UPDATED: Azusa tops Monrovia to win SGV Shootout, La Habra wins Edison tourney, Schurr takes 3rd at Mission Viejo …

UPDATED: Schurr, behind QB Aaron Cantu, finished third in the Mission Viejo Tournament on Saturday. The Spartans finished behind winner Mission Viejo and second-place Upland. Not too shabby.

Azusa erased an early deficit to beat Monrovia in the finals of the SGV Shootout at Gladstone High on Saturday.

Wilson beat Baldwin Park to win the consolation bracket.

Azusa advanced to the finals by beating Whittier Christian. Monrovia topped Rowland in the other semifinal.

Eliminated in the quarterfinals was Arroyo (by Rowland), Diamond Bar (by Monrovia), Buena Park (by Azusa) and West Covina (by Whittier Christian).

Elswewhere, La Habra won the Edison Tournament. The Highlanders edged an absolutely loaded Corona Centennial team. Don’t know the details, but do know that South Hills went 1-4.

Also, Lakewood beat Loyola to win the Tournament of Champions at Sante Fe HS.

Aram’s take:
You can take passing games with a grain of salt (or the whole shaker), but this is a pretty nice win for the Azctecs. If they have linemen to go with their skill players, then they’re easily the team to beat in the Montview League and likely to push for another semifinals bid (or beyond) in the Mid-Valley Division playoffs. The event was a great production by Arroyo coach Jim Singiser and his crew. And also Gladstone coach Albert Sanchez and his crew.

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  • Dan

    Great job Aztec’s I heard you guy’s even beat our Bulldogs in pool play, good luck this year.
    I read that La Habra beat Corona Centennial in the finals to take Edisons battle at the beach tournament today. Other schools that were there were Mater Dei, Edison, Westlake, Los Alamitos, Corona Centennial,
    SJB,Chapparal,Oaks Christian,Valencia, pretty tough tournament for any team to take. Someboby on that message board was asking where South Hills was, did they not make the tournament?

  • MidValley

    Aram, I actually agree with you. Hats off to the Aztecs. SD CRUSHED you last year but I think you guys may get your revenge (on everybody) this year. Good job. And Aram…..they do have linemen too. Montview….no challenge….Mid Valley…..BEWARE. Monrovia….PISSED/EMBARASSED. I won’t say this often, but Good coaching Sherf.

    Whittier Christian, SD, Monrovia……you guys better get going. BP, you guys won’t beat Covina if you don’t step it up.

    I will still say this, Sherf… It would be nice if you guys actually scheduled someone. Ontario Christian will give you a game but, come on. I guess with experience you might grow some balls and stop playing JOKE schools. What about Glendora, San Dimas, Monrovia, Charter Oak, West Covina???? To look yourself in the mirror you may want to play some REAL teams. Oh yeah, Ganesha will give you a game.

  • Means nothing

    A lot of their pass plays are BS and aren’t going to fly in a real game. Just wait till they strap on the shoulder pads and we’ll see who comes out on top. Thats when it really counts. Congrats to Azusa on your touch football greatness, but it won’t mean a thing come fall.

  • Aaron

    AT was workin’! Good to see you out there Aram.

  • K


    Any thoughts on any other teams? I am assuming you saw more than Azusa.

    Means Nothing,

    Ouch! They did throw to their RB alot and they probably wont be able to compete with some of the top teams in the division up front…but that big WR is a player.

    Mid Valley,

    Slow your roll dude, I don’t think anyone is afraid of Azusa just yet. They are good, but still probably the 5th or 6th team at best in this division.

  • As I’ve said all along, I refuse to go ballistic over what I see in passing games. It’s always been my policy. I broke it once and never again. You guys do understand this is football. They play with pads and helmets and linemen and running games and kicking games and special teams, right? Some teams looked great in shorts and t-shirts. Some teams didn’t.

    As for conclusions, I would simply advise your conclusions be broad based and put in context. If you want to say Chino Hills winning the Bonita Tourney means something, I’m right there with you. Because it shows they’re loaded up with skill and we know they always have the other things like linemen and size. If you want to say this means bump up Azusa a few notches, I will consider it because it shows they have the skill guys to hang with anyone in the division and will be a very good team if they get line play.

    I draw a line through what I saw with Rosemead and San Dimas. I don’t even know why either team was out there. Just to pass the time? Kolbeck made some great catches, but that’s not San Dimas’ game — chucking balls way down field hoping he catches them.

  • Aaron,

    Are you being brainwashed or something? I’m always working, don’t kid yourself. And don’t let the idiots get in your head.

    You think it would serve anybody well if I went to four-way throws and came back writing about HOW GREAT EVERYBODY LOOKED?

    You want me to come back raving about some kid at QB on a team that I know is going 2-8? You want me to come back writing off some team because little Billy dropped a touchdown because he heard a car horn?

    I’ve been places and seen teams, but I’m not going to come back and write about it each time I do. I will see Charter Oak and South Hills on Thursday. Do you think I’m gonna come back and opine about how great either of them looked?

