the link to the new HS football website..


    I believe they won on the road against Orange Lu two years ago.

  • Aaron

    What will hurt CO this season is the amount of players they graduated on the defensive side of the ball. Which may have something to do with them splitting out four wide instead of ramming the ball down the opposing teams throats like they have in the past. They will have to outscore people. But there offense should be pretty solid.

  • What did you call us….????

    Gamedayat usc – PLEASE, do not ever call the AMAT FAMILY, “Amat Nation”. After 30 years of support and the past five or six years of reading this blog, you should know that “Amat Nation” is not a term we embrace! Stop being an Apologist, keep it real, keep speaking your mind and keep the faith. Go Big Blue


    What did you call,
    Good catch . That just goes to show you how in touch with Amat this guy really is. This guy just blows a lot of hot air and likes to come on here and brag and occasionally name drop as if the blog really cares.