Chew on this …

Ayala’s frosh team was undefeated last year for the first time in school history. And yes, that includes before Chino Hills opened up and got a piece (or more) of the area talent.

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    What was the Freshman scores for the games against Los Altos and Damien?

  • St. Paul 77

    Chino Hills upcoming senior class was undefeated as freshman.

    Chew on that……

  • Who Cares

    Los Altos Senior Class was undefeated as freshman, to bad the players all left.

  • no_step

    Ayala frosh lost to SH 2-0. Beat LA 40-14 and Damien 35-19.

  • rhs

    Rowland’s senior class was undefeated as freshmen, and most of the players from that team are still in the program.

  • Edgewood 89

    Fall of 86′

    Edgewood’s Freshman go 10 and 0

    by the Fall of 88′ Edgewood had merged with West Covina High School

    the result: two non-playoff years

  • Dan

    Which is it, were they undefeated or did they lose to South Hills? Just curious.
    Anyone have the season scores for these undefeated teams?

  • Thats fine


    The next three freshman classes did not win one game!

  • Ayala went undefeated on the field/scoreboard. They had to forfeit the South Hills game because of a player with delayed transcripts. But from what I understand, they beat South Hills pretty handily on the scoreboard/field.

    Bottom line: Nobody beat them on the field. And that’s pretty scary if that team stays together and it sounds like they will as Ayala expects many sophs to play roles on varsity this year.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    The Frosh team who was killing everyone a two years ago at Covina are now Juniors……since we are now talking about the Frosh years and chewing on a Jr all american kid at CO.

    Aram, You have been away for a while.. Go have a chat with Thomas and KG. You may like what we are doing or you may not.. then again its not like there are any interesting topics these day since it seems we are asked to chew on stuff.

  • …………………

    Diamond Bar has done very well against Ayala the last two passing leagues, giving up only one TD on tuesday. The sophmores are not ready yet

  • Maxie Pads

    DIamond Bar will do well until the helmets come on. Thought you knew,

  • PurplePower

    Diamond Bar SUCKS! San Dimas kicked their butts this summer and San Dimas hasn’t been doing very well.