    If somebody does something big or there’s a big development, it will be covered. I don’t know why you’re sweating it so hard.

  • Wilson??

    Say all u want – but Wilson wins consolation, goes 4-2, one lost to Rowland in OT, and does it with their two best receivers at the NUC West Coast Ultimate 100 Combine and their third best receiver out of town – all three not at the Shootout // and last week at the linemen competition Wilson comes in second place just behind St Francis – if anyone thinks they are going to go 1-9 again u better reevaluate things

  • All fluff, no buff…

    Semi final push??? Let’s think about this. Your right about needing to see more than just kids in shirts passing the ball around. This is NOT football. Azusa looked alright, but they are just too small. they have a corner that looks like he’s 5’2″. In the season, teams will target that and they are done. Their receivers run pretty good route’s and have good hands, but again, I don’t think they have one guy that is six feet. And none of them have blazing speed. Plus, practically their whole team seemed to play both ways. These are going to be huge problems come season, I don’t think Azusa can overcome the odds. Not even sure they can win their league. At least LaPuente had some size up front with a sizable LB. My guess, is second/third in league, first round playoff exit. With their undersized players, they will be ran all over and have difficulty keeping their QB upright (who also plays both ways). This is a good day for Azusa, and they deserve props for winning, but it will be short lived. Don’t get caught up in the hype, there’s nothing really there to get excited about.

  • All fluff,

    Azusa was in the semis last year. It’s not a stretch.

  • BigDog

    Should have had Diamond Ranch representing SGV.When your out of your element its hard to compete with the big boys.You have to go in with a little bit of an attitude to be on that level.Diamond Ranch probably would have been a better fit.

  • Panther Pride

    Dude, Aaron gives you a compliment and you go off on him? Who’s the one sweating it? How is saying your workin’ being brainwashed. So you’re not working? I dont get it. By the way that’s “write” not “right” about it each time. As for me? I think EVERYBODY LOOKED GREAT!

  • Seriously?

    Midvalley. I agree Monrovia was pissed, but embarrassed? For what? 80% of their plays last year were run plays(almost 4000 yards total). And today they made it to the finals in a PASSING tournament with basically the same skill players from last year. I would say that’s pretty good.

    Oh, and Duarte’s JAA Midget team can win the Montview. Come on dude.

  • what idiots?

    Just curious to know what idiots Aram is referring to in his response to Aaron? Want to make sure I avoid them too!

  • Mike the Clone


    I am Mike the Clone and you are NOT!

    Passing leagues don’t mean shipola!

    To quote a wise man…..

    “You guys do understand this is football. They play with pads and helmets and linemen and running games and kicking games and special teams, right? Some teams looked great in shorts and t-shirts. Some teams didn’t.”

    GOOD NIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

    I AM OUT!

    Mike the Clone





    TNT G.S.D.

  • Aaron

    Nope AT, don’t expect you to write about it like chewin’ on a frosh. But you going out there gets your information. Even if it just a four way and two of the teams are going 2-8…you got all the reasons backed up for the big preview…just saying that it was good to see you out there.

  • anonymous

    For a running team, Monrovia sure looked pretty good throwing the ball.


    Here’s an article about La Habra at the Edison passing tourney,,,,,,


  • It’s just passing league, but very ODD

    Pool play results
    La Habra 31, Mater Dei 25 (2OT)
    La Habra 21, South Hills 20
    La Habra def. Notre Dame

    South Hills got pummelled by Mater Dei 35 or 40-0, but heard should have won against La Habra. La Habra wins the whole tournament, either SH had a really bad game against Mater Dei or Mater Dei had a terrible game against La Habra? Anyone go out there and actually see it? Or something happened!

  • LA Alum

    How did LA look at this tournament?

  • Bad times for Bonzo

    LA Alum

    I didn’t see them play, but out of 18 teams, after the preliminary morning games, eight were put into a “lower” bracket, eight were put in an “upper” bracket, and the two worst teams played each other. LA was one of the two worst teams on the day.

  • Football Fan

    It’s got to be a sad day for Monrovia when Azusa beat’s them. Asusa is weak and the whole Montview league is very weak.

  • Huskies means DAWG in football

    Let’s be realistic and call this tourney what yesterday really was and that is the Mid-Valley/Southeast Division Shootout and I say the word “shootout” loosely because these were toy guns or hand guns at best. There was South Hills yesterday competing with the best in Southern California and then there was this tourney.

    Note to everyone: I hate to compliment the enemy but Charter Oak did win the SGV tourney last year and then chose to opt out this year. Hmm, wonder why? Maybe because the competition is so beneath us now. AND where was Bishop Amat yesterday? No where to be found I guess but they were obviously also smart enough to not enter the county fair shootout.

    South Hills may have been 1-4 but we looked good in the process versus some very formidable teams. I know this sounds pathetic but I realized yesterday too the San Gabriel Valley is a “fishbowl” compared to our competition now in the our new league and Division. Corona Centennial OH MY GOD!

    Aram, get a preview of this Thursday’s competition. This is where the elite teams in our Valley will be playing next week and get a scouting report on Charter Oak and Upland because these two teams have played each other as well as competition we played this weekend as well as competition in the SGV Shootout so should be a good perspective overall as well.

    South Hills we will live to see our best days ahead. Don’t anybody worry about that because if you wanted to we could of taken home a trophy yesterday if we chose to stay home.

  • BigDog


  • Dee

    Everyones talking about wait to put pads on and see what Azusa does. If any of you watched any Azusa games you would’ve noticed that without pads Azusas players were taking kids out and bumping hard….within the legal 5 yards and most of the other teams players were having a hard time getting up. With pads on watch out they are going to be beasts! Didn’t I read someone say West co and Covina would be in finals? Ahhh….next time you need help with predictions hit me up! They do say women know best! Oh and by the way there are a few 6 ft plus kids on Azusa team..my son is amongst that group. Way to go Aztecs! Stay confident but don’t get cocky like Monrovia, West Covina…and all those other teams that thought they had it @ 9 am sat.

  • BigDog

    Said this last year after seeing Cantu against Diamond Ranch that he will be the star QB in this area and hes showing that he is.Doesn’T get hyped like the other local QBs.Can you imagine if he played for BA or CO i guarantee he would be a god in Fred’s book.

  • Spartan Guy

    Not too shabby is right Aram. The Mission Viejo tourney had some serious teams. Schurr finished the day 4-1, w/ thier only loss to the mighty Mission Diablos (Schurr hung tough through the 1st half into the 2nd,down 19-13).
    All the teams played 5 games. Mission Viejo (5-0), Upland (4-1), El Toro, Long Beach Poly, Long Beach Wilson, Palos Verde, Corona Santiago, Capistrano Valley, Trabuco Hills, Peninsula, and Los Osos. Upland was given 2nd because of a closer (loss) contest w/ Mission.
    Mark my words, Mission Viejo will be a great team this next year. They have D-1 players at every position. My last add: Aaron Cantu was the best looking Qb out there yesterday. Take that to the bank!

  • DRanchhhh

    DR was at the LA Valley Tourney with the likes of Dorsey, Taft, Reseda, Chaminade, Crenshaw, Hart…

    We placed second to Dorsey with them beating us in OT.

  • Roger & Rerun

    Dee, are you serious? Azusa kids were the cockiest kids out there. Specially that fat kid that did all the trash talking. Even his own teammates were getting tired of him. You know who I’m talking about, the one who can’t execute a proper swim move to get past the cornerback. Always getting jammed up. And by ‘taking out’ and ‘bumping hard’ do you mean cheap shots? Cause there was definitely a lot of those. Even my grandmother can knock a kid off his feet when the play is over and he wasn’t expecting it. So just relax a bit Dee. Congratulations in winning the glorified touch football game.

  • Roger & Rerun

    Dee, are you serious? Azusa kids were the cockiest kids out there. Specially that fat kid that did all the trash talking. Even his own teammates were getting tired of him. You know who I’m talking about, the one who can’t execute a proper swim move to get past the cornerback. Always getting jammed up. And by ‘taking out’ and ‘bumping hard’ do you mean cheap shots? Cause there was definitely a lot of those. Even my grandmother can knock a kid off his feet when the play is over and he wasn’t expecting it. So just relax a bit Dee. Congratulations in winning the glorified touch football game.

  • Who?

    Roger and Rerun,
    Who are you talking about. I didn’t see one “fat” kid for azusa. Not to even mention a kid that couldn’t get off a press, their receivers seemed to be open all over the field. Your gonnna have to be more accurate with your description of a kid. Either you are bias, or completely ignorant.

  • Wilson Parent


    We played West Covina in a 7on7 last week, it was close don’t know who won, it was that close. Let me give you a clue, put the pads on and they are going to destory us, just like they would do to you. You have a few 6 footers, well almost our whole starting lineup will be over 6 feet, it really doesn’t mean much. Suggestion keep on playing and shut your mouth. Let the kids prove it on the field.

  • Dee

    @Rerun…..you call that cheap shots I call it football. You must have been so impressed with azusa you weren’t paying attention to other teams….like west co had this short reciever with a blond patch on back of his head was so cocky and disrespectful even to his own team mates cursing @ them on side lines and calling them B’s …Los Altos coaches same thing….yup kids will be kids and our boys may have had a lil amp in there attitude but over all they celebrated with respect even after they were considered under dogs. All I have to say is look out SGV teams and make room for azusa in your top 3

  • Dee

    Ahhh….no need to get at Azusa our kids did prove it on the field and for this reason he has every right to talk…not sure if you saw the game we. Had against west co…but you had a close game with them? Please stop blogging and go start practicing cause y’all need it! Now that team was short. And its not about height its about skill disipline and drive!

  • Muir

    The Mustangs beat Lakewood in pool play and ran off 8 straight games. They barely lost to Loyola in the semis who was then beat by Lakewood. They looked real good.

  • Aaron

    Put it this way…I was surprised at Azusa. They ran a passing league offense about half the time. However, you don’t beat Whittier Christian and Monrovia in a passing tournament if you’re horrid.


    Hate to break it to you buddy but you guys didn’t play Dorsey for the championship, in fact there was a tie between St Bonaventure and Hart…I’m surprised at both of those because they didn’t make a lot of noise when they came to Bonita for the Air Assault tournament two weeks ago.


    P.S. Getting back to the consolation bracket championship game isn’t bad either though!

  • Roger & Rerun

    who? Guess I’m a little bias and a little ignorant. Aren’t we all? It’s funny how you deny having a fat kid on the team, but you don’t deny the trash talking and the cheap shots.

    Dee. You’re letting your win yesterday go to your head. Like you said, let’s wait for the pads. All Azusa proved yesterday is that they can win a passing league. Which everyone knows is really meaningless once the pads come on. It’s like challenging me to a game of H.O.R.S.E. but all you want to do is lay ups.

  • Roger & Rerun

    who? Guess I’m a little bias and a little ignorant. Aren’t we all? It’s funny how you deny having a fat kid on the team, but you don’t deny the trash talking and the cheap shots.

    Dee. You’re letting your win yesterday go to your head. Like you said, let’s wait for the pads. All Azusa proved yesterday is that they can win a passing league. Which everyone knows is really meaningless once the pads come on. It’s like challenging me to a game of H.O.R.S.E. but all you want to do is lay ups.

  • Say what you want

    True, this is only passing league, but what I saw yesterday was that Azusa has a lot of heart. Before the game started, you could see that Azusa was clearly outmatched. Monrovia was bigger, and faster than the Azusa players. Azusa warmed up by throwing some routes, and you could tell their players, especially the two-way players, were exhausted. I could foresee an easy monrovia victory here. Before the game Monrovia was all smiles and relaxed, looking confident that they would take this match-up. Early on, they punched each other in the mouth back and forth. Monrovia scored on its first 3 possessions easily. They were looking to score on their 4th consecutive possession and go up by two scores (which easily could have shifted the overall game advantage to them for the rest of the game). From about the ten yard line, they threw a fade into the corner of the endzone on Azusa’s shorter corner (may have been a good 10-inch advantage to Monrovia). Azusa’s FS creeped in that direction until the ball was thrown and made a great break to the corner, he grabbed the ball at it’s highest point, getting the INT and tightening the game to less than one TD. While Azusa failed to score on the next possession, Monrovia came right back with a deep ball at the other CB. At first, it appeared it was duel possession, but a moment later, the Azusa CB came up with the football, out muscling his WR for the football. This was a clear shift in momentum, and Azusa never looked back, scoring 3 more TD’s and Monrovia having trouble in both stopping ANY receiver from catching the ball, and moving the ball for a 1st down the rest of the game.
    Again, take this for a grain of salt because it is just passing league. Though it does surprise me that so many are on here bashing on a team that just went to a passing league tournament and won it. That was the goal of every team there, so Azusa was the best on that day. I find it funny that all of these people come on here to trash them, when they have done nothing but play there heart out for an entire Saturday. If it really bothers you that much, don’t visit this website for a week and we’ll be talking about something else next week. Don’t bash on these kids for going out a competing on a Saturday, when all you’ve done is sit at home on your computer. Congrats Azusa… You’ve proven that you’ve got heart. I enjoyed the event, I thought it was a good level of competition, and fairly officiated. Teams got to show off some of their skilled players, and it made for an entertaining day. I look forward to next year’s.

  • Wilson Parent

    The reason why so many are bashing on Azusa is the Azusa bloggers are talking it up. What do you expect from the other. You guys over at Azusa need to calm down, you aren’t CIF champions yet. I really think San Dimas and Shea are going to have something to say about it.

  • Dee

    Meaningless passing tourney ha! Lets see ask all those other kids that didnt come in 1st if it was meaningless. Ask Monrovia coaches the same! How did it feel to be out there in the sun all day Saturday to get sooo close and then you just get smacked into reallity..that team no one even considered beat ya! You know the no talent,short,fat,trash talking and cheap shot team. Go on haters its people like you that give kids the drive to prove you wrong. Remember they are playing football out there not house or barbies…so next time take your my size Ken Doll and stay home and have a tea party! Let the real fans of the game enjoy!
    Congrats and thanks to Arroyo for running a good passing tourney.
    @ Say What,
    Now youre a true fan. I like the way you really watched entire game!

  • wow

    must be a Raider fan.

  • Get the facts straight

    Dude, Wilson, take a look back at the posts before you talk. The first clear Azusa person to say anything was the 26th post. Before that, there was a whole lot of Azusa bashing that was really unnecessary. I’m not going to say Azusa is a legit team, but they don’t deserve to be hated on so much for winning a tourney. Especially before they even said anything to really build themself up.


    I know it doesn’t really matter, but just curious to know who won the JV tournament the day before?

  • Dee

    You are right we dont have the CIF, but we do have the SGV Shootout Championship…so I say let the boys enjoy it for a minute. They did earn it! All I have to say is everyone finds an excuse when there team dont win. You are correct San Dimas may have something to say, but for now its Aztec victory. When the next challenge comes along who knows but the boys deserve to celebrate.

  • Aaron

    Don’t bring down Azusa…there’s no need to. Let them celebrate, they won, they should be proud.

    Schreiman if that is you, your kid got tall. I’m not a Los Altos guy, and so I’m just laying some props. I liked his toughness last year, since he’s grown a good bit he needs to put on some muscle. I liked what I saw yesterday from him and I understand you guys were missing your top two receivers.

    Remember Azusa went to the semifinals last year in the Mid Valley. They lost a lot of great players, especially their leader in Chavez. What’s it doing to be like in the next couple of years when Scherf’s QB no longer plays defense and QB out of necessity?

    I’ll tell you who I’m buying in the Mid Valley…the list changed a little. Didn’t like what I saw from Arroyo. They haven’t made any noise since they went to Vegas.

    Monrovia, SD, Azusa, Schurr, and Whittier Christian. Whittier Christian’s defense is stacked.

  • Huskies means DAWG in football


    Go to this article to see where the big boys played football this weekend. My words are supported by a feature story presenting a perspective that reflects the real world. I only say this because I will admittedly say now that we are in the Inland Division teams like Corona Centennial and Chaparral start to humble you in a hurry.

    I truly believe we can play with these guys but suddenly the Mid-Valley and Southeast looks like little baby ball syndrome. Go ahead someone tell me Azusa, Arroyo, Baldwin Park, Covina, Monrovia, Rowland, San Dimas, Walnut, Wilson, and West Covina would ever have a chance against any of these teams. I guarantee any of these teams would get beat by any of the Inland Division teams in our new division let alone anyone in our league. If any of the teams that were in the SGV Shootout went down to Edison yesterday they would of gone 0-4 not to mention wouldn’t even be invited to play.

    So just live in your world as we lead our Valley into the real world. Your people’s back and forth is entertaining considering your playing for second place in our Valley forever.

  • Wilson Parent


    It’s me, yea he grow a little more than 4 inches almost 6 ft. and put on another 30 pounds. He has been hitting the weights hard over the last couple months, its a work in process.

    We are both very aware your comments have always been positive and constructive.

  • Really?

    Wow Huskies,
    Is your self esteem so low that you have to come on here to bring down others. No one here is saying here that we would hand with the Inland Division, that’s why they are in a different division. Its a different level of competition. But the fact that you have to come on to a blog to bring down an entire division just shows how classless and petty you are. USC doesn’t waste there time bragging to a division III powerhouse saying how they would dominate them. That’s why there are different divisions of football, so that all levels can compete. We are entitled to enjoy and debate our local football teams at whatever division they are in. Do you plan to go visit 3rd grade flag football practices to rub in how you dominate them to? Grow up!

  • anonymous

    Let’s not get carried away here. It’s only passing league. The running game and run defense are the most important elements of a good team. The one thing that I did come away with at this tournament is to watch out for the running teams who did fairly well passing the ball.

  • Dan

    Husky Dawg,
    You say that teams like CC and Chapparal will humble you in a hurry, so where is your humility? You
    haven’t even played a game in your new division and you come on here and talk as if South Hills is suddenly on par with the Chapparal’s and the Vista Murrieta’s of the world. You talk as if all of a sudden the South East division is so far below South Hills football, Talk your smack when you beat a few of these Inland division teams, cause the South Hills that I know is still the same South Hills that didn’t make it to the South East Finals the past few years.

  • Dan

    Win with class, enjoy your new trophy, and just remember that this trophy has no bearing on what happens in the fall.

  • just sayin’

    BigDog if Cantu was at Amat we wouldn’t here about him at all. He;d be battling Pruzyinski for holding the clipboard.

  • Non-BA blogger

    I have one question for you Bishop Amat bloggers,

    Do you really believe all this crap you post on these blogs?

  • Huskie Pups

    and the same South Hills that lost to Diamond Ranch two seasons in a row…

  • Coach

    Michael Darr,
    The QB @ Santiagio is the best you will ever see!!!

  • Anonymous

    just sayin’ said:
    BigDog if Cantu was at Amat we wouldn’t here about him at all. He;d be battling Pruzyinski for holding the clipboard.

    I guess Cantu is at the right high school. Im not one to talk but, i seen amat throw againts Schurr not impressed. Qb is ok nothing to write home about. I hear he’s a great baseball player, I guess he has something to fall back on. Schurr’s 5’5″ slow receivers were getting behind amat defense. I know it just passing league but i did not see a lot on the field for amat. Just sayin you can come on this blog and talk crap about a 17 year kid that is having fun and doing well throwing the ball. Cantu is at Schurr started every game last year threw the ball for over 2500 yards, goes to school for free and will be attending college next year. Do not kid yourself if Cantu was at amat rio ruiz would be on the baseball field getting ready for the season and his future in the pro’s.
    just sayin’ look at your pre-season. WOW! their is a reason for that. Amat need to get W’s to get an at large bid for the play-offs. Just sayin you should be worring about making the play-offs instead of a QB Scout you former clipboard holder or was it head coordinator of water bootle operations at amat.
    Good Luck to amat in your upcoming season.

  • Yea Right

    Now let me get this right South Hills third string qb comes over to Bishop Amat and is competing for the starting job but you guys demand top valley talent, ok right.

  • Rio Fan

    Rio did not attend the Schurr/Amat game. He was playing baseball in Georgia with Wallace. It would have been a totally different outcome if those two played against Schurr. Schurr has no one to cover the 6’5″ Gonzalez. Just like no one covered #7 and #11 for you the past 2 years.

  • Question for Spartans Fans

    If Cantu is the real deal why doesn’t he even have one offer. I hear that he goes to a lot of showcases and even works with Chris Rix. If he was really that good shouldn’t he have been offered by now. I’m anxiously waiting for your replies.

  • 70’sAmat

    If Cantu was at BA it could restore our program. Cantu to Gonzales would be pretty awesome,wouldn’t come close to Haden to JJ but it would be good.


    What i’ve been trying to say all along. Having the right coach can turn things around. Great Job Coach Scherf, and AZUSA AZTECS! Enjoy that WIN, because no matter what they say, winning any event means something, from eating Nathan’s Hot dogs to winning a passing tournament!

    Keep up your winning ways COACH!


  • Workman Lobos

    Any updates on Workman? How’s the program coming along? Has anyone seen them in passing league games.


    I think you mean Haden to JK McKay not JJ .

  • workman status

    Workman looks like they need major work espiecally at the qb position. Not sure who is the worse team in the valley workman or los altos. Los altos placed 18th out of 18 teams this weekend over at gladstone.

    I was told by a LA player that workman did beat them in a 7 on7.

  • 70’sAmat

    No i said JJ because thats correct you meathead?

  • Proof is in the pudding

    Take a look at this video and watch the ball come out of his hand. Watch the spiral – or lack thereof. Watch the velocity. Then tell me that is an “elite” QB you see.


    If you know how to evaluate players – you;d know why there are no offers yet.

  • SGV in the House

    Hey pudding pop, what are you on crack? That vid of Cantu looked pretty good to me. The spirals were there, what do u want? Don’t hate, just to hate. When I ran into Roddy Layton (D-Ranch) last year at a playoff game he was scouting (Cal vs. CO), he had just beaten Schurr the week before. He said that hands down the best qb he’d seen up to that point was Cantu (sliced them up for 300+ yards). Take that for what it’s worth…
    Questions for Spartans, (not a Spartan, but I’ll answer this one for you son) you’re right no offers yet for Cantu. These are early offers being given out now. Quarterbacks are a different beast when it comes to recruiting. Most schools take one qb. That means they are not just gonna offer anyone. To this point the “elite” guys r the only qbs getting offers. Jefferies received his first offer last month by SDSU. Maybe Cantu is not “elite” but he’s pretty damn close. If I remember correctly the “guru” (yes,Robledo) said back in December that he would take Cantu over Jefferies and Rivera. Take that for what it’s worth… Make no mistake, Cantu is on alot of college team recruiting boards. Question for u: Micheal Eubanks of Corona Centenial has no offers, neither does Gretsky from Oaks Christian, does that mean they are not worthy? Get a clue guys….

  • The Ball don’t lie

    SGV House

    I think his arm action is poor (mechanic wise) . His arm comes up at a weird angle on the way up behind his ear and then he darts the ball. That’s why his ball flutters on the back rather than flutters at the point. The film doesn’t lie. I wish the kid the best but his arm action is between two styles. Aaron Rogers has a very old school behind the ear over the top action that was taught to me and my brothers in high school. My brother is 54 and can still throw spirals with velocity better than anyone I’ve seen out here, and that includes Jeffries, because we had a great QB coach.

    He’s coached QBs for 25 years and I’ll ask him tomorrow to look at this to make sure but that’s what I see.

    It’s very unusual for the ball to come out that way, ass light…for lack of a better word. As far as his accuracy is concerned no doubt its there but the lack of a tight spiral will be his issue even if he signs. trust me when I say this DBs “smell” the lack of velocity and a tight spiral is the “psss test” if truth be known.

    In fact I think I was the first to mention this the last time his name came up. Coming from a family of 5 Qbs I’m not hating at all and would never wish any kid wrong but he needs to address this quick for his own good.

    Remember I said a QB needs to lead and be followed and take a good beating to be legit in my book..I guess he’s done that at Schurr. Maybe at this level he’s done well but I can’t see a 54 year old man out throw my scholarship signee.

    Based on what I saw I’d take down that film NOW!!! and let his game film do the talking. Hope it’s better than this.

    Best of luck, no hate … maybe he’s already addressed this issue.

  • Dan

    70’s Amat,
    Pat Haden played with JK McKay, JK as in John Kenneth McKay. Now apologize to correction for calling him a meat head. just kidding lol.

  • Irene Sandoval

    Congrats AZUSA..You guys did great out there Saturday and even though it’s only passing, you guys demonstrated a high level of skills out there..I just dont know when the haters are going to get it..AZUSA is the best and can play ANY team out in the valley because no matter how little they are or not matter how tired they are, when they step on the field they play to win and thats all that matters. So keep talking all yout trash because the more you talk the better AZUSA gets..great job coachs..Keep up the good work because I look forward to going further this upcoming season then last season..I have confidence in these boys…i have known some of these boys since they were 8 years old..These boys know the game and it’s obvious they know how to win…So keep Hating Haters, it must be pretty shameful to describe how little in size AZUSA is & get beat by them..lol…watch the games this season and get your hating comments together because AZUSA will be all over the SGVT this season…dont get it twisted…


    Maybe 70’s Amat partied a little to much at the wine festivals back in the day . I did cut him a little slack on the meathead comment because I do believe JK was a junior so hence the JJ – John Junior. But either way I do remember him as JK McKAY on and off campus. Unless he is really off kilter and thinks Haden threw to JJ of Fox Sports fame . You know there was some bad acid going around in the 70’s .

  • Grain of Salt

    Take it easy on the Schurr recievers getting behind Amat all day??? No excuses here but just a cautionary bit of 2 cents…AMAT plays ALL of their players at these passing games, First through Third string. Against AMAT’s 1st string there were no recievers running loose down field, as a matter of fact the 1st string was removed after one series because the coaches thought they were “cruising” on the underneath stuff. Again, know what your looking at and “take it with a grain of salt”.

  • To SGV in the house

    Did I touch a nerve? Don’t get rattled. The facts are that if Cantu was indeed that good he would have already been offered.

  • Dont quit the day job


    You have no clue what you are talking about.

    Get back in the kitchen

  • big dog

    July 13, 2010 2:28 PM
    Grain of Salt said:
    Take it easy on the Schurr recievers getting behind Amat all day??? No excuses here but just a cautionary bit of 2 cents…AMAT plays ALL of their players at these passing games, First through Third string. Against AMAT’s 1st string there were no recievers running loose down field, as a matter of fact the 1st string was removed after one series because the coaches thought they were “cruising” on the underneath stuff. Again, know what your looking at and “take it with a grain of salt”.
    Excuses Excuses Excuses that all i hear from the Amnot fans. Rio ruiz was not there but he was the one throwing the football they play everyone but the same QB and receiver’s were used in every series against Schurr. im just saying i was not impressed with any of the amat players i just didn’t see it, sorry. Take that with a grain a salt and a dash of pepper. Second this game was last week so why are you still talking about it you must be corcerned on something you saw on the field or did not see maybe a blow out by amnot.

  • Grain of Salt

    Big Dog – The truth is, Rio wasn’t there, but I don’t think I even mentioned that, did I? Second IF you read the comment I didn’t make any excuses, I merely pointed out that while they “did” get behind some of our defenders on occassion (implied), they didn’t do it all day long against our first team. ALSO, I really don’t care if you were impressed or not, you are entitled to your opinion, but don’t get all up in arms when some one else voices theres. Personally, I do not think that sticking up for my defense is being AMAT ARROGANT. Now maybe you are referring to another blogger, I don’t know, but if not then you can take this with a grain of salt, some pepper and a big CHILE! I’m not out to make excuses, talk smack or anything else. Amat has always done it’s talking on the field. All teams have some “over zealous” bloggers but I think it comes with the Blog Nation mentality. We’ll see what’s what come September and without any excuses!

  • I.S

    Dont worry I will stay in the Kitchen, but like I said Dont get twisted..you will see at the end of this season..HATER!!!!!!!!

  • rods

    It’s all over another blog those azusa kids are on rods and bragging about it. They are even going around telling the other kids which one they are on.

    Another one is lp’s running back and others. The lp team laughs about it. This kid already has taken three cycles.

  • Dee


    Ok which is it? You haters cant make up your mind. Either our players are short and fat or they are taking roids! Since when did roids help anyone catch a dang ball? I could see if we were hitting guys crushing them, throwing the ball 100 yards something like that but this is a passing tourney only works on skill and plays nothing really physical. So all you cry babies out there go grab your blankie. And leave the kids alone!

  • SGV in the House

    I gotta say, Azuza has surprised me. You can’t discount what they did Saturday. They balled it up!
    Another team that has made big strides is Wilson. They have been really down the last two years. You can see that they are being coached up well.
    Baldwin Park will be solid. They can be pretty good if some things I have heard pan out. To Pudding pop: I ain’t mad @ ya. Sometimes I like to clown clowns, that’s all….LOL

  • Dont Forget

    I saw Wilson lose to Buena Park. that is how they went to the losers bracket.

  • Correction

    Dont Forget,

    Correction Wilson was never in the losers bracket.

    They were in the consolation bracket and won all three games in that bracket to finish 3rd.

    Los Altos and South El Monte were in the losers bracket. With Los Altos lossing that game and placing 18th our of 18 teams.

  • dubb3trathree

    So I have been around the valley and seen quit a few teams in the mid valley in shorts and shirts. And some teams have been impressing me were others not as much. So first off..im a Workman fan..and ill say they have there work cut out for them. They were senior loaded last season and their gonna have to pick it up if they wanna make the playoffs for a 3rd year. Azusa i saw at the shoot-out..They look like there poised to win the Montview again. They are coached well and seem to be focused. Lp..man them boys are looking kinda big..ive heard rumors..I hope that is all B.S.. They had a good season last year. Well see if they can build off that. Ive seen a few teams from the Valle Vista as well. Covina didnt have there qb sat. but from what I saw im not sure that he alone can carry that team. I didnt see the skills its gonna take to beat S.D. Speaking of SD..there not as loaded as last years team. They have some skill players. but there not as explosive i think as last years team. There strength will be in there o-line. Im sure they will be the team to beat. B.P. I have to say look to be a 2 player team. The du-roc transfers. They can play, but what do they have around them. From what I seen not much. Northview..has some beast up front..but there skills are young..Wilson..are my dark horses..in the Valle Vista and the Mid-Valley with the Vega kid and those rec’s ive seen at passing leagues, If there o-line can protect..and there qb makes good reads they will be tough..and there D from what I saw at the shootout they were pretty strong. Ive also seen Arroyo they are the team I question..One day they looked good the other day…not to sure..the Mead, is the Mead..they look strong on the D..So.El.Monte..will struggle..Ive Also seen Schurr there QB is nice but he doesnt seem to have much around him to help..compared to what i seen..from passing leagues. Ive also seen Rowland, west covina and los Altos..Diamonnd Ranch i have not seen. West Covina is strong and im sure them and the Ranch will battle for that league..LA..wow..good luck this year..its gonna be a long one..Michael Ball..is a better DB than QB..he will keep Rowland in the hunt all by himself. If he gets any help watch out..Whitter Christian..is legit that Worthy kid is a BEAST!! And there defense is one word “Solid”, The M-town Cats..Bueno=Good..in spanish right? Well the boy can play. And they have speed to waste..its not funny. There only down fall could be over confidence. And that CIF Jinx..ouch!! So well see..just my view of what i have seen this summer..good luck to all the teams come this fall..

  • Dan

    dubb3trathree, I had to look back three times to get your blog name spelled right,
    Anyways great post, just pure football analysis, and I can pretty much agree with it, good luck to Workman.


    Hey AZTEC FANs, Come on look at your schedule you play some of the weakest teams in high school football. You guys did a great job beating weak teams. Queen of the pigs. When ever you play a team out the area you get spanked. example Bell Gardens 34-6 L 2009, Aquinas 31-18 2008. I predict you guys will go 0-2 in first two games and beat everyone else.

  • Goldenarm

    The 2nd team coming out with Monrovia from the RHL this year, maybe San Marino.
    I know, I start gagging when I write it, but signs point this might be the Titans year. Mooney has added old buddies Loya and Valdes to his already outstanding coaching staff. What impact can coaches have so quickly? Azusa has got to be the most immediate answer that comes to mimd.
    San Marino has long been a one, or two talent max team. This year that may raise to 3 or 4. Couple that with the fundamental, ” I’ll kick your ass when you make a mistake” style of football Mooney loves…San Marino looks ripe to overachieve and surprise this year.
    Mooney has finally added some degree of challenge to his pre-season schedule, and this is important, as SM averages one big hit every five years on defense. Even and despite this, the program continues to improve.

    With Valdes taking D-line duties, he will change their lineman from courteous smiling handshakers – to drooling, mud-encrusted trench animals and establish a coordinated, strong group of linemen, as he did while at Temple City. Their is no better lineman coaching tandem than Mooney and Valdes anywhere in the SGV. Linemen make the world go round, and are the only ones who can stop it when it must be stopped….a whole set of blazing fast DB’s sure can’t.

  • SGV Shootout

    Wilson won the consolation bracket. But it was also the losers bracket. Covina, SEM, EM and LA all had to play their way into the “16 team bracket”. Which EM and Covina did. After that if you won you went to the winners side of the bracket and every team that lost went into the losers side of the bracket. Buena went to the winners side by beating Wilson. If you had to rank Wilson they could be no higher than 9th because it was a 16 team tournament. 3rd place would have belonged to Whittier Christian or Rowland… but with no game to determine who was 3rd or 4th… the 3rd place trophy goes to the consolation champs. Doesn’t change the fact that Wilson still had a heck of a tournament.

  • CORRECT !!!!!!!!!

    Amat 70’s
    Guess who is going to be the associate AD to Haden at USC. None other then his old high school buddy JK McKay . Read it in the times fool . If Haden calls him JK then it must be JK .Now who’s the meathead Archie.

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